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Mar 30 2018, 09:55 PM


Celebrity Claim- Jared Padalecki

Full Name- Christopher Powell
Age- 19
Date of Birth- April 2
Faction- New Mutants Arriving March 2017

Personality- Chris Powell is a very angry young man. He looks at the world around him and tends to see the worst in people. Where others might look at a rough part of town and try to pick out positive things like a volunteer group trying to help vagrants Chris is trying to identify everyone that might try and take advantage of someone weaker than them. Where others see charity Chris wonders what's the catch as he assumes there’s some sort of con connected to the endeavor. It's not that he approaches life as being himself against the world though. Chris knows that there are decent people out there he just assumes that they’re in the minority based on his recent life experiences as its hard to think highly of humanity at large when your family died for being too “pro mutant”.

Besides the tragic end of his family other things have shaped Chris’ worldview and approach to life. Being the son of a police officer and an assistant district attorney Chris learned to be analytical when it comes to assessing a situation. This is something which has gradually shifted towards cynical paranoia since he’s begun using the amulet he found to transform into Darkhawk and interacting with Razor the artificial intelligence which is connected to the android body. Razor has been a constant voice in Chris’ ear since he bonded with the amulet and even more so than Chris the A.I. assumes the worst out of people and is always quick to describe worst case scenarios regarding everyone they interact with.

  • Flying
  • Razor
  • The New York skyline
  • Dirty Harry Films
  • Burgers
  • Criminals
  • Hate groups
  • Weak willed people
  • Groups of people in general
  • Crooked Cops
  • Very observant
  • Cunning opportunist
  • Approaches problems from multiple angles
  • Stubborn
  • Poor social skills
  • Extremely cynical

Power Name- Raptor Android Body
Description- By using the alien amulet that he discovered in an abandoned amusement park Chris is able to transplant his consciousness with an artificial alien body that swaps places with his body. While transformed his human body is kept in stasis in an extra dimensional space until Chris choses to return to his normal form. Razor has explained to Chris that the android form is an adaptive multi role Raptor frame designed for tasks ranging from heavy combat to long term infiltration. Currently Chris only has access to limited functions as he is unable to sync up fully with the greater artificial intelligence that Razor is a component of, the Data Song.

As it currently stands while transformed Chris has access to a suite of enhanced abilities which include enhanced physical capabilities, senses, flight, energy blasts and shields, and a claw mounted grappling line.
  • Enhanced Durability: The Raptor frame is capable of withstanding blunt trauma and other forms of injury far in excess of what a baseline human can. Impacts that would cause mortal trauma for most are easily shrugged off by Chris while he is transformed and it would take blunt trauma comparable to a light truck hitting him at highway speed to damage the Raptor frame. While it is incredibly resilient to blunt trauma android has no extra protections against mechanisms of injury that involve cutting, piercing, or energy attacks. Also due to the artificial nature of the Raptor body what would normally be debilitating wounds from gunfire and blades are at worst an inconvenience providing Chris has enough time to have the body repair the damage.
  • Rapid Repair: By transforming back and sending the Raptor frame to null space Chris can have the artificial body repaired back to peak condition. Most repairs can be conducted within minutes while anything serious such as dismemberment will require one or more hours to repair.
  • Flight: Using retractable arm mounted wings Chris is capable of flying with incredible maneuverability and speed. In straight and level flight he can reach speeds in excess of 600 miles per hour
  • Strength: The Raptor frame is capable of bench pressing two tonnes.
  • Energy Projection: From both the amulet in its chest and its helmet visor the Raptor body is capable of firing a dark blast of concussive energy that is capable of punching through 2 inch steel plate or project a circular energy shield that can stop threats such as small arms fire up and man portable munitions.
  • Enhanced Agility/Reflexes: As Darkhawk Chris possesses enhanced agility and reaction times that are approximately ten times greater than what can be achieved by a peak human athlete.
  • Enhanced Vision: While transformed Chris can augment his vision to via telescopic magnification to be comparable to that of a bird of prey and can see in the infrared spectrum.
  • Claw Cable: The Raptor frame has a forearm mounted claw and grappling line. The three bladed claw is capable of gouging into stone when used as a melee weapon or when Chris fires it at a point he wishes to latch onto. The ultra fine cable the claw is tethered to is 100 feet in length and has a tensile strength of 1000 lbs
  • Artificial Nature: Due to the fact that it is a synthetic life form the Raptor frame is tireless and does not require food, water, or air to function.
  • Telepathic Resistance: Due to his mind being transferred into a synthetic body that is an alien amalgamation of synthetic organic material and machinery and sharing headspace with an alien artificial intelligence Chris is slightly more difficult for a telepath to deal with. This is chiefly due to his mind residing in an artificial body lacking an organic brain and the mental background noise generated by his mind interacting with Razor the A.I. His innate resistance is comparable to a non telepath being trained to resist mental invasion.
Limits- While the Raptor frame is an amazing piece of hardware it does have limitations due to the fact that it wasn’t designed with a human pilot in mind. Humanity is a recent newcomer to the universe at large and as a result Raptors and their various support mechanisms were not meant to function with a human mind in the driver seat. This has prevented Chris from accessing the various higher functions and alternate modes that would normally be available to a Raptor. The artificial nature of the Raptor is in some ways a limitation in and of itself. Unlike other individuals who can improve their physical limitations through training there is nothing that Chris can do to change the android’s capabilities without finding a way to upgrade it which appears to be impossible at this time.

Whenever he is not transformed Chris is as vulnerable as any other baseline human meaning that if he’s injured prior to transforming there’s nothing preventing injury or death if the wound is serious enough. Also,the amulet he discovered is required to facilitate his transformation If he is separated from the amulet he will be unable to transform.

Even if Chris is transformed the Raptor frame is still subject to limitations at the best of times. As previously stated his suit tops out at being able to lift two tonnes under optimum conditions and can withstand an impact comparable to a high speed vehicle crash before sustaining injury.

Areas of actual vulnerability include mechanisms of injury that involve cutting or piercing along with energy based attacks where he has no greater resilience than a baseline human. Also as the android is artificial and includes metal content in its composition and possess both mechanical and electrical components he is vulnerable to the use of magnetism against him and a high voltage electrical shock can burn his organic components while shorting out his bodies electronics. Also, unlike most others due to the Raptors artificial nature he possesses a vulnerability to technopathic and cyberpathic attack providing his opponent is capable of either understanding or working around the alien nature of the Raptor’s design and programming.

Skills & Abilities- Chris has been practicing Gōjū-ryū karate and kendo since he was a small child and recently Razor has been providing him with instruction in an alien form of close quarters combat that is suited for the Raptor body. Also, Chris grew up in a household where his parents talked about work he has more than a passing knowledge of police procedure and the legal system what with being the son of a cop and a prosecutor.

Height- 5’9” - 6’1” as Darkhawk
Weight- 150lbs - 180 lbs as darkhawk
Eye Colour- Brown - Unknown when transformed
Hair Colour- Brown - Unknown when transformed

Appearance- The best way to describe Chris would be to say that he’s more or less an everyman. With an athletic frame combined with his average height and brown hair it’s hard to think of any details that would cause him to stick out in someone’s memory. Though if pressed most people who try and describe him seem to mention two things: the amulet that he always wears under his shirt and his eyes. Chris has eyes that give the impression of a hawk or falcon that’s taking in everything around him and picking out anything of interest. Almost as if he’s identifying threats and targets as he decides the fastest way to deal with something if he has to. He doesn’t give off an impression of maliciousness though. It’s more a sense of a predatory animal that’s been injured in the past and refuses to let itself be placed in similar situation a second time.

His choice in clothing is practical and never strays too far from an established pattern. Cargo pants or blue jeans with t-shirts unless the weather is hot enough that not wearing shorts is a health risk. Sneakers or boots for footwear with an assortment of t-shirts, work shirts, and sweaters for tops.

When transformed Chris is noticeably taller and heavier as Darkhawk and his appearance is much more striking. A body encompassing dark blue bodysuit clings to synthetic muscle with his right forearm covered with silver metallic bracer complete with a three pronged claw. The chest is dominated by a red amulet which is mounted to the unit along with silver pauldrons while a red visored helmet with a prominent crest encases his head. The only variation for this form’s appearance is whether or not it has its retractable metal wings deployed. As for what's under the helmet, anyone who has seen the androids face, including Chris, has been horrified at the sight and has blocked it from their memory.

Gear- Chris always has the Raptor amulet he uses to transform on him

Additional Information- As stated previously Chris is an angry young man and currently that anger is directed towards criminals and anti-mutant hate groups due the circumstances surrounding his family’s horrifying death. If Chris is in a confrontation with criminals, purifiers, etc characters around him will most likely have a fight on their hands if they want to prevent Chris from crippling them or worse.

Hometown- Queens, New York
Immediate Family- Mike (Father), Grace (Mother), Jon and Jason (Brothers) all deceased
Others- N/A

History- Christopher Powell, eldest child of Michael a Grace Powell and older brother to Jon and Jason was born into happy circumstances. His parents were both loving and hard working people and they did everything within their power to make their home in Queens a loving environment for Chris. Even then it wasn’t easy growing up in a household where both of his parents were pursuing careers. His father was a member of the NYPD and his mother was an assistant district attorney both professions which required a great deal of commitment in regards to dedication and time invested. Fortunately Chris was as understanding about this as a child could be but that was to be expected when all you knew growing up was that it was normal for your parents to be doing a balancing act between home and work.

Even when his younger brothers Jon and Jason were born little changed beyond his parents instilling in Chris a sense of responsibility for his siblings. Chris was the oldest therefore he had to help out around the house and watch out for his brothers. While the arrangement was never perfect and there were moments of teenage rebellion Chris always knew that his parents cared for him and that they always worked hard to give him and his brothers every opportunity that they could. All in all life was pleasant until one day everything changed.

Chris’ father Michael ended up being drawn into something through his work in the NYPD. He did what he could to hide it from his children but to Chris it was obvious that something was wrong. Something was wrong and it was only getting worse as time went on. His father who had previously had a good working relationship with the other officers in his precinct was being isolated by many of his peers and the Powell home became the target of vandalism with the phrases like “Mutie Lover” and “Traitor to humanity” being gouged into the family car or painted on their home. His brothers were too young to understand what was happening but as there were no signs of solidarity from his brother and sister officers as the harassment escalated Chris knew that his father was in conflict with other members of the NYPD.

As time went on his parents spent a great deal of time locked in his mother’s home office speaking in hushed voices. Chris was never able to hear what they were talking about as he was usually too busy minding his brothers but he knew that it obviously had something to do with the problems they had been having. It wasn’t until he went out one night looking for his brothers when they were late coming home that he began to understand how serious things had gotten.

He found his brothers in the abandoned Wonderland amusement park that was near their home cornered by a few men that he didn’t recognise in the dark but he knew immediately that they had bad intentions. When one of the men reached for his brother Jason Chris grabbed a board and attacked the group yelling at his brothers to run. Jason and Jon took their chance to run expecting their older brother to follow them but unfortunately for Chris one teenager with a bludgeon against multiple grown men isn’t a fair fight. Chris was quickly swarmed, beaten senseless and dumped inside of a dilapidated fun house with his assailants talking about how maybe officer Powell would finally get the message.

As he struggled to his feet Chris put his hands on a dust covered table and he came into contact with something that would change his life. It appeared to be a strange crystal amulet and as soon as he touched it Chris felt a surge of energy as he changed form and became a taller armored figure. When he saw himself in one of the funhouse mirrors he thought he was dreaming but he wasn’t going to look a gift horse in the mouth as he could move without his entire body screaming in agony. Chris quickly made his way home but as soon as he was within sight of his home he changed back to his normal form and collapsed on the sidewalk quickly losing consciousness.

Days later when he came to he was in the hospital with his father waiting by his bedside. When Chris asked his dad why people were trying to send him a message his father finally confided in him. There were officers in his precinct that were harassing people because they were mutants and were sabotaging investigations into hate crimes. He and a few other officers had threatened to reveal what they were doing and now they were doing what they could to intimidate and silence everyone. The others who had been on his side had eventually given in but he hadn’t and now Chris was paying the price. Michael promised his son that he was going to settle this once and for all and that Chris just needed to focus on getting better. This conversation was the last time Chris would see his father.

A day later as he lay in his hospital bed examining the strange amulet that he had been grasping in his hand when he had been found he could hear people talking outside. When the door to the hospital room opened Chris saw Officer James Zaffar one of his father’s few remaining friends on the force. Unfortunately for Chris this wasn’t a friendly visit to check up on him, James was here to inform Chris that his family had been killed. As he simply lay there shocked Zaffar explained that it appeared to have been a home invasion and the perps had killed his family to eliminate any witnesses before ransacking the house.

Even in the shocked daze that he was in Chris could tell that Zaffar knew more than what he was letting on. Chris figured he believed that it had been the bigoted cops that his father tried to expose that had done this but he was afraid to say anything either out of fear of reprisal or to simply protect Chris from being being targeted. He promised to help Chris get the families affairs in order and try to do what he could to help the young man in anyway that he could.

For the days and weeks that followed Chris’ mind was in a haze when he left the hospital. The funerals, the well wishers, the officers telling him that they were following every lead they could and that they were going to find the bastards that did this. Chris simply nodded and tried to keep himself from falling apart. One night when he was alone he heard a voice calling his name. At first he thought the stress had finally gotten to him and he had cracked but there was a strange eerie light radiating from the strange amulet he had found that seemed to pulse whenever he heard the noise. He reached for the amulet and when he touched it there was a flash of blinding light and he was no longer in the small bedroom he had been staying in at Officer Zafar’s but seemed to be standing under a massive tree on an alien world.

Standing in front of him was an armored figure, the same one he had turned into that night in Wonderland. It introduced itself as Razor, a member of a group it called the Fraternity of Raptors. Razor claimed that they were agents of balance and order and that by coming into contact with the amulet they were now connected. He offered Chris the chance to make things right and to punish those who had taken his family away from him. Standing there with the strange armored figure in front of him offering him a hand in friendship Chris only hesitated for the barest of moments before taking it.

Again there was a blinding flash and Chris found himself back in his room once again transformed into the Raptor frame with Razor’s voice in the back of his head telling him that he had much to learn.

Player Name- Adam
Age 31
How Can We Contact- PM or Skype
Time Zone- Mountain Mountain
How did you find us? Ace and Hank
Other Characters- Kaine and Exodus

Role Play Sample-
Cities were both more pleasing to the eye and more disturbing when you looked at them from above. At least Chris thought so and he had plenty of experience looking at cities from a bird’s eye perspective. Soaring through the air above nighttime Manhattan he could see amazing feats of engineering, city buildings that towered above the earth almost like spears challenging the sky a testament to how people can look at a problem and pretty much give the problem the finger as they just throw manpower and resources at it until they win.

Yet there was something about this view which always disturbed him on some level. Cities........ they always had the built up downtown cores where everything was built to orderly specifications, everything laid out to exacting detail. Everything oppressive and massive. No sign of the hodgepodge charm of older neighborhoods which had a little of everything. It was like there was no soul to these stretches of machined steel, iron, and concrete.

Then again he may just be too broody, seeing a problem or trait which isn’t even there. Even these built up areas had life to them, people going about their business and as something caught his eye he remembered that that wasn’t always a good thing. With a thought his visored helmet enhanced his sight until he could see with the clarity of a bird of prey. A young girl, most definitely a mutant with green scaled skin and tail lashing back and forth behind her was cornered in an alley with a group of toughs blocking her exit and getting ready to rush in towards her with pipes and chains. Five assailants, one potential victim who with the panicked look on her face probably wouldn’t be able to defend herself or perhaps was afraid to accidentally hurt her attackers, not a situation the airborne vigilante liked seeing.

“Time to get to work,” Chris said idly to himself as he tucked in his arms breaking into a quick dive and landed on a fire escape above the modern torch and pitchfork mob. “So are you guys rehearsing a play, doing some sort of demonstration, or trying to be all tough by ganging up on this poor girl?” They looked up at towards the sound of the strange almost mechanical voice and saw Darkhawk balancing on the rail of a fire escape landing.

“Come on Ray,” one of the thugs said nervously,” I don’t want to mess with two freaks at once.” Backing away the nervous guy looked about ready to drop his weapon of choice, a length of chain and run. The others, including the one named Ray who appeared to be the ring leader weren’t phased.

“Quiet Mick, don’t let some creep in a costume scare you,” he said as he brought his piece of pipe up in a batter’s stance. “The freaks want to push us around and get what they want just because they got powers, we ain’t putting up with that. I’ll teach the girl a lesson you guys tie up her hero.” With that said he rushed for the girl who was still standing in the back of the alley.

Diving into the four hoods who were supposed to tie him up Chris lashed out. One well placed fall from above and a chain wielder was on the ground gasping for air through broken ribs and a shattered sternum, a quick spin and and extended leg swept another off of his feet only to be grabbed by Darkhawk who slammed him to the ground while ripping his arm out of socket. A quick open palm thrust and to another nearby hood sent him flying into a row of trash cans where he lay unmoving. With most of the hooligans dealt with Chris fired his claw cable around the legs of the leader before he could reach the girl and a quick sharp pull sent the brains of this operation flying back into the legs of the final member of his posse taking him out at the knees causing him to faceplant on asphalt hard.

Everyone of the thugs was injured and their potential victim had a clear path out of the alley. Running past her potential attackers she shot Darkhawk a little smile and a thank you before rushing out of sight. Glad that the potential victim was able to make a run for it Chris turned to the leader and lifted him off the ground by his shirt. Hanging there dangling above the ground usually made the message stick better,

“Ray,” Darkhawk began, “You don’t mind if I call you Ray do you? Doesn’t really matter because you couldn’t stop me if you wanted to. If I ever even suspect you or one of your buddies of trying something like this again, “ as he spoke Chris dropped the dreg of society and with his claw cable grabbed one of their pipes, “or even thinking of it I’ll personally put each and every one of you in intensive care if your lucky.” as he finished Chris twisted the pipe into a knot without any visible strain around Ray’s neck tight enough to make it somewhat difficult to breath. “If you’re not lucky it’ll be the morgue.”

With that said Darkhawk bounded back up to the fire escape and between a few acrobatic bounds and a well time slingshot with his claw cable he was airborne again looking for another crime to prevent.
May 27 2017, 05:34 PM


Josh Brolin

Full Name-Kaine Parker
Age- Six years (Physically appears to be in his mid 30s)
Date of Birth- Doesn’t really have one
Occupation- Problem solver for the Assassin’s Guild

If you were to sum up Kaine’s worldview in a concise manner it would be one statement. That Lucifer had the right idea when he spat in his creator’s face. Kaine is very much the sum of his experiences and what he has lived through in his short time on earth could have driven the most ardent pacifist with faith in mankind’s basic decency into a mass murdering nihilist. Being grown as a disposable test tube experiment, deemed unviable due to his creator’s overreach when modifying his genetic sequence, and living a life where his constant companions were never ending agony and a grim certainty that his degrading genetic sequence was an inescapable death sentence has brought out the worst in him.

The unwanted spider clone is filled with self loathing over his misshapen painful existence and a general disdain for humanity as it’s managed to produce such charming individuals as Miles Warren and Mr Sinister. It’s hard for Kaine to give a damn about people and society as a whole if inhuman fiends like his creators can keep getting away with their horrific experiments. He sees himself as a disfigured monster spawned from the blood of a decent human being being twisted by men whose behavior would make Victor Frankenstein recoil in abject horror.

  • Getting Paid
  • Training
  • Being left on his own
  • Devising horrifying tortures for Miles Warren
  • Doing horrible things to people that deserve it
  • Miles Warren (Much closer to all encompassing psychopathic hatred)
  • His "brother" Ben
  • His disfigured face and body
  • People that whine and bitch about how terrible things are
  • People in general
  • Well honed killer instinct
  • Dangerous hand to hand combatant
  • Natural Survivor
  • Deep rooted anger issues
  • Confrontational personality
  • Mental instability due to erratic brain chemistry

Power Name- Superhuman Strength and Endurance
Description- Like his pseudo siblings Ben Riley and Peter Parker Kaine possesses augmented physical abilities. However his physical limits are skewed due to his unstable clone physiology and the Jackal’s genetic tinkering. Due to Jackal’s modifications and his much larger physical frame his raw physical power and durability exceeds his siblings’ with his maximum overhead lift topping out around 20 tonnes. Kaine is also capable of leaping great distances in a single bound covering distances comparable to Ben or Peter and like his genetic relations is capable of operating near peak efficiency for approximately an hour before fatigue begins to set in. There is one last area area where his augmented physicality differs in a positive way from theirs though and that is his resistance to blunt trauma. In spite of his failing genetics Kaine’s body is even more resistant to blunt trauma than either Ben or Peter’s making it possible for Kaine to stay standing against blows that would wind or injure his siblings.

Limits-While Kaine possesses greater raw power and durability than the Spider-Man or the Scarlet Spider he still has his limitations. Enough blunt trauma will still injure him even and he still can be injured by mechanisms of injury that cut or pierce. Also due to his unstable clone genetics Kaine is considerably more susceptible to poison, disease, or sedatives than either Ben or Peter as his system is already under strain.

Power Name- Adhesion/Wall Crawling:
Description- Kaine’s ability to stick to surfaces is an oddity when compared to his gene brothers. While Peter can stick to surfaces using microscopic hooks which line their skin Kaine does not. One of the experiments the Jackal performed on Kaine while he was developing in the lab was to alter his physiology to try and create a more versatile mechanism for wall crawling. He achieved this by replacing the genetic markers for the microscopic hooks with an innate ability to generate a bioelectric field which allows Kaine to stick to any surface that Ben or Peter can. A major benefit of this change for Kaine has been that he is able to weaponize his wall crawling in ways that the others with spider like abilities cannot. The first is that Kaine can generate a strong enough bond that he can bring down walls and other objects simply by sticking to them and pulling which he has done in the past to shield himself from attacks or to get his hands on an improvised weapon. The final benefit to this modified ability is something which he refers to as the Mark of Kaine.

Limits-While Kaine is able to utilise his wall crawling ability in ways that Ben and Peter are unable to it still has limitations. Frictionless surfaces or those coated in oils are things he cannot cling to and the structural integrity of the surfaces he’s attempting to cling to will limit his mobility.

Power Name-Mark of Kaine
Description- An outgrowth of his adhesion ability as previously stated is the Mark of Kaine. By overpowering the field he generates to cling to surfaces Kaine creates a scalding hot corrosive effect which is caustic to organic material. He primarily uses this ability as a means to attack opponents as the corrosive effect for most people is painful to the point of being debilitating or to as a way to mark his targets a proof that he was the one to kill them. While the Mark of Kaine is painful and possibly lethal if used to its full extent Kaine has used it in the past in other ways such as cauterising open wounds or even shaving. The only organic material to show complete resistance to this ability is Kaine’s own skin.

Limits-While a useful skill the Mark of Kaine does have serious limitations. Against targets that are made of entirely inorganic material such as machines or opponents covered in armor the attack is rendered almost completely useless. Also the attack leaves distinct marks as skin burned by the ability develops a web like pattern of scars much like the ones covering Kaines body. While he uses these marks as a means of proof that he killed a target it stands as proof that he was the perpetrator and would provide a way for individuals to track his handiwork.

Power Name- Spider Sense/Limited Clairvoyance
Description- Kaine possesses a sixth sense which warns him of pending danger. It doesn’t provide him with exact knowledge of what the danger is but more or less provides an instinctive grasp of what he needs to do to best mitigate the threat. This usually means dodging or blocking an incoming attack but often could result in an instinctive counter attack.

A strange outgrowth of his spider sense is a form of limited clairvoyance that Kaine has demonstrated on some occasions. It isn’t an ability that he can control and it is completely random when it activates but there are times when Kaine is given glimpses of a potential future event connected to either himself or someone he is connected to. These visions when they do occur are often cryptic, vague, and can be lacking in critical information but when they happen Kaine has learned to pay attention to any details that he can recall.

Limits-While his spider sense is useful for Kaine it has limits. Enough threats to his person occurring at the same time can more or less overload it leading to Kaine not knowing which threat to prioritise which leaves him open to attack. Another drawback is that if the attack is moving at a speed that is beyond speed of Kaine’s reflexes to react to it his early warning won’t do him any good. Also even though he does not know it yet there are individuals and things that won’t trigger his spider sense such as his genetic siblings and alien symbiotes.
(Visions of the future will only occur at staff discretion)

Power Name- Superhuman Agility and Reflexes
Description- Much like both his genetic donor and his fellow clone Kaine is capable of acrobatic feats and displays of reflexes beyond the limits of even olympic and professional athletes. He primarily uses his agility as a means of traversing difficult terrain, rapidly closing in on opponents and avoiding various attacks against his person.

Limits-Even though he can move in ways that defy the limits of normal humans Kaine does suffer from a drawback when compared to Spider-Man and the Scarlet Spider. While he may be able to match them in straight line movement such as what can be achieved exerting himself fully while leaping he is unable to match their total aggregate agility when it comes to comes to rapidly changing their vector of movement or contorting their bodies to avoid an attack. This is due to the fact that he possesses a much larger physical frame than his gene siblings and his comparatively over muscled frame impedes his total freedom of movement. This means that individuals such as Ben, Peter, and anyone else capable of movement like them can potentially run circles around Kaine.

Power Name- Organic Webbing
Description- Much like with Ben Riley the Jackal decided to tweak Kaine’s genome to incorporate spinnerets in his wrists to allow him to produce his own webbing. Kaine is capable of firing web lines from either wrist. The webbing he creates possesses tensile strength comparable the webbing created by the Scarlet Spider which means that they are comparable to steel cables of similar size. Kaine uses these web lines to capture opponents, reel things in close, and move through environments by swinging much like Peter and Ben.

Limits-Due to the fact that he generates webbing naturally there are limitations placed upon this ability due to the limits of Kaine’s own body and the fact that he was the Jackal’s first attempt at making this modification. Kaine’s natural ability to generate webbing is less efficient than that of Ben Riley’s meaning that he consumes even more food than Ben does to provide his body with the material needed. On top of this his webbing less versatile than Ben’s as he is incapable of creating impact webbing and what he creates is less durable. While it can withstand great shocks and impact it has little to no protection against cutting or abrasion meaning that even as soon as it he launches it from his wrists it can be cut through by blades or any reasonably sharp object. Also, any webbing created by Kaine breaks down at a rate which renders it functionally useless after approximately 30 minutes.

Skills & Abilities-

As Kaine was intended by the Jackal to be a clone of Spider-Man redesigned for combat his memories and muscle memory were programmed to include an amalgamation of training in martial disciplines. Assuming that agility driven combat would come instinctively to his project Miles tailored this artificial training regimen towards grounded fighting styles such as sambo, pankration, and krav maga. The somewhat sloppy mental patchwork of training has been refined by instructors in the Assassin’s Guild making Kaine extremely dangerous in close quarters. On top of this, Kaine's mental acuity is based on that possessed by Peter Parker, just untrained. This allows him to understand sciences to a lesser degree than Peter, but he understands enough to follow Dr. Octavius' written instructions regarding the upkeep of the regeneration suit.

Height- 6’4”
Weight- 250lbs
Eye Colour- Brown
Hair Colour- Brown

Appearance- The first things people notice about Kaine beside his somewhat hulking height and frame is that he’s garbed head to toe in what appears to be a blue bodysuit with silver tubes that visually walk the line between bone and webbing. The bodysuit isn’t worn as a statement or simply by choice but as a matter of survival. It is designed to keep his unstable clone genetic structure from degrading further by keeping it saturated with a chemical cocktail that was devised by Otto Octavius. With this regeneration suit being the only thing that mitigates some of the pain he feels as well as forestalling his inevitable demise Kaine has taken the time to modify it to be better suited to his lifestyle such as integrating an assortment of blades and a ragged purple cloak which he uses to break up his body’s outline when he’s skulking about.

Underneath the suit Kaine is a mess. He looks like a malformed version of what Peter Parker could be when he’s much older. His skin is craggy and in places looks like it’s breaking down or even rotting while the patches of skin that look healthy by comparison are covered a network of web like keloid scars. The clone also lets his hair grow past his shoulders giving him a look that seems to resemble a mutated wild man especially when people see the glint of pain driven borderline madness in his eyes.

Gear- Kane is almost always wearing his regeneration suit which he has modified to include an assortment of bladed weapons. On his forearms and lower legs it has rows of offset blades that he uses as weapons and as a means of disarming opponents while its right arm also houses an integrated retractable ten inch dagger like blade.

Additional Information- Overall Kaine has two motivations. The first is to find a way to cure his flawed genetics which is understandable given his situation. The second is that he regrets leaving Miles Warren alive when he fled the lab he was created in. If given a chance he will do anything within his power to kill the Jackal.

Hometown- Canton, PA
Immediate Family-
Peter Parker (Gene Donor)
Ben Riley (Slightly younger clone brother)
Bella Donna Boudreaux (Employer)
Miles Warren and Mr Sinister (Creators)


Kaine was born from the efforts of the Miles Warren and his employer Mr Sinister to study human - animal hybridisation and discern the limits of this avenue of genetic research. Using a sample of DNA that was purchased through middlemen from Dr Otto Octavius the two researchers created Kaine as their first test subject. The first generation clone spent the entirety of what would be considered his formative years in one of Sinister’s cloning vats with Miles controlling his growth and experimenting on him by introducing various chemical compounds and mutagenic agents to modify Kaine’s developing tissues. As he aged at an accelerated rate the clone was kept perpetually sedated only finding brief moments of semi consciousness in his tank.

For the first year of his life he was the centre of Warren’s research in Sinister’s lab and as time passed they altered their sedation procedures allowing the young clone longer periods of alertness. They poked and prodded him for testing purposes, monitored his reactions, used him as the test bed for invasive procedures to test the limitations of their current understanding. As his second year of life began things changed for Kaine, he was no longer the focal point of Warren’s attention. They had moved on from their experimental prototype and were working on the next step in their research, Kaine’s brother Ben. Kaine was left by the wayside for a period of time as the techniques they had developed by experimenting on him were put to use modifying Ben, creating what they considered to be a more refined final product, a better representation of their mastery over the building blocks of life.

Kaine didn't understand that Ben was just like him, a lab rat being created by two men acting like gods in their own laboratory Eden. All the clone knew was that the experiment Miles was calling Ben was being treated better than he was and that he was simply the hunk of meat that their creators tested their procedures on. As time went on he Sinister noted Kaine's growing aggression and ill will towards their new specimen and altered his dosage of sedatives in order to insure he remained docile and dormant in the tank. Kaine was kept comatose until Ben had matured and been sent to live with a surrogate family. With the more refined test subject gone Miles and Sinister turned their attention back to Kaine.

With their modification of his physical form complete they turned towards shaping his mind. They began condensing and implanting years worth of training and corresponding muscle memory for multiple fighting disciplines: krav maga, pankration, and combat sambo. All in an attempt to mould him into a custom built member of the Marauders. Unfortunately for the two deranged scientists their project ran into a road block, Kaine began exhibiting signs of genetic degradation and uncontrolled bursts of accelerated ageing.

Seeing their project beginning to break down before them Sinister and Warren decided to cut their losses. Kain wasn’t anything important to either of them, he was merely the proof of concept for their research and now he would further advance their research by allowing them to study him via vivisection. Warren set about preparing the lab for the procedure as Sinister left to tend to other matters and Kaine experienced something that had never occurred before as he slept within his tank. His spider sense, inherited from Peter was going active for the first time but it did something that was strange even by spider mutate standards, for one brief moment Kaine could see his future: Warren injecting him with a paralytic and slowly taking him apart on a lab table. Survival instincts kicked in as Kaine’s spider sense triggered a massive adrenal response. He awoke in his tank ripping away his breath mask and striking with all his worth against the glass containing him. Miles moved to sound the alarm and call Sinister back but by then it was too late, Kaine was free. Running on instinct and relying on his spider sense the now escaped clone was moving and with a vicious strike sent Warren flying into the wall before exiting the lab. Dodging the Marauders and managing to avoid attracting Sinister’s attention Kaine managed to escape the facility. As time passed though he regretted not killing Warren when he had the chance.

Naked and alone the escaped test subject had few options. In order to survive he scavenged clothes, stole money and tried to figure out a plan as he moved farther and farther from the lab that spawned him. In the weeks that passed as he tried to determine what he was going to do with himself his situation worsened, the genetic degradation was causing his body to warp and change further. Web like scars began spreading across his body, his skin began showing signs of decay, and he grew taller and broader as his body spawned from irradiated blood mutated further in an attempt to protect itself. In the midst of this hellish existence his spider sense gave him another vision. It was of Kaine meeting with someone named Otto Octavius at a place called the General Techtonics Institute.

Kaine did what little research he could on Octavius and General Techtonics and discovered that the man was some sort of brilliant researcher operating out of the company's Westchester facility. Lacking in other options and knowing that a vision previously had saved his life Kaine travelled to Westchester County and made contact with Octavius. He confronted Otto in secret, explained his situation and begged the scientist for help. Octavius quickly connected the dots and realised that this poor soul before him was the product of inhuman research made possible by the sample of Peter’s blood that he had sold years ago. Now the victim of a guilty conscience Otto explained to Kaine his part in the poor man’s sordid history. After an angry outburst and a few broken pieces of lab equipment Kaine was willing to forgive Otto’s part in his suffering providing that the good doctor could do something to stabilise his condition, told him everything he knew about his gene donor, and vowed to not reveal his existence to Peter.

Otto spent weeks studying Kaine’s slowly dying body and managed to work out a means of stabilising his condition. Octavius built Kaine a regeneration suit. A body glove and mask that would circulate a cocktail of chemicals that would prevent further decay so long as he wore the suit and periodically replaced the formula it contained with a fresh mixture. The only issue that Kaine now faced was the prohibitive cost of the supplies needed to keep the regeneration suit in good working order.

Committing the design of the suit and the formula for the restorative chemical compound to memory Kaine parted ways with Otto and set out to find a way to finance his survival. At first he began stealing funds from criminals as he felt little guilt in liberating stolen money but that was hit or miss as he wasn’t always able to find criminals that kept large quantities of cash on hand. Eventually he moved on to extorting and blackmailing those he had previously been robbing out of sheer necessity. Eventually his actions brought him into contact with the Assassin’s Guild and it’s leader Bella Dona Boudreaux. Some of his targets had attempted to place a target on his head by hiring the guild hoping to prevent him from being a recurring issue. Unfortunately for the Guild’s client’s Kaine killed them before they could finalise payment for the hit.

Seeing the talent and power Kaine possessed Bella offered him a deal. He could be considered an enemy of the guild as he deprived them of clients who were the source of regular lucrative contracts, or he could join the guild and be paid handsomely for his useful skill set. The clone saw the offer as his only chance at having a something resembling a life beyond scraping money together to pay for his expensive upkeep so Kaine accepted the deal and was inducted into the Assassin’s Guild.

Player Name- aDAM
Age 30
How Can We Contact- Skype: adam_j_bennett
Time Zone- Atlantic
How did you find us? Hank and Ace
Other Characters- Exodus

Role Play Sample-

If someone was to look inside of the rundown warehouse they would most likely feel nauseous at the sight that they would find. Flickering lights struggling to stay on cast eerie shadows and where they drove back the darkness there was only carnage. Later on when the police reached the scene they would most likely be baffled trying to piece together what had happened to the cadavers. The damage done to them would have more in common with high speed vehicular trauma or the aftermath of a violent explosion: bodies lodged in wooden crates, chests caved in, and even a carcass half hanging out a second story window with no rational explanation for how it got there. The only person who would have been able to give them an adequate explanation most likely wouldn’t be very talkative when the crime scene was discovered.

Surrounded by the dead and covered in their blood was a young gangster. He was cursing in Russian and almost flailing about as he tried to cover every angle with his pistol. The career criminal didn’t understand what was going on. All he knew was that he was supposed to be here with the others as security for the boss as he met with some hitters from out of town that he wanted to contract for some problem solving. It should have been an easy night’s work but everything went to shit when some blue skinned monster dropped in on them and everyone started dying.

“You know I consider myself a fair person buddy,” said a voice that seemed to echo throughout the warehouse. “I need cash to get by while you and your parasite friends seem to be swimming in it.” A clanging noise rang out somewhere behind the thug and he whipped around to open fire. Three shots rang out from his gun before he hears the voice again, this time much closer. “I don’t even remember even putting any of your friends in the hospital those times I helped myself to your cash.” The voice had come from above him and again he tried to hit the monster whose voice was carried on the shadows firing five shots.

“This is the thanks I get for showing restraint and just taking your cash that you all made from peddling drugs, gun running, and sex trafficking, for not wiping you out like vermin. Your boss tries to hire some out of town assassins to deal with me.” The thug tried to shoot towards the voice again but he hadn’t noticed his pistol’s slide had locked open on an empty magazine. He fumbled for a spare to reload but that was when he saw the killer that had been taunting him.

The first thought that he had as the freak walked out of the shadows was tall, damn tall, and built like a brick shit house with drying blood caked on what looked like a blue body suit and in his wild brown hair. “I guess I’m just going to have to use you to send a message so that the rest of you idiots understand that you don’t have a chance in hell at stopping me.” That was when he lunged forward and placed his hand on the final thugs face. His victim tried to get away but as he struggled he found that it felt like he was pulling his face off. Then the burning set in.

A strange energy erupted from the hand and began charring the Russian's face. Skin stretched and burned as his muffled screams failed to escape around his killer’s hand. He tried to finish swapping the magazine for his pistol but suddenly stopped as he felt the giant’s fingers begin digging into his temples and top of his skull. They felt like a hydraulic press as bone began to crumble and soon the fight for his life ended as the steel like fingers cracked open his skull like an egg. The man’s killer tossed him aside in a heap revealing a mangled face covered in spider web patterned burn scars.

The killer was about to leave when he heard a car door closing outside. They must have been the out of town help that the Russians were trying to bring in to kill him. He could have left before they came inside but he decided that he wanted to explain how foolish it would be for them to try and give him grief. The two who walked in the door were wary, especially after finding the dead Russians littering the building. They were about to reach into their jackets for sidearms when the blue suited monster called out to them.

“I don’t know who you are but I know that whatever the idiot Russians promised you for this job isn’t worth the funeral tab you’d ring up trying to claim it.” He walked out of the shadows and stood amongst his handiwork. “My name’s Kaine and you’d better be smart enough to walk back out that door or say something worth my time if you want to keep breathing.”
Apr 4 2017, 07:47 PM
Alright, lets try to be organised right out of the gate.

Exodus: The Brotherhood's psionic battering ram.

Kaine: Assassin's Guild trouble shooter

Darkhawk: Super Fighting Robot
Apr 2 2017, 09:17 PM

Play By: Anson Mount


Full Character Name: Bennet du Paris
Codename: Exodus
Aliases/Nicknames: Paris Bennet
Faction: Brotherhood of Mutants

Age: 858 Years old (Physical age: 35)
Birth date: December 23
Height: 6’
Weight: 195 lbs
Eye Colour: White with no pupil (Glow when actively using his powers)
Hair Colour: Black


Personality: Bennet du Paris is as stalwart and constant as the north star. Even tempered and dependable, the ancient French mutant throws himself into the jaws of death without even a moment's hesitation provided it keeps an innocent out of harm's way. Unfortunately for Exodus this attitude doesn’t always mesh with all of the individuals who support the Brotherhood of Mutants as he refuses to see the difference between mutants and baseline humans provided that they aren’t actively working against mutant kind as a whole. While it may be strange for someone who is considered a mutant rights extremist to be willing to defend powerless humans it does fit Exodus when you consider he’s a chivalrous man out of time who has seen the full extent of human brutality on battlefields where death was visceral and all too far reaching.

To those who who see Bennet away from conflict they may be surprised to find that he is often keeping himself busy with the menial tasks around Station X. Bennet sees no reason why he shouldn’t contribute to the upkeep of the facility simply because others expect him to consider such work as beneath him. To Exodus no one is above contributing to the well being of the Brotherhood and if the only way he can contribute outside of battle is by helping Toad by doing the literal heavy lifting or doing low tech maintenance then so be it.

Outside of his duty as a member of the Brotherhood Exodus doesn’t go out of his way to spend time in the company of others as his mutation causing him to constantly be reading unshielded surface thoughts makes solitude a more pleasing prospect. Bennet will almost always be found either in his quarters which are tucked away in a less travelled part of Station M or in a quiet forgotten corner reading whatever has caught his fancy with a preference for history and philosophy texts. While he prefers to spend time alone he won’t actively shun company if others seek him out though. He is quite willing engage in conversation regarding almost any topic someone chooses, providing that they are willing to answer the potential stream of never ending questions from a man whose formal education ended during the 12th century.

Appearance: Standing at six feet tall and solidly built Bennet du Paris’ frugal living and life of physical toil has left him built like the medieval warrior that he is. His arms and body are a covered with long healed scars that he had received before his mutant abilities activated and he carries himself like a warrior that is always watching, always ready for violence. His demeanor gives the impression that this is a man who is familiar with violence. His mutant nature is obvious with his red skin and solid white eyes that glow when he’s using his telekinesis, easily making him stand out in a crowd.

His taste in clothing is fairly mundane. When he’s working around Station X he tends towards wearing cargo pants, work shirts, and boots as they tend to be the most appropriate clothing for his work. When not doing repair work and general upkeep his clothing remains simple with nice slacks or jeans with a well kept button up shirt and clean pair of shoes or boots for footware. His attire for battle though stands in stark contrast to his more mundane clothing. While many other members of the Brotherhood don’t tend to wear a uniform per se Exodus will wear a red and gold bodysuit complete with a silver cape. While this choice for a uniform makes a subtle approach difficult it fits with Exodus’ view regarding his role in the Brotherhood. In battle as he is more often than not very difficult to kill it makes sense to Exodus to dress in a manner that will attract the most hostile attention. He often hopes that it makes it easier for his compatriots to achieve their assigned objectives while the enemy is too busy trying to kill him.

Additional Information:

  • Reading
  • Camaraderie
  • Training
  • Working with his hands
  • Anti-mutant bigots
  • Unnecessary violence
  • Failure

Psionic Siphon:
Description: The core of Exodus’ mutation is his ability to subconsciously draw in ambient psionic energy from the Astral Plane and more or less metabolise it in order to fuel his abilities. The rate at which he draws energy in is governed by his faith in himself at any given moment and the perception that others have of him. This means that the energy pool that he can draw upon can scale up or down depending on his mental state and other outside factors. Thus if his resolve is faltering and he is surrounded by people who believe that he will lose, this will begin throttling the amount of psionic energy he has at his disposal and could end up with him being rendered powerless for a time. Though the reverse is also true as solid confidence in himself and the backing of pro-mutant fanatics would increase the amount of power at his disposal. With the psionic energy at his disposal, Bennet is capable of an assortment of psionic feats such as telekinesis and limited telepathy as well as teleportation,flight, and augmented physical abilities such as regeneration.

Also, it must be stated that this passive leaching has no negative impact on those around him.

Description: By metabolising the psionic energy he consumes, Exodus is capable of manipulating the physical world by exerting telekinetic force. By doing so he can move objects, levitate, and strike with incredible force. His current maximum threshold for mass lifted purely through telekinetic effort is 50 tonnes, but that is with dedicated focus to the exclusion of all else. All applications of his telekinesis possess a crackling purple energy field that is visible to the naked eye.

Telekinetic Bolts: Exodus is capable of generating blasts of concussive force through an application of his telekinesis. The striking surface of the telekinetic bolts at their smallest is comparable to Exodus’ closed fist while at their largest is comparable to a wrecking ball. At their weakest they strike with the force of a draft horse kicking with all of their strength and at maximum force are capable of smashing through a concrete wall.

Force Fields and Barriers: Exodus can generate and sustain telekinetic fields and barriers that can protect against blunt trauma and other attacks that have a physical component. The area of effect ranges from a personal field which can be used to augment his already heightened durability to being able to envelop a small building. These telekinetic force fields can soak multiple hits from artillery before failing, though any individual attack possessing enough kinetic force behind it such as a weapon system designed for penetrating hard targets or possessing enhanced penetration capabilities will tear through fields. Also, the larger the area affected by the field and the greater the amount of kinetic force being exerted against it, the higher the amount of energy required to sustain the field.

Flight: By levitating via his telekinesis Exodus is capable of independent flight with excellent manoeuvrability. He can reach speeds of 200 mph in straight line flight.

Limited Telepathy/Psionic Awareness:
Description: Another facet of Exodus’ psionic abilities is a passive application of his telekinesis and what appears to be limited telepathy. This psionic power allows him to be relatively aware of his general surroundings out to a range of 200 meters. The virtually imperceptible telekinetic field is generated subconsciously and provides Exodus with a general awareness of the physical world around him separate from his physical senses and his limited telepathy provides him with limited knowledge of surface thoughts and emotional states from individuals around him with unshielded minds. Anyone with rudimentary training or natural aptitude to resist telepathy are blank slates to Exodus.

Physical Augmentation:
Description: As he consumes psionic energy, Exodus’ body is enhanced to superhuman levels as he subconsciously reinforces his body through subconscious applications of telekinesis. So long as he has psionic energy as his disposal, Exodus possesses enhanced durability, strength, and regeneration which allows for him to recover from traumatic injury. So long as he is not cut off from the astral plane and has not depleted his reserve of psionic energy, his physical augmentations remain active even when he is rendered unconscious.

Enhanced Durability: Exodus’ body is extremely resistant to injury and is capable of shrugging off extreme blunt trauma, small arms fire, most munitions, extreme temperatures, most corrosive substances, and is resistant to toxic substances. Much like his telekinetic fields his durability can be overcome by weapons meant to destroy hardened targets or methods of attack possessing great cutting and penetrating power.

Enhanced Strength: Due to his physical augmentation Exodus can exert enough force to lift approximately 100 tonnes.

Regeneration: By metabolising psionic energy Exodus is capable of recovering from physical trauma at an accelerated rate. Under normal conditions cuts, bruises, and relatively minor injuries are repaired in approximately a minute while more serious trauma such as broken bones and amputations could take hours or days. The exception to this incredible recovery are any means of injury which would lead to instantaneous death, such as something being driven through his skull deep into his brain. Byproducts of his regeneration are overall enhanced endurance and retarded ageing. His enhanced endurance comes from his body repairing tissue damage and dissipating lactic acid and other fatigue toxins as they’re produced. This allows him to operate at near peak ability for approximately 12 hours barring him pushing his powers to their absolute limits. Bennet's retarded ageing stems from the comprehensive nature of his regeneration which keeps his body at his physical peak in spite his being born centuries ago.

Description: The strangest and most otherworldly power that Exodus possesses is his ability to teleport. By shifting his physical form into living psionic energy Exodus is able to instantaneously transmit himself via the Astral Plane to another location where he returns to his physical form. Exodus is capable of taking a small group of people along with him when he teleports and thus far there has been no negative impact on anyone who he has taken with him. The greater the distance travelled the more of his reserves of psionic energy that are consumed. For short distances, defined as anything within his field of psionic awareness or 200 meters, he can teleport approximately every five seconds without having an impact on his energy reserves. For anything beyond that out to his maximum range of 50 miles he begins consuming enough energy to render his other abilities useless for greater lengths of time. If he teleports anywhere from one to ten miles then he is more or less defenceless for one minute. Out to twenty miles he’s powerless for at least five minutes, anywhere beyond that he will need at least half an hour before his abilities recover.

Weakness or Flaws: While Exodus is a powerful mutant that doesn’t mean that he doesn’t possess exploitable flaws and weaknesses.

Dependency on ambient psionic energy: If someone was to find a way to isolate Exodus from the ambient psionic energy of the astral plane he would not have access to his abilities until the isolation ended. Also, the more he exerts his powers the more psionic energy he consumes. If he utilises this energy at a rate greater than what he draws from the astral plane, his powers will weaken and fade until he has a chance to recharge. Also, as there have been devices and methods discovered that can inhibit telepathy, groups that want to counter Exodus would be able to develop means of suppressing his abilities.

Confidence/Self perception: While Exodus is able to augment his abilities and reserves of power through belief in his strength from himself and others as well as fear and awe from those around him this has a negative drawback as well. If his focus and belief wavers then the amount of energy he draws on from the astral plane decreases meaning he will have less of it available to fuel his powers, increasing his rate of burnout through overexertion. This means that Exodus’ powers are very susceptible to empathic and telepathic manipulation and if he is convinced that he cannot defeat an opponent his powers may even fail him.

Telepathic Limitations: Exodus may possess limited telepathy but he has no real control over it. He is unable to focus it use it to prevent intrusions into his own mind leaving much more vulnerable to mental attacks than other psionic mutants. Due to the nature of his abilities passively probing the area around him while drawing in power from the Astral Plane he stands out to other telepaths like a magnesium flare in a pitch black room. Also, even though his other abilities are augmented through his confidence and the perception of others his telepathy does not change in any discernible way.

Limits to his enhanced durability: While Exodus is extremely durable even when compared to many other mutants his capacity to withstand punishment does have an upper limit. As previously stated weapons that are capable damaging a heavily armoured target can harm him. Abilities and weapons that are capable of cutting or piercing with ease such as weapons made from exotic metals such as vibranium and adamantium can easily injure him. Also, tying in with the impact of his confidence, if he fears an opponent or believes the opponent is capable of injuring him then that opponent will be able to injure him even if their attack is much weaker than what would normally be required to hurt him.

Abilities/Skills: Due to his martial training during the third crusade Exodus is extremely proficient in the use of arms from the medieval period. These include blunt instruments such as warhammers and or a mace, axes of varying sizes and lengths, shields, spears, the lance, and an assortment of swords with a preference for what would be referred to as hand and a half style blades. Other skills developed through his martial training include horsemanship and a working understanding of battlefield tactics and strategy. While specific tactics and strategies may be very much dated Exodus still possesses an excellent sense of the application of force and how to turn a battlefield to his advantage.

Through his time spent working to maintain the monastery in the Alps Exodus has developed a level of proficiency at carpentry, grounds keeping, and general maintenance.

Due to the time spent diligently studying since awakening in the modern world Bennet has updated his language skills where he is now proficient in modern English and French as well as classical Latin.


Hometown/Birthplace: Paris, France
Immediate Family: All long dead
  • Toad (Friend)
  • Hardwire (Friend)
  • Magneto (Leader)
Character History

The story of Bennet du Paris begins in the year 1160 AD. Born the third son of a noble house Bennet was destined to inherit little as it was tradition for the eldest male to succeed the father. This left two paths for young Bennet, the clergy or knighthood to seek adventure and valour beyond his father’s domain. The youth decided that the path of the cloth was not for him so he could only throw himself wholeheartedly into his martial training. As the years passed and Bennet grew in both skill and ability he would eventually be knighted and would move on to make a name for himself in tournaments of skill.

Life carried on in this way for a short time with Bennet garnering some acclaim for his talent but this would end with the call to arms of for what would be known as the Third Crusade. Bennet and many other knights without holdings pledged their sword arms to the various orders which ventured forth to battle with Saladin and in this time he met Sir Eobar Garrington, Black Knight and wielder of the Ebony Blade who provided Bennet with his first exposure to magic. The two became close as brothers during the campaigns they were a part of and it was only duty and obligation which would separate them as as they were sent to different battlefields.

It was in the days following this separation from his one true friend that Bennet was drawn into the quest which would change his life. He and a cadre of fellow knights were campaigning in an area which was being plagued by strange beasts. They were informed by the elder of a small village who in times past had offered them shelter that the beasts could be found in a forgotten fortress hidden in a nearby mountain range. With this information Bennet and his sword brothers set forth for the mountains and after many days of struggle against weather and terrain they found what they were looking for.

They had believed they would stumble across a worn ruin which they would drive the monsters though what they found was anything but. The fortress was hewn from the mountain itself as if an army of craftsmen had laboured for generations to carve it from the mountain face as every inch of stonework appeared to be one continuous piece rock and nothing appeared to be worn. There were no signs of occupation beyond the excellent condition of the structure so Bennet and his compatriots moved in to explore and begin their hunt. As they explored they found weapons which appeared to have been forged years ago due to the exact style of craftsmanship, furnishings, and even wells of water yet no signs of anyone actually dwelling there. They decided to stay the night at the very least and explore the fortress further before setting out in the morning to report their findings. However, as night settled upon them a monstrous storm fell upon the mountain. Wind, lightning, rain, all in amounts that would make traversing the mountain trails too dangerous to undertake until the weather cleared. They were trapped and as they were about to find out they were not alone.

As soon as the storm blew in creatures surged down upon the knights. Strange men in ancient armour possessing frightening forms along with twisted beasts which defied logic. The crusaders were quickly overwhelmed and they were forced to retreat to a more defensible position forcing the foes to come from only one side. As the fighting waged men fell and their foes stood strong. All seemed lost but as the battle grew ever more desperate something changed, Bennet du Paris had managed to strike down one of the beasts. Then another and before the eyes of the knights he was driving them back and giving their side a chance. His fists could powder stone and with every strike from his sword a limb was hewn. His sword brothers rallying to his side it looked as if they would walk away this night but fate had one last surprise to play.

The beasts and false men drew back and allowed a figure to step out into the open. It was the elder from the village and he was smiling, at home among the fiends. The stranger declared Bennet du Paris to be the harbinger of a new age in which the weak would be culled by the strong provided that he gave his fealty. The valiant knight refused to bend his knee and the wizened old man grew enraged. He declared that he would bow even if he had to be broken first. With a gesture from the old man the massed enemies fell upon Bennet du Paris like a wave but the crusader stood firm. All around him his brothers in arms tried to rally to his side but they fell quickly under the blades and claws of their foes. As his friends and allies fell a terrifying rage overtook Bennet and the nascent power within him surged and reshaped him.

His body became resistant to the attacks, injuries healed, skin shifted red and eyes white as power answered his call and the beasts were thrown aside as telekinetic power erupted from the frenchman. Instinct guiding him he tore into the monsters and twisted men, smashing them into walls and carving a path towards the one who had led him them all into this trap. As Bennet’s sword struck the old man the long sword shattered and his would be victim laughed and changed before his very eyes into something otherworldly. Where there had once been an old man now stood a giant garbed as an warlord of ancient Egypt who wrapped his massive hand around the young warrior’s neck and lifted him from the ground with ease and throttled him until all went black.

Time passed though Bennet had no idea if it had been hours or days as he lay trapped in the darkness of his own mind but eventually he returned to the land of the living and found himself shackled in a dungeon. As soon as he had awoken he was brought to an arena to stand before the one who had captured him. The giant claimed to be the Eternal Pharaoh and that Bennet du Paris had died in the fortress with his weak sword brethren leaving Exodus, the proof of man’s inevitable journey standing before him. Exodus was told that he would serve his new master either as one of his champions or by destroying those of his followers that were too weak to serve.

Again Bennet refused and more of the malformed men and beasts were set upon him and battle ensued. After a vicious melee Bennet remained standing amidst the broken bodies of those who had tried to kill him. Seeing the red skinned warrior still lived the giant had him taken back to his cell. For months the cycle repeated as he would be taken from his cell, offered the chance to serve, rejecting the offer, battling those who tried to prove themselves his better and being thrown back into his cell. As time passed and a chance for freedom eventually presented itself.

Bennet’s friend Eobar had managed to find him and with a small band of warriors had managed to free his fellow crusader while the Eternal Pharaoh was away from his sanctum. Between Exodus’ powers, which Eobar and his companions quickly accepted as they were not strangers to the otherworldly, and the Ebony Blade it looked as if they were going to fight their way free. Unfortunately for Exodus one of the Pharaoh’s servants struck him with what seemed to his friends to be a magic curse. The spell felled the knight and trapped him in a deep sleep which his friends could not rouse him from. He did not eat or drink yet he did not wither or die. He lived but he was vulnerable.

Seeing as they had no recourse but to hide him from his would be master they returned his body to his native France and prepared a sanctuary for him. They hid him in a monastery crypt in the French Alps and arranged for the monks to watch over their fallen friend.

Months turned to years, years turned to lifetimes and yet Exodus slept. With time the spell upon him faded one day Bennet du Paris opened his eyes. Stumbling out of the crypt the monks quickly found their charge alive once again and took him into the monastery. The abbot explained to him the sacred charge that had been placed upon their order to watch over him and how long he had slept. When he had been told that hundreds had passed Exodus was disheartened to know that the world he knew was lost to him but in time he came to accept his situation.

Exodus was walking among the living and he dwelt among the brothers of the monastery doing what he could to repay them their order’s kindness and protection. His days were spent maintaining the grounds and cutting down timber for firewood while his nights were spent in quiet study as he learned what he had missed in his spell enforced slumber. One day a stranger came to the monastery searching for Bennet. He introduced himself Eric Lehnsherr, or Magneto as he was known by others, and explained to Exodus that they were both mutants and that the world was a dangerous place for those who were different from the masses.

He asked Bennet if he would be willing to join him in making the world safe for their brothers and sisters. Exodus was tempted to join as the cause sounded just but he hesitated. Life at the monastery was peaceful and it had become his sanctuary from a world he didn’t fully understand and the holy brothers who were getting up in years would be hard pressed to maintain their home without his aid. He politely declined the request saying that he had had his fill of conflict and violence as he told the stranger the fantastic series of events which had led him to his life in the mountains. At first Eric wasn’t sure what to believe but when the frenchman produced an old text that had been in the abbot’s possession which detailed their order being charged with protecting Sir Bennet du Paris who had been the victim of a sorcerer's curse he was willing to accept that there was a mystery behind the red skinned mutant even if he didn’t accept the story whole cloth.

The visitor accepted Bennet’s decision but left him with a means of contacting him if he ever changed his mind and soon departed. More time passed and life continued on as before except now Eric would sometimes visit both to check up on the strange mutant and to convince Bennet to join his cause. Every time Eric visited he received the same polite yet firm answer until the day Bennet travelled down the mountain to begin cutting down firewood in land owned by the monastery. He laboured for days before returning home only to find it a smoking ruin.

As he raced towards the smouldering husk he searched for signs of life but found none as he tore through the wreckage. His heart tore asunder in his chest as he reached the main chapel and found the charred forms of the abbot and brothers. He could find no clue as to what happened beyond the exits to the chapel being barred from the outside. Someone had murdered them and deprived Exodus of the few men who had accepted him in this strange new time. He set about burying the dead and salvaging what he could from the ashes before setting out to join Magneto.

Evil had found his refuge and now the crusader was all too willing to take to the field once again and put it to the sword.


Player Name: Adam
How Can We Contact: AIM: agenttmaster
Time Zone/Area of the World: Atlantic

Other Characters: None Yet

Role Play Sample:
Bennet du Paris was not a happy man as he walked the streets of Mutant Town. It wasn’t his surroundings that bothered him as the community that had formed to give so many of his brother and sister mutants a home was something he considered inspiring. No, he was in a foul mood because he thinking about what had happened here recently. The bodies.

Exodus wasn’t a fool, he understood that horrifying things happened to people who didn’t deserve such cruelty, but simply understanding that such things happened didn’t mean that he would willingly accept them. This was why he was walking the streets of Mutant Town mingling with the crowds and letting their thoughts flow over him. He knew that he would never be as skilled as Lady Frost when it came to sifting through minds but simply walking amongst the denizens of Mutant Town and listening gave him a sense of peace. As stray thoughts from the crowds around him flitted through his mind the scowl that had been etched into his face began to ease into a smile.

As the men, women, and children went about their business he could simply feel a sense of determination in the crowd as so many people refused to be cowed by the heinous crime that had been dropped on their doorstep. There were still fearful thoughts mixed in along with uncertainty but that paled in comparison to the sheer determination that permeated the minds of so many people. The villains hadn’t broken their spirits through their act of violence they had merely given them a reason to rally together. Shops were open, people ran errands, and children were underfoot. Life carried on, perhaps with more watchful eyes among the crowd but it carried on all the same.

Yes, coming to walk among his fellow mutants living out in the open was what Exodus needed to improve his mood even if he had to take steps to obscure his identity to avoid bringing grief to those around him. Though he would never complain, having the collar of his coat turned up while wearing sunglasses and a cap weren’t much of an inconvenience. Bennet was about to continue on his way when he felt a burst of panic from someone nearby.

Pausing, he did his best to focus and managed to know where to look. One of the side alleys, a child was falling. Gathering his power Exodus blinked out of existence on the street and appeared in the air bellow the child and grabbed him as he came within reach. The child, who was apparently a boy had been experimenting with his mutant abilities had misjudged a handhold while climbing and had fallen or so his frightened thoughts told the flying Frenchman. With a thought Exodus began lowering himself and the boy to the ground where he gently set the child down and finally took a moment to look the boy over. He was young, no more than twelve or thirteen if Exodus was to guess and his mutation seemed to be a physical one granting him scales and other lizard like attributes.

“Perhaps you should be more cautious when learning your limits young man,” Exodus said in a soft voice as he crouched down to bring his face even with the much shorter child, “There won’t always be someone around to help you if you place yourself in danger.” The boy, still filled with adrenaline from what was a potential near death experience nodded vigorously as he thanked the strange man for helping him before running off. Exodus could only chuckle as he rose up to his full height and walked out of the alley into the street.

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