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Mar 16 2018, 03:43 PM
This is a variety of options for y'all to choose from. Good luck!

Mar 15 2018, 03:25 AM
It's that time of the month again where y'all let us know which of these characters was your favourite, with our spotlight shining back on original characters again. As always, you have until the end of the month to cast your vote!

Mar 15 2018, 03:12 AM
We're halfway into the new month, and it's been another good one so far, with our lovely members quickly approaching 500 posts and cranking out 75 new threads for everyone to dip into. The Savage Land plot continues to roll along during our second rollover spanning March 1st through March 15th; Weapon X is up to no good at the expense of poor Laura and Neena, thanks in part to treacherous twatwaffle Maverick; Beast is seemingly responsible for Kick, the drug that's been at the root of so much destruction over the past few months; and SO much more on top of all that goodness.

So far this month we have several new recent additions to Evo's ever growing stable of characters, with Angel (played by yours truly), Blackstar (played by Rider), Brother Voodoo (played by Bry) and Doctor Strange (played by Hank). Cyclops (played by Charly) finally became a real boy this month as well, making it so we once again have a full set of O5 X-Men!

The halfway mark also means it's once again time to do our mid-monthly check, to see where everyone stands when it comes to meeting the 4 times a month posting requirement. If you're not on this list, you're safe. If you are on this list, no worries! You still have until the end of the month to make the activity check. If you need any assistance reaching the goal, the admin team is always here to help you with plots. If real life is kicking you in the gonads and you won't be able to keep up with posting your characters, make sure to let us know. We're happy to accommodate, but we're not psychic.


*ahem* Anyway, time for a list!

Blink 2/4 Complete
Exodus 0/4 Complete - LOA
Hardwire 1/4 Complete - LOA
Nightmare 2/4 Complete
Pyro 3/4 Complete
Sabretooth 1/4 Complete
Seamus Mellencamp 1/4 Complete
Senyaka 2/4 Complete
Spark 2/4 Complete
Toad 1/4 Complete
Wicked 2/4 Complete

Gentle 1/4 Complete
Glitch 2/4 Complete - LOA
Wiccan 2/4 Complete

Faust 3/4 Complete
Honeybear 1/4 Complete
Phantom 1/4 Complete
Speed 3/4 Complete
Wallflower 1/4 Complete - LOA

Auri Delavigne 2/4 Complete
Darkchylde 3/4 Complete - LOA
Nightcrawler 2/4 Complete

Raptor 2/4 Complete - LOA
Sensate 1/4 Complete - LOA
Spider-man 3/4 Complete

Backup 1/4 Complete - LOA
Bella Boudreaux 0/4 Complete - LOA
Emma Frost 2/4 Complete
Epione 3/4 Complete
Gambit 1/4 Complete - LOA
Ink 1/4 Complete
Kaine 2/4 Complete - LOA
Legion 1/4 Complete

Arsenic 2/4 Complete
Cypher 2/4 Complete
DJ 2/4 Complete
Martyr 1/4 Complete
Noivern 1/4 Complete
Thistle 3/4 Complete

Cannonball 1/4 Complete
Colossus 3/4 Complete
Firestar 3/4 Complete
Forge 2/4 Complete
Hellfire 2/4 Complete
Menagerie 1/4 Complete - LOA
Psylocke 2/4 Complete
Shortpack 3/4 Complete

Brother Voodoo
Doctor Strange
Mar 12 2018, 03:33 PM


Celebrity Claim- Leif Stacey

Full Name- Warren Kenneth Worthington III
Nicknames/Aliases- Warr, Wings, Birdo, Feathers
Age- 35
Date of Birth- August 14th
Faction- X-Men. Warren is one of the Original Five, joining in the Summer of 1998.
Occupation- Chairman of the board and principal stockholder of Worthington Industries.

Outside of the boardroom Warren is an easy-going and friendly and his natural charm make him an easily approachable individual. He's committed to his friends and extended family, always willing to lend a helping hand or provide a shoulder to cry on (hel-lo ladies), and his door is always open if anyone needs someone to talk to. These laid-back qualities make Warren an excellent team player and mentor, as he follows orders well and his compassion coupled with his aptitude for dealing with people make it easier for him to work with and relate to the younger mutants at the school.

When it comes to business, Warren generally allows himself less freedom than usual, keeping his focus on the matters at hand. Helped by his natural charisma, Warren is a very successful businessman. He has a knack for wrapping business partners around his fingers, getting them to view things his way, though Warren is always open for good suggestions. The latter is a large part of what makes him successful: Warren doesn't fool himself into thinking he has all the answers, instead he surrounds himself with those that do and listens when he needs to. He loves to spar with the people he does business with, pushing them (as well as himself) to bring their performance to the next level and stay on their toes. Warren's aptitude for business is reflected in the continued success of Worthington Industries, which has only grown despite the death of Warren's father and Warren being publicly outed as a mutant.

Warren has a bit of a hero complex, always trying to help whoever he can. A cry for help just isn't one he can ignore. He would spend his every moment working alongside the X-Men if his sense of responsibility outside of the X-Men didn't prevent him from doing so. Even in his business dealings this compassion takes precedence over financial success, though Warren is experienced and skilled enough to generally keep the two from clashing. Through Worthington Industries Warren set up a foundation to aid/fund the mutant cause in various ways, with the primary destinations being the X-Men (their stuff... uh, "breaks" often) and a charity organization called Mutants Sans Frontières, which focuses on providing other organizations like the Red Cross with mutant support and engages in disaster relief and humanitarian aid on its own as well.

Warren's greatest weakness (or so others would claim) is women. He's a well-known playboy, a shameless flirt, and has an endless amount of attention for anything pretty on two legs. Warren isn't the type of guy who would pursue someone who's already taken, clearly not interested, or otherwise unavailable, but even with those women he still has a way of putting them on a pedestal. Warren's got a way about him, a natural charm that often makes the ladies he interacts with feel like they're the only one that matter in the world. This naturally helps him when conducting business, though he'd never consciously abuse it unless he's sure that the other party would welcome it. It's important to note that there's not necessarily anything seductive or sexual about Warren's behaviour around the opposite. He just tends to see the best in them and has appreciation for them all. Warren can make someone as young as a toddler feel like a princess, and someone as disapproving of his lifestyle (or rather, being a mutant and open about it) as his mother feel like she's still the center of Warren's universe.

  • Parties. The fancy kind, with people in evening wear, hors d'oeuvres that likely cost a day's salary to some, and the like. You won't find him dead at a rave or anything like that.
  • Women. Warren enjoys showering them in attention, affection, praise or whatever else feels appropriate.
  • Flying. Yes, the guy with wings loves to fly, someone call the press. There's just a freedom in it that's unmatched by anything else.
  • Real estate. The right house in the right location, with the appropriate interior decorating makes his heart beat faster.
  • Fast, expensive and generally classic cars. Perhaps ironic considering he can fly, and lives in New York City, but he wants them even if they'll end up collecting dust in his garage.
  • Inactivity. Just sitting around doing nothing is not Warren's thing. He'd rather be out doing something active or occupy himself with work. When it comes to entertainment that requires sitting still (movies, books, etc) it's fine as long as they're of high enough quality.
  • Fast food. His advanced metabolism likes his meals to be nutritious, and his taste buds expect quality. Of course even a burger and fries can come in a gourmet variety, and Warren can appreciate those.
  • Poor manners. A less than ideal upbringing is still no excuse not to mind how you conduct yourself.
  • Synthetic fabrics. Not on his skin, thank you very much.
  • Dirtiness. Warren is a bit of a clean freak, and likes his environment and the people in it to be spotless.
  • Charming - knowing what to say in the right situation, and to the right people, is a trait Warren mastered at a young age.
  • Intelligent - Warren has a sharp mind, especially when it comes to business.
  • Sophisticated and well-spoken - when it comes to culture, art and everything to do with high society, Warren takes to it like a duck takes to water.
  • Charitable - Warren likes to share the wealth, though he's sensible enough to avoid being taken advantage of.
  • Sheltered - while a worldly man in general, Warren's incredible wealth has kept him protected from virtually all difficulty and unpleasantness that the average Joe has to deal with.
  • Domestically challenged - cleaning and cooking is what staff are for. Warren's ability in the kitchen makes Jean look like she should be working at a three star restaurant.
  • Indulgent - not much of an issue because he has more money than God, but Warren spends and he spends a lot, on whatever little thing comes to mind without ever really stopping to consider whether it's that good an idea or if he really needs it.
  • Haughty - reserved not so much for people, rather than certain lifestyles, activities, brands and whatever else that he just considers to be below him.

Power Name- Winged Flight
Description- The most obvious part of Warren's mutation is easily the pair of fully feathered, white wings on his back with a wingspan of sixteen feet. These large, flexible wings are incredibly strong, proportionally much stronger than those of any bird species, and are capable of lifting nearly double Warren's own weight in flight (around 400 pounds). A sufficiently powerful blow from one of Warren's wings could break bones or cause internal bleeding, and Warren can throw far heavier men off their feet with ease by striking them with his wings. Just like with waterfowl, Warren's feathers have a special coating on them that prevents them from actually getting wet. Water will bead on them, but won't inhibit his flying in any way.

Warren can achieve flight by flapping his wings, just like a bird would. The maximum speed he can achieve in flight is around 150 miles per hour, with higher speeds only being achievable with sufficient tailwind (up to around 180 miles per hour) or in swoop (200 miles per hour). He can maintain his top speed for about an hour before tiring, but can maintain a cruising speed of 80 miles per hour for up to 12 hours before he needs to rest. Warren can achieve heights of 10,000 feet with little effort, though he generally stays below the height of clouds at around 6,500 feet. With great effort, Warren can attain the highest altitude recorded for a bird in flight (29,000 feet), but can only maintain this altitude for a few minutes.

Through years of practice, Warren has become highly adapt at flying, especially improving his ability to fly indoors while training at Xavier's. In flight, Warren's agility, balance, coordination and reflexes are second to none. Coupled with intensive training in aerial combat this enables him to out-manoeuvre and defeat opponents much quicker than he is.

Limits- Although he has been extensively trained to use his wings inside, Warren is nowhere near as effective or comfortable inside as he is outside. While he'll always try to bring a fight somewhere that he has an advantage, it isn't always a possibility and this will limit Warren's ability to fully utilize his wings and ability to fly.

Power Name- Adapted Avian Physiology
Description- Aside from his wings, Warren possesses several other adaptations for flight. Warren's bones are mostly hollow and much denser and stronger than those of regular humans; his body metabolizes food far more efficiently and stores stores no excess fat; and possesses far greater proportional muscle mass than the body of an ordinary human. Warren can lift around 500 pounds, though isn't able to attain flight with that amount of added weight. Additionally, Warren's muscles produce far less toxins, enabling him to perform physical feats more easily or for longer periods of time without tiring. This makes carrying a passenger in flight without growing tired and dropping them a lot easier.

Warren's body tissues are harder than those of regular humans, protecting him from sustaining damage from friction during flight and allowing him to fly at high altitudes for extended periods of time, which also makes him more resistant to low temperatures in general. Warren's respiratory system is also especially developed to support flight, being more similar to that of avians than it is to that of mammals, allowing him to breathe more efficiently at higher altitudes and while flying at great speed. Finally, Warren possesses incredibly keen eyesight, enabling him to see in a detailed manner at distances far beyond normal human limits. His eyes are similarly protected by a membrane that keeps high velocity winds from damaging them.

Limits- Warren's enhanced metabolism and lack of proper fat storage requires him to both eat more and do so more frequently, or he'll weaken due to his body not receiving the nourishment it requires. While his bones are more durable than those of regular people, their makeup means that when struck with sufficient force they are more likely to shatter than break more cleanly, making broken bones more severe for him than they would be for others, despite his healing ability. With the way his respiratory system works, part of it reaching into his bones and lacking a diaphragm, any respiratory infections he might suffer from risk spreading to his bones and abdomen.

Power Name- Regenerative Healing Factor
Description- Warren blood possesses unique properties that allows his body to heal injuries ten times faster than an ordinary human's body would. Many types of injury (aside from minor cuts, scrapes and bruises) would still require treatment like an ordinary human's injuries would, Warren just recovers far more quickly. His healing factor (combined with his heightened metabolism) makes him highly resistant to toxins and other foreign substances and many kinds of diseases, decreasing the effect they have on him and accelerating their expulsion from his system.

The properties of Warren's blood that grant him his accelerated healing can be transferred to others through the sharing of blood, though this only works if the recipient's blood type is compatible with Warren's.

Limits- While potent, any injury that would kill a normal human is most likely going to be fatal to Warren too. His healing ability accelerates the healing process, it isn't something that allows him to heal beyond the human body's ability to recover. Any diseases that are beyond the regular human body to deal with are likewise beyond Warren's healing factor.

Skills & Abilities- Warren is a very talented businessman, an has a good understanding of various languages useful in his business dealings (Spanish, French, Mandarin and Japanese). He is a capable hand to hand combatant, having been trained since he was sixteen years old and relying on it more than most other X-Men. When it comes to aerial combat, few measure up to Warren's ability; fighting while flying was simply what Mother Nature designed him for.

Height- 6'1''
Weight- 220 lbs
Eye Colour- Blue
Hair Colour- Blond

Unless he's hiding them under his clothes, it's hard not to notice the pair of white, feathered wings on Warren's back. These wings are very large, with a wingspan of sixteen feet when fully spread. Despite their size, his wings are flexible enough for Warren to fold them onto his back and hide them under his clothing with only a minor visible bump. To make hiding his wings more easily, Warren owns a special harness to keep them against his back, though he tries to go without because it's uncomfortable.

Even when his wings are hidden, Warren is a man known for turning some heads. His blond hair is wavy and usually on the long side, though unless he's just been flying his hair never seems to fall out of place. Warren's golden locks frame a handsome face with smooth, slightly sun touched skin that suggests frequent time spent outside the boardroom as well. Warren's face is characterised by a strong jawline, his mother's (or so she'd claim) perfect nose and a pair of bright blue eyes. One look at Warren makes it clear that he's a man that takes care of his appearance, and he does so with only the best of products. He's almost always clean shaven, though he might forego shaving occasionally when he's on vacation, because that's just the kind of rebel he is.

When it comes to dressing himself, Warren doesn't so much have expensive tastes as he has expensive habits. Since he's got board and/or business meetings spread out across most of every week, Warren can generally be found wearing various expensive business suits. All of these suits are tailored specifically to him, of course, and fit him perfectly despite the fact that he's got something extra to hide underneath his clothing. His casual wear mostly consists of more casual jackets, button up shirts, cashmere sweaters and polo shirts or any combination of these, usually worn with khakis or designer jeans. Most of Warren's clothes (except for most of his coats and suit jackets) are tailored to accommodate his wings, though he'll avoid wearing anything over his upper body at all if possible, just because it's less of a hassle when getting dressed and the most comfortable while flying.

Gear- Warren owns a harness that he can use to fold his wings more tightly against his body than he's naturally able to, allowing him to fit them under most items of clothing. It's rather uncomfortable though, so he prefers to go without it. He never goes anywhere without his company cell phone, and usually carries a Macbook Air with him for work-related purposes.

Additional Information-
Warren owns a large amount of real estate across the globe, including his ancestral mansion in Centerport, New York and other real estate spread across the United States, Europe and Asia. Out of all of these, there are two pieces of real estate that hold a special place in Warren's heart: one that he's dubbed Angel's Aerie, and his penthouse in Manhattan.

Angel's Aerie is a ski cabin style mansion in the Colorado Rocky Mountains, within reasonable distance from Aspen. Easily the favourite piece of real estate Warren owns, it's where he often stays whenever business (be it for Worthington Industries or with the X-Men) doesn't require him to stay elsewhere. The mansion is huge, with an indoor swimming pool and racquetball court, a vast cantilever balcony that offers the best (according to Warren) view of the surrounding mountains and forest of any house in Colorado, and enough bedrooms to house at least a dozen of people. The house is characterized by large windows in every room, several stretching two stories, and each large enough for Warren to easily fit through when opened.

His home in Manhattan is a 7,400 feet, two story penthouse atop the Baccarat Hotel & Residences with a 360 degree panoramic view of the City. With soaring 14-foot ceilings, four bedrooms with en-suite baths, a 1,150 square feet master bathroom with a white-honed marble master bathroom, a fully equipped kitchen and much, much more, it is a clear testament to the ridiculous amount of excess Warren is used to. He doesn't even use the kitchen. C'mon, Warren.

Warren also owns several offices and factories worldwide (in the United States, United Kingdom, Japan, South Korea, Japan, Australia and China (Hong Kong, Shanghai)).

Despite the common misconception, Warren's bones (and those of all birds) are not lighter than those of mammals. They are thinner, but their increased density makes their weight comparable to those of others. Because of this, and the fact that he has two enormous wings with a wingspan of sixteen feet, Warren is actually heavier than what you'd expect from a man of his build.

Hometown- Centerport, Long Island, New York
Immediate Family-
Warren Kenneth Worthington II (father, deceased)
Kathryn Worthington (mother)
Candace "Candy" Souther (on and off girlfriend, current CEO of Worthington Industries)
Scott Summers, Jean Grey, Hank McCoy and Bobby Drake (fellow O5 X-Men and closest friends)

History- Warren Worthington III was born in Centerport, New York, to the extremely rich businessman Warren Worthington II and his wife Katheryn. A bright and beautiful baby, Warren was everything his parents had hoped for, and was provided with everything his heart could desire and more. From a young age onward Warren was groomed to be the heir to the Worthington business and fortune, a future role he seemed absolutely perfect for. His natural charm and charisma were apparent from a young age, when the young Warren already had everyone in his environment wrapped around his fingers.

Things changed for Warren while he was attending the exclusive Phillips Exeter Academy in New Hampshire. Still in his early teens, Warren was shocked to one day find out small, white feathered wings growing from his back. At first hidden easily underneath his clothes, the wings soon grew to a size where hiding them became harder and harder. He tried various ways of hiding them, including duct tape and tying them tightly to his body with rope. Eventually, he anonymously had a harness made specifically to keep his wings in check, which helped him hide them even when they finally grew to their full size.

For months, Warren had no idea whether or not he could use his wings to fly, having only focused on keeping them hidden. It made sense that he could, but he hadn't been keen on experimenting out of fear that people would find or that he would fall to his death. It wasn't until he was forced to that Warren discovered just what he could do. One night a fire broke out at the academy, quickly leaving Warren with no choice but to escape through a window or burn to death. He'd hoped his wings would at least carry him safely to the ground, but he soon discovered he could actually use them fly. Covering his identity with some of his night clothes (panic and smoke did the rest), Warren used his ability to fly to save other boys in the dormitories, disappearing before the authorities got a hold of him.

Warren pretty much fell in love with flying on that night, soon adopting a secret identity just so he had another excuse to go out flying and help people. Calling himself the Avenging Angel, Warren served as something of a superhero for a few months until he was approached by Charles Xavier, who had used Cerebro to deduce that the Avenging Angel and Warren Worthington were one and the same. Xavier explained to Warren that he ran a school for people like him, and offered Warren a place among his students. Eager to live somewhere that he could finally, fully be himself, Warren accepted Xavier's invitation. Warren's parents were easily convinced to allow their son to transfer to Xavier's, unaware of the true nature of the school, and seeing it simply as a very exclusive private school.

His parents remained clueless about their son's mutation until after Warren graduated from Xavier's and later from university with his master's in business. By this time Warren had accepted his nature without question, seeing it as something to take pride in rather than hide it in shame. His parents, sadly, did not share the same point of view, making it clear to him that they thought of his condition as nothing more than something that could tarnish the Worthington name. His parents would, however, continue to present the perfect image to the outside world, confident Warren would continue to keep his shame hidden from the world, and that he would take over the family business after his father retired. Angry with the way his parents reacted to something that had become such an essential part of who he was, Warren cut off all contact with them for years, something he would end up regretting when his father died without them ever speaking again. Warren and his mother would eventually reconcile after his father's death, though their relationship remained somewhat strained. Following his father's death, Worthington Industries passed onto him.

Since then, Warren has had the difficult task of balancing being the head of a company as large as Worthington Industries and the life of an X-Man, eventually ending up mostly neglecting the latter due to how much time the former took up. He never truly left, remaining involved with Xavier's financially and as as a frequent participant on missions, but no longer to the extent that he wanted to. In order to change that, Warren more recently stepped down as acting CEO of Worthington Industries and appointed his business partner (and occasional flame) Candy Southern in his stead, thus freeing up more of his time to fight for the dream he believes in so wholly.

Player Name- Pete
Age I don't feel a day over 40.
How Can We Contact- PM me for Skype or Discord info
Time Zone- CET
How did you find us? I live here now.
Other Characters- Scion, Iceman, Auri Delavigne, Cannonball, Mimic, Emma Frost and Chrome

Role Play Sample-
Hit me baby, one more time! (Audition character)
Mar 1 2018, 01:06 AM

As rumour has it he does in certain activities too, Hawkeye finished on top and did so early. One of Evo's two token humans, everyone's favourite archer Clint is written by the one and only Fishy. As skilled at making things complicated for himself in his personal life as he is at wielding a bow, Clint's been dropped face first into the world of super powered mutants and has... handled himself. How he has handled himself, you can judge for yourself, as Fishy has not been shy about tossing Clint everywhere he's been welcome. And also a few places where he wasn't. Keep a tight grip on that bowstring of yours, Clint, we're pretty sure you're going to need it considering who's pulling your strings behind the scenes.


Our member of the month for Andi! Writing both the boisterous Tommy Shepherd, aka Speed, and the shapeshifting kittykat Bongani Irunu, better known as Pride, Andi has been entertaining all of us at Evo with her words since July. Whether you're looking for someone who acts first and (maybe) thinks later, a perfect recipe for trouble and extremely awkward girl troubles, or want someone more quiet and down to Earth, the bird posing as the human Andi has got you covered.


Contrary to what the Eagles would have you believed, Hotel California was not a lovely place. Unless teenage girls being abducted by their own mother, people getting violent left and right, and pretty much everyone and their mother (including Kerr's, hurray!) getting hurt is your idea of a lovely place.


There's more than a few characters who would agree that, yep, that sounds like a fun weekend getaway. Hotel California might no longer be open for business though, because that's one operation that looks like it's shut down for quite some time. Ah, facial mutilation, what don't you fix? Get well soon, Kerr! Julian still thinks you suck.
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