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 WPX: Storming the Castle, March 16, 1200 (closed)
 Posted: Apr 3 2018, 02:14 PM

Once set into motions events moved quickly.

Armed with the information that the X-Men were not immediately launching a rescue mission, that they were preaching caution, the New Mutants jumped into action. They had enough training to know where to start and the voicemail Laura had left was enough motivation to get going.

The word spread quickly with Ion and Scion leading the charge. When it became clear that Faust was unable to break directly into the Weapon X system to provide them immediate access they dispersed to ready their supplies while she got to work.

Meanwhile, those who could be trusted to keep their mouths shut and blow things up were grabbed: Magma, Wiccan, Gunslinger, Impulse, and Cyclops. Luckily for them, there was a forgotten weak spot in the fortress: the phone of the unfortunate lab tech Laura had used to call for help. Kimura had taken it with her when she left, but caught up in the experiment's with Velocity left it in one of the meeting rooms, not yet secured. Faust notified Abra and by lunch time the hastily assembled team stood ready: means of transportation, a very good idea of where to go, and a convicted disregard for either Laura's warning or the X-Men's verdict.

They had learned the lesson from the X-Men after all: No one gets left behind.

There was laughter as two guards made the most of their last free moments of leave before they returned to work. They had been notified that the security status was raised, but had shaken it off. Colcord was paranoid after all and he loved running drills. He was always messing with what level they were at, it just meant now when they had been told to return early that had forgotten to pick up the phone. All hands on deck. Sure. They'd get back when they were good and ready.

With vacation still on the brain they rolled towards the derelict building on the lakeshore not paying much attention to their surroundings. They were still dressed like civilians and if anyone questioned them they had plenty of answers prepared, but Colcord made sure no one was ever hanging around out there. Some kids had tried once, hadn't gone well for them.

They didn't notice Wolverine's hiding spot or that he was watching them, but why would they? Even the security team hadn't caught a glimpse of him so far as he watched and waited for the opportunity.

Inside it was just another day at work for most of the residents. Doctors Albrecht and Colcord were hard at work, snapping at lab assistants as their project was still behind schedule and not working. The blood had already been scrubbed from the walls of the medical room X-23 had made a mess of the night before, even if the techs were now afraid to go inside.

As far as the cleaning crew was concerned it had simply been business as usual. Including the bloody hallway outside of X-23 and Velocity's cell. Blood and brain matter on the ceiling? Well. They'd seen worse.

Kimura had stationed herself in the security room, making the team nervous with her feral smirks. Her eyes were fixed on the two captured girls, Velocity still in the lab where her leg had been worked on and X-23 prowling around the small room even though she had gone over it before and knew very well there was no way to escape and nothing to escape too. Kimura still couldn't wait for her next attempt and was delighted at how fast her little pet had recovered from the beating yesterday. The little one was tougher than she had thought too. It was going to be so exciting when 23's little friends came bursting in, or really got hauled in in chains, because there was no way inside the place.

It was past time to beat the weakness out of X. Rice had let Kinney ruin their weapon. Maybe killing her little friends would do it, even better if Kimura could get them to renounce her as their friend beforehand.

They had made a mistake last night. They had let her escape, kill people, and they had taken Neena away.

Now Laura paced the room, too angry and jittery to sit, because they had taken Neena. They were hurting her now and it was Laura's fault. They had been right. She wasn't good enough. If she had been they would all be dead and Neena would be free. She had lost her edge out there in the real world, surrounded by fast food and movies and friends.

The Facility wanted a weapon? They would have it, whether they brought Neena back to her or not.

She thought they had been bluffing. They weren't going to kill Neena outright. There weren't enough mutants, much less mutants available to them, for Weapon X to go around killing them for another's bad behavior. Especially if they wanted to use Nee for their twisted experiments. They would push and push until they either killed her or had molded her into the weapon they wanted; according to her mother that was what they did and since Laura hadn't seen or heard any evidence of any other prisoners or experiments in the building she had to assume she and Nee were all they had to work with. They wouldn't let them go for no reason.

She was close to just snapping the next time someone came through that door, but knew that wasn't the answer. Colcord was. Even Kimura and Maverick would hesitate before they let her kill their boss. All she had to do was take him prisoner long enough to get Neena out of her cell. Easier said than done, so she would wait, for now. Surely he would come down to gloat and that would be simpler than trying to injure herself badly enough for them to feel the need to restrain her.

Julian would have told the X-Men by now. Logan might be breaking down the door right now. They might have plenty of incompetent moments, but some of them were useful. Hellfire and Menagerie would come rescue Neena and someone who was insane and well armed and someone who couldn't die would give Weapon X pause. Maybe Dr. Grey would even show up and use that famous brain for something other than making ice cream float through the house to her or plucking excuses right from their heads when they didn't do their homework. Hell, maybe Slate would even show up. If he had flipped out so badly about a broken arm the guy really ought to be on a murder rampage over a kidnapping and several counts of attempted murder by Kimura.

No. Probably better just to count on Logan. He was all she needed anyway. And he would definitely keep Liv and Julian away, because the only way this could be worse was if Kimura ever got anywhere near them.

One portal ride later and the assembled New Mutants were stepping into one of several meeting rooms, luckily for them empty, with the door wide open. Unknown to them they had arrived directly above Laura and Neena's cells on the second floor of the subground base. The first floor consisted of the living space for the guards, hanger, and equipment rooms. Below that the various labs, training areas, and meeting rooms. The third floor was home to the cellblock, security and control rooms, and morgue. Colcord, Albrecht, Kimura, and the captain of the guard had rooms in a separate wing of the third level.

Outside the door unmarked doors ran along the hallway the New Mutants found themselves in, some supply closets, other filled with weapons, and more leading to mostly empty rooms. The hallways themselves were all being monitored by camera and armed guards prowled the halls, on high alert after X-23's breakout the night before. Among them was Maverick, momentarily left to his own devices with only the instructions that the prisoners were not to escape and any intruders were to be captured alive. Colcord had plenty of uses for fresh blood.

Despite the world class security the facility was not rigged to alarm for a teleporter using a rogue cellphone, but the rescue team had mere seconds to orient themselves before the security team would sound the alarm and already the next rotation of guards was rounding the corner and ready to sound the alarm...

In the control room Kimura flipped through the cameras again and as an entire party of teenagers appeared in one of the meeting rooms she leaned forward. Game on. She hit a button and everywhere in the building guards were pinged of the break in and began to converge on the teens.

In her cell Laura heard the sound of heavy boots coming to a stop outside her door. Did she warrant a guard now then? She tipped her head, listening to the rapid heartbeats, the smell of fear. That was new. Maybe it was her, but maybe not.

She slunk to the corner of her cell right by the door, tensed and ready to spring should the door open up.

One post between X-23/Storyteller posts please, will update them every few days.

user posted image
 Posted: Apr 3 2018, 03:35 PM

It had been been several hours since Julian had found out about the message X-23 had left him on his cellphone. Far longer than the telekinetic had been content waiting, but apparently finding the exact location and arranging for a way to get there took time. Oh sure, Laura had told him to tell the X-Men, not to tell Liv and to definitely come for her himself, but Julian had a habit of not listening very well, so why start now? The X-Men had been informed, so that was at least one of Laura's requests honoured, even though that had been Hana's decision and one that Julian didn't agree with. The X-Men would just want to keep him from coming to his girlfriend's aid, and Julian had absolutely no intention of sitting on his hands and doing nothing. That the X-Men had apparently decided that this wasn't an absolute emergency and took like, a twelve step program before they got off their asses and did something made him feel validated in that. If it were up to Jean, they'd probably take at least a day to make sure they were "prepared" or whatever, and Julian didn't have time for that. It had already been a week and a half since his girlfriend had gone missing and he was done waiting.

How hard was it to mount a rescue mission anyway? Get together some people who wanted to help, get them to the destination, and start breaking things until you found what they were looking for. That was all the planning that was required, and it hadn't taken them long at all to get all that done. The X-Men just treated them like kids who were only barely capable of wiping their own asses without getting hurt, but in just a few months they'd dealt with the torture in Sinister's Labs, mummies and Jackalmen in Egypt, cannibalistic Wendigo in the frozen Canadian wilderness, and finally whatever the Savage Land threw their way. They didn't need their hands held, and they sure as hell didn't need to be told to sit back and let the adults handle things when those very same adults had proven themselves incapable of really doing anything useful.

If there'd been a plan of action, Julian had either not paid close enough attention or simply forgotten by the time their little team appeared inside the facility that Laura's message had apparently come from. He had one purpose and one purpose alone, and that was finding Laura and getting her out of here. Everything along the way was going to be nothing more than a bump in the road towards getting to that, and Julian wasn't in a mood where he'd feel particularly guilty for flattening those bumps.

Julian was one of the first through Abra's portal. He didn't much like the Hobbit, but at least he was proving himself to be useful. Apparently there really was a first time for everything. Once he was through, he only waited briefly for everyone else to make it through before he was on the move again. He didn't know where he was going, but that was no reason for him to stand around. "If anyone knows what direction Laura's in, let me know," he said to no one in particular as he walked to the door. Until someone did, the only direction that Julian was going to be heading in was "forward". That could change into "Up" or "Down" depending on what others might be able to deduce. The walls and floors looked pretty damn sturdy, but Julian wasn't above trying to just power his way through if that was the quickest way to finding Laura.

Though their arrival hadn't triggered any alarms, of course they weren't going to get through this without running into opposition. Julian had barely stepped outside of the room they'd arrived in, just ahead of the others, and the first guards were already in his sights. Or he was in theirs, whatever. They needed to draw their weapons, Julian was the weapon, so he figured the advantage was in his corner. Right when the first of them grabbed hold of his gun, the two guards directly in Julian's line of sight found themselves suddenly launched into the air, violently smacked against the ceiling before being unceremoniously dropped back onto the floor. There were more of them, and Julian was not watching the other direction the hallway stretched out into for more potential trouble, but he wasn't alone. His anger and single-minded focus on finding Laura might have meant he wasn't the best team player at the moment, but that didn't mean he didn't count on others to have his back or that he wouldn't do the same for them.

Faust Ion Gunslinger Wiccan Impulse Cyclops Magma
 Posted: Apr 3 2018, 04:26 PM

Aldo Ferro, the mostly cybernetic psi talent strolled into the holding cell where they were keeping Laura, right behind him came the foot falls of Agent Zero. Fresh off of a memory replacement touch up. Aldo enjoyed twisting Christopher Nord's memories around. Making him think he had chosen to stay in the Weapon X program in order to get a power upgrade upgrade. Making him remember his loyalty to the program. All the while knowing that good ole Maverick hated the program about as much as anyone else did. Heaven forbid if Christopher Nord were to suddenly remember.

If Kimura and Colcord did not give Aldo the upgrades he wanted for himself and soon, Christopher Nord would do just that. Suddenly remember, but for right now, he was content to let Christopher continue believing whatever Aldo wanted him to. Besides, watching Agen Zero work was a whole lot of fun. Almost like the good ole days.

Agent Zero crossed over to where he stored his gear and began to take an accounting. Making sure that all his supplies were re-stocked, his weapons cleaned and prepared and his go bag packed and mission ready. His eyes watching Laura with a bit of a smirk on his face. They would be going back out again real soon, and this time Laura would not be getting brave once they got back home. Now she knew the little speedsters life depended on it. Which was no one's fault but Laura's in Agent Zero's book.

Heavy footfalls and the word of intrusion brought an even larger grin to Agent Zero's face as he cracked open his gear box and pulled out his special flak jacket. The one he had put together especially for Logan. "I wonder if it is Logan." Agent Zero said in a sarcastic tone as he slid on that vest and began to arm himself. "Or maybe that guy you called. Come to rescue the damsel in distress, but lets hope for both. Get this over quick." Agent Zero snarked again as he moved into position with Aldo and the others.

"Kimura will want prisoners for her tests. Fuck that. Anyone come in that door that's not supposed to, kill'em." Agent Zero said as he slapped a clip into his hand guns and thumbed off the safety.
 Posted: Apr 3 2018, 05:13 PM

The last several hours had been entirely frustrating for Hana. Laura had left a message with longitude and Latitude though by her own words she was somewhere around there. So while they had a location it was not an exact one. Finding the building that looked abandoned but was drawing in power when it should not be had been a challenging task. Then their was the momentary bout of cyber-nerd rage once Hana had determined that the building was off the grid with no internet lines or wifi coming into or out of the building. Just cellular, which was when Hana got the idea.

The X-men had urged caution given how very dangerous the organization that held Laura supposedly was. Then their was the fact that the Jet was still in pieces all over the Savage Land and a new one had not been built yet. You really could not just go to the local dealership and buy a brand new X-jet after all. They seemed to need a plan and were busily trying to devise one given their limited intel on the area. Hana had all the intel she needed. She just needed a stroke of luck. Gathering up Abra and shooting off a series of messages to various people, Hana seated herself in the Bibliography section of the library and waited.

The phone that Laura had used to call them was currently showing pitch black. The phone was inside something or face down or its camera view otherwise obscured. Carefully Hana slinked around the phone turning off all of its features except for the camera in order to conserve energy and wait. Eventually their luck would change and a few moments before noon their luck changed. Someone had gathered up the dead lab assistants effects from her locker and taken then to a conference room. That phone slipped out of a pocket and Hana watched as the guard sat the phone onto the personal effects and left. The camera having a clear view of the back wall.

And now Hana had a choice to make. Inform the X-men so they could do something, or not. Hana ran the odds. Crunched all the numbers with the available information she had. How skilled Laura was. How skilled Logan was. How cautious the X-men were with rushing head first into the Weapon X facility. All the unknown variables and finally Hana settled on something her mentor Hellfire had said, and Hana looked at Roan as they half hid in the library and repeated Trevor's words aloud.

" "The impulse to look at the odds, and decide 'Screw it. I'm beating those odds'." With a thought Hana sent out the message to her friends to come to the library and moments later they were standing in a conference room somewhere in Canada. Scion was off in a hurry and Hana set to work. Upon the wall was an intercom and Hana quickly moved over to it and peel the cover off and yanked the connected phone line out and plugged it into one of the many data ports she had in her android arm.

"Stand down. It is a false alarm. Return to your posts." Kimura's voice echoed through the bases intercom system. She had spoken at length on Laura's voicemail to Julian. Hana had Kimura's voice pattern and with a little cyberpathic auto-tuning was able to replicate that voice over an intercom. "That should limit the number of guards we face for a time, though I do suggest we become hasty in our movements." She simply said, holding her hand out to Roan. "I will be needing my sai please."

Ion Gunslinger Wiccan Impulse Cyclops Magma X-23
 Posted: Apr 3 2018, 08:32 PM

Even if they had been looking, there was nothing for the two guards to see. Simply ground and brush and wind blown debris.

So as the two moved past, a large amount of brush slipping aside as Wolverine walked up and slowly unsheathed a single claw between his index and middle finger knuckles.

There was no brutality to this. It was surgical. Precise. Restrained. For this was not the Wolverine that some had seen and knew, the one who was possibly an anti hero or possibly the super hero who half straddled the line between good and evil, moral and immoral. Who was violent, but had to be goaded or pushed into violent action as he tried to restrain his impulses. The man who still stood at that line most of the time to at least show that there was a line, even if his was at a different spot than most. Who tried to keep himself restrained through discipline and honor. Who tried to show that even one as violent as him had to restrain himself.


The man who stood in his place moved smoothly and decisively, puncturing the brain case of the first man, stabbing into the juncture of spine and brain to severe the connection between brain and body, killing signals to operate lungs. Heart. To function at all. Sheathing the claw and walking up behind the next guard, he kicked out at the back of a knee to drop the man as he covered the man's mouth, then twisted to snap the man's neck.

Despite the uniform, this man was not Wolverine. No. The X-Man was gone.

What was left was the creature the program had turned him into. The creature who killed not out of anger. Not out of glee. But out of a cold thought of 'Why not?'

The creature that had come back home. Back to slaughter everyone and everything associated with the program. To find who was responsible and beat whoever it was to death slowly, to drown whoever it was in the rivers of blood that Logan planned on unleashing.

It wasn't a simple weapon they had invited back. It was the monster under the bed. The creature in the night people feared instinctively. It was death.

Dragging the bodies back, Logan patted them down and found their security clearances. Taking the senior one, he then took a few tools out of his backpack and unsheathed a claw. One strike took a hand off, and he took a torch and cauterized the bottom of the hand. Then he took two syringes, and put both in the hand. One he used to draw out blood while the other injected a warming solution to keep heat sensitive touch pads thinking it was attached.

He then took a scalpel and slowly excised an eye, slipping it in a small container in case a retinal scan was needed.

Part of him considered going in disguise, but considering how he had slowly marked cameras, slowly done slight subversion on the cameras and security on his planned approach, and how he had registered with his hearing various touch pad entries due to the slight difference in sound of each key, he knew the only people who might raise an alarm are people who actually saw him.

He planned on leaving none of them alive in any case.

Slipping his gear on, Wolverine then made his way closer to the first security entrance. He then slipped off a silenced sniper rifle, and fired two suppressed rounds. He'd picked subsonic ammo, which traveled slower than sound. It made them less accurate where he had to get closer, but also meant the shots were vastly quieter as there was no crack of a broken sound barrier.

As the guards at the door went down, Logan tapped in keys to get in, matching the tone with the noises he'd already picked up on. Stepping inside, he then paused and set a claymore mine to fire at the door when it opened. Then he made his way slowly inside, finding lines that powered the lights and unsheathed his claws, driving them into them to darken hallways.

As some soldiers piled out into the darkness and slipped on night vision goggles, Logan closed his eyes and tossed our a specialized grenade, one that only threw a flash of light to fry the display of NVGs. As it faded, he opened his eyes and aimed his suppressed M4 and opened up on the soldiers, 5.56 mm round punching through body armor with a clatter of ricochets, shrapnel and empty brass hitting the floor.

He didn't have time to slaughter everyone with his claws. Speed and expediency dictated use of other weapons. Performing single shots to finish the wounded, he then unsheathed his claws to remove one head that had a look of particular horror written on it.

Taking a paint brush from his bag, he saw a functioning camera panning back and forth, and waited for the camera to look the other way. He then stepped out and taped it in place, and then painted a simple message on the wall in blood.

Give Me What I Want. And I WIll Go Away.

Unsheathing claws and slashing into the concrete under the wall as a distinct signature, Wolverine then placed the head under it as a less than subtle message about his intentions. He then ripped the mass of tape off of the camera so it could swing back around, ducking around and under the camera. Keeping his senses peeled, he then started hunting, looking to kill everyone in the place.

What he really wanted to find were the barracks. As he had a special surprise for that place.

Maverick X-23 Ion Abra Scion Impulse Gunslinger Faust Magma Cyclops Wiccan
 Posted: Apr 4 2018, 09:11 AM

Ever since Ion had shown up in his shared room with Gunslinger, a distraught mess over the disappearance of both Laura and Neena, Tony had hoped that the X-Men would be able to locate them. It had taken more time than he would have imagined it would, but once Faust had shared what information she had managed to gather he was sure that a rescue would be mounted in short order. What he hadn't expected was to be suiting up in the black and dark blue uniform that had been created for him and joining a hastily assembled team of his fellow students in an assault on some kind of crazy mutant weaponizing facility, but suit up he did because despite being new to the school he didn't want to see his new friends get themselves in over their heads. The more firepower they had the better the chances that they'd be able to rescue Laura and Neena.


To him it didn't matter who was really leading the charge, as long as they all had each other's backs. Cyclops had apparently once been the leader of the X-Men before he had found his biological clock thrown into reverse along with John, and if he had any strategic suggestions Tony would gladly listen and follow them if they didn't suck. Regardless, if the place was as bad as it sounded they were going to have their work cut out for them.

Before he had left the mansion Tony had absorbed copious amounts of power from the outlets in his room; more than he would have under any normal circumstances. While he had been careful not to draw upon too much at once to avoid causing any wild fluctuations in the power to the school that might be easily noticed by the staff, he had also noticed that the more he absorbed the more he wanted. That had been something that his uncle had warned him about, and had warned him against potentially catastrophic overload. Max had told him that he'd feel it coming on, but if he wasn't careful he'd pass his limit due to sheer desire to build more power; a fact known to his uncle due to him having done so himself before. Tony hadn't experienced the need in such a manner before, but had definitely become aware of it –having been drawing upon the power as slowly as he had allowed him to better control it. It was something he'd have to keep in mind and be wary of in the future.

After donning a pair of sunglasses designed to reduce the glare cast from his eyes while not heavily obscuring his vision, he set off with the others. Stepping through the portal that Abra created for the group, Tony looked around cautiously at the room in which they emerged. With the way it was arranged it looked to be some sort of conference room, luckily devoid of people apart from the invading party of students. It would have been awful luck to happen upon some sort of meeting of heavily armed guards, cutting their rescue tragically short.

Though he was both content and willing to wait for everyone else to find their bearings, Scion almost immediately set off for the exit, obviously itching to get on the move to find his missing girlfriend. In all honesty Tony couldn't blame the guy, but he also thought that it was probably a bad idea to simply wander out into the hall before Hana could even finish making her false claim of a false alarm over the facility intercoms. So just in case there happened to be anyone patrolling their particular hallway, Tony rushed out to catch up to the telekinetic, who was already dealing with a pair of armed men. From the other direction another guard was making his approach, already drawing his weapon.

One thing that had stood out from the recorded information that Hana had from the meeting of the X-Men, and those words rang in Tony's mind as he thrust out his right hand: “No kid gloves.” He wasn't stupid. The man with the gun wasn't going to go easy on them if he had a chance to fire. He wouldn't get that chance. A bright, blue-white bolt of lightning flashed between the guard and himself, with the energy latching onto the metal of the gun. Controlling the arc from there was easy and even if the guards had gear that might protect them from electric shocks the man's face was exposed, so Tony forced the energy to branch off from the gun to the man's exposed skin which in turn allowed it to flow through the rest of his body.

The measured strike wasn't lethal –Tony had made sure of that– but it was more than enough to deprive the guard of the use of his motor skills. As the man slumped to the floor, convulsing as though he had been tagged with a powerful stun gun, Tony cast a quick glance back into the room before returning his eyes to his side of the hallway to take care of any more guards –or even the one he had just downed should he manage to get back on his feet. If that happened he would simply have to employ something less tingly and a lot more burning.

Wiccan Wolverine Maverick X-23 Magma
 Posted: Apr 4 2018, 10:26 AM

The call had come while Amara was busying herself with something pointless, a lot of her felt like it was on autopilot while she waited for any news of their missing people. She had felt increasingly useless, but was eager to cast that feeling aside and throw herself into helping get Laura and Neena back.

Even if they had been specifically told not to.

Amara mulled over the possibility of getting busted and being forced to stay behind while she quickly geared herself up, throwing on her UMs in haste and darting quickly and quietly to where the group was gathering. Curls wild and eyes bright she slipped through Abra’s portal with the rest of the assembled New Mutants, scanning the room they had walked into with mild curiosity. It felt like an ordinary meeting room, with nothing overly exciting about it. Eyes shifted to Faust as she made her announcement, giving the girl a quick nod before she pushed out after the others.

Scion had already taken out two guards by the time she reached the clutter of the hallway, with Impulse quickly catching up on guard disposal. Feeling a little naked without her sword the teen pushed forwards with a quick warning of ”Going hot!” before lava spilled over her body and her hair whipped behind her like a flame.

Heat spilled off her as she threw herself into a guard down Tony’s side of the hall, knocking the man back with a solid shoulder check before spinning to throw her weight into a backhand. The man stumbled, dropped his gun and was sent sprawling to the ground by two fireballs to the chest.

While Amara was generally an awkward, gangly, puppy during daily life, combat was something she more than enjoyed. It made her mind clear and was the only time she truly felt like her body knew what it was doing. Her life before Xavier’s had been nothing but a fight for survival and being at the school often made her feel confused and increasingly awkward. Sure, she was adjusting… but probably not as well as the people around her hoped.

Fiery golden eyes did a quick sweep of the assembled team, making sure no one was in immediate peril, as a shot rang out and a sharp stinging pain bit at her bicep. Right hand moved to grab the sword she hadn’t brought, dropping a quick and bitter fuck you! In her native tongue. The guard looked mildly startled at the shouted words he didn’t understand, before he was caught three times in the torso with angry balls of fire. Amara rushed towards him, reaching him as he crumbled to the ground and giving him a swift kick to punctuate her distaste about being shot at.

Turning to head back in the direction the group seemed to be moving in, her body slowly shifted back to normal as her eyes moved to the slice on her arm. It was oozing a sharp red liquid, but her thoughts had already moved on. ”I should have brought my sword.” She muttered with an annoyed sigh. Her grumblings were soon rewarded with a gift from Gunslinger, eyes lighting up on the offered katana as she reached to take the weapon. An excited little giggle escaped her as she sliced the sword expertly through the air, offering the other mutant a wide grin and a very enthusiastic ”Thank you!”

Ion Cyclops Wiccan X-23
 Posted: Apr 4 2018, 11:08 AM

Liv was entirely focused. Laura’s voicemail kept playing in her head, creating white hot pops of lightning fall from her her hands to brutally score the floor. She was so focused she didn’t even comment on the fact she had to walk through one of Abra’s glory holes. She was too focused comment on the knock off zappy that had decided to come along because honestly, she was more than willing to sacrifice Impulse if it got her sisters back, and thank god Liv was too focused to really consider what they were doing.

If Laura was in a cage again, if Neena was being hurt, if these were the people that Laura had told her about the day they became roommates... Liv was going to need all of that focus to burn the whole place to the ground.

Her eyes were normally a bright neon pink had darkened to a billowing, deep red. Her entire ion cloud had become a dense, dark haze, black lightning snapping and rolling in her palms. “Damn right, Hana,” Liv growled in response to their Watchtower wishing them luck. “Don’t worry, sister. We’re gettin’ ‘em back and not leavin’ anythin’ behind but a sorch mark.” Her eyes flicked to Tony. Between the two zappies and Scion, whatever means of destruction Gunslinger had in his purse, and Cyclops’s eyes they’d be in good shape.

If Magma could coordinate her way through a door she might be useful but Liv wasn’t holding her breath and Wiccan could... hide them? Make the group look larger? Illusions were handy if Billy didn’t end up needing rescuing next. There was no Auri to save him this time and Liv’s priority was Neena.

She gave a smile at Faust running their interference as Julian and Tony wiped out the initial wave of guards. “Try and find Laura, darlin’. The faster we do this, the better.” Or they’d be knocking creeps on their asses all day. Liv strode out behind the two boys and the guard Tony had left twitching. Dark ionic energy caught him by the neck and flung him up to the ceiling where it secured him none too comfortably. “Hi,” she purred, backing off enough to allow him to breathe. “I’m in a bad mood and in a bit of a hurry. So let’s be civil. Where is my little sister. Tiny. Noisy. Fast.” Lightning crackled in her eyes. “You’ve got three seconds before I finish what he started and cook you from the inside out.”
 Posted: Apr 4 2018, 11:37 AM

At the mention of having found where X-23 and Velocity were at, John had of coursed started preparing. Granted, his preparations were a bit less than many. After all, all what he needed was stashed away. But he still preferred to change and be ready to roll.

He naturally slipped on a tactical vest over his blue button up shirt. He figure his jeans and boots were okay, so he left them on. He slipped one of his 9 mm Browning pistols in the holster on his vest, and slipped on his mare's leg holster and gun belt at his side. He slipped on his western belt with the removable and weaponized containers disguised as decorative conchoes, and slipped on his gloves with the powdered lead shot in the knuckles to let them hit harder.

He finished off by summoning his FAL rifle in .308, a larger caliber than standard NATO issue rifles. He wanted something on hand that spoke with a bit of authority if push came to shove.

Slipping on both face covering bandana and the black duster with the 'X' insigna at the shoulders, John walked with Ion through Abra's portal, keeping his thoughts and opinions to himself. For despite the firepower at their beck and call, this was a good sight different than squaring off with one psychotic superhuman killer like he and Impulse had done alongside Illy and Cess. The single killer had been one foe. This was an organization. And an organization was al ways tougher to take on than lone crazies.

But considering the two electricity wielders, Scion's telekinetic powers, and the elemental fury of Magma in addition to the raw fore of Cyclops beams, John was pretty sure he was just cruising along for if they came across something weird to look at and as moral support for his girlfriend and teammates. After all, Faust could do a lot of information mining faster than he could.

Watching as the guards were thrown around and conserving his ammo, John pulled out a katana from his dimension and tossed it at Magma. He figured he would prefer firepower himself, but frankly he didn't have anything that hit as hard as the lava and flame the Nova Roman could wield.

Looking up at the one Liv had pinned to the roof, John shook his head and said "No Ion. If we are going to threaten with torture, we are doing it right. Cause death ain't something folks like this fear." Taking a small knife from his belt, John smiled up at the man from under his bandana/mask. "Tell me something soldier," John said conversationally. "Ever had to castrate a bull calf? Not much to it. Take off some scrotum. Take hold of each of said calves two best dangly friends, pull to stretch them out, then cut. See the pulling is important as it keeps them from bleeding to death."

Rotating the knife, John smiled and purred "So think fast. Please. Cause if not, well..... I'm going to assume you think this is step one of your long awaited sex change operation."

While he had absolutely zero intention of going through with it, the threat was enough to spook most. And if the man didn't start singing, he was more than willing to leave the man to Liv's less than tender mercies. Cause torture was really not John's thing. But psychological messing with someone, playing mind games with an enemy, those were right up his alley.
 Posted: Apr 4 2018, 02:01 PM

By the time Roan was hiding out in the library, he was already getting into gear for action. It was clear that's where this was going. Not his official uniform (the last thing the New Mutants needed was to be wearing easy identification), instead the closest thing to combat gear he had in his pocket portals - basically jeans and a hoodie. The same jeans and hoodie he'd worn the last time he and Faust broke a bunch of rules and left campus for Important Personal Reasons.
History had a way of repeating itself when it came to the junior heroes, it seemed.

He merely answered Hana's sentiment with a thumbs-up, as he slipped his wireless goggles on for her to connect to. And one "Abra, Kadabra" later, the team was off to Canada once more, this time hopefully with less Wendigo involved.

Roan was the last one through his portal, after duct-taping his own cell phone under the lip of a study table, with the camera facing the wall they'd left from. He closed the portal once he was through, while the rest of the mutant arsenal that was this team went to work. "I'll stay with Faust so we have an exit. If you need portals to get around or get Laura or Neena out, comm her. She can tell me where to aim." He said to the others, tapping his goggles as he did. "Fuck 'em up, guys."

He then followed after Hana as she ran a distraction over the intercom, while keeping an eye out for any immediate threats. Once that was handled, he summoned a portal on his chest and pulled Hana's sai out to hand to her, before drawing out a pair of his hatchets for himself. "Our evac point is my phone, it's in the library." Roan said to Hana in particular, but then stood ready to deal with whatever came their way. Given that they had nigh-unlimited mutant resources of electricity, magma, lasers, telekinesis, and bullets on their side, he was quite sure that he wasn't going to be need to do much fighting... but who knows, maybe he'd actually get to use one of his hatchets for something other than target practice this time.

 Posted: Apr 7 2018, 06:00 PM

Colcord was paged the minute the intruders were noted, even if it would be obvious to everyone in the building mere moments later as the power flickered off in some sectors to be replaced with the dimmed emergency lighting. Colcord's emergency pager buzzed in his lab and he checked it with a smile. Ah. They had taken long enough to take his bait. Of course Kimura had overdone the entire situation last night, he had told her to allow X-23 to get her location out to her perceived friends, not to allow her to butcher half of Albrecht's staff and get halfway out the door. The weapon was better than he had given her credit for, even soft as she had become since Kinney let her out.

Now Kimura's theatrics had led to an entire team of the little brats in his facility. It was a blessing and a curse, the cost to repair all the property damage would likely be astronomical, but at the very least he ought to get some good genetic material from them.

"Sir, you should see this," one of the guards said, swallowing and bringing him a hand held device, the camera panned to a message in blood written on a wall.

Colcord smiled. At last. Weapon X had come home and even his apparent sentimental streak for the clone was not enough to make him anything less than his usual methodical self. It was a thing of beauty.

Colcord spoke into the comm wired for Maverick, Aldo, and Kimura. "Well, welcome our prodigal son home. Him I most definitely want alive." Agent Zero likely had other ideas and Kimura would do whatever she thought would damage X-23 the most. They both failed to see the bigger picture. But of course that's why they were the hired muscle and he was the mastermind.

Behind him Albrecht was edging away, gathering up his notes, readying himself to run for the hills.

The unlucky soldier who found himself plastered to the ceiling instead of dead like his friend was cursing his bad luck. Take a contracting job, Mom said. The pay is amazing. It makes up for no benefits. He should have stayed in the damn Army where maybe they'd get him shot at, but he wouldn't be half dead with a glowing chick ready to torture him to finish the job.

Maybe they wouldn't smell the piss running down his leg. He couldn't help it if his body revolted. The little bitch was scary as all get out and her friend was threatening to castrate him.

"I don't know," he managed to choke out. Belatedly he realized that was the wrong answer. "The cells are downstairs-but that little psychopath killed Bob and everyone last night and they took the little brat somewhere." He had gotten cold sweats just walking down that hallway after the fact, thank God he had been on his sleep time when that happened last night, his bunkmate, Bob, hadn't been so lucky.

"So you're going to let me down now, right?" he looked at Ion and Gunslinger hopefully. Sure he was still twitching out of control thanks to the kid with the taser hands, but alive was good.

Kimura grinned as the destruction enfolded. The kids were good and there were the famous Julian and Olivia leading the pack. Ion had obviously gotten some moves from X, she was fabulously lethal. Kimura revised her plan from having X kill them both to using Ion as her new entertainment. She would be another good weapon and plaything. The boy on the other hand would go. Telekinesis was no fun and X was too attached. Calling for help, that was a weakness that needed to be beat out.

One of the little brats managed to hack the system and give out a message that sounded eerily like her. Well, color Kimura impressed. It didn't stop her from hitting a button making every siren and alarm in the building began wailing. If that didn't get their attention, nothing would, and the intensity of the alarm would tell all guards to arm themselves in full riot gear. Already they were congregating on the third sub level to block any attempts to reach the prisoners. Meanwhile another duo was approaching the conference room where Abra and Faust were standing by, prepared to kick the door down and subdue the New Mutants. An entire squad was directed towards their best guess at Wolverine's location, cannon fodder to give Agent Zero time to arrive on the scene.

Colcord started giving directions and she huffed a sigh. She wanted to watch, but maybe Weapon X would prove to be a better opponent than his clone.

"Secure the assets," she snapped as she picked up her weaponry and headed off into the halls headed straight for the lab were the Speedster waited. It would be more fun to let X think she had escaped than to leave her in her cage and the little kiddies would head right down here to get the kid. Then the real fun would begin.

Four guards made their way down to the lab where Velocity was still strapped to the table. They had been well trained for the moment if the Facility was ever breached. For the moment they would stand down, but if it became clear the tide was turning against them they would bundle the child up and take her out the back. Another team was responsible for the data and still more soldiers were moving towards X-23's cell now to take similar precautions. Buildings were replaceable, weapons were not as easily found.

"Maybe it's both of them. I feel sorry for you," Laura told Maverick in a flat voice. With her ears peeled she could hear the instructions given to Maverick to go take on Weapon X and she grinned at him, a slow, evil smile. "Goodbye Agent Zero." There was a marked finality about the farewell. Logan would tear him to shreds, she just hoped that Wolverine wouldn't be caught by the same trick she had been assuming he could take a hit and keep going.

She popped her claws, wanting desperately to stab someone. She could hear the sounds of battle drawing closer, the telltale buzz of electricity, bodies hitting the floor, and muffled voices coming from somewhere above. It almost sounded like Julian and Liv in the mix, but no she must be hallucinating that, they hadn't fed her in a while, but she knew she had told them not to come.



It was Liv and Julian they were talking about.

She needed to get out now.

She brought her claws down against her thighs, watching dispassionately as blood welled up. They had seen her cut herself before, it wouldn't raise any eyebrows, but while they were watching that or assuming she had simply given up hope, one set of claws inched behind her hair to the long since healed incision right at the juncture where her skull met her neck where they had placed her tracker.

Here was to hoping they hadn't put it in too deep. She gritted her teeth as she sliced through her skin, digging past muscle and tendons, and hoping she wouldn't just stab herself in the brain and end it then and there. This really should have been a more exact science, she thought to herself as she dug around, trying to avoid anything too essential, but frankly it was easier to recall anatomy when you didn't have your fingers shoved into the back of your own head. She finally closed her fingers around the tracker and extricated it, only adding to the general bloodiness of her appearance. Kimura hadn't bothered to hose her down after punishing her the night before.

She sliced the tracker in two as she jumped up, catching the ceiling in the corner of the room with her claws and bracing her bare feet against the walls. She had long since marked the location of all the cameras in the room and the idiots had left a big gaping hole right above the door in the corner. Hana never would have made such an elementary mistake.

"X-23 is out," one of the techs garbled to the approaching containment unit. "She's just gone! It's like magic. Her tracker's dead and she isn't in the room-"

"Don't move." The first guard entered her cell, cursing his bad luck as he swung his gun around. Alpha Squad got to secure the six year old, his own Beta Squad had to make sure they could get the little kill monster out and they hadn't helpfully implanted that one with a kill switch. "We will disable the Speedster if you don't-"

Whatever threat he was about to make died with him as Laura propelled herself down and out the door, dropping the squad as she went. Only one fired off a round and a bullet wound to the shoulder was the least of her worries.

She took off running towards the sound of the fight, she had to get to them so they could get Neena and get out of there and she had to do it before Kimura did.

Anyone between her and her friends was about to meet a very grisly end.

Scion, Magma, Impulse, Wiccan, Cyclops

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 Posted: Apr 8 2018, 05:24 AM

Why hadn’t they done anything sooner?

This was the prevailing thought that ran through Scott’s mind as he geared up, pulling on his gloves, swapping his shades for one of his ruby quartz visors. The First Class had been a team for barely a year according to his last memories of them but even after such a short time Cyclops was convinced that if one or more of them had gone missing, it would not have taken over a week to mount a search and then rescue. Which was why he hadn’t hesitated when the small group of teenagers had assembled; he had been an X-Man before the New Mutants program had been put in place, had been a student at Xavier’s long before that. Usually a stickler for the rules, he could think of no reason why they shouldn’t rescue their classmates, and so joined the rest of the teens without a second thought. They could deal with the consequences later, no punishment would be worse than losing one of their own and knowing that that they could have done something about it.

Then of course there was his concern for Liv. Her baby sister was missing too and if she was angry and scared for Neena’s life then so was he. That aside, a child, practically a baby was at risk of being hurt or worse and Scottie just couldn’t get past the fact that the X-Men had done nothing until now or the question of why they hadn’t mobilized as soon as they had a solid lead. Stepping through Abra’s portal, he took a moment to acquaint himself with his surroundings. Scion did not, he was off like a shot, driven by livid determination; Scott couldn’t blame him, he’d have done the same if it were his girlfriend at risk (not that he had one but that was a topic for another day). But it was going to leave them at a disadvantage if the group ran angry and blind. They didn’t know the facility like the organisation that occupied it which meant that the enemy had the upper hand.

Scottie didn’t agree with the X-Men taking their time to plan and prepare; lives were at stake and had already been that way for over a week, but he could see that without some thought, their team was made up of eight uncoordinated individuals and that put them at risk. Making his way out of the room, Cyclops took a quick second to consider their surroundings. Julian had taken care of a couple of guards with fast efficiency, Impulse followed soon after, taking out another. Ion and Gunslinger were taking care of a fourth. Through ruby lenses eyes caught sight of a couple of guards taking aim at Julian who was too focused on what lay ahead of him to spot anyone approaching from behind. Thinking fast, Scottie spotted that above one of the unmarked doors a strip of mirrored glass was inlaid into the wall. Whilst he could fire a beam wide enough to hit both guards at once, as crowded as the hallway was with New Mutants and combatants alike, he couldn’t do so without risking hurting one of his own.

Aiming a blast at the mirrored glass, Scottie fired. The beam hit the strip and bounced off of it, smacking the first guard hard in the side hard enough to send him off his feet, careening into the second with enough force to send them sliding across the floor. The second guard hit his head hard against an adjacent wall knocking himself stupid but the first was still very much conscious and scrambling to his feet. “Julian, on your six!” Scott called out as he ran towards the recovering guard. If he couldn’t get to the man quickly enough then he was sure the telekinetic would have no problem seeing that he was incapacitated. Racing up to the guard who lay by the wall, he grabbed his weapon and took aim at his recovering colleague. “I wouldn’t bother.” He snarled. Alarms were sounding; Laura’s captors knew that they were there, which meant more reinforcements would be on their way soon. “You should get Liv and John and go! I’m pretty sure they’re getting information on Laura’s whereabouts from one of the guards.” He said to Julian, not meaning to tell him what to do but trying desperately to think of a way to make their attack more considered, thought out, effective.

Jules and Liv’s powers were formidable and combined with John’s firearms expertise they would do just fine going ahead of the group- could look after themselves. They needed to find their loved ones and nothing was going to hold them back. Himself, Magma, Impulse and Wiccan could take up the rear. “Tony, Amara. We need to stop the guards from getting any closer. I can hold them off from a distance but can either of you seal off the entrances to the hallway to stop anyone getting any closer?” It didn’t need to be forever, but they needed to buy Julian and Liv time to press forward without more guards coming at them from behind. Neither did he mean to take control of the situation, he wasn’t the leader of this team like he had been training to be with the First Class, but it was in Scottie’s nature to take charge and he would deal with the consequences of potentially pissing people off later. Right now they just needed to achieve what they came to do without losing anyone or getting themselves hurt.

OOC: Sorry for missing the first round. Also please feel free to ignore Scottie's instructions- I don't mean to take charge, he's just gone into "leader in training" mode.
 Posted: Apr 8 2018, 02:09 PM

After dealing with the two guards, Julian had just walked right past their downed bodies. Had Cyclops not called out to him he might have gotten shot. Or maybe he would have noticed in time and done something about it. With Scottie's quick intervention they'd never find out. "On my what?" Julian called out as he turned around. That wasn't even quicker to say than "Behind you!", and way too reliant on Jules having some kind of... internal clock or something like that. Bright green eyes shifted between Scottie to the guard he was threatening with the other guard's weapon, then back to Scottie. The guy did remember that he shot beams from his eyes, right? "Uh, thanks," he told his fellow New Mutant, both for the assist and the suggestion he go check with Liv and John for information on Laura. It seemed more appropriate than voicing either of the other things that had come to mind. Turning his attention back towards the still conscious guard, Julian narrowed his eyes slightly and gave a slight, dismissive wave of his hand that sent the man flying across to the other side of the hallway where he smacked roughly into the wall.

There, problem solved.

Nodding to Scottie as he started organising the others, Julian quickly made his way past him and towards where Ion and Gunslinger were making a new friend. "Cyclops said you guys know where to go?" he asked them, clearly keen on going wherever that was. Further down the hallway in either direction, up or down... he just needed to know where he was supposed to go. Normally he could rely on Laura to give him directions, thanks to her superhuman senses and general superior ability to know what's up, so right now he was feeling a bit directionless. Content to just keep plowing ahead like he had been, but a more concrete goal would be nice.

Julian's brow furrowed slightly when he was told that X-23 was apparently one level below. His eyes darted around quickly, but he didn't notice a stairwell nearby. Maybe one of the doors was an elevator, but that seemed like exactly the kind of thing for whoever was running this place to trap them in. They would just have to get creative. "Okay, down it is," he said as he stepped away from Liv and John a little before focusing his attention on the floor. Fine control had always been an issue for Julian, but large scale demolition came easily to him, and that was what he needed right now.

Raising his hands, Julian ripped away the metallic boards from the floor, then fired several tight, telekinetic blasts at the exposed area until the floor cracked and gave in. He then mentally latched onto the hole that created and tore it open wider, large enough for a person to easily fit through. "There's our way down," he announced, looking back towards Liv and John again briefly. "Let's go find Laura and Neena." He wasn't sure if both girls were held on the floor below, but there was only one way to find out. Thanks to the alarms going off despite Faust's efforts to trick security there would likely be plenty of extra guards around soon, but they'd just have to trust the others to handle that.

Without further ado, Julian lowered himself through the hole he'd made, assuming Liv and John would be right behind him. There were more guards on the lower level as well, because of course there were, but Julian didn't care. Nothing was going to stand between him and finding Laura, or helping Liv find her baby sister. The first guard that caught Julian's eye was swept off his feet telekinetically, two more followed soon after. He'd again have been a bit more concerned about watching his back, but the assumption that the others were going to come right down after him gave him a sense of security. He imagined Liv had about as much if not fewer fucks to give than he did right now, after her baby sister and friend had gone missing, and John never seemed like he'd had all that many to begin with. If anyone needed to be concerned, it was the idiots who decided to once again take some of their own was a good idea.

Abra Wiccan Impulse Magma.
 Posted: Apr 8 2018, 11:49 PM

Since the savage land, nothing had really been going right. Billy had been spending a ton of time just alone in his room, avoiding everyone and everything that he really enjoyed, but even without being super involved in what was going on it had been distressing to find that Laura and Neena were gone. He didn't know specifics, didn't know what exactly they would do about any of it, yet Billy knew his friends and knew that they would do something.

Something that Billy was going to be a part of.

He maybe should have told his twin about it, but once Billy had been told about the plan he'd just gotten dressed and left along with the others. No point in grabbing a weapon if he didn't know how to use one, and no real point in worrying about what he could offer the rescue group because he'd just have to figure it out on the fly. So he followed the others through the portal (wondering if he was the only one who felt like he needed a shower after going through the glory hole) with a determination that they'd either succeed at getting the missing girls or they would go down with one hell of a fight. He really had no idea how he was going to manage it but Billy Kaplan was fucking done being the princess, he'd just have to hike up his dress and stomp on through in his heels to save himself. It was a strange change in his thought process, but he was much more determined than before, mostly because the stakes were higher. It was depressing to think about, but he didn't have as much concern when it came to himself, when it came to others he was more willing to push himself. When it came to the tiny defenseless speedster that was his best friends, little sister, he was willing to move mountains, no one should have ever taken a little girl.

"I can buy us time." Billy told Scottie, as he stepped out into the hallway behind the other boy. He did not really know how he was going to do it, but if he could just hold the guards off for long enough, then the others could figure out some way to block the path they were taking. He was losing time to actually come up with something because there was the clear sound of footsteps pounding down the hallway towards them.

So Billy did what he did best, and panicked.

He only panicked for a second before the lights in the hallway flickered before the emergency runner lights came on when the next person rounded the corner they were met with the sight of an empty hall. Even Billy had to admit, watching the man slowly come to a stop before putting his back to the wall was odd. They were all standing there, but the illusion that Billy had crafted pretty much made everyone standing there invisible and noiseless to the people outside their group. For now, they'd have a bit of time to get everything settled before their groups split, time that Julian used to tear a hole straight down to the floor below. "Okay whatever we do we need to figure it out quickly," Illusions were not foolproof, and as soon as someone found out that what the cameras were seeing didn't match what the people before them were seeing they'd understand what was happening.

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 Posted: Apr 9 2018, 06:01 AM

Though it might seem that Hana was doing nothing more than taking a hold of the pair of sai handed to her by Roan, she in fact was quite busy. The Facility had its own independent system both hardwired and wireless. A mini cyberspace of sorts, but a cyberspace none the less. One that she would take control over. Her cyberpathic mind flaring out and crashing into the closed systems firewalls and encryption.

To Hana, a firewall or an encryption was to her like a telepathic resistance and a mental block was to a telepath. An like a telepath, Hana had two options. surgically peal back the layers until drilled through the defenses, or brute force bash her way through. Hana preferred the slow and steady approach of a careful and meticulous hacker, but today was not the day for that and taking a page from the Julian Keller room entry playbook, Hana took a hold of firewall and began to rend it to pieces.

That was what she was doing internally as she strolled out into the hallway behind Billy. The klaxons had sounded again and then the power had suddenly tripped off. "Most unfortunate. I will need resume my work once the system reboots." Hana said stepping out into the hallway where Julian had ripped a whole in the floor and Billy had put up an illusion. A guard had run around the corner and come to a complete stop, pressing his back against the wall. Apparently startled by what Billy was making him see. Hana did not put much thought into what that might be. She did put her robot foot in to his groin and the handle of her held upside down sai against his temple. Slumping the man to the ground. "That really is quite satisfying. I will descend and look for access to the system." She simply said, accessing the cloak feature and dropping down into the hole after Julian. Gripping the structure bars in the floor to carefully let her self easily drop.

WiFi and other connectivity was usually one of the systems placed on the emergency power supply. The last thing anyone wanted was electronic doors unable to be opened because the system used was powered off due to the loss in power. Hana could feel the closed network rebooting as she dropped down behind Julian. Immediately she resumed her assault powering through the firewall with ease. "I believe this is the level we need. Laura should be down this hallway. Neena as well. Unless they have been moved recently." Hana quietly stated. Readying her Sai and moving off to the side so no one would drop down on top of her.

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