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 Site Rules, please read before registering
 Posted: Jan 13 2017, 03:48 PM


Common courtesy is expected and required. Every player will be held accountable for the way they behave, whether staff, member, or guest. Respect your fellow players and you will, in turn, be treated with respect. This is our most important rule, and one that will be enforced. If you feel that someone has broken this rule, feel free to contact a member of the Staff in PMs .

  • All players must be 18 and older to join EVO
  • This site is rated for mid-level for language, sex, and violence. This only means make your swears count, have your sex fade to black without graphic detail, and keep your gore from physically making anyone ill
  • When you register initially, please register an OOC (out of character) ACCOUNT with whatever name you would like to be known as. You will use it to post in mission sign ups, in OOC forums, and to apply for each new character. All character accounts can be made once your application is accepted and then linked as sub-accounts of your original OOC account for easy access.
  • All avatars, OOC and IC must be 250X400.
  • Signatures are to be 500x250.
  • CHARACTER ACCOUNTS are to be registered with the character's codename (ie. MAGNETO, ICEMAN, ROGUE). The only exception is if your character will not have a codename, then register with their first and last name (ie. Pete Wisdom, Seamus Mellencamp, Moira McTaggert).
  • If an application is not posted within one week of your OOC registration date, the account will be deleted.
  • You can find rules for character application and the template here.
  • Respect one another. We're all here to write and enjoy ourselves. We aren't here to censor you, however we will not accept bad behavior, hateful speech, or deliberate baiting in the cbox. We do not need to warn you. It is 2017 and you know what is acceptable behavior and what is not. If you cannot be civil, you do not belong in the conversation. Disagreements should be dealt with privately either in PMs or offsite.
  • Langauge and sexual content. We are adults and should be capable of handling adult language and subjects. However, no one needs the F bomb used as a verb, adjective, pronoun, in every sentence. The same can be said about flirtatious sexual language. Innuendo is one thing, EL James 50 Shades of Cbox is not acceptable.
  • Do not claim characters that aren't yours in the cbox. We do not have character reservations for a reason and laying claim to characters that are not yours discourages new players from sticking around. That is unkind to them and to this game.
  • We are aware of your application. Please do not badger the Staff about it. I promise we look forward to reading your application but we are mommies and daddies and professionals with busy lives. Give us a chance and we will get back to you as rapidly as possible.
  • In short the rules boil down to three words. Be an Adult.
  • To tag another character, use @[CHARACTER NAME HERE] including brackets to ensure other players know it's their turn to post!
  • God-modding will not be tolerated. God-modding is allowing your character to be infallible or controlling another player's character without their permission. If this is in any way unclear, PM Staff for clarification.
  • Quality> Quantity - This is an intermediate/advanced RPG so we ask that you put some effort into your posts. We will not be counting words, but the story only grows and progresses with your ideas and creativity so one-liners are not in our best interest as a group. Kindly double check your grammar and spelling, and no internet abbreviations. That means no 'LOL's, 'OMG's, or L33t. The quality of the posts you create effects the story.
  • Time stamps will go in the topic description box under the topic title in mm/dd, AM/PM format to keep track of when things happen in game. Please add whether the thread is open or closed. (August 15, 9AM// Closed to Tagged)
  • Creativity is encouraged and appreciated, but do try to keep things as realistic as possible. There are consequences for every action your character takes. Make sure the reward is worth the risk to your character.
  • Remember to post in third person past tense. If you need help understanding, you can find a link here. Players incapable of following this rule will not be allowed to app more characters. If the problem persists, Staff will step in.
  • If you are in a group thread and three days elapses with no further posts, the character holding up things up can be skipped to keep the thread moving. If it happens again in the next round, the offending character can be written out of the thread.
  • Try to be inclusive and write with as many characters as you can! We have a diverse selection of X-Men, their youngsters, the Brotherhood, and unaffiliated mutants and humans to choose from. You never know where a new character can take your story.
  • No character may enter a thread that was started in a prior rollover. If you feel it is imperative to the story for a new character to join a thread from a previous rollover, staff permission must be granted.
  • If you would like to start a thread that falls outside of the site's current rollover, you are welcome to post in the flashback thread.
  • You must post at least 4 times with each character starting the month after your character is accepted. If you fail to meet the minimum post requirement you will be first warned, and then lose your character. If a character goes a full thirty days inactive, without the player speaking to an admin or posting an LOA, the account will be deactivated.
  • ACTIVITY CHECK will be held on the 30th of each month. You have thirty days to post four times. Dumping the majority of your posts in a single week and disappearing is inconsiderate to your fellow players and detrimental to the story we are building and is not in the spirit of this board. If you do not post, you will be left behind. If you cannot post, the Away Thread is at your disposal and the admins are available to speak with should you need us.
  • Please keep in mind that you are not your character. While you might be in on board-wide plot and schemes, your character will not be privy to that same information and play accordingly. Do not be offended if someone else doesn't like your character. You. Aren't. Your. Character. What happens in character, stays in character. If you have a problem with another player, take it to PMs or off-site. The only drama welcome here is the kind that moves plot.
Rules are subject to change to adapt to player and plot growth.
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