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 Savage Land, February 2018 Plot
 Posted: Jan 9 2018, 02:23 AM

Plot will run the month of February (March 1st - 15th in game)
You might be asking yourself, 'Self? What did I sign up for. Well, lucky for you,
I've got your handy manual to the Savage Land right here!
  • The name of the game is Get to the Center of the Savage Land. You have nine days to do so. Good luck.
  • All threads during this time will be labeled SL - Thread Title Here and instead of a date like we usually do in the topic description, simply write: DAY #___ and fill in 1-9. You will notice below that each group is meeting some sort of trouble along the way on certain days. The other days are yours to post whatever you like.
  • If you want admins to drop a T-Rex, a Swamp person, or a rock on your character for added shenanigans, PM us and we'll find something awful to do to your character.
  • PEOPLE OUTSIDE THE SAVAGE LAND DO NOT REFERENCE THE SAVAGE LAND IN ANY CAPACITY. Not the place. Not people missing. There are reasons.

user posted image

  • DAYS 6 & 7 // SAVAGE LAND - Oh Well - Arsenic, Phantom, Glitch

  • DAY 7 // SAVAGE LAND - PURSUIT PREDATION - Magma, Shadowcat, Spider-Man

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