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 Mo'o, Baki Kaleo
 Posted: Dec 30 2017, 12:22 AM

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Celebrity Claim- Derrick Monasterio

Full Name- Baki Kaleo
Nicknames/Aliases- Kaiju, Mini Godzilla, Mo’o (Though it’s more a borrowed nickname from his father)
Age- 16
Date of Birth- June 6th
Faction- New Mutants
Occupation- Student

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Personality- Baki is a pretty happy-go-lucky guy. Outwardly, one could say he’s the definition of a “sweet summer child”, naive to the problems of the world and fairly sheltered. He’s openly friendly and eagerly puts himself out there, but he’s not stupid, not by a long shot. He knows what he looks like, he knows what the world thinks of him and his family. Even in his hometown where his father’s side of the family have been living forever, as basically living legends. The culture has changed enough that whatever their mutation meant in the old days has changed too. And that kind of hurts, knowing how things used to be and knowing it’ll never be that way again. Heck, he never even got to experience that himself, just hear about it in stories. Mo’o is basically a lost legend.

But he refuses to let it hold him back. He’s always looking to make the best of any situation and have new experiences. Baki is the kind of kid who could hear all the criticisms in the world and it would just roll off him like water off a duck’s back. Well most of the time.

Just because he’s a sweetheart doesn’t mean he won’t strike back if he thinks it’s justified. Often with a sharp quip that comes out of left field or the destruction of the offenders property when they aren’t looking. Nothing that can be proved to be malicious. Though there are times when such things aren’t enough and, at worse, he will physically attack first, because he’s not going to take threats of violence laying down. It all varies depending on what the person did. But in either case Baki can be a vindictive little lizard when it suits him. Particularly when it comes to those he cares about. Don’t diss his family or his friends and he’ll have no issues with you. Mess with either of those things and he’ll pay it back tenfold.
  • Hot, hot summers
  • Sunbathing
  • Swimming, especially where there’s lots of marine life
  • Chill parties (like potlucks and Christmas parties)
  • His family, yes even the annoying ones
  • Every kind of meat
  • Being able to walk around freely
  • Winters, a mild chill he can stand, but full blown snow on the ground winter is awful
  • Having to wear an abundance of layers to keep out the cold and then still being cold
  • Assholes People who point out his appearance like it isn’t the most obvious thing in the world
  • Vegetables and most fruits, it actually makes him sick so he has to be careful
  • The looming worry that the way he looks will ultimately block him from his dreams or even just a normal, safe life
  • Always looking for the silver lining
  • Kind to most
  • Outgoing
  • Completely unafraid of putting himself out there
  • Not to bad in a fight
  • Ride or die friend
  • Holds a grudge forever
  • Doesn’t know when to quit
  • Doesn’t handle rejection well
  • Kind of obnoxious
  • Can be real lazy
  • Kind of a gossip

user posted image

Power Name- Monster Physiology
Description- Baki’s body is covered in hard scales that have grown thicker and tougher as he ages from the spine outwardly, meaning that for now he has a soft underbelly, and the scale growth is not expected to stop anytime soon. Not only that, his body is also rather sturdy, able to handle more heat and pressure both inside and out, with spines along his back that can raise and lower, helping to regulate his body temperature. His lizard-like tail aides somewhat in swimming and balance, and the hooked claws on his fingers and toes allow him to climb with ease. His teeth are also fairly different, more akin to crocodiles or sharks, jagged points that are great for biting and shredding.

On top of that, Baki has an incredible amount of energy and strength to match it. On hot days, despite his lean build, Baki can lift twice his weight and can run all day if he wanted to. His enhanced stamina also allows him to stay underwater longer than an average human, a minute, maybe a little longer than that.

Lastly, Baki has excellent eyesight in most conditions, particularly underwater, and his sense of smell is about the same. Because of his sensitivity to temperatures, he fairly adept as sensing body heat or a lack thereof.

Limits- Baki can’t stand cold temperatures, if the temperature starts dropping below 50°F he'll probably start to get lethargic or could, rather easily, even get sick. This is especially dangerous in the water as he could easily drown if the water is too cold. He can offset this by keeping active, bundling up, or absorbing some sort of energy. On top of a sensitivity to temperature, because of this fairly specialized body he has a specialized diet. Though he’ll survive eating plants like fruits and vegetables, too much will get him sick. So his options are limited to most proteins and a few grains and starches to go along with them. Sweets, thank goodness, don’t seem to bother him at all.

When it comes to these senses his range isn’t anything fantastic . Eyesight maybe only extends 30 feet in the worst conditions, 60 to 80 in optimal conditions. His sense of smell is much the same, depending on the wind direction. And his sense of body heat probably only extends to about 20 or 15 feet if there are few or no obstacles.

Power Name- Energy absorption and redirection
Description- Baki can take in energy via his exposed skin or his mouth, like say an energy or fire blast or even a full day sunbathing, and either absorb it for warmth or redirect it as his own energy beam released via his mouth. The bonus of this is that energy based attacks have a lesser effect on him up to a point.

To put the beam into numbers: At maximum heat the beam can get up to 2500°F, or just hot enough to melt through steel, but this is up close, within 5 ft or so. The heat dissipates to around 450°F, or just hot enough to melt tin, at around 20 ft or so at maximum range. Still hot enough to burn most people, but not hot enough to cause massive damage. As a bonus, as the beam gets further away from the source it also has more spread, catching a few more targets but doing less damage.

Limits- Baki can only absorb so much energy before he’s topped off and he can’t take in any more, meaning after that energy based attacks will start effecting him at a normal degree. On top of that the release of that energy is a single, immense, uncontrolled burst, leaving him entirely drained and potentially out of the fight. Best case scenario, where he has people to back him up and it's not frigid, he'll be up and moving after at least 6 six hours of sleep, maybe 3 if he really pushes it, and then someone can blast him again a couple times with more energy to power him back up. Worse case, say using it in a cold area with no one to pull him from the situation, a day, maybe two. It makes him something of a glass cannon and he has to be careful with when and how he uses it, because a misfire could leave him stranded and vulnerable, to enemies and the elements.

Skills & Abilities- Baki excels in outdoor activities, particularly those that come to water. Swimming, diving, fishing, he even knows a bit about sailing. Hiking and rock climbing are fun on land activities that he also has learned to do. Most of this is due to his large family and the Mo’o title and training that is part of his heritage.

user posted image

Height- 5’6”
Weight- 180 lb
Eye Colour- Golden brown
Hair Colour- Teal-brown

Appearance- Baki is a pretty interesting looking kid. Not only with his mixed heritage of Hawaiian on his father’s side and Arabic on his mother’s side but also with scales covering the majority of his body, spines standing out from his back, claws, teeth, and long lizard-like tail. He can appear somewhat intimidating. But that is easily dismissed by, not only his cheery attitude, but the fact that those hard looking teal scales can actually be quite soft, particularly around the areas where scales give way to normal skin, which is tan in color.

And that’s not to mention his build is a little less than frightening. While lean and fairly muscled, Baki can look like a string bean when relaxed and someone could easily get the idea that punching him would be a good way to spend their time. This is a mistake, of course, because of the aforementioned mutation. But he doesn’t blame them, according to his siblings, he has a very punchable face.

Baki still has hair, unlike a lot of lizard mutants he’s seen, like those in his family. The messy mop on the top of his head fades from dark teal at the roots to dark brown up top, with the roots matching his skin tone nearest his scales. Some folks have commented that it gives his hair a swampy water look, those folks can go jump off a cliff as far as he’s concerned.

Lastly, on clothes, Baki is pretty casual, dressing as lightly as he can on hot days, usually with a loose tank top and shorts. And on cold days, he throws on all the clothes that he can comfortably. Jacket on top of a hoodie on top of a long-sleeve shirt, more if he can manage it. He might end up looking like a puffed up marshmallow but at least he’ll be a warm marshmallow.

Gear- Baki doesn’t have any real “gear” but he does carry a few items handy. Cell phone with an water proof case on most days, a pair of rainbow sunglasses he got a pride parade last year, and his wallet on a chain so he doesn’t lose it.

Additional Information- Baki is gay, openly so and not afraid to share it. He can speak some Hawaiian and understands enough Arabic to get by, but he can’t really speak it. He also loves marine life to a ridiculous degree and diving and fishing is one of his favorite things to do.

Hometown- Maui, Hawaii
Immediate Family- Keone Kaleo (Father), Shula Kaleo (Mother, maiden name Naaji), Sara Kaleo (younger sister, 15), Nida Kaleo (younger sister, 12), Omar Kaleo (younger brother, 9), Kanani Kaleo (younger brother, 6), Uilani Kaleo (younger brother, 6), Uncle Mikala “Mike”, Aunt Leilani “Leia”, Grandma Kaipo, other aunts, uncles, and cousins that live nearby.
Others- Ex-boyfriend Jake, we don’t talk about Jake

When Keone and Shula met it must have been fate. Shula having fled Palestine on her own and was lucky enough to find her way to Hawaii of all places, and Keone returning to his hometown of Maui after college. They had come from two very different extremes, the political turmoil mounting into war and the quiet, normal peace of college life. But a chance meeting at a cafe, and several more chance meetings at beaches, cemented, at least for Keone, that there was something between them.

For Shula it took more time to trust people again, to start trusting Keone. But when they shared their gifts with one another, on the beach under the moonlight, that’s when she finally admitted her feelings for him. They got married in the summer of 1999, and on June 6th, 2000 Baki was born.

When it came to Baki they split the difference, in both his name and later on it would seem his mutation. Baki got his name from his mother’s father, a grandfather he would never meet, and of course Kaleo came from his father. When it came to his mutation, his scales appearing on his skin days after his 9th birthday gave his mother cause for alarm. Baki was already in school, he already had friends, and she didn’t want genetics to ruin her son’s life. His father had been so sure Baki would be able to shift them away, like he could. He was sure that Baki would turn out to be a dragon shifter like him.

Turns out the scales were a permanent feature, new features appearing as he got older, and only growing more and more. At first the family tried to hide the problem, not wanting to expose their child to world that would hate him. But as mutants became known and recognized, they eased up, allowing Baki to go out free of confining clothes and make-up on his face which tried to hide his scales.

He didn’t blame his parents, not really, for how they acted. Sure he hated it, hated hiding and not being himself and constantly having to be on the lookout for potential danger. It would be enough to drive any kid bonkers. But, knowing his mother’s story, knowing the history of his family, he knew they were only trying to keep him safe. They acted out of fear and love.

As he grew older and his parents kept having kids, Baki likes to think he turned out to be an excellent big brother, the fun kind, the ride or die kind. His siblings would say otherwise. They’re just mad cause they aren’t the oldest and thus aren’t in charge.

Sara and Nida got their powers at age 11 and 10 respectively, and while the other littles haven’t gotten their powers yet, it’s expected that they will at some point. Baki was excited for them, knowing that things will only get better for mutants as the years go on.

Inbetween all that, Keone took his son to sacred spots on the island, spots where Mo’o were said to reside, laid to rest and becoming part of the landscape. From there Baki learned about his heritage, about the myths that surrounded shapeshifters like his father, and how it all connects. They were guardians, Mo’o, protectors of waterfalls and rivers, testers of fate, and enactors of justice. When the islands were taken over by settlers these places were lost or buried.

He learned that his own line had lost some of it’s connection to the original Mo’o of that time. That it was possible that it was only a story, a lie to keep the traditions alive. But he knew his father believed them, that his grandmother refuses to think otherwise, so what else could he do but believe it too. Baki only hopes that he can do his heritage justice.

Baki came out as gay two years ago, which had been frightening, because it seemed like his parents were still on the fence about lgbt+ issues. He was mostly worried about his mother because of all stuff that people said about Arab countries, like his mother was going to stone him to death or something ridiculous like that. But it turns out they were okay with it. His father was concerned for his safety of course and his mother didn’t quite understand it, however, they still loved him and wanted to support him and that was all he could ask for.

Recently, Baki has been feeling a little differently, more energized under the sun. When he asked his mother about it she suggested that perhaps there was going to be a shift in his mutation and that he got more of her power than they originally thought. Which would be cool, because who doesn’t like solar laser beams.

user posted image

Player Name- Nobody
Age 27
How Can We Contact- DM, email, Skype: rooktopwn
Time Zone- Eastern Time
How did you find us? This is my second character
Other Characters- Alex Goya

Role Play Sample-
Today started out rather normally. 82 degrees of beautiful sun and sand on a Saturday morning. Baki started out by heading over to his grandma’s house to help her with a few chores and listen to her stories. Then it was off to the beach to catch some sun and watch some tourists. Because of course there were always tourists, didn’t matter that it was off season, they’d pick any reason to show up.

Didn’t hurt that Valentine’s Day was right around the corner. He heard from his dad that they were expecting a lot of people to come in for destination weddings and the like. Whatever, gave him a chance to watch some pretty dudes in swim trunks attempting to look cool for the ladies. It was entertaining in a lot of ways.

Mostly because the flirtatious ones failed spectacularly. He witnessed one such man, whom he could only assume was a groomsmen for the frattiest of weddings, attempt to lean on a plastic folding chair, nearly fall, then change his lean to umbrella pole sticking into the ground. It went as well as one could have hoped for the poor guy. He fell, the umbrellas pole popped free and fell, smacking the poor woman upside the face. The hit was so loud that Baki could hear it from the rock he was sunbathing on. The wince in sympathy was doubled when the woman kicked the flirter in the nuts. Looks like she was justified with the way she was holding her face and her friends were ushering her to the nearest bathroom.

Tourists were so entertaining.

It was then that he felt the tell-tale buzz of his phone in his pocket. Ooo, a text message. Fumbling with his pocket for a moment, he pulled the device free to find it was his younger sister texting him. Sara and Nida wanted to go see a movie. More than likely they wanted him to pay for things, though they didn’t say as much. Wasn’t like he had anything better to do.

With a sigh, he stood and slipped his tank top back on before texting his sisters that he’d meet them at the theater, which was in walking distance. And that would have been the end of it. That would have been the majority of his day if there hadn’t been one horrible hitch to everything.

Jake was at the theater too.

Now in short, Jake was a piece of shit. A real slimy bastard that Baki should have been more wary of. But he had dated the guy because...well, he was hot and he didn’t seem to mind what Baki looked like. So seeing the guy on what should have been a good day, when he was hanging out with his siblings, just ruined things. But he tried to keep it civil, tried to avoid talking to him, but it seemed Jake just had to pick a fight.

“Baki.” Short, blunt, his tone telling. Baki could already smell the argument heading his way. “Jake,” he returned with a flat voice, “what do you want?”

“C’mon Baki don’t be like that, can’t we get along? I miss you, you don’t miss me?” Jake’s mere voice was grating on his nerves and all Baki wanted to do was punch him. But he had to be civil, Jake was a mutant too but Baki was the only one with a visible mutation. If things got out of hand, blame would be on him.

“What you think we can kiss and make up after what you said and did? Fuck off, Jake.” Baki turned to leaved, only to find Jake grabbing hold of his arm. “Was it really that bad Baki? Get over yourself, man. You’re overreacting.”

“Go jump off a cliff Jake. You’re the one who called my aunt a “tropical n-word”, talked about mutant superiority like you were pulling from the KKK handbook, and then proceeded to steal from my wallet for the next two days before I dumped you. You’re a shady bitch, Jake, leave.” Baki could tell people were staring now, they could tell that this was getting into full blown meltdown mode. But there was no stopping it now.

“I said I would pay you back Baki and it was just a joke, stop being so goddamn sensitive.” Jake was sounding like he was trying to argue down at him and that only angered Baki more. It felt like his throat was burning from it.

“Sensitive?! I’m being sensitive?! I think I’m being freaking reasonable here Jake. You’re the one who can’t seem to see himself out the door of my life.” Now it really did feel like his throat was burning, acidic in its taste. Out of the corner of his eye he could see Jake’s hand glowing, this was escalating too fast.

“I’m not the one who has to turn everything into a big issue all the time!” Fire sparked along Jake’s wrists, catching his hands on fire. Most of the people were backing away, murmuring about mutants fighting.

“Fuck off Jake! You’re a slimy bastard and I don’t want to talk to you anymore!” With that Baki prepared to turn and leave, hoping to end it there. But then Jake’s fist struck him square in the mouth and he felt something had never felt before.

He absorbed the energy from Jake’s flaming fists, right into his mouth, where it joined the burning sensation from before. He didn’t know what happened, didn’t quite understand it, but the next he opened his mouth all that energy flowed right back out in a blinding blue-white beam. Jake was lucky not to be hit, the building, the theater's entry way, not so lucky.

And then he passed out.

Lucky him, his sister caught the whole thing on camera. The internet was going to have a field day with this.
Charles Xavier
 Posted: Jan 3 2018, 09:20 AM

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