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 Mercury, Cessily Kincaid
 Posted: Oct 20 2017, 06:42 PM

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Celebrity Claim- Madelaine Petsch

Full Name- Cessily Claire Kincaid
Nicknames/Aliases- Mercury
Age- 16
Date of Birth- May 11, 2000
Faction- New Mutants – Arrived to Xavier’s January, 2017
Occupation- Student

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Personality- To best understand how Cessily ticks, one must first consider who she was before her mutation manifested and everything flipped upside down. Pre-Mercury Cessily was well liked, the kind of girl the moms secretly fought over for babysitter dibs. Though she was vying for the captain spot on the competition cheer squad this year, the girl is far from a vapid bimbo. Cessily was always a good student, maybe even encroaching on teacher’s pet territory simply due to her perfect attendance, ever present raised hand, and solid academic performance. High expectations at home meant a strict study schedule and tutoring when any grades came close to a B. Hardly one to crack under pressure, she thrived on it, and gained much of her self worth from the quantitative and qualitative reports of her success.

Where Cessily has abundant book smarts and self discipline, she often lacks the street smarts otherwise known as common sense. Perhaps the stark realization that she is a mutant and on her own will help to remedy that. Her literal interpretations of things can leave her well underneath the flight zone of certain jokes, quips, and innuendoes, though she does have a weirdly funny sense of humor. At least not the type of humor you’d expect to come out of a preppy cheerleader. Being the people pleaser that she is, Cessily thrives in a group of friends and cares fiercely for those she is close to. That being said, she can be derailed by this drive to be liked and easily manipulated by someone conniving enough to do so.

Now that her appearance and physiology changed, her family abandoned her, and she was left to pick up the pieces on her own, the facets of Cessily’s bright personality have changed. She is lost, unsure of who she is after being so confident in the young woman she was becoming just weeks before. Everything that meant something to her… family, friends, home, cheer; all of that was gone. When she looks in the mirror, she doesn't recognize the girl staring back, and it scares the hell out of her. Cessily feels like a freak, like her perfectly peachy life was stolen from her, hardly proud of the genes that make her truly remarkable. She is half dreading the transition to her new life at Xavier’s, but half hoping it makes things start to feel normal again.

Past or present, Cessily was a member of a close family, and being with them is still one of the most important things in her world. She hasn’t yet come to terms with the fact that they want nothing to do with her now that her mutation manifested, and she still calls them bi-weekly to check in. And every time she gets the voicemail, but she figures they’re just really busy and will call back when they can. There is a space left by the rapid jettisoning of Cessily by her family, and a motley crew of mutants at the mansion who just might be able to fill it.

  • Twilight: Shut up, she knows vampires don’t sparkle, it just does things for her.
  • Tumbling: Flips and spins to make you feel alive! Until you nearly break your neck… then you really feel alive.
  • Taquitos: Line em’ up and she’ll knock em’ down.
  • Smores Pop-Tarts: Frozen, as a midnight snack. They are everything.
  • Hip-Hop: She’s got flavor… for a ginger.
  • A dirty kitchen: It’s where food comes from, people!
  • Gritty/mealy textures: Pears, crappy apples, cornbread, you name it. Sends a shiver down her spine.
  • Getting B’s: Anything less than a 91 on any given assignment makes her stomach turn.
  • Frozen: Let that shit go already.
  • Justin Bieber: She’s not 13 anymore, and she knows what a douchebag looks like.
  • Dedication: When Cessily says she is going to do something, she does it. She will commit tirelessly to a task to see it completed, with a borderline stubborn sense of commitment.
  • Optimism: Cess is the girl who can look a particularly bleak situation in the face and come out with at least a thread of a silver lining. It’s something that keeps her from quitting, but also leads her to overlook flaws in people and situations in search of that silver.
  • Loyalty: When she’s with you, she’s with you. It ties her stomach in knots to see the people she cares about suffer or be badmouthed. Cess is one you can count on not to leave you behind, even when it might be in her best interest to do so.
  • Self-Doubt: Unsure of who she is now that her mutation has manifested, Cessily is filled with self doubt. About her place on this earth, about her worth as a person now that she’s so different, and about what she is destined for.
  • Impressionability: Cessily was disowned by her own family for her mutation, and the desire to be wanted and loved by someone after she lost the people who mattered most leads to a very impressionable young woman. Peer pressure is going to be one of her worst adversaries at the school.
  • Honesty: This is actually one of her flaws due to the way she dispenses it. Cessily is honest to a fault, even when lying might be the best idea. Lying causes her too much anxiety for it to be worthwhile. So she’s brutally honest, and at times tactless in that honesty’s dispersal.

user posted image

Power Name- Malleable Bio-Mercury Form:
Description- Cessily is composed of a non-organic, non-toxic liquid metal similar in its appearance and properties to elemental mercury. She has the ability to mold and morph this metallic form at will, whether it’s melting into a featureless puddle in order to sneak into hard to reach places, or covering her entire body with sharp spines as defense. The shapes her form can take are limited by her imagination and the static amount of mass she has to work with, but she is now only beginning to master rudimentary shapes, weapons, and constructions.

- Self Sustenance: Since she is no longer a carbon-based, organic lifeform, Cessily has no need to breath or consume food for energy. She is a self-sustaining entity, though she still eats and drinks out of habit and the sense of normalcy it provides.
- Telepathic Resistance: Cessily’s abnormal physiology makes her very hard to telepathically influence or detect her.
- Molecular Adhesion: Perhaps her most useful ability aside from her fluid shapeshifting, the ability to cling to surfaces on a molecular level, is key to the utilization of the full scope of her ability. This allows her to move her body along surfaces without the typical features needed to do so, and also gives her the ability to climb walls and anchor herself while reaching, stretching, or transforming her shape.
- Enhanced Durability: Due to her liquid metal form, Cessily’s bones, muscle, and skin were transformed into something much more durable, stronger, and harder than flesh and bone. To a certain extent, she is impervious to physical injury (excluding fire and shock) as a knife swipe or bullet might go right through her instead of their intended effect of harm.
- Magical Resistance: Similar to her telepathic resistance, her unique body composition makes it harder to magically harm, detect, or influence her. For more powerful magicians, this resistance may be overcome.

Limits- Electricity: Mercury’s greatest weakness may very well be her sensitivity to electricity. Electric shock and current disrupt her control over her malleable form, causing it to behave erratically or remain transfixed depending on the voltage/frequency of the waves passing through the conductive metal substance she is composed of. Aside from the unpredictable affects it has on her form, exposure to a high voltage charge is extremely painful, leaving a lingering discomfort that she often feels days afterward.

Excessive Heat/Fire: Though she is typically unaffected by normal occurring temperatures (up to 110 degrees Fahrenheit or so), long exposure to excessive heat or acute exposure extreme temperatures causes instability in her form. Burns are painful and their searing pain tends to linger, much like electric shock.

Mass: Cessily is only able to utlize the mass she had when her mutation manifested. Thought it can be concentrated more densely in parts of her body, she cannot generate greater mass. If a part of her was permanently separated she would lose mass equivalent to the part lost, but would be able to regenerate/reform the limb like she normally would.

Skills & Abilities-
Gymnastics/Acrobatics: Cessily has done gymnastics since she was three years old, and she turned her love for flying through the air into a fun source of exercise and a valuable asset. Her practice in the gym has given her a keen sense of her body in space, both linearly and rotationally, which has unique implications given her power set. Cessily has an advantageous strength to weight ratio due to regular rigorous gymnastics based workouts, and a powerful short sprint.

user posted image

Height- 5’4”
Weight- 114 lbs
Eye Colour- Silver
Hair Colour- Red

The Cessily before her mutation was a fair skinned, hazel eyed, spritely girl. She loved dressing up in skirts and dresses, tie dye, flannel, and any colorful pattern she assured herself she could pull off. Cessily was always made up, a product of her mother’s raising and the idea that a lady should always have her face on. Since the changes of her mutation, she’s saved a lot of time not looking in the mirror. Instead, now she spends a lot of time looking like a mirror.

After her mutation manifested, her stature remained the same, still the petite and athletic girl that she’d always been, her form ideal for the flipping and flying through the air that her hobbies required. Cessily carries herself with poise and good posture, a product of mother’s constant reminders to sit up straight and bring her shoulders back. She used to have what she considered every reason to carry herself with pride, so remnants of that sneak through the discomfort with herself that she now harbors.

The most obvious effect of Cessily’s freshly manifested mutation is her silver, metallic skin. This mercury-like appearance extends to her entire body, save for her hair, which remains the red it was before her mutation. Her hazel eyes have lost their color and the differentiation of her pupils, irises and sclera, leaving them a smooth silver like the rest of her. This bio-mercury form has the ability to change shape, effectively altering her features while leaving her mass unchanged. She can also change the texture of her skin (ie: from smooth to spikey) and though she hasn’t explored her ability yet, she has the potential to take on some unique humanoid forms.

In an effort to hide the changes her body has undergone, Cessily has taken to wearing dark baggy clothing, scarves, and hoods. She prefers to be covered up, both as a means of anonymity and a way to avoid having to look at her changed form herself.

Gear- Cessily does not carry any gear… other than a hairband.

Additional Information-
Cessily is still reeling from her big change and searching for her new normal. Family was a huge part of her life, and being without the support of her mother and father for the first time in this only child’s life has been nothing short of devastating. She needs people she can count on that will accept her for who she is, so she can go back to enjoying who she was.

Hometown- Portland, Oregon
Immediate Family- Ellis Kincaid (Father), Jill Kincaid (Mother)
Others- No friends yet to speak of on this side of the states.

Cessily Claire Kincaid was born to proud parents Jill and Ellis in the southeastern side of Portland, Oregon. She was their one and only child, a daughter they doted on shamelessly and who hadn’t really ever let them down when it came to deserving such high praise. The family lived in a relatively affluent area in Portland, careful to be in the zoning district for all the best schools with all the best sports teams. If the word privileged comes to mind here, it wouldn’t be misused. Given some aspects of her raising that leave her out of touch (she’s never done laundry before, or had to cook dinner) she had always gotten along well socially at school and was a front and center contender on many of her cheer squads.

In short, life was peachy for the Kincaids.

Both her parents were active politically and staunch proponents of then President Elect Kelly, having worked for his campaign in the Portland chapter. Though Cessily was never outright told it was okay to hate people for a certain characteristic they had, Jill and Ellis weren’t shy in dropping hints toward their abhorrence of mutants. As liberal as her town and school were, there weren’t many openly out mutants that she attended with, and Cessily hadn’t met enough mutants to have her own opinion on them. So for the time being, she would quietly agree with her family at home and keep quiet with anyone else regarding the topic, seeing it as one better not to broach unless absolutely necessary.

With cheer tryouts rapidly approaching and the desire for the captain position firmly seated in her heart this competition season, Cessily began her winter break just like any other. Only a bit more stressed out than usual. On a rainy Wednesday night, she and her father had gone to the athletic club for their traditional weekly shoot around on the basketball court. What began as a lighthearted game of hoops soon turned into a horrifying scene as her mutation manifested, leaving her melted into nothing more than a bubbling puddle of liquid metal. And as the crowd began to pile around Ellis to see what his daughter had become, the first inkling of what he would have to do sparked in his mind.

When the pain stopped and Cessily’s figure finally came back to her, she was left naked and forever changed, surrounded by a bunch of horrified looking strangers, before being wrapped up in a gym towel and ushered back to the car. Her parents knew she had to go… She couldn’s stay here like this. The longer she stayed, the more people would know, and the more questions people would ask of the Kincaids. Cessily could just go away to boarding school, no questions asked. The scene her transformation made meant her status as a mutant was public knowledge in the community, but if there was never a face to be put to that story, keeping up the façade of the American dream was still plausible for Mr. and Mrs. Kincaid.

Jill and Ellis woke up before the first light of dawn and hastily packed a carry-on bag of essentials for Cessily before sweeping the sleepy teen into the car. “You’re going to New York, to a school for… people like you,” they explained. They left out the part about how they couldn’t stand to see her anymore and were sending her away indefinitely. The public embarrassment of having a mutant daughter that looked like Cessily, especially when you were campaign volunteers for the likes of President Kelly, was just too much for them to fathom. Short of dumping her on the streets of some other town, Momma and Poppa Kincaid felt their only option was to send her to Xavier’s. That car ride was so clearly ingrained in Cessily’s mind, the girl becoming more and more aware and steadily less groggy as the family’s Volvo completed a maze of turns then stopped.

This isn’t the airport… she thought to herself, looking out the fogged window at the sign on the building that read GREYHOUND. Bundled up in what might be considered a hipster burqa to conceal her appearance, she was left with a backpack and some clothes. Cessily and the bus bumped down the seemingly endless series of miles and transfers between Portland and Westchester, reluctant but hopeful for what lay ahead.

user posted image

Player Name- Bashi
Age 26
How Can We Contact- Skype or PM ☺
Time Zone- Pacific
How did you find us? topsite bidness
Other Characters- Notion

Role Play Sample-

“Watch that guide hand, you’re veering to the left.”

Cessily fought to roll her eyes at the correction her father offered, but adjusted and lobbed the ball toward the hoop. The swish of the net was a relief to both of them, as the girl was starting to succumb to a dangerous mix of boredom and frustration. Her father always wanted her to play basketball, his genes guaranteeing her to be naturally athletic. But much to his chagrin, his daughter wanted to stand on the sidelines and cheer on actual athletes instead. It’d taken some time and a lot of Cessily showing off her tumbling prowess for him to admit that it was a “real sport,” so any chance he found to get on the court and connect with his daughter was quickly snapped up.

“There you go!” Ellis encouraged, his 10,000 watt smile beaming at his only daughter. Grabbing the ball on the rebound, he tossed the ball back to her for another shot. Cessily steadied herself, balancing her weight between her two feet evenly before looking up to the net. On an exhale, she brought the ball up into position for her next shot, but froze and lowered it a split second later. She felt tingly, and there was a slight ringing in her ears… For lack of a better expression, something felt off. But Cessily chalked it up to repercussions of ignoring the warning on the package to not eat the cookie dough raw. She considered for a moment to call it quits for the afternoon, but the eager look on her father's face encouraged her to stick the funny feeling out just a little while longer.


Cessily’s stomach lurched, a sick bubbling sound rumbling forth, then silence. She froze in her spot, hugging the basketball to her belly in the hope that pressure might alleviate the sudden knifelike sensation in her core. Her brows knitted together, a grave expression of fear and confusion washing over her fair features, hazel eyes pleading with her father’s equally puzzled gaze.

Then, she fell… or at least it felt like falling. Cessily Kincaid lost all sense of her body in space, sinking, slipping backward as her feet melted out from underneath her. Already fair of complexion, Cessily’s skin took on a grey pallor, emphasized even more by the look of terror and confusion on the girl’s eyes. The basketball fell to the floor of the court, bouncing and rolling off to the side unnoticed while Ellis’ worst fears were being confirmed right in front of his eyes. It was happening… He thought he was in the clear after her early teens, but now half way through her sixteenth year it was happening. His daughter was a mutant.

“Dad?” she asked at first, all too calmly, as if admitting something was terribly wrong would all of a sudden make this situation real. “Daddy!?” Cessily called out, her voice rising with panic. Gone were the freckles, the pink nail polish, the pearly whites. She wasn’t grey anymore, instead her skin now resembled liquid mercury, reflective and metallic. Hardly anything more than shoulders and a head, melting into a pool of herself, Cessily pleaded once more for her father to make it stop. To wake her up from whatever terrible nightmare she’d fallen into.

“Please… Daddy… Help m…” she managed before her mandible melted downward, stealing the last vowel of her plea. Where a strong, confident girl stood moments before now lay a bubbling and writhing puddle of liquid metal. Head swimming, every nerve in her body crying out, Cessily made one last effort to reach out, a single hand forming from the pool to reach for the person who swore to always keep her safe. And no matter the years that father and daughter had shared before, Ellis couldn’t help but recoil away, his sudden awareness of the crowd forming around them confirming that his nightmare, too, was very real.
Charles Xavier
 Posted: Oct 21 2017, 12:27 PM

::Well if I had money,
I'd tell you what I'd do,
I go downtown buy a Mercury or two.
Crazy bout a Mercury,
Lord I'm crazy bout a Mercury,
I'm gonna buy me a Mercury & cruise it up & down the road.


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