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 SPEED, Thomas Shepherd
 Posted: Jul 7 2017, 11:04 PM

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Celebrity Claim- Lucky Blue Smith

Full Name- Thomas Shepherd
Nicknames/Aliases- Tommy
Age- 17
Date of Birth- May 6
Faction- New Mutants
Occupation- student

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Personality- If Tommy had to use one word to describe his current goal in life it would be “fun.” Really, that’s pretty much all he looks for in his day: to always be moving, to always be doing something new and exciting no matter how dangerous or crazy it may be (honestly, the worse it sounds the more he’ll probably want to do it). Even before his powers manifested, he’d been an easily distracted, restless child and their arrival only made things worse. Unless he is putting his all into focusing on something- and sometimes even then- it’s difficult for anything to hold Tommy’s attention for long and as a result boredom has a tendency to hit him hard and fast. Next to rules, it’s the thing Tommy hates most in the world. Being bored, or being still for too long, leaves him feeling itchy and irritable, and if he doesn’t find an outlet his mind starts to come up with ideas on what he could be doing or should totally go out and try.

It’s really in everyone’s best interest if he finds something to do before he truly starts considering any of those ideas.

Although cocky and totally sure of himself, Tommy can be a pretty friendly, fun (again, that’s his goal) guy. He prefers to be around other people when he isn’t running around the world and has a tendency to make friends in the strangest of places. Just like he enjoys variety in his life, he enjoys variety in his friends and tends to go with the ‘to each their own’ philosophy so long as they aren’t trying to tell him what to do. Lighten up, be cool, and you’ve got a friend who will always keep things interesting, be happy to share in a good laugh, and probably help you moved because, hey, it would take him like all of five seconds. Be bossy or try to put him in his place, however, and there will be problems. Tommy has little respect for rules or the people who try to enforce them and he often becomes quite juvenile in the face of either. He’ll taunt, ignore, or intentionally annoy someone trying to lay down the law and there is no faster way to get him to do something than to tell him not to. Breaking rules, in his opinion, is fun.

Although he isn’t stupid, Tommy isn’t going to impress anyone with intelligent insights either. And you know what, that’s okay with him. He likes the way he tends to act without over-thinking. In his opinion, people who think too hard about what they are going to do are just cowards who are too scared to bite the bullet and get things done. He’s a doer. The bad side of that is that he tends to do stupid things because he doesnt bother to think them through. The good side is if he decides to do something, he gets it done no matter how challenging it may be. If he says he’s going to do something, he’ll do it.

  • Food- seriously, he loves food. Eats all the time. Hey, he’s a growing speedster. who burns about a bajillion calories a day. Sue him...or better yet, enjoy a couple dozen ice creams with him. You know you want to.
  • Trying anything new- really, anything. He should probably have a full time babysitter.
  • Running- it is more freeing than he could possibly describe and he just feels...right when he’s running
  • The ladies- oh he’s a flirt, a big flirt
  • Action movies
  • Boredom/Sitting still
  • Reading- he can do it quickly so it’s not horrible but it’s not really his thing
  • History...and well most school topics actually
  • Mushrooms- they’re slimy and gross and yes he tries everyone so he has tried them
  • Chick flicks- just kill him now
  • Perseverance - Tommy loves a good challenge and isn’t one to give up on anything without a fight even when he should
  • Good friend- oh sure, he might get you into trouble (although, to be fair, he’s usually right beside you when it happens) but if you need him for anything he’ll be there and if someone messes with you they are going to regret it. Just...don’t expect him to be good about talking about feelings and all that junk
  • Standing up for the small fry- While Tommy isn’t against violence at all (fights were fun even before his new speed and strength) but he doesn’t put up with bullying or hurting innocent people and will put a stop to it if he sees it
  • Sense of invincibility- like many teen boys, Tommy sees himself as invincible and it shows in his complete disregard of common sense. “What could happen?” was practically his motto even before he became faster and stronger than most everyone else on the planet.
  • Not using his powers/sitting still- he’ll use his powers all the time and often without caring who sees. He hasn’t let his parents or friends know he’s a mutant yet, but if he’s in another city/state/country he will use his powers whenever he wants, however he wants
  • Being respectful- he really just doesnt know how anymore
  • Sticky fingers- stealing things, big or small, is something he’s done for many years, usually more for the thrill of taking it than for the actual desire to own the object
  • Understanding consequences- because he feels he can do anything, Tommy sometimes has a difficult time understanding the concept of consequences so as a result he does many…uh…questionable things. As far as he is concerned, if things get sticky he can just zip right out of there so why worry?
  • Uncertain future- Besides having fun, Tommy has absolutely no goals in life. He doesn’t know what to do with himself and every now and then that loss of purpose pushes through all the fun he’s having

user posted image

Power Name- Superhuman Speed
Tommy has been gifted with the ability to run at speeds up to and exceeding the speed of sound with his max speed falling around Mach 8. He can maintain his top speed for at most 30 minutes but can run for hours at lower speeds depending on how fast he is going and whether or not he is eating while running to replace the calories he is burning. Tommy gleefully uses his speed to give the finger to the laws of physics and run up buildings and across water. To keep up with it, his mind is also able to move at speeds far exceeding that of a normal human. This enables him to see and understand the world around him even at his top speeds. He can also use this to read quickly.
    SUPERHUMAN AGILITY/RELFEXES- Along with his speed comes the agility and reflexes needed to maintain them without hurting himself. He is more flexible, has better balance and coordination, and has faster flexes than a normal human. These allow him to run without tripping easily or running into anything that may appear in his path.
    SUPERHUMAN DURABILITY/STRENGTH- Running at speeds greater than sound would take their toll on a normal human body within moments, leaving joints battered and skin raw from friction (and that’s assuming he didn’t fall while running). Tommy’s physiology protects him from such harm by making him more durable. His joints don’t feel the strain and although a fall while running will still hurt like a bitch, it will not shatter every bone in his body like it should. Tommy’s muscles are also much stronger than a normal human’s. His arms can lift over 800 lbs and his legs can easily bench press over a ton.
    MOLECULAR DESTABILIZATION- Tommy is able to use hyper-kinetic vibrations to affect the movement of molecules in an object. If he speeds them up enough, he can cause the item to explode or crumble.
    INTANGIBILITY- Tommy is able to use his molecular destabilization to walk through solid objects. However, this ability takes far more finesse than simply blowing the object up and is harder for him to control. He cannot move someone else through an object.
Although he can handle a bad fall without coming out of it with bones made of jello, Tommy is by no means immune to other things that would hurt the human body. Knives, guns, electrocution, fire, anything that could be used as a weapon can do him harm just as easily as they could to someone else. His body is also in constant demand for energy to replace what he is rapidly burning. His metabolism is crazy fast which is why he is always hungry and always eating. Without fuel for the fire, he can and will tire.

Tommy is still learning how to control both his molecular destabilization and intangibility as altering molecules in such a way takes way more focus than just running around, no matter how fast that running may be. As a result those powers kick in unexpectedly and dont always work when he wants them to. He might accidentally create a door in a wall by simply touching it when emotional (or, you know, destroy his school) or run into an actual door when trying to move through it.

Skills & Abilities- Before his powers manifested, Tommy was already a pretty skilled track runner...but now that doesn’t really count which would frustrate him after how much work he put into it were it not for the sheer freakin’ awesomeness of being a speedster. His skills with the drums, however, cannot be denied. He’s been playing since he was 9 and he dares anyone to tell him he’s not amazeballs. Due to his passion of breaking rules and getting into things he shouldn’t, Tommy taught himself how to pick locks years ago, including handcuffs not because he’s needed it but, you know, shit could happen.

user posted image

Height- 5ft 11in
Weight- 161 lbs (I guess? I don’t know much about men’s weights)
Eye Colour- Grey
Hair Colour- Silver

Due to his powers (and, to be fair, the training he did before them), Tommy has the body of a- wait for it- runner! He is lean and wiry with very little body fat to be found, and his muscles, especially those in his legs, are, if not bulky, well defined and strong. With all the time he spends outside, the teen has developed a healthy tan that makes his steely gray eyes- that are always blazing with emotion, whether that be mischief, joy, love, or rebellion- and unusual silver-white hair stand out all the more. Tommy keeps his grandpa hair (as he affectionately calls it) cut a few inches long and it always has a wind-blown, carefree look to it thanks to his preferred method of travel. Personally, he thinks he looks good that way and has been known to tousle his hair a little to make sure it is properly aloft if he thinks a hot girl is looking his way.

Tommy walks with a confident swagger to his steps, and although people might not notice him for the quality of his clothing, what he wears still does much to attract attention. The young speedster rarely bothers with real clothing these days, preferring sports gear that is easy for him to move in. Sometimes it is loose but just as often he goes for things that are tight and less likely to snag on things he may pass while speeding down the street. What draws the eye the most, however, are their blinding colors and patterns. Nothing too gaudy unless he’s really in a mood, but it’s rare to catch the impish speedster wearing all black unless he’s trying to go unnoticed which is rare.

Gear- Tommy carries a pair of orange tinted goggles with him wherever he goes to protect his eyes from the wind and flying debris while running. You can also usually find food hidden somewhere on his person as he needs to constantly eat to keep up his energy.

Additional Information- Nothing I can think of

Hometown- Springfield, NJ
Immediate Family- Frank and Mary Shepherd
Others- N/A

Had it been up to him, Springfield, New Jersey would not have been high on Tommy’s list of places to be raised. Unfortunately, like most children, especially adopted ones like himself, that choice was completely out of his control. He could have grown up in way more interesting New York City where he’d first been entered into the system, but when Frank and Mary brought him into their lives they also brought him to the oh so completely uninteresting, never had more than 16,000 residents at any one time township of Springfield. It was a place he usually found to be boring (a little at the first, hella as he got older), but given that his need to entertain himself made him the adventure seeker and trouble maker that he is, Tommy figures he should in some way be thankful to it.

Right from the get go, it was clear that Tommy was going to be a rascal. As soon as he could crawl, he was getting into anything and everything he possibly could with a boundless curiosity that didn’t often let rules hold it back, and if he never won awards for book smarts once he started school, he quickly showed a tenacity and cleverness that allowed him to puzzle his way through anything in his path whether it be child locks he encountered as a toddler or the endless rules a child faces as they age. These qualities half drove his parents (and any other adult in his life) mad but made the impish child quite popular with others his age. He made friends easily as he grew up despite getting every single one of them in trouble at least a dozen times and had his first ‘girlfriend’ at the age of 6...and another one at 7 and 8 and 9...

When he entered middle school, Tommy found two outlets for his boundless energy and need to move that actually gave the adults around him some relief: track and playing the drums. He was somewhat forced to try the former by his desperate teachers, but once he started to run Tommy never looked back. It was easy to lose himself in the rhythmic pounding of his feet on the ground and it gave him a strange feeling of freedom that. The drums also helped to burn some of his energy and was one of the few things he was able to truly focus on, and the two combined were able to keep him relatively out of trouble...for a few years at least.

Then he became a teenager and, like most teens, he fell back into bad habits, folding against the pressures to be considered ‘cool’ and find something fun to do. Tommy continued with track and he was never the sort to harm someone or bully (in fact, he enjoyed punching bullies in the face given half a chance), but his grades undulated on a constant rollercoaster, he often skipped school when he felt he could get away with it, and his antics grew less childish. Petty theft, fights, alcohol snuck into parties, cars taken on joyrides long before he could legally drive, and many others. Sometimes he got caught, many times he didn’t, but the tension grew between him and his parents. They tried therapy, they tried various punishments, they even considered drugs as nobody really doubted the likelihood that he had ADHD (but Tommy quickly nixed that idea). It wasn’t that Tommy wanted to cause his parents trouble, he loved them, really, but he couldn’t seem to stop himself from doing stupid crap whenever the mood struck him. The arrival of his powers didn’t help, even though it was the best thing to ever happen to him...once he learned how to stop running into things on accident.

His powers hit Tommy when he turned 16 and thankfully not while he was at a track meet but instead was simply running on his own. They opened up a whole new world for him but they also made him more confused about what to do with himself than ever. School became harder to focus on with the open world ahead of him and when he was out he found himself caught between criminal and hero. One moment he might be stealing from a store just to see if he could do it without the security cameras catching him, the next he was stopping a mugger from robbing a couple out on the town. He felt that the world was at his fingertips and that he could do anything with his newfound powers...and yet he didn’t know what to do.

Things, unfortunately, escalated when, in frustration, Tommy accidentally destroyed half of his school…

user posted image

Player Name- Andi
Age 29
How Can We Contact- message on here please
Time Zone- central time zone USA
How did you find us? people on here, I shant name names
Other Characters- This is my first

Role Play Sample-
There weren’t too terribly many good things about small cities like Springfield, but being able to see the stars was definitely one of them. Even though he didn’t know more than a handful of the constellations sparkling above him and nothing was moving (which usually was quick to bore him), Tommy found that he could focus his thoughts better when he was gazing at the night sky than at any other time besides when he was running or playing the drums. Maybe it was knowing that there was a whole universe out, waiting to be explored, or maybe it was the feeling of being alone without plans or responsibilities that made it so surprisingly calming. Tommy wasn’t sure, but it usually worked.

Not so tonight.

As he lay spread-eagle on his school’s roof- having run up the wall a few minutes earlier- Tommy found his problems sneaking stealthily back to the forefront of his mind as his eyes connected the dots of the Big Dipper. He just felt...lost. The future hadn’t been something he’d thought about too much until he started breaking the sound barrier, but now that he could he felt this nagging need to do something with his gifts. What the hell that something was, he didn’t have a damn clue.

With a groan, the teen snaked his fingers roughly through his silver hair, gripped his head in frustration, and drummed the heels of his sneakers childishly against the roof. The moment he closed his eyes, his mom’s disappointed face and his dad’s furious one flashed across his vision. They’d fought, again, and he’d run out (at a normal, human speed until he was out of sight) again. He hated it and yet he didn’t see a way out. Why was it so important that he go to school? Sure, he needed a job, but he could do anything now! And the stolen stuff they found in his room...well it wasn’t like he took it all from one place or got caught or anything…

Guilt warred with anger and another strong dose of frustration and without thinking Tommy slammed one fist into the concrete roof beside him as he opened his eyes and stared longingly up at the stars as though hoping Mufasa might manifest from them and tell him what to do with his life and--

The roof began to shake.

Startled, Tommy sat up in a flash of movement and glanced around him. Yup, the roof was definitely shaking- or maybe vibrating was a more accurate word. Some instinct made the teen shift his gaze from the roof to the fist he’d hit it with and grey eyes widened comically at what he saw. His fist was...a blur, vibrating so quickly even his eyes- which could keep up with the world around him when he was running- couldn’t follow. It stopped a fraction of a second later but to his confused dismay and growing alarm, the building did not. Tommy didn’t waste any more time wondering what was happening. Tapping into his speed, he fled from the roof and down the wall to the ground two stories below.

“Nonononono,” he exclaimed as he darted back and forth, helplessly watching as the vibrations traveled down the school nearly as fast as he had. “Oh god, oh shit, that’s not good, that’s bad…” Unable to think of anything he could do to stop it, Tommy watched with his jaw falling down to his chest as nearly a third of his school just...collapsed.

Charles Xavier
 Posted: Jul 12 2017, 04:08 PM

::In the spirit of friendship, please refrain from making racecar noises as you pass your fellow students. ::


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