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WPX - Storming the Castle

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 Brood - Time For An Earth Shattering KaBoom, April 16th, 11AM // Open
 Posted: Jun 9 2018, 04:41 PM

One would think that the threat of the world being devastated by an endless horde of alien bugs would be enough to make people be civil. You would also think that anyone failing to be civil would stress stress someone out. Not surprisingly the eclectic gathering of individuals in the defied expectations and Razor in particular took everything in stride. As he leaned against one of the walls passively observing the X-Men and Brotherhood sharing information and posturing the Raptor was surprisingly content in spite of the outright hostility on display. He’d spent the last ten years of his life living in close quarters with Sabretooth and the Wolverine in a virtual hellscape and he was content if a meeting didn’t end with the viscera covering the walls.

It also helped that Velocity hadn’t been killed by X-Men squeamishness and poor decision making. As his only friend was propped up against him Razor listened to the various queries and comments. He automatically filtered out the foolish posturing, the odd stupid question or statement, and the eventual casual display of violence while he considered the few useful questions and comments.

“There were only a handful of individuals that have been able to reverse the infection once an embryo was implanted,” Razor said in response to the question that had been directed towards Velocity from Angel, “Individuals with healing factors comparable to Wolverine and Sabretooth seemed able to shrug off infection while those who could prevent their DNA from being altered were also safe.” He considered whether he should let everyone in on his own secret. He hadn’t even told Neena though he was certain she had caught on that something was wrong with him when he stopped changing back to his own body a few years ago.

Deciding that letting them in on the secret now was the safer option as he refused to let someone pause or freak out due to a poorly timed revelation in the field he continued. “I’m the only exception to the rule but that’s because my actual body is locked down in an extra dimensional space that doesn’t allow for the passage of time and has been ever since I was lucky enough to be recovered from the Brood before the embryo was able to mature fully.”

He knew that this revelation was going to be unpleasant for some people if they chose to ignore the fact that he was obviously on their side based on past actions, he also wasn’t looking forward to what Neena was potentially going to say or do with his condition out in the open, but they all needed to understand the situation. There was a very short list of people that had work arounds for infection and everyone else needed to understand how serious the threat was. With the unwelcome information hanging in the air he turned towards Martyr and answered his question to the best of his ability.

“As for where we all went wrong? That can be summed up as we failed to stop them from making contact with the rest of their kind out in space. After that it was just a numbers game since at the point we could never make any headway against them.”

Once he was done being the bearer of unpleasant news Razor settled in to listen once again to the various bits of information being brought forward by Hardwire, Toad, and Hellfire. The revelation regarding the Brood’s history on earth and how they had been subdued in the past was most intriguing along with the fact that the bug like bastards couldn’t call off planet yet. As he processed this information and considered the rough plan proposed by the Wolverine. There was enough there that they could put together a fighting chance, especially if things worked out in their favor for once.

Considering the options at his disposal with the information provided combined with what he was hearing in the back of his head from the Data Song a grim smile began to form on the inhuman face hidden behind his visored helmet. It wasn’t a pleasant smile and nothing about his posture or mannerisms betrayed what he was contemplating but for the first time in a decade he had a reason to be optimistic regarding his chances of dealing with the Brood.
 Posted: Jun 11 2018, 04:48 PM

At the threat by Hellfire, Victor grinned to expose his canines and stretched out his claws to full extension. Turning his gaze to Menagerie, he whispered "Didn't know I made such an impression that S&M with his little whips felt his manhood threatened."

Upon which he felt his air cut off and his windpipe collapse.

Given the absence of Marvel Girl, there was really only one person who could have put a telekinetic vise on his neck. Feeling himself being lifted up, he considered Exodus with a grin even as he felt and heard the cartilage crackling in his neck and air cut off.

Strangulation. Let's see what else you got Red, Creed thought. But the twisting was smarter than he thought. Exodus wasn't bothering with focusing on the bone structure, and instead twisted where the spinal cord itself snapped. His body turned into dead weight floating in the air. As he fell, there was no grace as there was no signal going to the rest of his body.

But as Chrome and Nightmare checked on him, part of Creed was considering the odds of trying to convince Samara he obviously needed CPR from her. As it would work better than from Chrome.

Yet even as he thought that, there was a crackling noise as cartilage snapped back in place and reopened his windpipe. Spinal column nerves reconnected, letting him move around even as he heard Psylocke get on to Exodus for his actions, even as he heard Seamus Mellencamp hit the floor.

There was a sudden crack of adamantium bone on adamantium bone as his neck realigned, with Creed stretching up a hand and piercing the lip of the metal table with those claws. Pulling himself up, he then pulled the claws through before stretching and rotating his neck. "God that feels better!" Victor exclaimed as his eyes looked over the room. "Had a crick that just wasn't going away. Never thought of Exodus as a massage specialist."

He then leaned on the table and smirked at Betsy, eyes moving up and down. "Also didn't know you cared so much Psylocke. Coming to my defense and all." Taking a deep sniff of the air, Creed then proceeded to lie his ass off as he lifted a hand to stage whisper to the other Brotherhood members "She wants me for my body." Tapping his nose, he nodded and said "Body chemistry smells different. Lets you know things someone doesn't want to admit to themselves."

But as far as the information presented went, Creed rolled his eyes and said "So boiled down, we are going to have to hit the place. Glad nukes are off the table as they steal all the fun." Chuckling, Victor purred "Brood die so pretty on claws. Trying so hard to be bad ass when they just fly around and hiss and hit with literal noodle arms."

Though at Logan's comments, Creed's eyes did narrow as he considered how fun it would be to dive across the table and remove one of the runt's lungs. It wasn't like he needed both, and considering Victor had technically been up close and personal to what Logan referred to, the desire to remove something was strong.

As there was a world of difference between that being willing, and the assault his own birth family had put him through for a decade.

Patience, Creed thought. Just wait until his birthday. Then beat him up, put him in his cabin, and set it on fire around him. Maybe dig up his almost wife and desecrate the remains in front of him. The thought of that sort of vengeance brought a huge grin to the savage's face as he considered how much fun that would be.
 Posted: Jun 11 2018, 05:39 PM

Suvik sat with that thousand yard stare he sometimes had when he was planning a night out for himself. Having already chosen and acquired the source for his stealing of life energy. It was an unsettling enough look when you were on the other end of it, but in a scenario like this it might just seem like he was staring off into space and not paying any attention to what was going on. Though that was far from the case. Suvik was playing quite a bit of attention actually. Watching and observing how everyone reacted to one another. Mulling over options and tactics. Playing out quite a bit of scenarios in his mind as he thought on the problem at hand. Altering this thinking as new options and information was added.

Velocity's "Uncle Suvik." Being about the only thing that managed to break that thousand yard glance as he thought. What in the nine hells was this dystopian future if he had some sort of niece or whatever the hell ever that was referring to him as Uncle. The mere thought of such a thing being real was enough to renew his conviction that he did not want this dystopian future to come to pass. Uncle gave his the hibby gibbies and he winced a bit at the thought. Thankfully he had no idea who the girl was or related to, or he never would have resisted the urge to pummel that bees nest with a stick just for the hell of it.

He had been a lesser version of what the people in the room expected of him. Though by now they should have all come to the realization that Suvik was not ignorant, and could in fact play well with others. When it was absolutely necessary. He had done what was asked of him by Notion. Never stepping outside of the previously details rules of engagement. Only letting his baser self loose after Charlie had told him to. He had crossed the Savage Land with a team member and two of Xaviers, never once doing those things that people assumed he would. And had even stayed within the orders given on the assault on Zaladane's Ziggurat. So in essence it should not have been a surprise that it was Sabretooth and not Suvik that drew Exodus's attention.

"Anyway." Suvik said, calmly and slowly rising to his feet, not giving any acknowledgement to any of what took place. "It is difficult to plan an op when we don't know where that op will take place. I think it is safe to assume that Broken Bow is a target, but without more concrete information we cannot safely say that's the only target. We should organize ourselves in a manner that will allow for units to peal off to other objectives at a moments notice. Striker teams designed for certain objectives. Enemy engagement, infiltration, and command structure assassination, for example. If what has been detailed about the Egyptians proves correct." Suvik said, glancing around the room a bit.

"I'm not just a pretty face. I do have the ability to work with people and not be traitorous." Also something that oftentimes got over looked with Suvik and his penchant for the more macabre violence was the reality that he grew up as a child soldier with Mercenaries and had experience in this sort of outnumbered situation. "I also have a suggestion about the incubation pods." He continued, not waiting for commentary. "We cannot assume Warren's plan to secure Beast's release will be successful. Beast is a mutant who will be standing in a human court in front of a human judge and the legal system is not mutant friendly. We also cannot safely assume there is even a possible cure. So my suggestion is we do not open the pods. Instead the more tech savvy, like Toad, see if they can change the pods from an incubation chamber to a stasis chamber. If we are able to somehow place them into a suspended animation of sorts it buys us time to deal with Beast and devise a treatment that is not hasty. That is my suggestion, but I'll do whatever. " Suvik was not all that worried about death by Brood. Not even Death itself wanted him anywhere near it and so far had always spat him back out. If he ended up infected he would simply die and take care of the problem the hard way. So it really mattered not what path they took. He just wanted to give his two cents and fire another dig at Exodus. He couldn't resist. It had become a favored past time of his.
 Posted: Jun 12 2018, 04:59 PM

Once Jim finished speaking and Betsy added her acknowledgement that he and Warren were actually thinking straight, Sabretooth had to speak up because the old bastard lived to make drama. It was what he did. Luckily, even thought the Apache was could foul tempered under certain circumstances, he knew better than to give Victor Creed the satisfaction of letting any of this retarded comments about his sex life get under his reddish brown skin. He even gave Logan a slight shake of his head to let the Wolverine know that his arch enemy wasn't going to bother him. Frankly, he was shocked that the murderous psycho hadn't brought up scalping, not that he would have let that get under his skin either. Victor lived to create drama.

Then Victor turned his attention to over members of his team and all the superhuman did was stay propped up against his wall and watch as everything went down. That was, until the Exodus decided to telekinetically snap the feral's neck. It was all he could do not to chortle out at the chaos that was ensuing. Psylocke made Seamus Mellencamp sleep, Logan told Bennett to toss his 'old enemy' in hid direction, Wicked suggested they screw and get it over with... yada, yada, yada. There was little else that would cause 'the Apache to open his trap again. Being as massive as he was meant that he had to learn a bit of discretion. He may not have had much of a filter and was more likely to speak his mind if he opened his yap, he knew when know to. Anyway, with Chrome and the rather beautiful Nightmare checking on Creed and telling everyone to stop acting like fucking children, there as no point in the Native even attempting to calm things down. Creed had no honor. That's all there was to it. Whatever happened to the adamantium laden jack ass was something he deserved to Jim's mind.

Then they FINALLY started talking sense. Thank goodness for the likes of Hellfire, Toad, and Hardwire. Anyway, there was no point in being stupid and ending up in the Savage Lands via a portal conjured by Blink. This was the part where he needed to pay attention.

When Senyaka started putting in his two cents again, talking about the different teams he suggested, the Apache nodded in agreement, but didn't speak again. A lot of what Suvik was saying made send. Breaking everyone into teams with different objectives was the smartest thing they could do. Of course they would meet resistance. There was no doubting that, but if that was the way the ancient Egyptians handled the disgusting space bugs then perhaps it was wise that they take the example of their predecessors. And having the techie types work on making the incubation pods into suspended animation chambers was a stroke of genius. Jim didn't pretend to be the smartest guy at the school. He knew he was far from being Hank. But, he liked to think he knew a good plan when he heard it.
 Posted: Jun 12 2018, 07:00 PM

This had to be a nightmare. A bad dream brought about by all her fears and anxieties which now had taken hold of her mind.

Pinching herself, Cat felt the slight pain and winced. Not because of the pain, but because she’d felt it and was certain she was awake. That this was real. She was tucked against a wall, nearby Blackstar and Backup. An unintentional trio of blue team members who were just sort of shell shocked and reeling from their own realizations. Cat certainly couldn’t speak to what was going through the minds of the others. All she could do was reach out and put her hand on the wall in an attempt to tether herself to reality as the world dropped out from beneath her.

Their friends had been captured.

They’d been infected.

And as much as she wanted her ears to be failing her, for her brain to be simply processing what she was hearing wrong, she knew that probably wasn’t the case. Because amidst the sea of sound waves and overstimulation, she was hearing the worst thing possible. That there was little to no hope for those who’d been infected. They were as good as dead.

No hope for Kitty. No hope for her sister and best friend.

As good as dead.

All the breath left her body as she stood against the wall. Body trembling as her entire being threatened to come apart at the seams. Her consciousness retreating inwards, only taking in bits and pieces of what was going on around her. All the vitriol and bickering and then actual physical violence committed upon one another only served to send sound waves slamming into her. It all became sort of like white noise as she managed to make her way towards the door. Any sound coming from anyone she passed disappearing briefly into silence.

Her face was pale as she managed to get out the door, not realizing that Kerr had also left. All she could do was just slide down the wall as a cloud of silence surrounded her. Pulling her knees to her chest, Cat just curled up into a ball and cried.
 Posted: Jun 12 2018, 07:28 PM

Shortpack's eyes immediately narrowed at Exodus. Matt had placed the red hued Frenchman on his list of enemies ever since the telekinetic had thrown his temper tantrum on the steps of the White House which had resulted in Matt being injured. ::Should have napped Tarte aux tomates while you were at it.:: Matt used his telepathic communication ability to communicate with Psylocke only as grumbled more to himself than anything else. Normally he would not have bothered Betsy, knowing that she was using her telepathy for quite a few things. However his mind was such a minuscule presence and Betsy would understand his ire towards the Frenchman.

Wicked's comments drew an arched eyebrow from the tiny little super spy. He absolutely loved it that there were people unaware of his activities regarding the likes of Trask and with Genosha. It reaffirmed that he was damn good at the job he performed for Xaviers. Information was what he dealt in. Using his jet pack to light a Brood on fire was simply extra-curricular activity for the teeny little super spy. Though he took a few moments while some actually good suggestions came through to mull over an gesture of good faith.

Reaching into a his backpack that sat on the war room table, Matt produced a small wooden box. If it was normal sized the box would be the size of a cigar box, but instead was small enough for Matt to handle like a regular sized person would a regular sized cigar box. Switching his telepathy to everyone in the room Matt spoke up. ::All of my suggestions are to gather more information. We need to check on that Brood in Hanks vault Opening the box, Shortpack strolled across the table to where the Brotherhood were gathered. Namely Hardwire.

"Just because you don't see me fighting with the resistance in Genosha, do not assume that I am not involved." Matt said reaching into the box and pulling out a black dot. "A gesture of good will, as they say. You'll need something to read microfiche, but this is everything I have on the Genoshan Geneticist David Moreau. Since this is off topic, we should chat when time permits." Matt placed the dot back into the box and sat in on the table in front of Toad and Hardwire before wondering out to towards the middle of the table. ::Also, Forge's robotic assistant was mentioned earlier. If you could locate him, he might have some useful information. Such as where they took our people. That's all I have to offer. Just tell me when to go where and I'll get the job done.:: Shorty and his Olympic sized confidence. People might assume a guy like him would be timid. Shorty was anything but timid.

user posted image
 Posted: Jun 13 2018, 01:38 PM

It was a relief to hear that Angel had some kind of a plan for getting Hank out of prison, and especially that it involved following the law rather than breaking a litany of them. Shane would be willing to admit that his own idea was definitely less than legal, and would likely find a way to backfire on the X-Men and the Brotherhood. Their blue friend wasn't being held in some ordinary maximum security facility, after all, and there were likely safeguards in place for all sorts of intrusion; normal or technological.

Besides, he wasn't particularly hopeful that Hank could even find a solution to a Brood infection. Having seen what the invasive creatures did to a person he certainly didn't want to see his teammates suffer the same, but he also wasn't going to get his hopes up that they could be saved either. Some might think such a mindset to be cruel, but he wasn't going to give up entirely on the prospect that they could be saved if they were reached and treated quickly enough.

The bickering and fighting wasn't helping anything or anyone either, and Shane did what he could to simply stay out of it. Even when Sabretooth called him out for his feelings of anger he remained quiet, simply narrowing his eyes on the beastly man. Victor wasn't wrong; he was trying to hide how he felt. Considering what the Brood had done and what he knew they would do, holding back really wasn't an option. He too would need to do whatever was necessary to end the threat of invasion and extinction, even if it meant going much further than he normally would. Embracing that shit and playing with his inner demons, as the Brotherhoodlum so eolquently phrased it, just might become a necessity.

From there things went south in a flash, and while Shane wasn't particularly unhappy to see Victor Creed admonished for trying to antagonize people he wasn't expecting the man to have his neck broken on the spot. By a member of his own faction, no less.

Luckily not all members of the Brotherhood were insane or looking to pick fights with the people they were supposed to be working with, though many seemed to automatically assume the worst about the X-Men without all of the appropriate knowledge to back up claims that they were simply sitting on their hands while bad things happened around them. Not everything that they did needed to be advertised to the public.

After the insanity had passed people seemed to take things far more seriously, offering up more logical contributions and cautions about acting without necessary information. The intel offered by Toad about the Brood's apparent love of radiation was helpful enough to inform the collective teams that nukes were out of the question. Hardwire offered more insight into the matter, and Shane listened intently to both of them. The Brood having sent a signal to their race was what had caused things to completely fall apart, and according to Elliot the colony in Broken Bow had already tried to beam their communique, meaning that time wasn't on their side.

Razor's revelation that a handful of people had reverse Brood infection and that he himself carried one of their embryos in his own body earned him a narrow-eyed glance. From the way it sounded there was honestly little hope for Jean and the others, as he had feared. It sucked, and it was clearly enough to send Serenade from the room. Shane understood what the young woman was feeling. He really didn't want to have to put down people he had come to feel were his family.

Hearing -or rather sensing- Shortpack's telepathic message about gathering information and seeking out the Brood from the egg kept in Hank's lab, Shane nodded and said, "I can help with subduing the Brood hatchling if needed. I don't know how long it takes for one of these things to grow up and become dangerous, but they can't sting me when I rock up so I can't be paralyzed by it." Still, they'd need to find the thing first. If it was still in the lab it shouldn't be too difficult, but if it had managed to find its way to an upper floor it was likely vaporized with the rest of the mansion.

 Posted: Jun 14 2018, 07:43 PM

As Sabretooth's neck was snapped, Colossus lowered his arms from where they were folded over his chest, keeping them loose and ready to react. But it appeared as if the brutality was more corrective in nature given the number of individuals who didn't react.

Piotr's metal face was passive as he looked at it, trying but not quite succeeding at hiding his shock over such brutality being used against one's own allies. The thought of performing such a life threatening action against his friends and allies brought an ill feeling to the metal titan. How Exodus was able to risk a teammates life easily didn't sit well with the Russian.

Though as Psylocke dropped Seamus Mellencamp, Colossus frowned as both Backup and Serenade both seemed to have to leave the room. In the former case he understood, for the woman's boyfriend was captured. And while he knew that Cat was close to Kitty, he had a preference for working out possible solutions.

However, he also knew he wasn't the best at it. Though as Shortpack brought up the problem of a possible remaining creature running about, Piotr nodded as Slate offered to help look for it. His metallic voice rumbled "I will help with said search for the same reason. Adult Brood cannot harm me in physical combat in this form. So I doubt an infant version could as well." Pausing for a moment, he then looked over at Angel and asked "Would it be possible for us to acquire an old wrecking ball?" Putting one metal fist in his other hand, he popped his knuckles as he rumbled "I am thinking using it as a meteor hammer in the middle of their nest would be beneficial."
 Posted: Jun 14 2018, 09:58 PM

With a bit of order being restored she let out a little held breath of relief. Tensions had been high, anger and antagonism were sent pinging around the room like a goddamn bouncy ball and it wasn't conducive to a healthy work environment. Honestly she'd expected the entire room to explode into pandemonium after Seamus Mellencamp had been dropped, thankfully everything seemed to be reaaling itself back up into a semi positive.


She straightened and leaned her hip against the table, bracing her weight with one hand as she watched the young X Backup left the room. Her eyes narrowed in concern, outbursts like that only came from extreme emotions. Looking over at the feed of the captive X-Men, she suddenly understood. There was a good possibility that the girl had some significant involvement with some of the captives. Based solely on age similarities, she would assume that it was one of the two younger men though she wouldn't assume anything with too much certainty.

She then locked onto one of the faces that slept soundly in one of the incubation chambers and she could feel a prickle of anger bristle over her spine. Owen. Or was she supposed to call him Auri now? It didn't matter, the only thing that mattered was that a successful rescue was executed and a proper cure was found. She wouldn't lose a friend to these insignificant insects, even if said friend had cast his lot in with the people she really couldn't stand to be around.

Her gaze slowly turned back down to Sabretooth when the crackling started and her eyes widened considerably when the loud crack of metal on metal and the sudden appearance of a large clawed hand digging into the side of the table, allowing the large feral to pull himself up with a rather sinister looking grin.

“Took you long enough.” The quiet dig in his direction was mostly playful. She quirked an eyebrow at him, a barely there smirk ghosting her lips at his antics. What an absolute drama queen he could be. She straightened and listened to Senyaka speak his mind on the situation, and she nodded at her team mate. Her eyes wandered again however and followed Serenade out the door, and this time she couldn't ignore the tears. She smoothly pushed herself to stand straight and with a little toss of her hair over her shoulder she followed in the younger women's footsteps toward the door, her heels clicking on the floor sharply. She looked over her shoulder a moment, a silent assurance for anyone watching her that 'no I'm not going to eat them', and then she exited the War Room and found herself standing in the hall, with two weeping girls. She crossed the short distance to Kerr, crouching down and lowering herself to her knees with a grace most women in five inch heels would never dream of possessing. She rest a hand on the blonde's shoulder, giving the younger woman a gentle nudge before speaking slowly.

“One of those boys yours? Correct me if I'm wrong.” Samara waited a beat for the girl to object, but when she got a sniffling nod and a muttered 'the cute one' she blinked a moment. “I didn't think Auri would go for someone so young.” She was swiftly but quietly corrected, that Doug was the one Kerr was crying over, and Samara nodded. “That makes more sense, sorry.” She offered the distraught woman a small smile, an attempt at using her own misunderstanding to help lighten the mood, even just a little.

“Listen, I know you hurt, both of you are hurting for the ones you miss.” She looked over at Cat with the same kind smile before continuing. “My words may sound unkind but what you both need to do now is to stand and take action. When we get your friends home, when we get Doug home, hold him and shed the rest of your tears then. Take everything you're feeling right now and use it against the Brood. Come on, get out what you need to get out and we'll go figure out how to stop this all from getting worse.”
 Posted: Jun 14 2018, 09:59 PM

Perhaps it was inappropriate to point and laugh when Victor had his head snapped, but Ava found it particularly satisfying. The X-Men were welcome to call her petty, but the woman had spent over four years of her life a Sinister’s prisoner, with Victor Creed torturing her daily for his sick amusement. Witnessing him twisted like a corkscrew was, at least in her opinion, mildly cathartic. Ava shot Exodus a grin. “Consider our previous interactions forgiven, Frenchie,” she told him with a little wiggle of her fingers. “That made it all worth it.”

And there was no bounty on Earth worth going against Exodus again when he could crumple her like a wad of paper before she was in mace range.

As far as the rest of the meeting, Ava was bored. All of the talking and the planning and the fussing over what they should or shouldn’t, could or couldn’t do... It came down to something much simpler. Did they want to survive? Or did they want to give up? If the X-Men were going to talk this to death, she was perfectly fine dragging Logan into her ship caveman style and finding some planet more hospitable. He wouldn’t like it, but Laura wouldn’t take much convincing. Just a trail of that toxic pink garbage leading up the ramp. The Razorback wasn’t nearly big enough for the whole school, though. And Logan wouldn’t leave them behind to fight without them. And for some reason... Ava wouldn’t leave him.


“Ok. This is all great, and civil and entirely unproductive. Here, handsome. Hold this.” A heavy metallic sound scraped off the floor as Ava lifted a small compact contraption about the size of a steering wheel and handed it over to Martyr. Unfortunately what was light and perfectly manageable to her was easily 800 pounds of old metal was way too heavy for Jase and it immediately clattered to the floor. Ava blinked slowly down at her gift to the X-Men. “This irreplaceable piece of equipment that is currently on the floor is... Well, let’s say it’s from my vehicle.” Ava grinned broadly at those assembled. “Let’s talk foreign aid.”
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