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Jun 17 2018, 03:37 AM


Celebrity Claim-Nina Dobrev

Full Name- Anna Marie D'Ancanto
Nicknames/Aliases- Rogue, formerly Anna. Now goes exclusively by her codename
Age- 23
Date of Birth- September 10
Faction- Brotherhood
Occupation- Mutant Activist


Sassy, loud, brash, vivacious, high spirited all are words that could be applied to Rogue. She has sass in no small supply and she isn't afraid to use it sometimes playfully and sometimes less so. She has a presence about her that tends to fill a room, she has never been a quiet, retiring thing and she's very rarely anywhere except the center of the action and discussion. Being wrong or not actually knowledgeable about the situation doesn't necessarily stop her either, she'll cover any perceived inadequacies with more bluster if she has to so she doesn't appear stupid, uninformed, or weak.

Rogue has never been the type to think before she acts. She's brave and it often takes the form of recklessness. Between the life experience of being a runaway, training with the Brotherhood, and her own abilities she feels that she is close to untouchable, literally and figuratively. This is by no means true and likely to come back to bite her one of these days when she inevitably bites off more than she can chew.

Rogue has always had an independent streak a mile wide, nurtured by the haphazard upbringing in her early years. She values her freedom above all else and right below that freedom for all mutants. Her greatest fear is being caged and she would rather die on her feet than live on her knees.

In her younger years she was a happy, go lucky child. Life circumstances have battered her, leaving the good natured, heart of gold, side to her deeply buried in bitterness and resentment. She rarely shows her softer side, but it's still there deep down. She is most liable to show it around younger mutants, because they are the people she feels most need her protection.

Her powers have also had a huge impact on shaping her personality. The lack of ability to touch others has made her very cautious about letting people get too close to her, physically and emotionally. For someone who remembers growing up loved by her mother who was a very touchy-feely type this has been difficult, breeding resentment and loneliness. Her powers are a very integral part of her and the years spent with mutant supremacists have created a bit of a clash of ideals in her: she believes her powers make her stronger, that being a mutant makes her better, but she hates the side effects. She has a jealous streak that often rears its head in relation to other's powers or what they can have that she can't due to her own. Sometimes she wishes she wasn't a mutant which then makes her feel guilty. It isn't that she's been brainwashed per say, but the seeds were already planted and the Brotherhood has nurtured them. Hate does not come naturally to Rogue, but she would claim she hates humans. In reality she hates those who hurt or take advantage of mutants, however most of her interactions with humans have been so negative since her power manifested that she has lumped them all together. She desperately wants to belong and to have a family which has solidified her bonds to the Brotherhood.

  • Independence-her favorite thing to be is not responsible for anything or anyone
  • Flying-she acquired this power long term and is quite fond of it
  • Movies-old and new, she goes to the theater all the time
  • A good old fashioned smackdown
  • Card games-she also cheats
  • Pool
  • Ole Miss football-she's a Southern girl after all
  • Mutant haters-for obvious reasons
  • Losing-whether it's a board game or something serious she's a bit of a sore loser
  • Snooty people
  • Being made to feel dumb
  • Mosquitos
  • Cold weather
  • Mississippi State University
  • Self sufficient-from an early age Rogue learned to take care of herself
  • Street smarts
  • Bravery
  • Dedication to her causes
  • Reckless
  • Quick tempered
  • Lacking subtly
  • Too eager to be part of a group

Power Name- Lifeforce & Power Absorption

Through touch Rogue is able to absorb the memory, energy, knowledge, skills, personality, and powers of living, organic beings. Currently this is an automatic transfer from the person she comes in skin to skin contact with and herself. The victim will find themselves weakened, often to the point of collapse and in cases with enough contact a coma and, if she holds on long enough, eventually death. The transfer tends to cause the the victim pain and distress.

Typically everything Rogue absorbs except the energy is temporary. The longer she is in contact with the person, the longer the effects will last. Currently she maintains the effects at a ratio of ninety seconds for every second she is in contact with the other person. The only exception is with people she frequently absorbs from on a regular basis in which case she keeps the powers for up to two hundred seconds for every second she is in contact with.

The more familiar with a power Rogue is the better she can utilize it. Her power also extends to physical mutations, allowing her to grow wings or scales or take on other physical attributes. This growth and reversal can be painful and she tends to shy away from absorbing such mutations when she can help it. When she absorbs powers they tend to function as they were initially intended without regard to enhancements built in or physical incidents that happened to the original owner, for example if she absorbed Cyclops' power she would have control of the optic beams since his lack of control is due to a head injury.

Although the memories and knowledge fade Rogue's mind does store these psyches. She is only able to access them accidentally while her mind is particularly relaxed such as when she's asleep or if she partook in activities like yoga (which she does not). A telepath would be capable of accessing and reading this information, however they would also have to contend with the multiple psyches in Rogue's head.


First and foremost Rogue has no conscious control of her mutations. Any skin to skin contact activates her power. She has no control over how much energy she takes from a person short of letting go of them. Experience has tempered this somewhat, but every person reacts slightly differently: stronger mutants and mutants with healing factors are able to withstand her touch for longer and mutants in general last longer than baseline humans. A telepath has some resistance to Rogue absorbing their memories and knowledge.

Extended contact with strong psyches can occasionally have unexpected consequences as she found out against Carol Danvers.

Power Name- Enhanced Strength, Durability, Flight, "Seventh Sense"

Due to extended contact and perhaps some glitch on a genetic level Rogue seems to have permanently absorbed the powers, knowledge, and memories of Carol Danvers.

Super Strength: Rogue has inherited Danvers' super strength able to lift approximately 30 tons. Her control is suspect and she often uses more force than she needs to in hand to hand combat. She's also been known to wrench doors off their hinges and stomp her way through the floor.

Increased Durability: While she is by no means impervious to physical damage it's going to take a lot more effort to hurt Rogue than it should. She has been shot at, stabbed, and attacked with claws to little or no effect. She can survive a ten story fall without any problems, but much more than that and she will suffer internal damage or concussions. She has some resistance to toxins and poisons but is not immune.

Flight: Rogue is able to propel herself through the air with great maneuverability. Her top flight is the same as Danvers Mach-3, but Rogue has less endurance at this speed, topping out at a half hour at this speed. She can fly indefinitely at lower speeds and is able to carry another person with her.

Seventh Sense: Rogue has a very weak version of Carol's "seventh sense" that manifests as gut feelings about incoming trouble whether its a person or event. During high stress situations her body will occasionally react quicker than her mind, letting her make blocks or move away from an attack.

The split psyche has also made Rogue somewhat resistant to telepathic meddling and control.


Her strength has limits and while those are very high they're there. Rogue is also not aware of what they are so may overextend herself. She is protected against most forms of physical attacks, but she still needs to breathe and her internal organs have no special protections. She can be burned or electrocuted. She is weak against adamantium. Strong enough energy based attacks will also have an effect on her. Although resistant to many toxins and poisons she is not completely immune to them.

Rogue's physiology is not adapted to flight and therefore she can not fly out of the atmosphere as she needs oxygen.

Her seventh sense is mainly useful as a "bad feeling" alert and is not entirely dependable. She can not see the future and has no actual evidence to back up her warnings.

Rogue's mind can still be read and a telepath will pick up on her surface thoughts like anyone else. Psibolts effect her. However organized searching or indepth mind reading can cause problems due to the split psyches and stored memories of multiple people. She has no resistance to illusion based abilities.

Skills & Abilities-

[*] Hand to hand combat. Rogue has been trained in combat by Mystique and then the Brotherhood and is proficient in it.
[*] She currently possesses the abilities of Carol Danvers including espionage, aircraft piloting, Japanese, and German, and writing.
[*] She is fluent in French under her own power.

Height- 5'8"
Weight- 157
Eye Colour- Green
Hair Colour- Brown with white highlights


Rogue is slightly above average height wise with a curvy build. She works out regularly supplementing her natural curves with toned muscle. Her brown hair is naturally wavy with a lot of volume, growing up in the Mississippi humidity means that she's very used to dealing with frizz. She has two white streaks in the front of her hair.

The nature of her mutation plays no small role in dictating Rogue's fashion. To prevent accidents if she isn't planning on using her powers and will be around other people she opts for maximal coverage. In winter and fall this is easy: jeans, sweaters, skirts with leggings or tights, and gloves. In the summer she opts for lighter fabrics or flowing long skirts and sleeves or layering to cover skin left exposed by summer outfits. She will bare skin that has a low chance of coming into contact with someone, such as low cut tops or her neck, because as far as she's concerned if someone cops a feel they deserve what they get.

She always wears gloves when around others and keeps spare ones on her person. She's also fond of jewelry, but doesn't own any truly nice pieces, and has several ear piercings along with a belly button ring.


[*] She used to carry a set of brass knuckles which have been rendered largely unnecessary by her enhanced strength. Unless she's just being a jerk.
[*] She always has gloves on her person.

Additional Information-

[*] When she was in middle school she wanted to be a cop.
[*] Her aunt made her participate in a few beauty pageants, she was the runner up for her county pageant and to her aunt's disappointed flat out refused to do any more.
[*] She's very touchy about her lack of formal education, she got her GED instead of graduating highschool and doesn't have any higher education or training. No one has encouraged her to attempt it, frankly it's in the Brotherhood's best interest for her to remain in the field for them without backup options.
[*] After having experience on the run Rogue is a bit of a magpie. She hordes things, everything from things that might actually be used one day like costume jewelry, clothes, and DVDs to things that almost certainly never will be like ticket stubs, cards, and pamphlets from places she's been.

Hometown- Caldecott County, Mississippi
Immediate Family-

Owen D'Ancanto-43-father-estranged
Pricilla D'Ancanto-41-mother-believed dead
Carrie Moore-38-maternal aunt and caregiver-estranged
Raven Darkholme/Mystique-surrogate mother

Others- N/A


Rogue was born Anna Marie D'Ancanto to a young couple, just married, and living on a back to nature hippie-esque commune in Mississippi. It was a carefree early childhood and she more or less ran loose with little to no supervision. No one worried much about things like her learning letters or colors or numbers. There was no day care or preschool, no doctor's appointments or vaccinations. Anna and the other children in the community were almost a group project, it takes a village as they say.

When she was seven it went wrong when her mother disappeared during an attempt to dabble in Native American magic and mysticism. Stricken with grief Owen took his daughter and returned home to Jackson, Mississippi. He withdrew into himself and once again Anna was more or less left to fend for herself, only now it was in a strange city with no one she knew. Her maternal aunt quickly stepped in, Carrie had never approved of her sister and brother-in-law's laid back attitudes or the idea of living, much less raising a child, in a commune and she didn't intend for her only niece to be some hippie, barefooted barbarian.

It was complete culture shock for Anna. She was away from the only home and family she had ever known, her father was distant, her aunt had an entire new set of rules and expectations, and she was thrust unceremoniously into public school and expected to function in a second grade classroom. It should not have been a surprise when it did not go well.

The adjustment process was slow. Anna and Carrie clashed frequently over everything from clothes to homework to chores, all the little things that matter to an elementary school child. Carrie truly did love the girl, but had a firm view of what she needed to do and who she needed to be. She took a hard line position on just about everything and the free spirit morphed into outright rebelliousness. She ran away from home for the first time at thirteen planning to hitchhike her way to New Orleans, but didn't even make it to the border before she was picked up by the police and taken home.

By highschool she had not settled down, but had found friends among her peers along with the nickname Rogue. At fifteen she had her first crush, a boy on the football team named Cody and even if she and Carrie were still often at odds it seemed as if there might be a happy end to the story... for about three months until Cody tried to kiss her and her mutant power manifested. He dropped almost immediately, seizing and then falling into a coma.

Rogue didn't stick around for the fallout. She fled town that night, unsure of what exactly had happened, but knowing that it was somehow her fault. Cody had been fine. Everything had been good. And then he had dropped and she was sure she could hear his thoughts in her head and she had memories that weren't hers rattling around in her dreams.

It only took one more mistake, the accidental hand touch of a waitress in an all night diner outside Jackson for her to confirm that it was her. She was the one doing this to people. She was some kind of freak, maybe even one of those mutants she had heard her aunt rant about and she was on her own. Her aunt would never let her stay, her father had taken off years before, and a call home to one of her girlfriends revealed that they all blamed her for what had happened to Cody, the whole town blamed her and if she knew what was good for her she wouldn't come back.

Rogue spent close to a year and a half on her own, drifting from place to place, shelter to shelter, before she met another mutant: Raven Darkholme also known as Mystique. The woman took Rogue in and the only explanation Rogue received was that she was a mutant and mutants were to band together against the humans who treated them all so unfairly. The sixteen year old was more than willing to embrace that particular ideal after spending so much time on the run because of her mutation.

Mystique encouraged this attitude, grooming Rogue to join the Brotherhood of Mutants. She recognized the potential of her powers, they could have any mutant power they wanted and the girl had a touch that could kill. Any feelings she had for or about the girl she kept to herself.

Rogue spent a year in one of Mystique's safe houses, working on control of her powers to no effect and her GED. She was frequently left alone while Mystique went about her other business. She even had some forays into the nearby town where despite (or maybe because of) instructions not to she attempted to befriend the local highschoolers, claiming she was homeschooled and living with her aunt. The friendships and dates came to nothing, she was too strange always covering her skin and refusing to touch people, too stridently pro-mutant when many of the teens were parroting the opinions of their parents about "the mutant threat". This served to reinforce her belief that the Brotherhood had it right: humans couldn't be trusted.

When she turned eighteen she moved to New York City where she was integrated into the Brotherhood. As expected they found her powers incredibly useful and quickly began utilizing her on missions. It became a vicious cycle: exposed to the worst of humanity and the most unfair treatment of mutants the otherwise goodnatured young woman was convinced more and more that Magneto was correct. There could be no peace and they were on the path to war.

Due to her relatively normal appearance Rogue was often sent to gather information or get close to targets. One of these stints brought her into contact with Carol Danvers and in the prolonged fight that followed Rogue found herself in extended contact with the other woman as she tried to drain her life force enough to take her down. Due to this Rogue seems to have rather permanently gained Carol's powers and memories, to the point that the Carol psyche rears its head when Rogue is weakened. So far she has kept the extent of this absorption to herself. Brotherhood leadership did find out about her new abilities, mutant and skills including espionage and decided to utilize Rogue as a spy.

She has recently returned to New York from DC after she was undercover, posed as a California debutante turned congressional intern gathering information from politicians involved in the mutant oppression in Genosha. Her cover was blown at the end of April and she returned home with a wealth of blackmail material in hand.

Unbeknownst to her Carrie spent years after her disappearance looking for her and to this day still has a photo of the two of them and one of Rogue with her mother on her mantle.

Player Name- Rider
Age 24
How Can We Contact- Skype or PM
Time Zone- EST
How did you find us? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Other Characters- X-23, Mistral, Marvel Girl, Blackstar, Kimura

Role Play Sample-

Rogue couldn't say she was sorry to see the lights of DC disappear behind her or that her mission had gone to hell in a hand basket. Somebody had to gather the information as the brains of the Brotherhood were so quick to point out. She just didn't see why that somebody had to be her.

'Thanks again Carol,' she thought to herself sourly.

The flight and strength? Rogue loved them.

The idea that now she was some kind of James Bond type? Not so much. She was no spy. She ought to be out on the front lines, throwing punches and that type of thing.

Her opinion had been overruled.

Apparently she didn't even have Carol's knack for it, because she had gone and gotten herself exposed. Good-bye Alissa VanCleef, you were fun while you lasted. The only good thing about pretending to be a rich, California party girl turned Congressional intern had been the clothes. Most of which were now abandoned since she couldn't very well go back to her apartment now that the police were looking at it.

She was going to miss that killer gown and she had only gotten to wear it once.

At least she had had the good sense to send all her information back, paper copies and what she had gotten from conversations, e-mails, and texts. It was amazing what you could find when you could touch someone, knock them out, and rifle through their things, then blame it on the drinks.

On the bright side she was sure the Brotherhood had found something else to do in her absence. Maybe an actual enemy to fight.

Rogue brightened even more when she pulled off the highway somewhere in Pennsylvania for gas and saw the lights for a Waffle House. Did that ever take her back to the bad old days; it was one of the places that was just about dirt cheap to get food, always open, and usually had somebody willing to pick up a hitchiker.

Also her world had been just a little too full of avocado toast and twelve dollar paninis in DC. She needed something fried and greasy and she needed it now.

There was the usual disinterested cook and gum snapping waitress who took her order lackadaisically after pointing for Rogue to sit at the counter, probably so she didn't have to walk too far. The place was almost empty this late: a truck driver asleep in his coffee and a duo of guys who had been eyeing her since she walked in.

It had been a good long while since she had a good fight too.

The slightly less greasy of the duo approached her as his friend headed out to their truck. "Now honey it's too late for a girl like you to be out so late. You look like you could use a ride."

Rogue swiveled in her chair to look him up and down. "Sugar, I don't know what kinda girl you think Ah am, but it's not that kind."

He looked her up and down, she wondered if they would still serve her her food if she put him through the window.

Maybe not.

"A runaway, right honey? Don't worry I've been there before. Let me help you." He reached out and took her wrist.

Shame she had her gloves on.

Rogue wrenched her hand free. "I'm flattered ya think I'm that young. But no. Back off."

He leered down at her chest.

She picked him up and bodily threw him through the glass door. "And don't you get any ideas about tryin' this on anyone else," she yelled after him as he crashed into the concrete. "Tell your friend the same!" She turned her chair back to the waitress and cook who were watching open mouthed. "How about that bacon now?"

They rushed to comply.

She'd be sure to leave them a nice tip.
May 2 2018, 12:09 PM
Well the good Mayor of Bug Town Broken Bow has invited the X-Men to tour the town and what better chance to do some reconnaissance?

Sign up if you want to come along, a team of six is going in, three suited up for the official tour and three going along to snoop. Thread will kick off on the 15th so just leave that day free. ^^

1. Marvel Girl
2. Cypher
3. Shadowcat
4. Forge
5. Flashback
6. DJ
Apr 6 2018, 07:56 PM
In case your character needs a backup career as a wizard, Mia found the Pottermore version of the Sorting quiz to take for them all!

Laura: Gryffindor
Kaylee: Gryffindor
Jean: Ravenclaw
Zeke: Slytherin
Feb 27 2018, 01:59 PM


Celebrity Claim-Jamie Campbell Bower

Full Name- Ezekiel Lucas Hathaway
Nicknames/Aliases-  Zeke, Zee
Age- 20
Date of Birth- July 15th
Faction- X-Men-arrived March 2017
Occupation- 21st century glam rock sensation. Accidental music teacher and super hero.

Ezekiel has always been an outgoing, vibrant, and loud character. He craves attention, good or bad, and will often jump into the spotlight. As a child in order to get attention he tended to take on the role of the class clown and that irreverence has followed him into adulthood. He takes very little seriously, preferring to ham it up or simply avoid or ignore important issues in order to do what he pleases. He can be a bit of a flake unless it's something he cares strongly about so far music is the only thing that has gotten him to buckle down and get to work.

Despite the tendency to clown around and jump in with both feet and little to no planning, he does tend to be a bit of a social chameleon. He's constantly after acceptance and to be part of the group, often at odds with his tendency to do things his own way and strike out on his own path. He'll often adapt to the goals and interests of a group he wants to be part of in order to fit in, although the core of his personality remains the same where ever he goes. This had led to a wide array of knowledge about random things, as to fit in he's learned about sports various books and movies, and hobbies

His number one loyalty is to himself. That's not to say he would betray people, but he doesn't expect much from anyone and doesn't like to owe anyone. He'll help to a point, but if it puts his plans or safety in danger he'll bail. He isn't very politically minded and frankly wouldn't care about the human mutant arguments if they didn't directly effect him. He learned early that life isn't fair and that the only person he could depend on was himself. He likes to be around other people, but since the last person he counted on was a foster mom when he was twelve he doesn't expect much from friends, lovers, or acquaintances. If you brace for disappointment, it doesn't hurt as much when it happens.

Despite the jaded layer, Zeke also tends to be fairly excitable. He isn't worried about appearances and lives in the moment. He likes what he likes and he'll be damned if he cares what everyone else says about it. He'll try anything once and despite his self proclaimed rock star status he can't dance to save his life. It doesn't stop him from trying. He also has a chivalrous streak, his foster-mom who he considers his real mother taught him manners and how to be respectful.

  • Music-anything from classical to country to classic rock to pop, he can find something interesting about any of it
  • Girls-He is all about the ladies.
  • Being the center of attention-good or bad Zeke loves attention
  • Guyliner-he is a rock star damn it
  • Anything 80's, he's often modeled himself off the New Wave singers and bands
  • David Bowie-the good die too young
  • Kids cartoons. Team Daffy for life.
  • Stories-it doesn't matter if it's a book or a movie he loves stories and is actually fairly well read.
  • Popcorn
  • Golf-boring
  • People who don’t sing along in the car. What’s wrong with you?
  • High expectations-he has parent issues
  • Stick in the muds-life is too short to go home early
  • Planning-he’s unfortunately a spur of the moment kind of guy
  • People who don't laugh at his jokes
  • Overly negative or pessimistic people
  • Parents or authority figures who abandon their kids-although he's not a big fan of authority figures period
  • Goal Oriented-if Zeke has a goal in mind he’ll work as hard as he has to to get it done.
  • Socially adept-Zeke has good instincts and tends to get along well with most people, or at the very least he can manage them to get what he wants
  • Creative-he writes music and lyrics, previously for his band now for himself
  • Really good hair
  • Emotional-Zeke has the bad habit of acting on emotions rather than holding himself back to make a more intelligent choice
  • Physical activity-If it’s not dancing he’s not into it and he's clumsy to boot.
  • Egotistical-not exactly to maniacal levels, but he has a big head and a little too much self-confidence

Power Name- Illusion Casting
Zeke’s power is simple: he can create illusions. The object of his creations is limited only by his imagination from a scale of simple auditory hallucinations all the way to complete scenes trapping a person.

On the largest scale he can create full immersive dreamlike states. These can range from harmless every day scenes like a home or a meadow all the way to terrifying settings filled with monsters. If he can imagine it, he can trap a person in it. So far Zeke can only bring three people into one of these visions and they have to be within two hundred feet of him. Since they are full illusions they can not cause any physical harm directly to the participants, but while inside they can be injured or even killed. No harm results to their physical body, but mentally it can be traumatic and while trapped in the illusion they can perceive pain. Theoretically while trapped in the illusion their body could be hurt outside by someone else since mentally they aren't really all there to respond and defend themselves.

Zeke can and frequently does use this power on himself. He is able to transfer himself in and out of dreamstates he's placed other people in, but due to lack of experience runs the risk of being stuck. Someone with mental powers of their own or a strong enough personality can exert their will on these illusions causing them to change or even for them to get out of it although it isn't necessarily easy.
While the immersive illusions are the most powerful weapon in his arsenal, Zeke can also cast figures into the real world. Once again what he can create is limited by his imagination, which unfortunately for his victims is quite expansive. These constructs can actually interact with the real world to a certain extent, in that they only effect him and anyone he might be touching at the time. So if he creates a fire and sticks his hand in it, it might burn him, but to everyone else it would just be a source of heat and light while it tricks their perceptions. If he grabbed someone else's hand and stuck them both in, they potentially could both burn.

For the most part however these illusions merely trick the viewer's senses. They might perceive pain if he set them on fire, but their actual bodies would be unharmed. For example, he make rain and make you think you're dripping wet, but if you went to actually try to drink the water to survive it's not going to help you.

This power came with some limited mental resistance to telepathy and other people's illusions.

Zeke's biggest limitations are distance and sustainability. To trap someone in a dream state he has to be within two hundred feet of them and able to see them. His other illusions can travel as far as two hundred yards if they remain within Zeke's field of vision. If he can't see them, they flicker out and vanish. If he's effecting a wider area, for example creating the illusion of a thunder storm he can maintain it for that two hundred yards as long as he remains in the center of the illusion.

His dream states can be broken out of by someone sufficiently determined or with stronger mental powers than his own. If he's attacked mentally he's likely to drop his hold on any illusions he's created. If his physical body is attacked while he's in one of the dream states he's entirely vulnerable. He can also be injured by his own illusions since they can interact with him.

Illusions take concentration to maintain and if he's not paying attention or is busy with something else he isn't likely to be able to keep them going. Perceptive people may be able to tell they aren't real and once someone has figured that they can more or less work around it. That giant dragon coming screaming at you isn't scary when you know it's going to pass right through.

Skills & Abilities-
Zeke has a natural gift for music honed by years of hard work. He can competently play guitar, piano, ukelele, and drums and is in the process of teaching himself the violin. He has a good singing voice with a large range and writes and composes his own music. He's also fairly knowledgeable about music and musicians in general, mostly due to listening to it constantly and reading about it on hi sown time.
He has some basic hand to hand combat skills and good instincts in a fight, but other than about six months of Tae-Kwon-Do is not formally trained.

Height- 6'
Weight- 175
Eye Colour- Blue
Hair Colour- Dirty blond

Tall and lanky, Zeke still looks like he never quite grew into his legs. His blond hair is on the long side, because someone forgot to tell him he was not Duran Duran reincarnated. He seriously regrets that it's thin and not curly and floofy enough to get some real volume going. In different phases it's been different colors, most recently purple, but is currently its natural shade. He's been referred to as a pretty boy on some occasions, but at least that's better than being ugly.

In terms of style he's a bit of a fashion disaster. He often ends up shopping at thrift stores and anything he thinks is 80's style he's sure to buy. Whether he's entirely accurate or not is another story, but he tends to go for the leather jacket paired with sparkles look and has been known to show up on stage in fringe with fingerless gloves, because there's not one to tell him not to. He owns one suit which is entirely interview inappropriate since it's sparkly. He's a fan of Converse shoes and has Chucks in several different colors. He's had a few ear piercings and one nose ring which he mostly but not entirely has given up on.
He doesn't get on stage without his eyeliner. Even if that stage is a sketchy bar.

He owns both an acoustic and electric guitar and has absconded with his former band's keyboards and the majority of their recording equipment.

He boasts a large collection of CDs and records with the record player to appreciate them. Many of them came from garage sales so the quality on some is questionable.

Additional Information-
If he could live at the beach he would.

He's actually a fairly accomplished cook and loves all kinds of food. His dream kitchen would have a double oven, marble countertops, stainless steel, and a crème brulee blow torch. He not so secretly marathons Food Network on a regular basis.

He's an avid social media user, for his music and personal life.

As a child he would daydream about his real father who he was sure was a rich, kind, awesome guy who was going to show up and get him one day so he could have a real family. Deep down that's what he really wanted then and he still hasn't entirely shaken the picture of a typical nuclear family: a wife, three kids, and a dog. Preferably all decked out in punk clothes or something cool like that. Even the dog.

Hometown- Born in Salt Lake City, but grew up in various California homes. He considers NYC his real home.
Immediate Family-
Alexa Brown nee-Hathaway-mother-39
Liz Brown-half-sister-13
Ean Brown-half-brother-8
Aaron Brown-step-father

Others- He was briefly in a band that was actually posed to do well and had put out a CD, but since his bandmates threw him out he doesn't talk about them much. Unless it's about how he'd like to ruin their careers.

Zeke's story began in a dingy apartment in Los Alamos, New Mexico. His mother was nineteen from an upper middle class family, estranged from her parents, who got hooked on drugs and the party life. She wasn't entirely sure who the guy who got her pregnant was, but nine months into freshmen year of college a baby made an appearance. Parenthood did not beat any type of responsibility into Alexa, she would frequently drop Zeke with her parents to carry on with the dates and drugs and drinks.

When Zeke was two she ran away to LA with him, determined to start a career as singer, but really just running the circuits as a groupie for whatever band happened to be in front of her. It wasn't long before a neighbor sick of Zeke crying throughout the night when he was left alone called the police and child protective services were brought in. Without any family willing to step up and take him and with obvious signs of neglect and a mother who showed no willingness to actually parent, he was placed in foster care.
For the next eight years Zeke was bounced from one foster home to another to his mother and back again. She would go into rehab, get clean, get him back, and then fall into some new trap: abusive boyfriends, unemployment, abuse, neglect, until finally she lost parental rights altogether. Zeke knew his life wasn't normal, moving schools constantly, always a new set of foster parents, siblings, and schoolmates, but it was all he knew. He acted out to get attention, starting fights, playing the part of the class clown, and bouncing from one place to another. He ran away more than once, when he was younger to try to go home to his mother and when he was older just to get away. Books and music were his escape, although he never though to start playing.

When he was twelve he was on his way to yet another foster home, one Maria Jones who had spent her whole life taking in foster kids. In the system she was known as one who would take any kid, the problems, the unwanted one, and make her house a home. She took in an angry pre-teen and within a few months there was a marked change. She was the one who encouraged him to pick up a guitar and play and to write down the words in his head into lyrics. She introduced him to Tolkien and David Bowie and Led Zeppelin. She made him do his homework, but fed him homemade cookies while he did it. She was in every way the mother he had always wanted and never had.

They had two good years and Maria had even started the process to adopt him when things went wrong. It was a freak accident, she was in the wrong place at the wrong time, caught in a drive by shooting and then she was dead and Zeke was without the first and best mom he had ever had.
It just proved that you couldn't count on anyone and he went into highschool with a bigger chip on his shoulder than ever. He started a garage rock band with some of his classmates and fell into a bad crowd, starting trouble, staying in trouble. As soon as he was eighteen he left California for the East Coast: the lights of New York were calling his name.

He joined a new band and for a while things were okay if not great. They were playing shows. They were getting hits on Youtube and their website was actually selling tracks that he was writing. He was still drinking too much and living a wild life, but he had friends, he had something to do, it was as good as it had ever gotten for him, until his mother got in touch. Turns out he had a little sister who had seen one of his videos and shown their mother who had recognized his name and face. She wanted to meet, Zeke said no. She had gotten her life together, had a daughter who she had kept and taken care of, was married with a whole new family. She hadn't come back for him, so he wasn't about to go back to her.

It was at the beginning of 2017 at a concert that the little bit of stability he had managed to carve out for himself fell apart again. They were on stage, it was the show of their life even though they were only the opening act, playing a set inspired by Led Zeppelin and fantasy films of the 80's when it happened, with every note, every guitar chord an image was bursting out of him, fantastical creatures, griffins and goblins and fairies. At first the audience believed it was simply special effects, the set was fantastical in nature after all, but when he manifested an actual dragon panic reigned.

It was a disaster. His bandmates freaked out and accused him of hiding his mutation from them and he protested. It wasn't him. He wasn't a mutant. He was nothing special.

Only that night while he slept more illusions appeared and accidentally he pulled his bandmates into a full on illusive scene. They threw him out of the house then, he had to beg his landlord to let him into get his things and while he was at it he took all of their recording gear since as far as he was concerned he was the band. He had copywritten everything he had written under his own name and although it was messy he held on to his music, despite the label dropping the entire band. No one wanted their up and coming star fronted by a mutant freak.

Zeke crashed on a variety of couches for the next two months, spiraling down. He replaced alcohol and drugs with the waking dreams his illusions provided, crazy, beautiful, amazing scenes better than any trip. He would just stay like this, he decided. He didn't need music or friends or anything. He was some kind of mutant freak with no prospects, he might as well live down to that expectation.

Only eventually he ran out of couches to crash on and living homeless or in a shelter was absolutely not going to happen. He had run across a mutant or two since he manifested and one had mentioned a school for people like them, even if Zeke didn't exactly want to be a person like them.

Anyway it was a place to stay, so he made his way to Xavier's ready to fake some credentials. It was a school right? They would need a music teacher, right? He was cheap. He just needed a place to crash and if they wanted him to be a super hero well he had a codename all picked out, Blackstar, a hat tip to the late and great David Bowie.

Player Name- Rider
Age 23
How Can We Contact- PM, Skype
Time Zone- EST
How did you find us? I live here now.
Other Characters- X-23, Mistral, Marvel Girl

Role Play Sample-

No band, no apartment, no bed, no future. Again. Man every time he started to make something work the world decided to kick him in the teeth. He had thought this was it. They were making great music. People liked them. They had a label. And those assholes had thrown him out on his ear.

'Thanks Mom, thanks for your stellar frigging genetics. Hit the lottery with that one.'

A deadbeat mom who didn't care was bad enough. One who passed you on some weird genetic crap that made you a freak was just the shit lottery. Or maybe it was his unknown father's fault. His mom would have gone for the biggest freak in the room after all.

Ezekiel huffed to himself and kicked back on the couch he had picked for his bed tonight. It belonged to a chick who was a friend of an acquaintance, but she had food in the fridge, was willing to let a weirdo crash on her couch, and had an epic music collection. She was out at some class or something, Zeke had zero interest in college himself, which just meant he had the apartment to himself.

He put in his earbuds and kicked back to his Bowie mixtape, everything from Space Oddity to Lazarus and as it played he relaxed, let his mind go, reaching for the inexplicable swirl of color that he had never noticed drifting at the back of his mind. It was cheaper than a drug, a better high, and no one had to know about it. Better than booze too, although he had found when the hallucinations were too long then he woke up with what felt like a hangover anyway.

'If I could bottle this and sell it I'd be rich.'
Or if he could tap into it and write it into lyrics and melodies. But it was hard to think about music right then. Even that had let him down. What was the point of putting in all that work when everyone was going to drop you in a second like they had? It wasn't his fault he was some kind of mutant. Besides, the dragon hadn't hurt anyone, it had been cool actually, an awesome effect. No need for fancy technology if he could do that, then he could do a bad-ass show anywhere for practically free.

'No one wants to see it.'

His enthusiasm was snuffed out as quickly as it came and he sunk into the vision he had created for himself, a brightly colored world of fantasy creatures frolicing. In the distance he could still hear the music and he was starting to drift off when the images suddenly started to fragment as the song changed.

In the Villa of Ormen
In the Villa of Ormen
Stands a solitary candle
At the center of it all
At the center of it all
Your eyes
Your eyes

The meadow was turning gray, the colors leeching out of it and the creatures changing, becoming nightmare versions of themselves: ragged and bloody. Zeke tried to pull out of it, but it was like a dream you couldn't wake up from.

'This isn't real.'

But it felt real.

Something happened on the day he died
Spirit rose a metre and stepped aside
Somebody else took his place, and bravely cried
I'm a Blackstar
I'm a Blackstar

Monsters were converging now, this had gone from a pleasant meadow to a really bad trip. Zeke tried to remind himself it was his vision, he could control what he saw, but his surroundings weren't buying that story. So instead he started to run, but the ground was falling out from under him and the dragons were hungry.

How many times does an angel fall?
How many people lie instead of talking tall?
He trod on sacred ground
He cried loud into the crowd
I'm a Blackstar
I'm a Blackstar
I'm not a gangster

There was a dark explosion of light and Zeke sat up wide awake and gasping, shaking, and drenched n sweat. Well hell. No one had mentioned that your mutant power could turn around and bite you in the ass like that. Not that he had exactly gotten a guidebook to this.

No way was he going to try that again though. Zeke stood up and went to push the window open, letting in the chilly night breeze to remind himself that the real world was still out there, not that nightmarish illusion. Far below the city noises were reassuring, no dragons, no blood dripping monsters.
Well. None outside the ordinary anyway.
Nov 1 2017, 01:14 AM
Pirate and I talked about this a little back when Laura and Amara tried to go acquire roller blades only to find out there were no swords involved and I watch a lot of dumb movies while I'm on nights so what if the New Mutant girls go ahead and decide that it would be a great idea to start a roller derby team? (Yeah I know you can't just start your own team, but for the sake of fiction let's pretend we can), because the NMs haven't gone out and gotten into any trouble lately and that's just sad, so them bashing people on roller blades with codenames seems like a good place to start.

There are actually a couple leagues in NYC:

So any interest? The boys can come along to watch if they want. Tagging all the NM girls.

EDIT: And obviously they're sneaking out to do this of course... what the X-Men will never notice all the teens are out of the mansion at the same time!

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