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Jul 12 2018, 10:43 AM
**Braddock Manor Library**

Almost a year had passed since Jase had been in England. The Scottish borders was where the Professor had made contact with Jase, offering the amateur academic a position at his prestigious academy that just so happened to be not only a school for mutant children and young adults, but also the base from which the X-men operated.

Jase had been in the Eildon Hills, one of the many places rumored to be the resting place for King Arthur himself. Poring through old manuscripts at a near by Abby. Poking around the nearby Archaeology dig sites. He had hired on as a medic and expert in Arthurian myth and legend. Someone who could assist the Historian that had hired on. His search had come up snake eyes, yielding nothing of import, so Jase took the offered position and had headed back to America.

Though his research and search had never stopped as he utilized Xaviers vast library and resources to continue consuming and purchasing all that he could to expand his knowledge and potentially find other places to look. That was until the Brood exploded the library and his collection of books and documents. Forcing him to practically start over from scratch.

Jase had leaped at the offer to travel to England with the rest of the team and students. Quite a few of his rare books he had gotten in London and surrounding places. There were a few Abby's with ancient history not to far, and he could begin to replace his collection of rare books. Which he had promptly done so the first few days, before camping out inside of Braddock Manors own expansive library. Poring through the various old and new books, before his eyes finally paused on a certain book in particular. "Oh my, a first edition copy of 'The Bleeding Lance,' written in 1910 by Arthur Brown." Jase said to himself, as he carefully pulled the book from its place and walked it over to the other pile of books he had out on a table. One would have thought he was caring an armed bomb as delicately as he handled the tome. Sitting it on the table and beginning to read through it.

Mar 3 2018, 04:35 PM

I'm sorry to do this over the phone. It's rude and insensitive,
but I'm seeing someone else. It's not you, It's me. I just need some time and I think Danny Rand can teach me how to do a proper judo chop.

Dec 2 2017, 11:11 AM
"I want a combatant. Gender random. Some sort of seismic ability. Enhanced speed, strength and agility. Mutant or not doesn't matter. Expert combatant. Urban setting, post apocalyptic. Begin." The serene sterile metallic silver of the Danger Room shifted and morphed as the computer compiled the training program as described by Jase. Filling in the gaps as it saw fit until Jase found himself standing in the ruins of London. Big Ben shattered in spots, its recognizable clock face percariously dangling out the side of the building. Rubble lined the streets. Large and small fires raged in buildings and vehicles. Not a single pane of glass was left in tact. And because the Danger Room tended to have a sense of humor, a solitary tumbleweed tumbled across the street as the wind picked up a bit.

A door crashed off it's hinges, catching Jase's attention as a young woman stepped out into the street. She was known as Fault Zone, and likely the source of London's destruction. Jase narrowed his eyes and clinched his fists. Fists that erupted into that bright malevolent red light that signaled his pain inducement. Likely his first mistake. Jase tended to give himself away by lighting his hands up first.

His footfalls carried him forward as he raced to meet his opponent. His eyes intently focused on the woman. A warble sort of sound escaped her pointed gauntlet looking forearms. The vibrational wave striking him center mass and skipping him backwards across the ground. "Buggers!" In grumbled with frustration as he rose to his feet and tried it again.

And again,

And again,

And again.

Each time changing his tactic, some times getting in close to land a strike, other times not so much. Though each time Jase rose to his feet and tried again. Trying to fight for all he was worth, though each time getting practically blown out of his shoes. Each time a frustrated "Bugger All" Left his lips before he picked himself up and headed right back in. Trying his best to avoid the seismic blasts, dodge swipes with those pointy gauntlets and launch an attack as well. his mind swirling through the things that Betsy had been trying to teach him, but true to Jase's nature, the more analytical and academic aspects of his nature kept getting in the way as he over thought nearly every situation. His frustrations growing more and more prevalent, but he still did not relent. Not for a second.


Aug 1 2017, 07:07 PM
You would have thought, by the wide beaming grin on his scarred face, that it was Christmas morning instead of December 4th. He had rattled on and on, to whomever would listen, the whole flight from Westchester early this morning. (Many of the students likely relieved that the X-Jet could make the flight in a ridiculous amount of time.) He spoke of myths and legends. Symbols and religions. He was a teacher about to step out of the classroom and into his element. Into the very place where those myths and legends began.

A place that was often considered to be one of the cradles of life itself. A place where it all started. Where civilization had started. Perhaps somewhere buried beneath these sands was the very Rosetta Stone that would unlock the nature of their own origin. How they, as mutants, came to be. Such a thing was a whimsical notion as mutants were relatively new to the world, but one could never really know what secrets Egypt still held. If the myths and legends were any indication, there was quite a lot yet to be discovered.

Ultimately Jase was just thankful for the graciousness of Warren and his ability to book them such wonderful hotel rooms so that these students could have this opportunity of a life time. He was also ecstatic that the check in process had gone relatively smoothly, thank God.. or Gods. When in Cairo after all.

Stepping out of the lead SUV, Jase waited for the students to gather around, while taking in the view of the looming pyramids, that smile still across his face as he just looked and wondered about a great many things.

"Good morning!" An exuberant voice with an Egyptian accent said as a man approached gesturing in a welcoming fashion. "I am your tour guide, Amahl Farouk. It is being of honor to meet you." Again Amahl gestured with his hand in a bit of a circular fashion and bowed in a deep bow to to the students. Gesturing with his hands and arms the whole time. "If there is anything you be needing. Anything you can think of. Speak to Amahl and I shall assist." Amahl gave Jase a pleasant whap on the shoulder before shaking his hand.

"A few days ago, about 400 miles south, near the Temple Complex in Karnak, there was a slight earthquake. That quake shifted some sand and revealed a never before seen structure near the Great Pyramid of Pharaoh Khufu." Jase turned and pointed to the largest of the Pyramids. "With a little bit of, uh, diplomacy, the Archaeologists here have agreed to give us access to visit this new site, as well as take a look inside the first hundred feet of the Pyramid itself. There are some interesting hieroglyphs that date.." Jase had that giddy on Christmas morning look again and was just about to break out into a dissertation when Amahl interrupted.

"Yes, professor lets get to the good parts huh. Please be mindful of your surroundings. There is no telling what is yet to be under covered from beneath the sands of Khufu's tomb." Amahl again gestured, this time with a sort of jazz hand motion that was supposed to convey a spooky, but not really spooky telling of a story. "Follow me. He said as he led the group through the employee only gate and down to the temple complex and the newly uncovered dig site.

"There are plenty of archaeologists tools should you wish to help some of these grad students. Also the path that leads to the passage inside the pyramid is that way. Please do not go past the barricade a few hundred feet in. If anyone has any questions feel free to ask." Jase said as he turned the students loose on the new uncovered area or the entry way.

The new area was series of rooms in a maze like set up. The roof had long since withered. Cracks in the floor were thick enough that sand could pour out like an hour glass, probably caused by the minor quake. Milling about the various rooms were grad students with brushes and sifting pans, brushing away dust to reveal old and ancient heiroglyphs. While others were going through what looked like broken pottery of some sort.

Within the entry to the great pyramid were also more grad students. documenting all sorts of hieroglyphs and such on the walls. There were also various unbroken pottery canisters strewn about as well. The tunnel lit by spot lights and flashlights.

There you go Folks. An intro post to the first of a series of thread. There will be a Storyteller post in the next few day. Saturday by the latest. Though it may be sooner depending on what takes place. If you have any questions feel free to ask, though you are pretty much free to make your own thing before the Storyteller moves the plot along.

Cannonball (chaperone)
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May 17 2017, 07:38 PM
The Xavier Handbook never said they would give you a mentee and then you would promptly end up in a fit of panic and anxiety at the revelation that your mentee had been abducted. Then the handbook failed to give you tools to handle walking into the science horror show where your mentee was being experimented on and tortured. Yet there he was with all that worry and panic and his mentee with all that pain and more pain. Wishing and hoping that he had the wisdom and tools to help her heal. To get back the strides she had made for herself since coming to Xaviers. Things she had done for herself despite parents that had told her she never would or could.

That was what he was most proud of. Despite it all, Ruby had made strides, and friends. He would be damned if he was going to let all that come crumbling down, but the hard part was not forcing the issue. Ruby had done all these things on her own and this would be one of those things. Though Jase figured she would need at least know that people were their to help her if she needed.

Especially since today was Ruby's birthday. So Jase had went into Salem Center, to one of the corner bakery shops and had them put together a gift basket. One that he hoped a baker would like, and casually knocked on her open door. "Hello Ruby." Jase said with a bit of a grin, holding out the birthday gift. His mutation telling him about her injured hand, though he did not mention it. "I brought you something for your birthday. It was either this or sing... and I'm tone deaf so." Jase chuckled a bit, knowing full well that he was horribly tone deaf. "May I come in?"


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