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X-Men Blue

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May 4 2018, 01:01 AM
Technically it wasn’t stealing.

Kerr just waited until the super overpriced bar downstairs tossed a few bottles that first night, the insanely expensive alcohol long gone from the fancy bottles. She had received a few scrutinizing looks when she asked the bartenders for some of the higher dollar empties but, since there was no alcohol in them, they didn’t see the harm in handing the kid the empty bottles. It wasn’t like she could drink out of any of them, including the Diamond Jubilee Johnny Walker, Saphire Revelation Bombay, Eye of the Tiger vodka, and the Glenlivet. The quiet girl had just run off with what would have been, had they been full, over three million dollars worth of alcohol.

There was a reason Kerr had gathered up a bunch of empty liquor bottles and headed up to the roof. There were still two small indentations in her thigh, grim reminders of being at the business end of a Sleazoid. It was as far back as she was willing to heal herself that night. What if she wasted all that power on herself when other people needed it more. There were plenty of injuries to go around, plenty of people who needed their various body parts put back together. It was a nightmare night that Kerr wasn’t entirely sure she’d woken up from yet. At least, when she’d been kidnapped to California, she was knocked out and didn’t remember anything.

Kerr could remember every detail of those things, throwing themselves against the force field, killing themselves to get through so they could subdue the four mutants inside. It was pure dumb luck that kept them alive, and a teeny tiny dragon. “Hey guys!” Kerr was the last one to get to the roof, the other five already present. “I know this is more than we can possibly drink but... I think we sort of need this. Yesterday morning was seriously fucked... I’m glad everyone is ok.” Kerr squeezed Doug’s shoulder as she sat down beside him and lined up the liquor bottles. “I didn’t know what everyone wanted. But this should do the trick.”

Focusing for a moment, Kerr watched each of the bottle suddenly refill, backing up to when they were full. “Do we toast?” she asked. It wasn’t the first time she was homeless. She wasn’t sure how she was supposed to feel about any of it... "We're alive. That's something."

Arsenic Blackstar Cypher DJ Shadowcat
Apr 16 2018, 11:49 PM
Kerr had needed to make a hasty retreat the night she had gone to make contact with Slate. She wasn’t sure if she managed to help, or if she had made things worse but doing nothing was not her style. She had an obligation to the X-Men, even if they didn’t exist anymore, to protect those who couldn’t protect themselves and a few billion hard to murder monsters had never stood in the way of that. The only difference the Brood has made was the rate of her successes. They were, in Kerr’s opinion, too few and far between.

They’d had to flee the remnants of the school, an inelegant retreat that left a trail of busted Brood eggs and a scattering of alien anatomy in their wake. It was less than ideal, showing themselves so obviously, but Kerr had needed to talk to Shane. She needed to give them a chance, an actual chance to save themselves. Then maybe they could do what the X-Men did best...

Save the world.

“Kerr?” Doug appeared, wearing a haphazard armor and a few various weapons and tools on him. He looked haggard, between having to try to decipher various alien tech and work out repairs with the limited materials they had. Walking up to Kerr and giving her a solid hug, he asked “Was it successful?”

After all, when it came to time travel they were dealing with a host of unknowns. Variables that none of them were sure about. Because even if successful, would it change the future they were in? Would they split into another timeline if one had a more multiverse theory of the universe? There was just no way to know. Which was the frustrating thing about these hail Mary passes into the past. There was no way to definitively know if they were successful, no easy way to measure success or failure.

Or was there?

“I’m not sure yet,” Kerr answered her husband honestly, her brown eye tired. She had been quiet for hours, arms wrapped around herself since her return from the ruins of Xavier’s. The one-eyed blonde could feel it happening all around her, the timelines screaming as they bent and adjusted around her. It had happened the night Alpha had gone rogue, busting through the small window Kerr had created to save Shane from his college friend. That had been... painful. Her earlier adventures with Alpha and Darkhawk had not caught up to her yet. Maybe that meant they hadn’t changed anything yet.

Kerr was pretty sure it meant they changed everything.

“I still don’t know if this is the right thing,” she admitted, letting her head rest against Doug’s shoulder. “If this works we disappear. No one will remember but me. Maybe some others who are keen to time travel. And if it doesn’t, the Brood win. There just aren’t enough of us left. The last two people on Earth are going to be Logan and Victor along with twelve billion Brood.” Kerr shook her head and grimaced. She could feel it coming...

“Alpha! Get up!” Though the girl didn’t actually sleep, she did occasionally manage moments of rest. For one of them to be interrupted by some frantic rebel shaking her roughly awake was irritating. Alpha didn’t have much in the midst of a Brood occupation. The least people could do was leave her the fuck alone unless there was something to fight. “Kerr needs you. Go. Now!”

Blue eyes snapped open and she diffused into purple energy, rocketing through the walls to cut down on travel time, appearing beside the blonde girl before the word ‘now’ had actually been completed. Kerr was bent over in pain, eye wide as she screamed. No one could see the way the timelines were vibrating around her, their screams getting louder and louder in a way only Kerr could hear. Alpha solidified and came to a skidding stop beside Cypher. “What? What happened? Backup? Kerr!”

Kerr’s hands were clawed into the dirt, gasping for breath while she struggled. “I failed,” she panted. “Alpha... I broke it. I made the whole thing worse. Things are changing and now I can’t stop it.” They had changed the past alright. They’d changed it and all the things they had wanted to prevent had only happened faster. All the monsters they had tried to keep at bay, were somehow stronger. “I can’t stop it.”

“They’re all going to die.”
Apr 8 2018, 06:38 PM
Kerr was ecstatic to be a part of the blue team. Absolutely over the moon. And in case anyone wasn’t sure, Kerr attended every meeting, appeared at every training, went to each meal, and even slept with her shiny blue X clipped to her person. During the day it was on her belt. At night... There had been some trial and error until she realized that simply cuddling it seemed the most practical means of maintaining her weird enthusiasm until one early morning she had woken up and her beloved comm was stuck to Doug’s thigh.

As much as she loved her boyfriend, there had been a moment of panic that included Kerr frantically trying to polish the comm, screeching that he had sweat on it and it was ruined forever while Indy, not wanting to be left out of the chaos, howled. They had woken up the entire eighteen and up floor and after that Kerr had been asked to keep her X in a more restrained place on the night table.

Despite the bumps, Kerr had taken to her new role at the school, not as a student but as a bonafide member of a combat team, like a duck to water. There were some things to iron out for sure, her combat style of ‘take their shit until they’re not looking and then curb stomp them’ not really gelling with those who had been properly trained. It would just take more than a week for Kerr to find her footing on Blue Team but overall she was quite pleased that her time living in Salem Center had not actually kept her from hero training.

But she wasn’t the only newbie, nor the only one getting her butt handed to her during Forge’s training of the Blues. She had no idea how such a nice man make such a valiant effort to utterly destroy them but it was possible that Forge was rapidly becoming her favorite adult at the school. Kaylee wasn’t an adult adult and Forge was in charge of training the blues. They should have been called the black and blues, considering how much work she was putting in to keep up with the others who had been with the school for ages.


That’s what had Kerr on a mission, looking for that poor blonde boy who had been whooped right along with her during training. He was new-ish, and Kerr was determined to go and greet him properly, welcoming him to the school. They were teammates, after all, and who wouldn’t want a big basket full of homemade cookies and muffins and a stack of little wooden guitar picks. She had heard he liked music... Of course there was also what every new trainee needed. Bruise salve to help hurry along healing, ace bandages, and several ice packs. They were the squishy ones that Doug liked.

“Hello?” Her first stop had been the staff accommodations but when her knock on the door had gone unanswered, Kerr had wandered down to the second floor music room, basket in hand. Her work boots moved almost silently as she let herself in, big brown eyes seeking her teammate. “Zeke?”

Mar 15 2018, 09:29 PM
Once upon a time, Kerr had idolized the X-Men. The legend of the Original Five had gotten the young mutant through a lifetime of difficulties that never seemed to end no matter how hard she worked to cleave herself free of her past. When she was living on the streets, Kerr looked to them as beacons to aspire to. Then she’d met Scott Summers. From the first beer that had been splashed into her face, to the day in Harry’s he’d slid that fifty dollar bill across the table toward her, Kerr had been utterly let down by her heroes. She had gone unnoticed (which she didn’t blame them for) and when she’d simply disappeared back into the city, it was only Doug, Gert, and Kaylee who really seemed to give a crap.

But that hadn’t really changed what was in her heart.

Her grandfather had told her that Xavier’s was a haven for mutants, wealthy or off the streets, active or passive powers, old hands or freshly manifested, they were all family at Xavier’s. Kerr had not experienced that, personally, and until she woke up and discovered that Kaylee, Gert, Doug, and Kitty had come for her, Kerr was convinced her grandda was full of shit. But though the number of people who had her back was small, Kerr had never felt more like she was part of something bigger. Truthfully, that’s what she had been after for years.

She wanted to make sure she was able to help the next kid that came to the gates looking for a safe harbor. But to do that... Kerr couldn’t be an outsider. Not anymore

With mild trepidation and slight panic Kerr stood in front of the door of the deputy headmistress’s door. Kerr had made an appointment with Jean Grey which wasn’t necessary except it totally was. Kerr needed to have a set time to show up and speak to Marvel Girl so she didn’t chicken out. As it was, Kerr was seriously considering just calling the woman on the other side of the door and cancelling but Jean would likely hear Kerr’s voice crack through the pane of glass.

Stealing her nerve, Kerr gave a small knock and let herself into Jean’s office. “H-H-H-...” Kerr took a deep breath and mentally kicked herself for the stutter. “Hello. I was hoping I could talk to you.” Shifting from foot to foot, Kerr considered just stress-running out the door like Zoidberg but she made herself stay put. “I know I wasn’t a New Mutant for very long. And I know I caused a hell of a lot of trouble last month. But I was hoping it wasn’t too late. I wanna be one of the X-Men. I wanna live here. I promise not to just run off again.”

I’ve got a reason to stay this time, Kerr thought with a small smile. “I just need a purpose Ms. Grey. I can’t stay here again without a job to do. I won’t say ‘earn my keep’, but I want to be useful.” She wanted to do for others what the X-Men initially failed to do for her. She wanted to make sure every kid that walked through that gate knew they were cherished from day one.
Jan 23 2018, 02:20 AM
It had been days.

Ash’s quick intervention was all that saved Kerr’s life, repairing what would have otherwise been a fatal injury. He fixed the abuse she’d suffered at the hands of her family and those in their employ. The malnutrition, the dehydration, the deep gouges in her wrists where the zip ties had dug into soft flesh for weeks, all of that had been repaired before Kerr was ever coherent. Ash had erased the physical damage.

But the ‘time magic’ girl was suffering from more than abuse and an empty tummy. Kerr had been pumped full of drugs for weeks at a dangerous volume and Beast had been chemically weaning Kerr off of the Ketamine. There would be no telling what sort of permanent damage had been done until she woke up.

Bleary brown eyes peeled open, the scent of skunky puppy breath permeating the haze her brain had been wrapped in for weeks. A tiny black nose was snuffing at Kerr’s mouth and when she slowly moved to rub the ears of the very energetic wolf pup that was sprawled on her chest. “Hey, Indy.” Her voice was a croak, her mouth dry and tasting distinctly like battery acid. She wasn’t sure where she was but there was a soothing scent behind the puppy breath. Like disinfectant, bleach, and antiseptic.

If she didn’t know better, Kerr would have guessed she was at the school but that just wasn’t possible. Her mother was never going to let her go, and the school would never have her back. She had gotten one of them killed. Felicity had gone into detail about how Doug had been beaten and shot, and that James had not left him alive. Tears pricked the inside corners of her eyes as she wrapped her arms around Indy and squeezed the pup to her chest. An IV tugged in her arm but she ignored it. It wasn’t real. The puppy wasn’t real. She’d had this dream before, the one where she woke up safe and home and whole.

But it was just a dream.

It was always just a dream.
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