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Jan 10 2018, 06:06 PM
Roan sat on his bed with a portal projected onto the wall beside him, while he finished up sending a few texts. Over the years, a great many things had been lost to the depths of the Null-Space, due to the simple factor of it being based on memory. As nobody could actually see within the Null-Space, the only way items could be found within the endless void beyond his portal was for him to consciously think about what he wanted, and then it would simply come to hand. His brother had called it the 'Bag Of Holding' rule, though Roan was entirely unwilling to think of his power with a Dungeons & Dragons reference. D&D was for other nerds who didn't have the skills to play real games.

But with that in mind, he decided it was time to start making an actual list of things he kept in there, not just a mental one. So there he sat with a little pocket-sized notepad, occasionally sticking his hand in the portal and testing to see whether or not he even had certain things, and how much of them he had. The problem was, at this point, many things were almost subconscious, so he was left to blindly say whatever came to mind each time he tested.

"...alright, oreos..." He muttered to himself, before feeling around in the portal, to no avail. " oreos. Damn. How about just cookies?" His hand felt something, and he pulled it out. A large tupperware of snicker-doodles. "Dude, gramma cookies! Are these even from this... no, she made peanut butter this year. Sweet." He grabbed a cookie and scarfed it down, then noted down that they existed. And as he reached in again... "...and there's the peanut butter ones. Niiiiiiice." He combined the two containers of soft-baked gramma cookies, though made a mental note to avoid using them if at all possible. He wanted them for himself. "So for snacks, that's... microwave burritos, Pop Tarts, Slim Jims, fruit snacks, Sun Chips, gramma cookies, and a fucking spice rack." He smiled, rolling his eyes at the kinds of things he had, in hindsight. "Congrats, me, you're a fucking packrat."

He began sorting through his list, so far encompassing hats, winter weather gear, hats, drinks, snacks, a staggering assortment of toys and games, an overstocked first-aid kit, hats, a pile of throwing weapons, and more snowballs than he could possibly ever need. Plus god knows what else he hadn't thought of yet, but he had a whole night to keep at it. "Hm..." He reached his hand in, as he thought of one thing he wanted to double-check. "Guns?" Nothing. 'Good.' He breathed a sigh of relief, at that. He needed to be sure none of those were left. He wasn't sure he ever wanted to pull the trigger on another person again. Even Call of Duty felt a little weird now.

While he worked, he'd also propped the door to his room open, in case anyone from his team wanted to drop by and pass off gear they needed. Hopefully they wouldn't mind him idly talking to himself. But also hopefully, someone would actually drop by.
Jan 3 2018, 03:15 PM
Most people looked forward to their birthdays. Not Roan. Sure, being born on a leap year had been a fun joke growing up, but not now that he had his powers. Now that he was forever stuck not really aging. He hadn't slept well the past few days, with that thought on his mind, he hadn't even really thought much about the birthday itself. Even having measured himself that morning to discover a whole inch of height grown since the past month, it didn't have that sense of victory that he thought it would. All it did is frustrate him more.

He'd been split up on the team from Hana, for whatever reason... and that meant that the teamwork tactics he'd worked with for the past few months were all going out the window. Meaning he was right back to where he saw himself amongst the New Mutants - the dumb asthmatic kid who didn't belong on the team. He wasn't good enough to be there. He was a screw-up and a liability in fights, and even though his ability as a means of transportation was AMAZING, he wasn't seeing it. He wanted to be an actual member of the team, not the backup jet.

So there he was by the woods, out on a cold Sunday morning, practicing with something he'd never bothered to tell the school he still had. The assortment of hatchets he'd disarmed from the yakuza during the fight with Pale Flower. Roan had always been proud of his throwing arm, but he'd never thought to employ it in combat. He'd never felt right carrying a real weapon. Weapons hurt people, and for all his teenage aggression and foul language, for all the years of playing the most violent video games imaginable, Roan really couldn't imagine himself hurting someone for real. Until that fight, when he'd been forced to shoot one of the yakuza trying to kill him. It was a moment that stuck in his mind, and while he didn't like it, it had opened a door.

He'd set up a paper target against one of the trees on the edge of the woods, and stacked up the hatchets at his feet. He was still taking too long to aim each throw to be any use in combat, but he was hitting the target more often than he'd expected. He just wasn't getting the spin right to lodge the hatchet into the tree itself, instead hitting it with the blunt side or the handle. But he had plenty of hatchets, and he could always just go get them again. He'd figure this out somehow, even if he was out here all day doing it.
He'd prove he was worth being on the team.
He'd prove he was strong.
Jan 1 2018, 04:53 PM
The new team listing system had been announced around the school the previous day, but the actual listings hadn't gone up til the weekend officially kicked off - posted outside the Student Kitchen, where everyone would be sure to see them. Perfect time for those with a more positive outlook to be thrilled! Or, alternatively, to give a bunch of perpetually stressed teenagers something new to bitch about. Such was the nature of Teenagers when it came to things like this. Somewhere, someone would take this as some kind of competition.

Like the little dork in the blue flatcap, for example.
" come on, I'm on the red team? Laaaaaaaaaaaaame." Roan said, staring at the billboard amidst the other students, with what could best be described as 'mild discontent' as his dominant emotion. "I really hope we don't have to get a bunch of new color-coded uniforms... and who the hell is 'Honeybear'? Someone actually picked that as their codename?" He couldn't help but laugh at the thought, all he could think of was the containers that honey came in, that were shaped like bears. It seemed so undignified! "No way, they had to lose a bet for that..."

Still, from there he went on studying the lists, certainly overthinking one major thing. He and Faust had been split into different teams. He was sure it had just been a mistake, as they'd have to be crazy to split the two of them up. Roan kept Hana's drones in his portal for when they needed them, since they were a pain to cart around otherwise. And after what they'd done in Egypt, the X-Men HAD to know that the two were an amazing combination together. With Hana's digital reflexes and a connection to Roan's goggles, the two could help an entire team get around a battlefield in a fraction of the time.

All he could think of was that this was just further punishment for their little yakuza stunt.
And that pissed him off.
Dec 11 2017, 07:00 PM
God it had been a dumb month. Everything had seemingly gone completely insane, even by the frankly insane-to-begin-with standards of "Normal" for Xavier's. Monsters were basically turning into The Usual, but this month they had plenty of other nonsense. Some kind of bullshit fake real invasion drill, teachers turning into students, two non-teachers becoming students because of the same timefuckery, and teachers all wildly swapping around their places on Roan's "the ones I give a crap about" list.

And he still had to manage SCHOOL on top of all that.
Stupid new year.

He and Hana had talked over the past few weeks, but he'd never managed to really touch the elephant in the room that was the little escapade of the previous month. He agreed with everything Hana had done, that much he made sure Hana knew, but... he'd still been kind of distant. After what had happened, he'd been worried it would be bad to voice what he felt about the incident. Hana had enough Bad to deal with.

So he'd instead planned to do something for Valentine's Day to make it up to her, but in the end he realized that there was really no point. He could have come up with something romantic, but the more he thought about it the more he realized he didn't need to keep asking everyone how relationships worked. The rules for him and Hana didn't really apply, so he decided to stop trying to make them work. He was going to try something that, hopefully, made more sense. Hana was all about logic, after all, Roan figured he'd give it a try.

He was wearing his nice new Pokemon Sun hat, but otherwise was just in a blue sweater and jeans. Today wasn't going to be dressy bullshit if it didn't have to be. He gave a knock on Hana's door, then rested his hands in his pockets. "Hey, Hana, Valentine's Day or something. I'm tired of pretending to be grounded. You wanna hang out?"

Dec 1 2017, 01:54 PM
He was technically still grounded, but he'd managed to get a single day free. He'd portaled Kitty home early after the Museum fiasco, and in exchange he got a day off house arrest to go do Valentine's shopping. Even at Kitty's angriest over what he and Hana had done, she at least know how much they cared for each other, so it was a small enough mercy. And so, after mass-texting the other students, Roan started jotting down a list.

@NEW_MUTANTS: Shopping trip to the city, who's in? Meet by the front gate in an hour!

And thus, after SOMEONE had the good sense to tell Roan not to portal a group of them into the damn lobby of Grand Central Terminal, the posse of students stepped off the bus into the city. Roan smiled, breathing in the smells and the sights of the city. It was a welcome breath of "fresh" air after being cooped up in the school for most of the past month. All he knew right now is his hands were cold. He'd somehow lost his mittens in Canada, and they were the only pair he had that fit. That weren't literal kid gloves. He had standards, dammit.

"So, uh... where you guys wanna go first?" He asked, before looking around. He hadn't come up with a single idea for what to actually get Hana, so he was secretly hoping someone who knew how girls worked would give him some tips. He'd never done a Valentine's Day before! It was a new concept, he didn't know the protocol for such merriments. Being a teenager was HARD!

~ ~ ~

Open to all NMs except Faust because she's probably still megagrounded. Shopping~!
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