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Apr 20 2018, 04:10 PM
Ruby had sometimes heard people describe themselves as being so happy they could scream, in fact those words were used in the song Mint Car by The Cure, but up until that day she had never understood that feeling. Of course, there had been times when she had been happy, but never that happy. There had always been a touch of anxiety lurking in the background. But today that anxiety was gone. A huge worry had been removed from Ruby's mind. The adoption was official. Her genetic donors were no longer her parents. They couldn't hurt her anymore. There would be no more yelling, name calling, bullying or mean tricks played on her. David was her dad now and she was safe with him.

Now that Ruby knew the adoption was sorted, there was someone she wanted to be the first person she told. Martyr. He was her mentor and had supported her in all her issues since she had arrived at the school. In a way he was also like a parent to her. He was her other dad. And she wanted to be the one to tell him that she was now Ruby Haller.

With lunch nearly being over, this was probably going to be a quick talk before she had to disappear back to... lessons? That sounded right. Ruby could barely comprehend that such things were happening on such a wonderful day.

Hurrying up the stairs, she was so excited and barely focused on what she was doing that she actually tripped. Not that it did much, just a bruise on her elbow. Bruises were nothing they happened to her a lot when she had minor slip ups with her powers or when she was a bit clumsy.

Finally she reached his classroom and barely missed bashing into the doorframe as she rushed in. "Mr Gideon," she gasped. "It's happened. The adoption is now official." she said let out a little 'squee' of excitement as she said this and ran over to hug him.
Mar 16 2018, 04:13 PM
The time had come for another fighting lesson with Ash. These lessons were very useful and Ruby found that she learned a lot from them. Ash was good at teaching, he was patient and kind and knew what he was doing. Ruby was really glad to have him as a teacher. And to think, the whole thing came around after she had caught him baking. She had kept the secret. She couldn't understand why he was ashamed of baking and using rainbow sprinkles on things, but it was up to him.

She paced while she waited for Honeybear to arrive. This session was probably what she needed. She had felt better after the first session and at that point. Not only had she learned something, she had also let some of her anger out. Said anger had soon been replaced and now she needed to do something about it. She also needed to get the hang of fighting. She needed to stop flinching. It was a hard habit to break, one that been drilled into her since she was little but if she could break it, she would. Since arriving at this school she had been in all kinds of bizarre and scary situations, most of which she had been almost useless in owing to her fear and lack of combat skills. But that was going to change. Hopefully.

Ruby brightened when Ash arrived. She liked Ash, he was always nice and friendly and was so willing to teach. Strange to think that he used to be a member of the Brotherhood. But after finding out about Rat, she was beginning to wonder about them. Although, most of the wondering was whether her friend was safe or not. He said being part of the Brotherhood felt right to him, and she didn't want to force anything on her friend, not without proof anyway. But boy did she worry. Part of her hoped that he would change his mind and come to the school but she knew it was unlikely. All she could do was hope.

"Hi. Thanks for agreeing to give me another lesson. I really appreciate it." she said softly as the giant man arrived
Mar 8 2018, 05:09 PM
Harris was dead. One of Ruby's three little devils was no longer with them. His life snuffed out on Sunday by someone who had wanted to do some kind of magic. Ruby didn't know the full details. She didn't want to know the full details. It was bad enough that he was dead without knowing precisely how he had been murdered. Considering that it had been for magic of some sort, then it was probably gruesome. Magic didn't involve cuddling things to death. All she could do was hope that this would not happen again.

His body had been wrapped in an old tshirt that he had liked sleeping on, before being placed in a box with his favourite chewing shoe. Ruby hadn't been the one to do that. Someone else, probably David, had. She had been too upset to do anything like that. She had managed to sort out some flowers. Lilies were traditional. They represented purity and innocence. So did white roses. Which was why those two types of flowers were ready to be placed over his grave once he was buried. They were burying him in a quiet corner of the grounds, a place where he hopefully wouldn’t be disturbed.

Ruby stood by David's side, clinging to his arm, tears streaming down her pale face. Hamish and Hubert were there, black ribbons tied around their necks. They were both subdued. Strange for such normally cheeky, playful creatures. But it had been explained to them what had happened and even they were upset and mourning for their brother.

"I know it seems kinda stupid to be so upset over an animal." Ruby said, her voice shaking as it always did when upset. "But, lets face it, Harris was more than just an animal. He was part of the family. He was wonderful, intelligent and so cheeky it was unbelievable. But so loving as well. They all are. They’re more than just animals. I wish I could have had a bit more time with him.” With Hubert due for release at some point, she hoped to squeeze in some more time with him and his brother.

Mar 4 2018, 04:28 PM
Lots of people said late night tv was terrible, but there were some, like Ruby, who found it soothing. A lot of it was repeats and old programmes that everyone knew the plot to, so there were no surprises. Even the horror films were tame. Usually the low budget ones that were so bad they were direct to the bargain dvd bin at a cheap supermarket. The only thing scary about them was the acting and some of the outfits.

Ruby had been flicking through the channels for a bit, searching for something safe. Sleep was not coming easy to her again and she was she was in the rec room curled up on the sofa with Hamish, Hubert and her big stuffed purple dragon, Draggle, for comfort. Harris would have been there but... well... she didn't want to think about that. Instead she focused on the tv, there was bound to be something good on. Some of the forensic science documentaries were interesting but that at that point she wanted something silly and cheerful. Not how a murderer got caught. There was time for that during the day.

Earlier she had sent Shadowcat a text to see if she was still up. Miss Pryde had offered to sit with Ruby next time she couldn't sleep and it was a good idea. She liked Miss Pryde, she was always kind and friendly and wanted to help. And she hadn't told anyone when she once found Ruby swearing at the radio when Billy Joel was playing.

Now Ruby just needed to wait and see if she was able to spare some time for her. While she waited, she found the Disney channel. There was usually something good on there, like Phineas and Ferb or Gravity Falls. Those two shows were good for influencing nice dreams and at that point, Ruby needed that.
Mar 3 2018, 10:56 AM
Time was a strange thing in the Savage Land. Despite spending two weeks there, only a day had passed in the rest of the world. Two weeks that was only a day to everyone else. It was beyond strange. Still, they were back now. And things were fine. Injuries were healed, people were the age they were wanted to be, and no one was missing.

There was one thing about only being gone for a day, all the baking that Ruby had done was still there. No one had eaten all the cookies and she had made quite a few to tide people (mainly Stan) over until they returned from the trip. And they weren't really needed. Which was good, it gave Ruby chance to experiment with some recipes. Mainly brownie recipes. There were plenty of them around and she wanted to find a nice one to make for the adoption celebration that was hopefully happening at the end of the month. There were other things to make, but brownies were easiest and no one ever turned them down.

There were so many different recipes and so many ideas as to what made perfect brownies that Ruby was... unsure of which to use. The 'standard' one was simple, it mainly used melted chocolate of no particular standard. Those ones were already done and cooling. That recipe would probably produce the standard 'cakey' ones. But the recipe she was looking for made them gooey with a tissue thin crust on the top. According to the internet, there were ways of doing this and she was currently working on one way. There were lots of things she needed to do and not do in order to get the texture she was hoping for.

One thing was to mix the butter and sugar perfectly, which would take a while. Good thing Ruby was patient with this sort of thing. It wasn't like she had anything else to do and she had her music so it was fine. She had set up her laptop and was listening to a song she remembered Amethyst liking a lot. Let the sunshine in, from Hair. Ruby had no real idea about the musical, just that it was about hippies and she had been told she was way to young to see it. Amethyst had said that Ruby needed to be at least 30 to see it. Not that she cared. Ruby just liked the song as it reminded her of times when Amethyst, usually a nervous wreck, was happy. That did happen very often and those memories were precious. Which may have been why Ruby had begun singing along with it part way through.

...Singing our space songs on a spider web sitar,
Life is around you and in you,
Answer for Timothy Leary, dearie,
Let the sunshine in, let the sunshine in
The sunshine in...
Let the sunshine in, let the sunshine in
The sunshine in...

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