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Mar 4 2018, 02:24 AM


Celebrity Claim- Finlay MacMillan

Full Name- James Caspian Stirling-Kensington
Nicknames/Aliases-  That Prick Cas, by family members, otherwise N/A
Age- 16
Date of Birth- April 13th
Faction- New Mutants
Occupation- Professional Slacker

Personality- Passion and energy complimented by a rational - if possibly distracted - mind. He can be easy to get along with, eloquent, calm and persuasive when needs be (when he wants to be) and much enjoys taking people along the path less travelled, or so to speak - and making the absolute most of his time. Though at the same time, his humour can come across as crude and his confidence as narcissism - but overall, there's a reason he's always hung with the 'popular crowd' and it certainly isn't that he is completely unlikable. Not quite gregarious, James maintains a more 'easy, levelled' temperament in the way that he speaks - but that isn't to say that his temper isn't a force to be reckoned with when sparked.

His is a personality prone to making a lifestyle of risky behaviour. Living entirely in the moment does have its positives (a distinct lack of foresight and accountability, for one..two, rather) - and jumping straight into the action makes for an interesting person...right? A deep-set insecurity desire to be perceived as anything but boring drives him to indulge in his three true loves (social drama, money, pleasure) in the most engaging way possible, day in, day out - but not for the emotional kick. The fact is, keeping your options open and tackling daily matters head-on is just so stimulating to the highly logical, analytical mind. Rapid-fire responses aren't quite as ill-thought-out as they seem; James is one to make critical decisions based entirely on his immediate reality. Of course, this lack of foresight doesn't boalways fare him well and can lead to some less-than-favourable outcomes.

A ‘man’ of the moment to a fault, this has always made school a particular challenge - not because he isn't capable of achieving straight-As, but he - in the moment - sees little need for putting his head down and memorising the necessary arguments and facts to pass exams with flying colours.

He struggles greatly with focusing through 'the boring stuff', which could by the flip of a coin lead to either distractive trouble-making or focusing his attention on something beyond the curriculum that better holds his interest.

Needless to say, regimented formal education for the sake of a grade on a piece of paper is pointless to him, and he'd much sooner provide an essay on why the education system does not an intelligent, well-read individual make, than hand in his homework. It takes a huge degree of maturity to see high school as a means-to-an-end, and though he isn't terribly immature in nature ( - really!), he certainly has a lot to learn. Preferably before the end of high school, lest he risk leaving with grades far below his potential.

Grades aside, his intellect is such that he can definitely talk the talk, and even puts words into actions at times. Usually when concerning one of the aforementioned one true love: spending extravagantly to make a point of his family's wealth. If he's talking, it's not without intention and he isn't opposed to going the way of manipulation to either get a rise out of someone or to gain something that he wants. If his goal is to create conflict between individuals, you can bet it'll happen. His mutation is such, that he is able to gain access to individuals at their most vulnerable; gaining a unique insight into their psyche/fears, etc. This, he'd class as blackmail material - whether that be for a "light-hearted" wind-up, or something less favourable, you can bet
it'll leave its mark.

This, first and foremost, is his weapon in cases where people don't comply in the way he's used to (i.e. when his silver tongue fails him). His upper-class upbringing lies at the heart of his personality, and he's most comfortable when his social standing is recognised/in situations where he can draw authority from it.

  • Alcohol-infused parties
  • Unnecessarily pricy, bespoke “necessities” (think: tailor-made t-shirts, palatial food emporium visits, etc.)
  • Reading (aged philosophical texts, purely for appearances)
  • Vinyl records. When home, he ’only listens to music on vinyl’
  • Rugby (playing, watching)
  • Video Games. FPS, anyone?
  • ”Crudités”. Call them what you will, they’re still cold vegetables.
  • Literature that he deems “low-brow”
  • Any whiskey that isn’t British
  • Being called British
  • “Manual labour” (see: making his bed himself, cleaning things)
  • Things being “too ordered.” He’s more the spontaneous type.
  • Romance novels/Rom-Coms
  • Self-assured - While he lacks humility, James has confidence in spades. He’s definitely aware of his capabilities and is not at all the type to refrain from demonstrating them when necessary. Not one to waste time on timidly second-guessing himself, he can confidently navigate most social situations he finds himself in with the assurance (see: assumption) that he’s absolutely in the right.
  • Highly observant - With all his focus upon the here and now, it makes sense that he’s a natural when it comes to noticing subtle changes in settings and body language.
  • Aesthetics/Showmanship - What you see is (broadly speaking) what you get. It’s all about appearances to James. All the world’s a stage, and he doesn’t just stop at bespoke-yet-not-pristinely-worn outfits; he just as readily injects his words and actions with the same ‘aesthetic’, too. Usually chill and collected with an unmistakable sense of humour, this comes across in most everything he does.
  • Bold - James isn’t one to hold back. With a desire to experience everything there is to experience, he’ll throw himself into new situations with ease; stepping outside of comfort zones when nobody else is willing is something of his “thing.”
  • Highly Intelligent - Whether he puts it to good use is another matter, but as he’s been exposed to varied material at varying academic levels throughout his education, he’s developed a broad accumulated knowledge base and a capacity to nit-pick/analyse his surroundings down to the most frustratingly small detail.
  • Narcissistic - James has a very high opinion of himself. He’s been raised under the pretence of being a perfect, flawless ‘wonder child’ both in intellect and temperament - and boy, has it gone to his head.
  • Easily Bored - Especially when it comes to school, he finds it extremely difficult to apply himself to anything that doesn’t interest him. In class or dull social situations, methods of combating this boredom tends to involve messing with people (i.e teachers) either verbally or through pranking. How about we see how many paper planes can be thrown around the room while teacher’s not looking? It becomes about finding bigger/better ways to entertain his classmates.
  • Lacks Forward-Thinking - James is often so focused on immediate pleasures and the present that he neglects duties and responsibilities that will put him in good stead long-term. As a result, his grades are suffering more often than they’re a reflection of his actual ability.
  • Cannot Take Criticism - Strongly emotive whether he accepts it or not, he responds to criticism badly; feeling as though he’s been backed into a corner, he’s liable to lash out with vindictive tendencies.
  • Too Socially Aware - James is fixated with the way others perceive him and his near every action serves to put him in some semblance of good standing with somebody he deems ‘worthy,’ to the extent that he can take things way too far to impress others.

Power Name- Dream Manipulation
James is able to tap into a plane of existence that allows him to enter, observe and manipulate the dreams of others. He can pull individuals from the waking world, or enter the dreams of sleeping individuals, to create a false illusion/reality in dreams that enables him to trap the target within their own dreams/nightmares - or within one that he has induced. He is able to hold people's consciousnesses on this 'dream plane' or so to speak (and thus prevent them from waking, eg. that feeling when you want to wake from a dream but cannot). While entering the dreams of a target, James can communicate with them as though awake, though this is currently bound by the mentioned distance limitations.

Should he gain complete dominance over the target's dream (i.e. in a case where he has - for the time being - overpowered their sub-conscience), James is able to induce a ‘sleepwalking’ so-called ‘dream-walking’ state through inducing a state of deep non-REM sleep, in which he can control an individual's body and see what they see as if he were standing there.

As it currently stands, his abilities are limited to people within a specific radius to himself, eg. he couldn't affect the dreams of a target down the street and he cannot manage more than one target at a time. Depending on a target’s mutation/will-power, it can be hard (or indeed impossible) to induce/enter a dream or maintain control of it - and trying to induce/maintain the illusion in these situations can be debilitatingly draining. It goes without saying that he cannot affect telepaths or those with cerebral-based mutations i.e telepathy.

As it is a dream, though, nothing can be altered in reality, outside of this ‘dream-scape’; his is an illusion-based power due to inexperience and a lack of knowledge as to how he might develop it.

Furthermore, to maintain any ability that he's using, James needs to concentrate to focus and control the illusion/imprisonment, otherwise the dream crumbles and he ceases to be able to affect the target. Of course, significant exertion in this sense would cause physical symptoms once he wakes post-manipulation, such as waking up with a migraine or headache, or feeling hugely fatigued despite having slept a full night. Thus, in this sense, over-exertion of his powers could have an adverse effect on his health if abused.

With the ‘dream-walking’, a target’s movements are limited to those of a natural sleepwalker (i.e. he couldn't have them run or walk without stumbling about a bit), and the period of time that he can maintain this for is limited, both due to his lack of experience and due to the fact that non-REM sleep doesn't typically last longer than an hour. As with his dream manipulation, inexperience means that the ability is somewhat shaky; he can easily lose control, causing the target to wake abruptly, and he can only facilitate one at a time.

Skills & Abilities-
Skilled Fencer - While at boarding school in Scotland, the option to take up the one sport involving sword-like weapons and jabbing people was met with huge enthusiasm. He’s been fencing since the age of 10, and has typically managed to maintain a place on the higher end of the ‘Top 10’ leaderboard.

Languages - James was semi-raised by a French live-in nanny, who his parents employed in part, for the purpose of developing fluency from an early age. It’s always been one of his strongest subjects in school - and quite possibly the only one in which his grades have rarely suffered. He knows pockets of Latin through school, though it’s limited to disjointed words and short phrases due to his disinterest in applying himself enough to learn.

Height- 5’11”
Weight- 155lbs
Eye Colour- Brown
Hair Colour- Black

His smirk may just be a permanent fixture; it certainly seems to be his default expression. Unruly almost-black hair is typically left to its own devices; maybe he’ll run his fingers through it from time to time, or a brush to eradicate extreme cases of bed-hair, but that’s it; James’ is more an unkempt charm - tousled hair, casually-worn bespoke tailored clothing— yes, it’s bespoke, but he wears the contents of his wardrobe with a loose ease; shirt untucked and not buttoned right up to the collar, a sweater pulled over it. It’s neat and it’s clear that his clothing was custom-made to fit him perfectly, but he never has a ‘stuffy’ appearance about him.

All the same, heaven forbid there be a smear of dirt or a mark on any of it; he’ll wrestle around in the mud during a rugby game like any other, but he’ll hit the showers and wash every inch of dirt off afterwards. He’s a stickler for personal hygiene and this absolutely applies to his clothing, too; it’s his personal identity and he takes great prise in it. Woe betide anyone who ruins his favourite shirt.

Tall, lean and naturally of an athletic build, he’s of the idea that he’s been chisled to perfection like a work of fine Renaissance-era art...The reality is that he has more of a runner’s build than being particularly stocky in build. His stance is a prideful one; seemingly radiating self-importance with his head held high
and piercing gaze cast unblinkingly upon all those who may “dare” oppose him, as he may say.

Gear- Um. Brogues? In all seriousness, James doesn’t own any weaponry, nor is he terribly sentimental about family heirlooms, or the like. Being a teenager, his mobile phone is probably his most prized possession.

Additional Information- James likes the idea of camping and spending time doing outdoor activity like bushcraft or hiking— but that’s his idealistic tendencies talking. It’s doubtful that he’d find it anything other than awful. He’ll develop a fad-like interest in something (be it a new skill, sport or the like) every now and again though he never fully dedicates himself to any of them. He also considers himself a badass because he successfully entered a Glasgow pub, underage, with friends on his last birthday. Yeah. It’s not a great story. Don’t get him started on that.

Hometown- Stirling, Scotland
Immediate Family- Bob Kensington (paternal grandfather), Gemma Rose Kensington (paternal grandmother), Lady Victoria “Vita” Mary Elizabeth Stirling (mother), James Caspian Kensington (father), Sir William Stirling, 12th Baronet, of Pollok (maternal grandfather), Lady Elizabeth Marguerite Bowes-Stirling (maternal grandmother, deceased)
Others- Alice Caroll (“ex-girlfriend”, mortal enemy), Rocky (the family pet, a border collie)


James was one of those kids born with a name his ego grew into. James Caspian Stirling-Kensington (Cas, to his family, to differentiate him from his father), the son of an English-born, “rags-to-riches” businessman and a Scottish-born then-'lady of leisure'. Born and raised (until the age of 13) in his heiress mother's
ancestral home in Stirling, Scotland, he's always had something of a certain 'idea' about his own (perceived) self-importance, which has only been strengthened by his father's borderline-narcissism (as a self-made man) and by his mother's self-entitlement that came with being the named heir to a title and stately homes. I guess having the ruins of a castle in your back garden may do something to your ego, too.

Having attended private prep school and a prestigious boarding school for boys, the accent he developed was subtle; almost the Queen's English, with a twinge of a Central Scottish accent (the same as his mother's) and as such, was prone to confusing the hell out of people when they went abroad.

Due to his dad's work (and frequent international travel for work) and his mum's preference for ‘doing lunch with the ladies for charity', he was arguably raised more by his boarding school's staff or the hired help/his French nanny when at home, than he was by his parents. That didn't change much when his mother decided to set up a non-profit organisation for some such charity she decided would elevate her philanthropist status - nor when it grew to an international scale.

When it went international at the time when his father's business moved its head office to New York, his parents subsequently decided to emigrate. A 12 year-old James was under no illusion that things wouldn't change, even then. He figured he was content, so long as he had his purebred border collie, Rocky (yes, after the movie), with him. And that was that - a new school, a new circle of friends and a city on his doorstep, where before there had been acres of countryside.

But as with most kids, puberty wasn't an easy ride - and as with most mutants, it was made all the more awkward. Most kids have trouble sleeping at a certain age, but then most kids don't tap into the romance novel-inspired dreams of the nanny, featuring their father. At first, it was comical. By the fifth time of seeing his father wind up..uhm..bedding his nanny in a variety of situations that would've made Twilight look like a depiction of a perfectly healthy relationship, some part of his consciousness went, 'fuck this,' and re-orchestrated the nightmare into something more befitting of a 14 year old boy's imagination. Quiet, idyllic coffee shop became the setting of an armed robbery. Lots of fighting, guns blazing, in which the nanny was used as a human shield (he'd developed a disliking towards her in recent weeks).

He woke from the best sleep he'd had since these emotionally scarring bizarre dreams had started and thought nothing much of it until said nanny came to wake him up in the morning with bloodshot eyes and while visibly trembling. That was when a strange thought entered his mind - one that he would put to the test the following night, involving a plot inspired by the
horror game he'd been playing recently, 'Until Dawn'. When she came to wake him up the following morning with a blotchy face, he could feel an entire realm of possibilities open up to him.

Eventually, the time came to use his advantage. On one particular occasion when at 15 and starting to crave more freedom to - say - explore the city unsupervised and it was point blank refused to him, he m casually brought up the puke-worthy highly inappropriate dreams he'd had the misfortune of experiencing first-hand, in far too-graphic detail. And threatened to tell his father that she'd been sharing her sick fantasies with him. All of a sudden, the nanny was fine with allowing her employers' mutant son whatever freedoms he so desired.

That was, until she found a new job and hightailed it as soon as she could, which meant that his mother had to stop spending her time (when not working) in Scotland with her friends in order to care for her son. James had figured that there was no way of telling his parents of his abilities without sounding insane, and so hadn't.

Then, at 16, an individual claiming to be from Xavier's called at their home, claiming that James had been identified as a mutant and offered him a place at the school. His mother's face had been an absolute picture, having had no way of suspecting it, and having heard on a regular basis of mutantkind's less-than-positive reputation. Wondering how she'd explain this all to his father, it was
agreed that he ought to go.

Player Name- Robin
Age Definitely over 18
How Can We Contact- Ask for Discord (because i don’t know hiw to share it) and Skype is whip1aash. PM works too
Time Zone- GMT+0
How did you find us? Mia did it
Other Characters- N/A

Role Play Sample-
b]"---It's not like I've never been t’ boarding school, Mum."[/b] He glanced up at her from his position on the floor, warily. She had that look in her eye again, as though she were going to start on the mantra she'd been repeating to him since that Xavier's teacher had turned up - 'It doesn't matter to us. You're still our son.' And then the dreaded, 'It's not your fault,' as though he were the one who needed convincing. Hers had been a nervous disposition ever since; half-shy, half-assertive - a shadow of the gregarious character he knew his mother to be.

While he was folding his clothes, she was flitting about, filling up his old school trunks with what seemed to be half the contents of his bedroom, before unpacking, re-packing and looking down upon it all while wringing her hands in such a way that made Lady Macbeth look comparatively normal. After a few moments of this, James sighed, finally speaking up, "---What is it?"

A pause. Then, in a small voice, "They didn't say how large the dormitory rooms were."

He swore under his breath. "Probably the same as any other dorm room. Ah told you, I'll do it myself. It'll be faster. Okay?" He waited for her response, though after a brief silence his temperament turned surly and he could feel the frustration rise within him, not for the first time.

This was ridiculous; you’d have thought he was dying, as opposed to possessing a power that neither of them fully understood, but he was getting there in leaps and bounds as time passed – and it seemed to do little more than benefit him. She could see that, too, he could tell. But the conflict came with living in New York – living amidst press reports of the Brotherhood, with the ever-unfavourable mutants within such close proximity. ’You’re not like them – Look at me, you’re not—‘[/b] he could still hear her in the back of his mind; he presumed she meant the Brotherhood. As though [i]that suddenly needed saying.

He waited again in-between folding jeans – the throwaway custom Levi’s. He’d torn or otherwise stained a number of the Savile Row regulars, and with school, hadn’t been able to travel for a replacement fitting. More silence. Though he could still hear the telltale rustling of her rummaging through his things and fitting them into trunks emblazoned on the lids with his old school’s crest and colours.

”—You knew. You told them you knew already, abou—“ She trailed off, and he could see that look - soft frown and tightly pursed lips, that she adopted when she was thinking. As though unable to find the words. For fuck’s sake. He quickly realised he’d the same expression, and quickly adjusted it to a scowl, his accent thickening as he finally saw red, ”An’ why’d you think I didn’t say anything? Because look at you. It’s not like I’ve an extra head, is it? You think I’m gonna be ‘tainted’ by those freaks of nature? Is that it?” He threw the remaining clothes into the trunk nearest him. ”I’ll still have normal friends, Mum,” he snapped at her.

With a deliberate slam, she locked a now-packed trunk shut and snapped her mouth open – but said nothing, mirroring his scowl.
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