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Apr 10 2018, 12:00 PM
Although he had enjoyed more preferential treatment from the Genoshan Magistrates than most mutants, freedom was not something that Chrome was familiar with. His had been a gilded cage, but a cage nonetheless, and while the labour he had been forced to perform was not as physically demanding as what many others were relegated to, it was slave labour nonetheless. That was the only life that Chrome had known since he was fourteen years, and it had come with certain... limitations. Chrome was not stupid, despite the lack of higher education, and when he stuck to colouring within the lines of being a mutant activist he did rather well for himself, but any time he moved outside of those lines was an adventure.

Today's adventure was cooking. Chrome had absolutely no idea how to do all but the most basic of things when it came to cooking. Boiling water? Yes. Anything that required something to be put in that boiling water for whatever amount of time was mentioned on the packaging? Sure. Everything beyond that? Eh... probably something that was going to take some trial and error. It would have worked out fine for Chrome had he just accepted that he would forever be limited to eating plain pasta or potatoes, or just eat nothing but boiled eggs forever. But Chrome wasn't content with that, instead he wanted to learn and be better, the idea that he'd been left as some kind of unknowing idiot incapable of taking care of himself because of the Magistrates not sitting well with him at all.

Perhaps he could have asked someone for help. One of his fellow Brotherhood members was bound to know how to cook and willing to pass on some knowledge, but Chrome had stubbornly decided that he would figure it out himself. Cooking came with instructions, Chrome knew how to read, he figured that this couldn't be all that difficult to figure out. How exact a process could cooking be, anyway? It didn't strike him like some kind of exact science where the smallest of mistakes could lead to disaster. Of course when you approached it that way, and repeatedly neglected to pay close attention to details, the smallest of mistakes could add up quickly.

That was how Chrome had ended up where he was now, leaning over the kitchen sink to rinse out his mouth with water. His attempt at a sweet and sour sauce to go with the chicken, vegetables and rice that he had been preparing had turned into... something else entirely. Chrome would hesitate to choose any combination of adjectives to describe what it had turned out to be, he only knew that they'd be negative. Whatever he'd concocted tasted so vile that his first impulse was to just transmute it from sauce to water, but that wouldn't have gotten rid of the taste. Chrome wasn't sure if anything would ever get rid of the taste. He was actually considering eating a bar of soap.

"Jesus, what did I even--" Chrome started as he straightened himself, resting his hands on the countertop, cutting himself off when he realised that yet another thing had gone wrong. Unless he was somehow mistaken, and had missed that particular detail when going through the instructions - it was likely he had missed at least a few and played it loose with several others - he was sure that the frying pan he'd been preparing the chicken in was not supposed to be on fire. Maybe the oil had been old, maybe he'd just used way too much oil, or maybe he'd set the stove too high and forgot to turn it down again, Chrome didn't know how to cook well enough to even really consider any of those options. All he knew was that there was currently an oil fire happening.

"Oh, come on," he grunted in frustration as he hurried back towards the stove, carefully bringing his hands closer towards the fire to try and turn the oxygen into... something else, to remove one of the key elements that the fire needed to persist. Easier said than done, of course, what with the risk of burning himself. God, it was almost like the universe was trying to tell him something here, like how he should never cook again, and definitely shouldn't try and make his own cake for his upcoming birthday, lest he want to risk either poisoning all of his fellow Brotherhood members or just straight up burn their base down.
Feb 27 2018, 04:23 AM
As wild and primitive as the Savage Land was, the wide variety in mutations and skills made it easier to deal with than it would have been for most people. Grading the experience on a scale helped too, with the rough introduction most of them had to the place almost making the stay on the island seem like a vacation by comparison. A vacation at the world's worst resort, with only the most basic of amenities and that continued sense of impending doom lingering over you, but still. Chrome had done what he could to help by using his ability of transmutation to make life on the island a little bit easier. Working with the other mutants on the island, he'd helped improve things that were already there by changing their elemental composition, provided raw materials others could use, and with some heavy hand holding by the X-Man Beast had even been able to provide in the way of medical supplies they were lacking. It had become less of a necessity now that Xavier's healer had made it to the island, but had made Chrome feel useful before then. He still wasn’t glad to be stuck on some island in the middle of an unfamiliar land, but feeling useful helped.

When it came to food, Chrome had been fully reliant on the others. The Genoshan had been raised in comfort before his captivity, and lived an even more pampered life in his gilded cage after that. He did not know how to hunt, or even how to navigate the wilderness that well. Cooking was also not his forté, but thankfully others were more capable than he was with all of those. The smell of food had lured Chrome away from where he'd been dozing off and towards a large pot of... questionable content. The chef of the moment assured him that all of it was perfectly edible though, and though briefly suspicious of whether or not this was something he should eat, Chrome had accepted a crudely made bowl of it.

Spotting his friend Notion sitting by herself in the distance, as the woman seemed wont to most of the time, Chrome requested a second bowl for her before heading towards where the brunette was. "Hey there, mind if I join you?" he wondered, offering one of the bowls to her. "Someone made soup, I thought you might like some." Sitting down on the ground then, far enough away that he assumed Notion would be comfortable with, he brought the bowl up and peered at it for a second. "It's chicken. Supposedly." Chrome hadn't seen any chickens during his time in the Savage Land, but then he'd only seen a fraction of it.

Shrugging lightly, Chrome brought the bowl to his lips and slurped some of it down. Not the most charming way to eat, but what could you really do without a spoon? "This is not chicken," he decided almost immediately. "I'm not even sure I'd call this soup." There wasn't really that clear a distinction between soup and stew, but Chrome would definitely label this as the latter. "Wait, maybe they just said it was like chicken," he realised then. That would make more sense. Oh well, it actually tasted pretty damn good for something someone had scraped together from whatever they could find in the Savage Land.

"How have you been holding up?" he asked the brunette then, before bringing the bowl to his lips again. He almost wondered if she had been isolating herself on purpose, but then thought better of it. He had experienced what the woman's ability could do the first time they had met, when he had been unexpectedly rather taken by her, and he could understand why she'd just excuse herself from that kind of awkward interaction before it occurred. Chrome didn't have to worry about that now though. After having been told by Notion what her mutation did, he could do something to keep himself from being affected. As soon as his mutation picked up on anything in the air that felt like it didn't belong there, he could simply ensure that it was turned into something harmless. "I'm growing a bit tired of being on this island," he admitted. "There's this whole unique world out there and we're just here waiting around, either for something bad to happen, or for someone to figure out a way to get us out of here."

Feb 1 2018, 05:11 PM
Upon finding out that one of their own, specifically the young woman known as Blink, had gone missing, Chrome had not hesitated to volunteer his assistance in her retrieval. The pink teleporter had been essential to the success of their mission in Genosha two weeks prior, and because of this Chrome would walk barefoot across searing hot coals if it repaid the debt he owed her. Or in this case, travel to a distant land that had apparently been forgotten by time. Or messed up by time. Something was strange about it, that was about the gist of what Chrome knew. The important thing for him had been that one of their people had gone missing there, apparently in the company of those who by any measure of logic were their enemies despite being mutants themselves, and that just something he could stand idly by for. Whatever awaited them down there, Chrome would be ready for it.


Chrome had definitely not been ready for this.

Just over a day ago he had woken up in the middle of nowhere. To be fair, he was pretty sure that the entirety of the Savage Land was the middle of nowhere by any acceptable ways of defining it, but still. The surrounding area had mostly just been a big fat nothing in every direction, with only a few scattered rocks and sad looking plants breaking up the complete monotony of it all. The last thing he remembered was being airborne, and then suddenly he was not, yet somehow he did not feel like he'd experienced any sort of rough landing, and neither did his companions. Or his... whatevers. Just as he had no clue where he was or what had happened, Chrome did not know what to make of the two people whose presence he'd been in when he woke up. None of his fellow Brotherhood members had been around, and instead he had found himself accompanied by a teacher and a student from Xavier's.

Now, Chrome was usually inclined to be both trusting and amicable towards his fellow mutants. After the years he spent subjected to the oppression of the Genoshan government, exclusively human, he looked upon them as the enemy and other mutants as natural allies. But with how he had ended up with Thistle and Wiccan, Chrome was left feeling rather suspicious initially. But when it turned out that they knew just as much as he did - meaning pretty much fuck-all - most of that suspicion had faded. Chrome did not like that he had been separated from the people he knew to be allies, but being stranded in the middle of nowhere in an unfamiliar land made him a lot more open towards forming a new, if most likely temporary, alliance.

Initially there had been no real idea within the group as to which direction they should be heading in. "Just start walking" had been suggested, but then dismissed when it had been immediately followed by "To our inevitable deaths?". Staying put had not seemed like a much more appealing option, but luckily they didn't have to. The sudden appearance of a flare creating a red X in the sky gave them a direction to head into, assuming they would be safe there. Or that it was, in fact, a trap. There hadn't really been a consensus on that one, but at least they had managed to agree that it was at least something to head towards.

Too bad that something did appear to be their inevitable deaths.

It began with a slight tremor, giving Chrome a moment of pause as he looked towards his two travelling companions. From what they had talked about since their unusual first meeting, Chrome knew that Billy created illusions, while Elijah could control plants. The tremor didn't seem to fit either, though at the same time both could possibly create such an effect as well. Billy could just make him experience the sudden shift underneath his feet, while Elijah could very well be capable of creating some unrest underground by manipulating the plant life that might be there. Given that both seemed to be just as startled by it as he was though, Chrome would give both the benefit of the doubt.

"This seems ominous," Chrome said after a few seconds, to break the silence that had fallen over their little group. Shifting his gaze from Elijah to Billy and then back to Elijah again, Chrome managed a slight, nervous smile. "Or maybe it's nothing. Either way, we should probably keep moving." Getting to where the earth didn't sound like it was considering having three tiny mutants for a midday snack sounded like an excellent plan if he did say so himself. No sooner had he finished speaking though when the ground beneath his feet burst apart and what appeared to be a large man made entirely out of rock surged up from underneath it, knocking Chrome off balance and right into his ass.

The barren area that stretched a far as the horizon in every direction was not as empty as it seemed. It was in fact home to a very unusual kind of people, creatively dubbed "Rock People" by those scant few who had encountered them and actually managed to escape. Seemingly nothing more than animated rock at first glance, these creatures were actually far more than that. The Savage Land was home to many unusual phenomena, and the land known simply as "The Expanse" was no exception. An unusual, mystical energy permeated everything in it, somehow preventing anyone who died there from moving on to the afterlife. Instead, those who met their end within its boundaries were trapped there, what most would consider the human soul instead becoming one with the very earth. Twisted into something far more malevolent than what they had been in their first life, these walking slabs of rock were incredibly dangerous.

And surprisingly mean.

"What an ugly little shit you are," the golem grumbled deeply as he loomed over the downed Chrome. "What's with that haircut? You look like a bird. Don't worry, we'll fix that for you right quick" Briefly, it stomped on the ground, summoning its friends to come join him up top. Surely they would have noticed the footfalls from down below as well, but they were being kind of slow and the golem up top was not the most patient of evil rock monsters. Almost immediately, four more golems began rising from the ground, quickly surrounding the trio of mutants. Each of them stood at over eight feet tall, making for a rather threatening presence, more so when you took into consideration that they were both very willing and very capable of turning each of those present into bloody smears on the ground and forcibly bring them into the fold.

"I like my hair. At least I have hair," Chrome objected then, shifting on the ground to try and get in a position where he could touch the nearest golem, hoping they weren't too large for him to use his ability of transmutation on. Failing that, hopefully sassing the large golem intent on killing him (admittedly, not his best plan) would give Elijah the chance to have a chat with the local flora to convince them to help, or perhaps for Billy to worm his way into whatever consciousness drove these things to get them to maybe not turn them into mutant paste.

Chrome was definitely not ready for that.

Jan 23 2018, 05:42 PM
One thing that definitely stood out about America so far was how cold it was. Back home in Genosha, it was more or less in the 80s all year long. They didn't have seasons down there the way they did up here in the North; they had the wet season and the dry season, but nothing resembling winter. Just a constant high temperature that Chrome had very much grown accustomed to. The current 40 degrees in New York? Excruciating, it had actually made Chrome wonder if he wouldn't be better off on Genosha, taking part in ensuring the resistance there would get on its feet properly. He did trust HardWire to keep an eye on things there and warn them if intervention was necessary, or when they could proceed with the next step of their plan, but he really did miss the Genoshan climate. He had agreed to join the Brotherhood though, both as thanks for the help they had provided him and his countrymen with, and because he believed in their philosophies. And if what he had been told was correct, and Chrome had no reason to doubt his new friends, America was at risk of developing into something just like Genosha. Public opinion had sharply turned against mutant kind over here as well, and the current regime responsible for running the country only sought to make things worse.

Chrome couldn't just stand back and allow that to happen.

It had been difficult for him to accept that any other country could become as bad as Genosha though. Mostly because he didn't want to accept it, because he had heard stories that painted America off as a country of liberty and justice, and Genosha embodied neither of those concepts. But now that he was out here, on the streets of New York with a credit card provided to him by his new favourite person, Elle, it was hard to ignore that what he had been told was true. Denial only lasted so long when you actually laid eyes upon one of those signs that she had mentioned.


Three simple words, and yet they held such power, not just in how they excluded an entire people from the establishment, but with what anger they stirred up in Chrome. He wanted to put his fist straight through the storefront, take the sign and destroy it. Or better yet, march right on inside and shove it down the throat of whatever bigot had decided that this was the sort of policy he wanted to enforce. The worst part was that no one seemed to give a damn about it. Through the large windows Chrome could see people leisurely browsing inside, offering whoever owned this place their business and seemingly not thinking twice about the blatant violation of mutant rights advertised out front.

This was how it started.

It wasn't going to be the actions of a few ignorant assholes that would turn the tide against mutant kind and see them all either killed or enslaved. It wouldn't even be the government making laws to support those actions. It would be the indifference of the human population towards their plight, their quiet acceptance of something so horrible happening to people in their community, because it just didn't matter as long as it happened to the other instead of them. They would just turn a blind eye to it and carry on their cushy lives, now propped up on the shoulders of a mutant population forced to support them, or built upon the bones of those brave enough to refuse to comply. Inaction was the worst kind of crime in Chrome's eyes, but that was not something he was in any position to punish.

Inaction was not something he could allow for himself either.

Pushing through the front door of the store, Chrome quickly made a grab at the sign in the store front and then headed towards the counter, ignoring the demand to put that sign back where he found it. From her stories, Chrome knew that HardWire had done something similar before, even made a bit of a collection of signs she had found around the city. This one would not be added to that, all that he would be able to offer the technopath would be a story of what he had done with it. He paid no mind to any of the displays around him, showing a variety of the books this store sold, nor did he make eye contact with any of the browsing customers. His bright blue eyes were focused solely on his target.

"This is not acceptable," Chrome snarled as he smacked the sign down in front of the store owner, already drawing the attention of some of the store's other patrons. "Do not talk back to me," he snapped next, talking over the weak retort about rights that the middle aged woman offered him. "This is a free country, but that does not mean you have the right to blatantly discriminate." Admittedly Chrome did not have any sort of knowledge of the constitution, but even if it had been written in there that discriminating against mutants was perfectly acceptable, he would not acknowledge it. In this instance, right and wrong went beyond any rules that the people in charge enforced.

"I--I think you should go," the woman stammered, clearly aware that she was dealing with one of the mutants she was trying to bar from her establishment.

"And I think I will not," Chrome countered plainly, his hand moving from the sign to one of the books set out on the counter. "I think you should be made to see the error of your ways," he stated coolly, lifting the book up and turning it to solid stone before the woman's eyes, then to sand and letting it slip through his fingers into a small pile on the wooden counter surface.. "Or at least be made an example of." Whether it would work, Chrome was unsure, but if even one store owner reconsidered putting up a sign like this because of what happened to this woman, he would consider it a step in the right direction.

Behind him a customer called out "Mutant!" and made a break for it, causing many of the other customers to follow suit. None actually tried to help the store owner, at least so far, and Chrome paid those who remained no mind. He was not there for them, but if any of them were stupid enough to get in the way of his setting things right, he wouldn't hesitate to include him in his little lesson about why one shouldn't casually disregard the rights of an entire group of people. "Now..." Chrome started, reaching across the counter and grabbing the woman by the lapels of her jacket before she had the common sense to back away any further, "...what exactly will we do with you?" There were so many options when it came to materials, even before you went into simple composites, but honestly any one of them would do to get his message across.

Jan 5 2018, 11:50 PM
As with most government buildings on Genosha, the research building situated on the grounds of this particular facility outside of Hammer Bay was under heavy guard. There were two armed guards at every entrance, with several more patrolling the building's immediate vicinity. Those at the doors had an Axon disruption rifle strapped to their back, meant to disrupt its targets' nervous systems, while the rest of them carried more conventional weapons. The experimental weapons were very effective in subduing their targets, but didn't come cheaply enough to equip all of the guards with them. Even the guards who did have them were more likely to grab for their M9 Semiautomatics first. The Brotherhood could very well be familiar with the Axom rifles, given that they were produced and had been used before by Trask Industries. They were not pleasant weapons to encounter, though arguably being shot with actual bullets was not a whole lot more pleasant.

Ideally, Blink would have been able to teleport the members of the Brotherhood infiltrating the research building right inside so Hardwire could get her hooks into the system immediately, but unfortunately the Genoshan known as Chrome was not familiar enough with the place to give her a detailed enough description to allow for it. Teleporting blindly into a building run by people whose very life centered around dominating mutants likely would not have gone too well. Fortunately they did have the element of surprise on their side, with the Brotherhood's teleporter being able to drop the Brotherhood members and Chrome right on the research building's doorstep.

Chrome was looking rather wet as he appeared, the air around most of his body transformed into water to give Kingtide something to work with. The glow that came with his powers made the man a rather obvious target for the guards closest to the group to open fire on, but their decision to use their conventional weapons instead of their Axom rifles made their attack rather pointless. Jacketed lead was turned to more water for the Brotherhood's hydrokinetic to use as a weapon while Chrome advanced unimpeded, the brief distraction he provided allowing the others to make their move.

The Genoshan mutant himself was propelled forward by a sudden explosive burst, the air around his lower body having been transformed into far more combustible materials. He more or less barrelled into one of the two guards outside of the main entrance, which given his no more than ordinary durability and distinct lack of body armor compared to the guard proved to be a rather painful experience for Chrome. Of course it was nowhere near as bad as what the guard experienced a moment later when Chrome turned his ability to transmute elements against him. Phosphorus was not an element found by itself on Earth, the way that the white version in particular reacted to exposure to air causing it to ignite violently, an effect that Chrome's energy field protected him from, but the guard wasn't quite so fortunate. The way the man screamed in terror was brief, but satisfying, almost making Chrome hope that one of the guards had managed to call for backup before the mutants overwhelmed them. Opposition would make their job more difficult, but cutting through them would prove to be rather cathartic.

Whipping his head around, Chrome turned his attention towards where the other guard had been a moment ago. He had faith in his new companions' ability to deal with threats like these, but if he could offer his assistance to any of them he would happily do so. Truthfully though, just getting to see other mutants at work, watching them give the proverbial middle finger to those who had contributed to the mutant oppression on Genosha for so many years, made Chrome feel content. Briefly his gaze turned towards the distance, where the force of nature known as Exodus was providing a distraction for both groups assaulting the facility, and he couldn't help but smile. This was the start of a revolution for the island nation of Genosha, and soon enough it would be its human population who would find themselves crushed underneath their boots.

Notion, Exodus for mention, Rat for possible participation.
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