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Apr 5 2018, 04:24 PM
Everything sucked, and everything was going straight to down into the bowels of however many hells there were. Laura and Neena had been missing for over a week and while they finally had a lead, Weapon X wasn't the only problem currently staring the X-Men in the face. In fact, if the conversation with Backup from the future was to be believed then they had a much more serious problem approaching that had far more dire, actually world ending consequences. A problem that he had apparently caused by answering Amelia Bradshaw's summons to Nebraska at the start of February.

Shane didn't fully understand it, but he was feeling no small amount of guilt over what was happening. If he hadn't meddled in Broken Bow then apparently these things wouldn't have stirred. Wouldn't have hungered. Wouldn't have made Amelia and many more into their violent puppets. From the sound of things it was all simply going to escalate from there, and they absolutely needed to be ready for what was to come or they'd all suffer death or a worse fate.

The idea that he was the cause of what could potentially become the near to total extinction of mankind was no light burden to bear, and it weighed heavily on the geokinetic. Shane's only mistake had been caring about his friend enough to drop what he was doing to make an impromptu trip to the middle of nowhere, and that mistake had caused so much agony and tragedy.

And now he didn't really know how to fix it.

From the sound of it the people who were infected couldn't be returned to normal, with the change being a genetic rewrite rather than mind control. If Broken Bow was already being overtaken then what recourse did they really have? Destroying the nest was absolutely vital, and it really sounded like that meant destroying the entire town completely was probably their only option to wipe out the invading Brood.

Having left the War Room a half hour prior Shane had found himself mostly absently wandering the halls of Xavier's, pondering what to do. Beefing up security and defenses was important, but so was rest. Glancing at his watch Shane quickly ran the math in his head and realized that he was running on about twenty seven hours without sleep. Exhausted but at the same time incredibly wired, Shane wasn't entirely sure how to handle anything at that point. If the Brood attacked now he'd be a shambling useless mess. Eventually he found his way to the third floor, intent on more or less forcing himself to get some sleep. Perhaps a sleep aid might help there, or perhaps not.

Stopping outside of his room, with its missing door and broken frame, Shane cast a glance down the hall, toward Bobby's room.

Telling everyone what was going on had helped him to get his thoughts into some kind of order, but the man's head was still a muddled mess of tired emotions and confusion. While he had shared what he knew, there lingered a few incredibly heavy feelings of guilt and regret regarding a few very important things. Maybe talking to someone –being honest with and about himself– would help him. Clearing his conscience and simply talking might actually enable him to rest.

Before he really realized what he was doing his feet had dragged him over to Bobby's door and he was knocking on it. Iceman had been at the meeting in the War Room, so he at least knew what everyone else did, but of all of the people in the mansion Shane wanted to talk to him the most. While he had shared information he hadn't shared emotion –he rarely did, and it was usually bad when he didn't.

So... why not share?

When the door opened Shane couldn't even muster a smile, but managed a nod. He was simply too physically and emotionally exhausted to do much more. “Hey,” he said simply. “Can we talk for a bit? I just... I need to talk.”
Mar 22 2018, 06:07 PM
Continued from plot thread Screams in the Dark

Upon returning to the mansion Shane had ignored more or less everyone and had retreated straight to the staff quarters, not even bothering to remove his uniform. Any X-Man who had been listening to the open comm stream like he had requested would have heard everything. They'd know what was going on –at least almost as much as he did. He could report on the mysterious savior more in depth in the morning despite the fact that he could barely wrap his head around her or... them?

Whatever. Turning off the comm the X-Man headed upstairs.

Upon reaching his room Shane slammed the door hard, disregarding his naturally increased strength even in his human form. While he wasn't overly powerful like someone like Piotr in his flesh form, Shane's physical strength was still considerable. The door didn't manage to stick shut, with the speed and force causing it to rebound after it had hit the frame. In a sudden fit of anger, Shane turned back to the defiant barrier, placing his hand in about the middle and shoving hard, his body reflexively drawing from and transforming into the same reddish-orange topaz he had selected in the kitchen of Barbara Bradshaw. The added power behind his full force push ripped the door from its hinges as it slammed into the frame.

“Piece of–” his agitation beyond apparent, Shane gave the door a swift, hard punch, sending his crystallized hand through and breaking the frame itself. With a grunt he pulled his arm back and assaulted the innocent wooden object again, breaking off several large pieces and sending them flying into the door across the hall. The thick chunks of wood slammed into the opposing door and fell unceremoniously to the floor as Shane made short work of what remained of his own.

That wasn't enough. Though he had ceased to feel the actual heat of anger and the stings of regret they were still welling up in his mind, clouding his judgment and reducing him to little more than an angry crystal man capable of reducing even much larger men to pulp. Shane had enough self control not to go that far –probably. At that moment he didn't care. He was angry. He had failed to save his good friend Amelia from being reduced to little more than a violent puppet of the fucking Monster Queen of Nebraska. If only he could have stopped the construction job from ever starting. If only–

If only Hank fucking-Nobel-Prize McCoy had been smart enough to figure out the mystery of one damn rock this might never have happened. If the man hadn't been arrested earlier that day Shane would have barged into the man's lab and demanded to know why he hadn't made any progress in his study –progress that might have spared Amelia from her fate.

At that moment he wanted to simply clobber the man, and just about anyone else.

(OOC: This is open to X-Men. Be aware that Shane is incredibly angry at this point.)
Mar 7 2018, 05:55 PM
This isn't a date.

The phrase that had become something of a mantra had lodged itself in Shane's head and had been set to repeat for the past two hours as he struggled to do something as simple as pick out what to wear. Should he dress casually or should he dress up a little bit? Should he do something different with his hair than normal?

Why was a totally-not-a-date outing so complicated? They were going to Harry's, of all places, so things shouldn't be as difficult as Shane's brain was making them out to be. Shane had considered the idea of taking Bobby out for sushi, considering his friend's claim that he could pretty much eat anything, but he had decided against it. Choosing someplace that was familiar to them both had been his idea simply because it was a kind of neutral ground. Both of the men were familiar with Harry's and that might help alleviate any potential awkwardness. If things got weird then they were simply two friends spending time in a place they'd been numerous times before.

Or that's what he tried to tell himself.

After having sent Bobby the texts asking if he'd like to go out somewhere he had not received a response and had spent several hours wondering many things. Were his messages sending properly after the weird time warp shenanigans of the Savage Land? Was Bobby simply busy and had no time to reply? Was Bobby not at all interested and just didn't feel like replying? The extreme latter, that Bobby lacked interest, was the one that had worried him the most, but Shane felt that if he wasn't he'd have simply said so. Bobby wasn't generally the type to beat around a bush or remain silent. When the replies finally came three hours, thirty minutes, and twelve seconds later (if the time stamps and his own personal mental counting were accurate) he had felt a huge wave of relief, followed by an entirely new wave of a totally different kind of anxiety.

This isn't a date.

He needed to calm down. If he showed up to take Bobby to Harry's as a big ball of anxiety then the man would clearly suspect something or become uncomfortable himself. So while he showered Shane considered several things:

You're already friends with Bobby Drake. He knows you. You don't have to worry about not getting along with him.

Things will be fine. It's just a night out with someone you like. Someone you've really liked for a long time.

This isn't a date!

The shower and the series of silently repeated phrases had served to calm Shane's nerves well enough. His intentions were to tell Bobby that he liked him (as in liked liked him) but he realized that even if the feeling wasn't the least bit mutual that didn't mean that they couldn't still be friends. Even great friends. Though he'd probably never pass Jean as the man's best friend he would be okay with just having the guy being closer to him than he was. The distance that they had, and the bit of distance that he had long had even with those who were somewhat close, was entirely his fault and had been on his way toward rectifying that when he had wound up in a magical land of lost world craziness, dinosaurs, carnivorous plants, evil gods, and sound eating psychic monsters. Having been trapped there for what felt like one thousand, two hundred, and forty one days was another reason that he simply needed to be more open with the guy and with people in general. There was never any way of knowing when it would be too late.

Eventually Shane found himself dressed and ready, having taken things just a slight notch above absolutely casual, knowing that Bobby generally dressed as casually as humanly possible even when it didn't make sense to do so, and kept his hair brushed simply as he usually did.

Wanting to make the night as worry free as possible for Bobby, Shane had driven them to Harry's. Being a weeknight there were plenty of booths available, and after they were seated and had placed their drink orders Shane casually glanced over the menu despite knowing it well apart from the occasional changes. His appetite upon returning to the normal world was still somewhat finicky. Three years worth of days eating anything but comfort or junk food made him almost not want either. He knew however that once he had some of the food at Harry's he might be fine with it again. Still, it was difficult to find something that he really wanted from the menu this time, which had never really been a problem before.

“So,” he said, finding his anxieties had faded a decent bit now that he was actually sat face to face with Bobby, “how have things been with you? I'd say it's been far too long but... it's really only been about a week or so.” Shane felt that being asked about his time in the Savage Land was inevitable, and he would answer any questions his friend had regarding the weird place if asked, but for the time being he wanted to keep things simple.

“What's new with you?”

Mar 2 2018, 01:08 PM
Adjusting to life back in New York was probably going to take more time than Shane liked to admit. Returning home to find that the mansion had been attacked by the Brotherhood didn't really surprise him as much as it probably should have, and he had mostly found himself rolling his eyes when he had learned exactly why the attack had happened in the first place. All in all it seemed that things had continued as usual while he and the others were gone. No surprise really, seeing as they weren't really gone all that long. That was another thing he would have to get used to: so little time having really passed.

Real showers were amazing however.

It was also jarring to return to the bustling city after having spent so much time in the mostly quiet wilderness. The noises, the smells, and the crowded streets just felt so... unusual. Shane had no doubt that he would re-acclimate quickly enough, but his first steps back into the city proper had been uneasy. Some time would be needed before things were back to some semblance of normal, but he knew that it would eventually happen.

There were also many things that he needed to do, but he knew better than to try to cram too many important activities into the span of a a mere couple of days. He would ask Bobby out soon, not wanting to suddenly reappear with the others and spontaneously throw himself at the man upon returning. Speaking to Luca to find out how he was holding up after everything that had happened to him both during the mission and prior to it was important, but that would come in time as well –crowding the young man probably wouldn't yield the best results. Reviewing his forgotten lesson plans was definitely a good idea, and would happen upon his return to the mansion that very evening.

After stopping off early for an appointment with his barber for a much needed trim and clean-up, Shane set out for Brooklyn. As he traveled he jokingly wondered if he should just return to the Savage Land so that he didn't have to worry about so many little obligations he had on his plate. But no, he wouldn't do that. As interesting of an adventure as it was, he was more than glad to be back in modern civilization where he belonged.

Normally Shane would have been content to invite Clint back to the mansion, but the man had only left the morning before after spending the night there, and he had honestly wanted to see where his friend lived. Besides, asking him to travel all that way from Brooklyn was asking a lot, and he didn't want their friendship to be a one-sided effort with all of the traveling done by Clint alone. With travel time being a bit over an hour that would have just been unfair. Besides, he still hadn't met Clint's dog, which was something he simply needed to do.

Arriving at Clint's building a bit earlier than expected, Shane silently hoped the he wasn't imposing. Traffic had been more forgiving than usual, and he found himself arriving nearly an hour earlier than he had planned. Getting used to city travel was yet another thing he'd have to do. He hadn't driven in over three years (in practice, so to speak) but driving was a skill he knew he would never really forget.

Knocking on the door to the apartment Clint had told him was his, Shane waited patiently for a few moments for any signs that the man was home. No sounds came from the other side of the door, and it was easy to surmise that his friend may have taken Lucky out for a walk or that he had gone shopping to prepare for the afternoon.

Oh well. There was little to do in the meantime but to wait. Instead of hanging out beside Clint's door like some kind of a creeper however, Shane instead considered simply strolling about the building to take things in and to catch up on possible missed messages from... anyone and everyone.

Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver
Jan 18 2018, 02:44 AM


Things weren't going as planned.

If Shane had a dollar for every time he or someone he knew had been able to say that or something like it, he'd probably have a nice hefty savings account. Initially he had agreed to join Merry and Trevor on their journey into the unknown for support. With the general location of Malice having been narrowed down to a sort of lost world in Antarctica, it had then become a matter of hopping across the globe in order to help Merry regain herself. That was where Calvin came in. He had been asked to acquire long range teleportation so that he could ferry them in and then out when they completed their mission.

They were to search the jungles for Malice and then be on their way back. Shane just wanted to protect his friends and to help with any difficult terrain they might encounter. It was simple.

Unfortunately, things were rarely simple and almost never went according to plan. Reece's presence had been an unsettling surprise, because while Shane was willing to look past her allegiance for the greater good it seemed that Trevor had been less keen on the notion. Not that he could fully blame the guy –the Brotherhood as an organization had performed some unspeakable acts. Calvin had brought the young woman as a stand in teleporter, because she could just do it better. That much had made sense to Shane, and seeing as they were to be visiting the unknown it was probably safer to have a fully powered telporter rather than one whose powers would be limited

So from the start things hadn't gone entirely as planned, things only got worse after they had teleported. The original plan was for Reece and/or Cal to leave and then later return to take them back to New York, but for whatever reason Blink couldn't “blink.” Well, she could, but for whatever reason she couldn't go far enough to get them anywhere except for maybe random places nearby.

Or something like that.

What it boiled down to was that they were stuck there until they could figure out what was blocking Reece's full range of teleportation or the X-Men decided to search for them. Merry had apparently provided Logan with their coordinates, so Shane felt that it was only a matter of time before they realized where the trio of Gold Team members had gone. But that was several days ago. About eight, according to the tally marks in his journal. How long should it take for the X-Men to take action?

When it became apparent that legitimate shelter was necessary, Shane had helped to seek out a decent spot by getting a mental map of the surrounding terrain. Once he had located a rather steep cliff –more akin to a nearly vertical wall of rock– he began carving out layer after layer of rock. The process was easy enough for him, as he could dig in and destabilize large portions of the stone making up the cliff, reducing it to rubble that could be easily cleared away. It was tedious and messy work, but it wasn't difficult. The important thing had been to make sure that he didn't do anything that might cause a cave-in, but his ability to sense the movements of the earth around him clued him in when it seemed like things might go south, at which point he worked to reinforce whatever was necessary.

With copious amounts of input and some help clearing the rubble away from the modest rooms he created within the cliff, after the better part of a day they had something into which they could retreat and remain safe. Lines leading from each area to the outside would allow for proper airflow, and there was adequate space for them to actually have a small bit of privacy as well as potential food storage. It wasn't fancy, but it could serve as a makeshift home or base of operations until they found Malice and were found by the X-Men.

Whenever that would be.

Though he hadn't expressed his concerns outside of his journal, Shane was actually becoming somewhat worried. What was taking them so long?
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