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Jul 2 2018, 01:03 PM
After the whole Brood debacle along with taking her boards the past month, Bianca was pleased to have everything calm down. The world had been at a 12 and now it had turned the dial down to a much more manageable 7. Of course, things weren’t perfect. What with that return of that damned Reverend. And Bianca knew better than to think that now everything was just going to be picture perfect. No, that wasn’t how things went. Hopefully, whatever the next crisis was wouldn’t happen for another few months. She was going to need some time to recover from the most recent one.

For now, she was relaxing a bit and having a lunch date. Well, it wasn’t really a date as neither of the parties involved had ever referred to it as such. It was really her roommate who insisted on calling it that. Bianca wouldn’t have complained if it ended up becoming one. But, she was quite content with it just being two friends having lunch together. She was pretty sure she could call Doctor Strange a friend at this point. Gosh, she sure hoped she could.

It just so easy for her to fall into conversation with him and let herself relax a bit. They could talk about the whole potentially world ending event that had occured which they’d both gotten involved in various ways. Or they could talk medicine or just general life things and it all just felt normal. Hearing him talk about magic and his continued study and practicing of it was honestly fascinating. And from what she’d heard from him, his students seemed to be interesting characters themselves.

Right now, they were sitting outside a cafe and Bianca had a fork in hand as she began to tell him about this idea one of her coworkers had. ”So, he’s trying to get the rest of us to do a ditch day. Did you ever do that your senior year of high school? A day where most of the senior class all decides to just not go to classes that day and you do some activity instead?” She hadn’t done that, personally. It’d been discussed, sure. But, knowing there were powerful telepaths on staff and that the school had a mutant locating machine kind of killed any buzz the idea may have create. Shrugging her shoulders, she clearly wasn’t super into the idea of not showing up to work. ”I don’t think anyone has actually agreed to do it with him. But, it does seem like a good half of us who are nearly done with residency have contracted a case of senioritis.”

Before she could even think of what to say next, she spotted some familiar ginger hair in the distance behind Stephen. Narrowing her eyes to see if it was actually the person she thought it was, her amused expression fell into an oh shit one when that was confirmed. Dropping her voice to more of a loud whisper, she could feel herself want to groan and roll her eyes. ”You know how I told you about that guy who faked an injury, hit on me, and then called me puta? He’s coming this way.” Oh, Bianca was hoping that Fabian Cortez would just pass on by and not notice her. Just pass on by so she could be all, hey, that was the guy. He’s a douche. And then carry on without having their nice lunch ruined.
May 9 2018, 12:10 AM
It was the oddest thing. Normally, Bianca subscribed to the process of thinking where if you had a good night the night before, that would spill into a good day when you woke up. And even if it didn’t, you’d wake up in a good mood. Which she had. It wasn’t her initial mood which was the problem. In fact, things had been perfectly fine as she went about her morning routine. James had even commented on how she was glowing and given her a cheeky wink. Yeah, it wasn’t that kind of glow. It was just a general good day so far, the follow up to a lovely night out.

No, the odd feeling hadn’t hit until she’d been out for her morning run. She’d already fallen into her usual stride when something changed. The hairs on the back of her neck, stood up all the sudden, A sensation that she honestly hadn’t had occur for seemingly no reason in years. It was just the adrenaline, she told herself as she kept going. Even if it was just the adrenaline, her eyes were peeled for any tomfoolery. And for just general safety. You never knew what could happen.

She passed along her usual route at her normal time. Although, she kept track of the time it took her to run her route not just with a watch, but with how far into her running playlist she was. Today, like most days, she was at the Made in Heights portion. The second song in that handful of songs that she’d come across while listening to suggested music by some streaming service while taking notes and studying. Grinning a bit as she knew she was keeping up with herself, Bianca blew right past a little cafe she always ran by. Last time, she’d been on the third Made in Heights song. Her bit of glee at having been a bit faster today sent the concern about those little hairs to the back of her mind.

Eventually, she finally came full circle to her apartment building. Stopping her playlist, she laughed to herself as she climbed the stairs. Sweat dripping down her face and body and she didn’t care. It’d been a good run. And there was a shower calling her name. Because no one wanted to deal with her smelling of sweat all day, including herself. Scrunching up her nose at the thought, she unlocked her apartment door and closed it behind her.

”I’m not a burglar!” A laugh came from the kitchen as her roommate James acknowledged her return. ”You’d be a shitty one if you were. All loud and sweaty. Leaving your DNA everywhere.” It was an odd tradition of theirs. But proclaiming to not be a robber had been started back when they were in college. Something they’d carried on now.

Sticking her pink tongue out at the man sipping coffee out of a mug, Bianca plugged her phone in. ”Curses, Good thing I have a fallback with my M.D. if that whole life of crime thing doesn’t pan out.” Giving him a wave, she made her way for the bathroom. ”I’m hopping in the shower. Holler if something important happens, like the building catches fire.“ ”Or if bae calls?” Bianca grabbed a throw pillow and lightly tossed it in her friend’s direction. ”Shut up! If anyone other than someone from the hospital or my family call, you have my permission to tell them that I’m indisposed at the moment.”

With that, she slipped off to the bathroom they shared. Leaving James to sit and enjoy his coffee on his own for a bit longer. And that’s how it went for a while. James fixed up the oatmeal as Bianca took a shower. He even put the kettle on for her breakfast tea because as much shit as they gave each other, they made sure the other was ready to go on time.

And then her phone began to ring. James looked down at the screen. Unknown number. Scooping his friend’s new phone up, he answered. ”Hello, Dr. Mezzanotte can’t come to the phone right now. I can take a message if you’d like.” He had this smirk on as his accent was laid on thick while he played the part of secretary. Only to hear someone breathing on the other line for a moment before they hung up. ”Huh, that was weird.” He set the phone down and went back to his turn of making breakfast.

When Bianca got out of the shower, hair drying out and wrapped in a towel, James got her attention. ”Hey! Someone called for you.” Her head tilted in confusion. ”Who?” ”Don’t know, Said unknown number and they hung up after I heard them breathing real quick.” ”Must have been a wrong number. It’s too early for a telemarketer. Thanks for letting me known, though. You’re the best.”
May 4 2018, 07:36 PM
Central Park was gorgeous in the morning. As her feet pounded the ground beneath her, Bianca ran past the scenery smack in the middle of the city. The weather was nice, not incredibly hot and also not frigid cold. Sure, it was a bit cloudy. As the sights of the park passed by, Bianca couldn’t help but think about how the weather seemed to match the overall mood she and those close to her had been dealing with that month. There definitely had been some days filled with sunshine, one of which had been just a few days ago for her. Even the thought of it made her smile a bit. Her night out had been a perfectly sunny day amidst a period of time that felt overcast with the looming threat of the Brood’s return.

Music piped into her ears via her headphones as she ran on the shorter four mile loop that started and ended at the boathouse. Music that helped her keep going as well as served as background noise. While the beat would keep her going in time with it, she really didn’t actively listen to whatever song was playing in her headphones. For her, running was a time when she could think and not have to worry about being bothered. Her body would run and she would dodge obstacles and other people while still obeying any laws. And her brain could focus on various issues.

Such as the Brood. Or the conversation she’d had with her mom and sister. Her mom had been the first one to call after she’d seen Jean’s press conference. Asking about the Brood situation, wondering if it was real or not. Not because the woman had a lack of faith in the X-Men. After all, Bianca had gone to school with them and was friends with them. It was more she wanted some sort of corroboration. Something that Bianca had been able to give her mother. ”Mom, it’s real. I helped fight them. They’re vicious, awful things. Mom, Xavier’s is gone. They destroyed it.” The conversation had gone from did you know about this to what do we do really quickly. Which Bianca hadn’t enjoyed as it involved discussing what her family should do. Her immediate family was entirely made up of mutants. Her mother, father, sister, brother, they were all mutants. All of them were perfectly capable of putting up a fight if it came down to it.

But, she hoped it wouldn’t come to that. That whatever contingency plan her mother came up with, and she was sure she’d come up with one, would never have to go into effect. That she would never have to worry about her siblings having to fight aliens. Her parents not needing to worry about if one of their children had been taken over by creatures from another world. That none of them would hopefully never have to resort to killing someone they loved like had happened at the school. Because quite frankly, while she knew all of her family could fight, Bianca was certain not all of them could kill.

While in her own thoughts, Bianca realized that there was someone else on the running path, And that if she didn’t stop, she was going to run right into them. Slowing herself down a bit and veering off to the side, she came to a stop and pulled her earbuds out to look at the person. "You ok there?"
May 1 2018, 10:58 PM
Despite what her roommate thought, this was not a date. Yes, she’d asked Doctor Strange out for a drink. Something she may have done after managing to cut open a Brood and was performing an autopsy on it. A detail which when asked about had earned her a what the fuck look from her college friend. Not because of the whole autopsying an alien thing, mind you. But because she had ”asked out a hot wizard/doctor over bug guts”. He’d then proceeded to mutter about how ”doctors are so dumb sometimes” like she wasn’t there in front of him. A practice that Bianca was honestly used to.

It was just drinks. And she’d been looking forward to it. Because Dr. Stephen Strange ws interesting, to say the least. Sure, she knew a fair amount of interesting characters. After all, she’d gone to school with the X-Men. But, the man was fascinating. A former neurosurgeon turned kicker of mystical ass who made her grin and was clearly incredibly talented and powerful. Not to mention, intelligent as hell. And admittedly attractive.

Look, if the world was going to possibly end due to the Brood, Bianca was going to have drinks with a guy and enjoy herself. Quite frankly, she’d been looking forward to it. It was delightfully normal and mundane in comparison to everything else that had been going on recently. Concerns about the Brood and her boards weren’t going away. Just being put on the back burner for one night. Tonight was hopefully going to be more of a normal getting to know you situation.

It was a bit exciting. The pathologist was almost bubbling over with a bit of nervous, albeit giddy energy as she twirled her braid tha over her right shoulder around one of her fingers as she waited at the agreed upon spot. Keeping watch for the man, she certainly wasn’t wearing anything ostentatious. She’d certainly put in some effort, just not too much as to look like she was trying super hard. Instead, she stuck with her prefered style of looking nice but casual and comfy.

Spotting the man was fairly easy as he was pretty tall and had a rather unique look about him. Waving to him to let him know where she was, she grinned. ”Glad to see you could make it. I guess that means no magical shenanigans for you to break up?”
Apr 10 2018, 01:50 PM
Sent to Marvel Girl March 21st
[doHTML]<p class="triangle-isosceles">You know that guy you told me about who helped get you out of the Savage Land? The one with the dramatic floating cape? Turns out, I kind of know him. </p>[/doHTML]
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