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Apr 10 2018, 01:50 PM
Sent to Marvel Girl March 21st
[doHTML]<p class="triangle-isosceles">You know that guy you told me about who helped get you out of the Savage Land? The one with the dramatic floating cape? Turns out, I kind of know him. </p>[/doHTML]
Apr 4 2018, 06:32 PM
Lucy Clark was devastated. Her son, Drew, was dead. His death had come suddenly and unexpectedly. He’d mentioned that he had a headache, but she’d thought it was just because he’d stayed up late playing video games. He’d collapsed at school and been raced to the hospital. The team in the ER had done everything they could, but hadn’t been able to save the teenaged boy. Something which Lucy had thought was only a nightmare, but it was now a reality. Her child was gone. She hadn’t even gotten to say goodbye to her baby boy.

Well, she was going to change that.

Not an accomplished spellcaster by any means, Lucy did know some magic. There was only one option in her mind. She was going to bring her son back to life. As she made her way down to the morgue, there was only that one goal in mind. Her bullheaded determination and her grief convincing her that this was a good idea. Not just a good idea, it was the only idea. There was not question in her mind of if’s or maybes. She was going to bring Drew back.

She’d begun the spell when one of the pathologists entered the morgue and noticed the woman muttering strange words over the body of this teenaged boy. Unsure of what to do, they called security, who came down and removed the despondent mother early in the morning as gingerly as possible. Unbeknownst to them, Lucy wasn’t just upset over having lost her son. It seemed as though her attempt to bring her boy back hadn’t worked. Tail between her legs and heart broken, she went home.

Autopsies were a natural part of the job for Bianca. Did she do them every day? No. But, she really did enjoy the process of them. It was peeling back layers and figuring out why someone died. Or just confirming that the suspected cause of death was accurate. What she found would hopefully give someone out there closure. They wouldn’t have to go through their life wondering why their loved one passed. Or what went wrong. The ultimate goal of an autopsy was to either determine a cause of death or evaluate the extent of a disease of injury. Basically, it was to provide some answers.

It didn’t hurt that she was rather comfortable in the morgue. From the lower temperature to the fact that dead bodies and silence didn’t spook her, she’d never had chills go down her spine like some of her coworkers or former classmates had. So, as she went about preparing herself to begin the autopsy, she hadn’t noticed off initially.

Even when she heard a groan as she was putting on the plastic disposable gown, all Bianca did was roll her eyes. Figuring it was either an intern or another coworker who’d either ducked down here to catch some z’s or pull a prank, she sighed. ”Alright. Time to get up and get going. Big day ahead.” Her words echoed through the morgue and got no reply. Whoever this was either was one of those people who woke up slowly or was really determined to stay committed to their schtick. ”Seriously, you’ve gotta get out of here. I’ve got an autopsy to do.”

There was more groaning, albeit, now that she paid attention to it, it was low. Not exactly what she’d associate with someone waking up, but different groans for different people, she guessed. Only when she turned around did she see the teenaged boy she was supposed to autopsy sitting up on the table, looking at her with a vacant expression. His mouth hung open in a slack jawed sort of manner. No light or sign of life was visible in his eyes. No obvious external injuries either. She had to admit, this was a good attempt at a prank. She’d already checked to make sure this was the guy she was supposed to autopsy. And he hadn’t seemed to be breathing or showing any signs of life when she’d been up close. ”Ok, nice try. You did a great job on the makeup. But, seriously, I have an autopsy to do now.”

Before she could really even think about what she’d do if this yahoo didn’t leave, they swung their legs off the table and pushed themselves off it. The sheet covering him fell to the floor as the teen dashed towards her. Letting out a ”What the fuck?!” as she dove out of the way, Bianca stared at this guy in confusion. If this was a prank, it was going too far. ”Ok, you really need to cut it out and get the hell out!”

Heart racing a bit now and the hairs on the back of her neck standing straight up, her eyes darted around the room for a sign of something that would scream this is a joke. For this person to stand up and apologize for being a complete and utter asshat who may get his ass fired. As they made another dive for her, she managed to slam her hands against the boy’s chest and shove him away from her. Running into the small room that served as a sort of office space, she slammed the door behind her. Pressing herself against the door to try and keep out the crazy person outside, Bianca muttered to herself. ”What the fuck? What the actual fuck?”

Doctor Strange
Mar 30 2018, 12:47 AM
As a result of all of the weird shit that had occured at the museum, Bianca had decided to go screw it and look into this magic stuff. It seemed like the sort of weird stuff that would happen around the X-Men. Given that one of her best friends was an X-Man, it was only a matter of time before it came up again. The fact that Bianca had said she wouldn’t mind spending some of her free time doing something at the school didn’t hurt either.

Even if she hadn’t. Bianca just wanted to know more about this magic stuff. It was something that didn’t make sense to her. But, it only didn’t make sense to her because she knew nothing about it. It wasn’t one of those things she could just easily google why something was the way it was. Or find some websites on how something works. Because, what did you type into google to research how inanimate, rubber objects came to life and water suddenly appeared in a closed space and filling it? Or whatever it was that woman had done when she had just shown up out of nowhere? She wanted answers. By her logic, if she understood something, she could figure a way to avoid it or at least defend herself or others from it.

First, she had to figure out what the hell it was she was looking for answers to, though. Her online searches hadn’t really born any fruit. She’d tried to just look up types of magic to see if anything looked familiar. Boy, that had been a mistake. In that search for answers, she’d gotten a bunch of results. About 7,260,000 of them. From animes to D&D to Wicca, there were literally millions of answers to her question. And she had combed through probably far too many of them and no dice.

So, she’d gone screw it and decided to try a different technique. Going old school, she’d first checked out the local library and found section 793.8 of the Dewy Decimal system. Aka magic. Nothing there had really caught her eye. It’d been more about doing magic tricks than the sort of thing she had been looking for. Really, Bianca did not want to learn how to pull a rabbit out of a hat or be able to successfully say here’s your card.

That led her to a few bookstores, which hadn’t had much more to offer. Same old stuff, really. How to do magic tricks. Some had books on the history of magic or famous magicians, which was cool and all but it wasn’t what she was looking for. Her last attempt at looking in a bookstore for something was happening right now. If she didn’t find something in the stacks and shelves of this used bookstore, she was going back to her apartment tired and empty handed.

Being one of those bookstores with actual chairs where you could sit down and read, Bianca had managed to find one or two books which seemed like it may have something. One of them was on magic around the world and another on various types of magic. Did she feel a bit weird reading this stuff? Sure. Was that going to stop her? Hell no. So, she settled on into her seat and started to look through the first book to see if it had anything similar to what she had seen in the museum. Either about the exhibit coming to life or that woman who had appeared only to disappear after seemingly making the madness stop. “Come on, there has to be something somewhere.”
Dec 29 2017, 02:35 PM
It was official. Her roommate was an idiot. At least, that’s what Bianca couldn’t help but think when she got the call right as she got off work from a number she didn’t recognize. Thankfully, the voice had been one she heard almost every day. ”Bi! Hey, so, I need your help. I’m kinda lost. I’m at this bistro in Brooklyn. Annie’s. My phone died and I don’t want to take a cab home. Can you come get me?” Cue a very heavy sigh as Bianca got out of her scrub pants and into her jeans. She didn’t even bother getting into her normal shirt. She’d just put on her jacket and headed out to go find her best friend whose brain seemed to have fallen out of his skull during the day.

That was mean, she thought on the subway ride to the borough. James worked hard and had a incredibly aptitude for getting lost. Which had led to what they referred to as adventures back in college. Now, it was almost laughable. That was what, eight to twelve years ago? And here they were, doing the same old thing. Except landlines and payphones were more commonplace back then. Bianca was pretty sure that’d been before the time when everyone seemed to have a cell phone. Which made it all the more interesting to get a call from her friend to come get him from who the heck knew where.

You’d think with something a dozen years of higher education and a smartphone, Bianca would be able to find the place James had mentioned. Just type it into google and get directions to Annie’s bistro in Brooklyn. But apparently, it decided to come up with a number of places named Annie’s. And it wanted her to use her data to give her directions from it when she figured out which one seemed to be the right Annie’s. Bianca didn’t have her first cell phone till college. That had been before the whole unlimited data had been a thing. She wasn’t grandfathered into that and didn’t have it now. And so she was really just loathe to have to use her data at the moment.

What’s a decently intelligent and stubborn woman to do in that situation? Use her brain, obviously. So, Bianca did what she had grown up doing. Not looking down at a small screen which was connected to almost anything. No, she asked living people for directions. And for the most part, that was working out pretty well for her. It would have gone much better if she had utilized her phone which could also do that. But, she was feeling bullheaded when it came to the piece of technology for some reason. It was one of her I can do it myself moments where she didn’t want to rely on it.

But, the white blonde haired woman wasn’t too familiar with Brooklyn and got turned around a few times. It was mildly frustrating, but not a big deal. So, when she spotted a man who looked maybe her age walking a dog, she figured time to stop and ask for directions. Again. ”Excuse me?” She called out to the guy, but his back was to her. No response. Maybe he hadn’t heard her. Or didn’t realize she was talking to him. So, she jogged to catch up with him and his dog. It didn’t really take much effort on her part to get a bit in front of the pair and then stop. She held out her hand in a clear stop signal, which may have had made her feel like a crossing guard. ”Hey. Hi. Sorry to bother you, but I’m a bit turned around and trying to find someplace called Annie’s Bistro? Do you happen to know where that is, by any chance?”

Nov 8 2017, 03:59 PM

Dr. Bianca Mezzanotte
30, Unaffiliated, Former Xavier's student

So, this is Doctor Bianca Mezzanotte. Technically, she has the codename Epione, but likely hasn't used it since her days at Xavier's. She's a relatively happy, and decently calm woman. She works a fair amount. She's a former cheerleader and is a healer.

She needs friends. Probably has some in the O5 X-Men, who she went to Xavier's with.

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