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Feb 28 2018, 03:22 PM

Brother Voodoo

Celebrity Claim-Michael James Shaw

Full Name- Jericho Drumm
Nicknames/Aliases- Voodoo, Gunner of God, Lord of the Loa
Age- 35
Date of Birth- Oct 31
Faction- Unaffiliated
Occupation- Psychologist and Houngan Supreme

Personality- If you could explain Jericho Drumm in one word, it would be devout. He is totally committed to his belief and any cause he sets his heart and mind to. He has an unwavering commitment and strength of will, rivaled only by his compassion and caring nature.

Jericho has a clinical mind, one of curiosity and sharp intellect. An intellect that he uses to great effect with both his Voodoo magic and practice as a psychology. Jericho also has a tendency to have a bit of a forceful and foreboding personality that can come across as a bit arrogant though it is not intended to be arrogant. Timid is not in his nature and with the stereotypes surrounding Voodoo, Jericho can be very scary when he chooses to be.

When in a fight, Jericho can be rather aggressive. Unlike Doctor Strange who is more balanced in nature between offense and defense, Brother Voodoo leans more towards the offensive side of magic than he does defensive. He hits hard and unrelenting. This is mainly from Voodoo itself being a more aggressive and darker toned magic. Even the “white” voodoo that Jericho practices.

  • Psychology
  • Voodoo
  • Reading
  • Debating Metaphysics with his brother
  • Haitian food

  • Malevolent entities
  • Injustice
  • Black Magic
  • Failure
  • Loss

  • Potion brewing
  • Psychology
  • Thinking quickly

  • Item Enchantments
  • Relying on others not his brother
  • Being overly forceful in personality

Power Name- Voodoo Magic
Description- Brother Voodoo is a very skilled practitioner of Voodoo Magic. He is what is known as the Houngan Supreme. Houngan is the Voodoo term for a male priest and Jericho is the highest ranking Houngan, making him the Houngan Supreme and a potential candidate for Sorcerer Supreme. Even though Jericho is skilled with manipulating the inter and extra dimensional energies known as magic, he is still a baseline human.

As the Houngan Supreme, Jericho is the Lord of the Loa (Voodoo Spirits) and through this connection with the Loa, Jericho is able to cast a variety of magical spells and rituals, but only if the Loa agree with the action being taken and the proper cost is paid. (See Limits)

Jericho’s “School” of Voodoo magic is a “white” or more benevolent form of Voodoo than the stereotypical “Black” or malevolent school of Voodoo. Jericho, as the Houngan Supreme, has knowledge of “Black” Voodoo magic but does not practice such things as that school is in 180 degree opposition to his nature and ethos.

Voodoo Prayer Magic The Voodoo tradition is a magic tradition that is reliant on making prayers to the Voodoo spirits known as Loa. Should the Loa agree with the prayer, Brother Voodoo is able to manipulate the mystical energies to create a wide variety of effects. Many of these effects are able to be cast quickly in a combat situation. Others take longer to cast. These spells require Brother Voodoo to maintain focus and control. The more distracted he is or the faster he has to work, the lesser the degree of spellcraft he can weave into the prayer which results in a weakened effect.

Blasts By praying to the Loa, Brother Voodoo is able to manipulate mystical energies to create a powerful blast of mystical energy. This blast strikes with up to 50 tons of force at a range of 50 yards. The blast generally manifests as a lavender bolt that shoots from Brother Voodoo’s hand or his staff if he chooses to direct it through his artifact. This prayer is a quick spell achieved by mentally calling on a Loa attributed with war. However with added focus and concentration, Voodoo can alter the effect to add and elemental quality, heat, cold, lightning, etc. by invoking the proper Loa attributed to that element.

shields Similarly to the blasts, Brother Voodoo can call on the Loa attributed to protection and manipulate the mystical energies to form a personal shield or a dome like shell over a group of people no larger that 5 people. This protective spell can withstand the force of a high end artillery shell given Brother Voodoo has ample focus. Like the blasts, this is a mental summoning to that specific Loa to come to Jericho’s protection.

Voodoo Prayer Rituals Voodoo prayer rituals are more powerful spells that require time to cast and cost a great deal of resource and energy from the caster. These rituals require precision work, resources and energy to complete and some of these rituals are incredibly impractical in a combat or hasted situation. Others are not as impractical though are not simple and fast rituals that can be quickly cast. The rituals that are able to be cast in a combat scenario or below.

By performing the precise prayer and offering the precise components Jericho is able to complete a wide variety of ritualistic spells from necromantic control of zombies to the removal of curses and communing with the dead to name a few. These particular spells are powerful in nature and are the real source of the Houngan’s true power.

Limited Pyrokinetics By calling on the Loa of flame, Jericho is able to manipulate natural fire as a pyrokinetic would. Causing the flame from a torch to leap at the enemy, roll into a ball that he can hurl at someone, or spread faster by burning hotter among other effects. He can expand the heat of a flame to a temperature high enough to soften steel and eventually melt it. He can also reduce the heat to that of a match, but cannot extinguish. Though this does take time and focus to amplify the heat of an existing source of flame. Jericho cannot create flame from nothing, and can only make more flame by spreading the fire to other flammable things. There must be an existing source, though once a source is available he can control it. This particular prayer is also able to render Jericho highly resistant and with enough preparation and focus immune to flame and heat.

This is not like the mystical blasts or shielding. He cannot cast the spell mentally. Jericho must verbally utter the prayer to summon the Loa of fire before he can manipulate the flame in any manner. This allows those who can hear him to know that he is praying for control of the flame, allowing them an opportunity to thwart his prayer or prevent him from speaking or completing the prayer. Once his prayer is granted he has control over the flame.

Plant/Animal Control A prayer uttered to the Loa of nature allows Jericho to command plant and animal life. Willing vines to entangle a foe, animals to calm or attack, tree branches to swipe at an enemy. The plant or animal life must be within a mile radius of Jericho and cannot travel faster than they are capable of. The animal and plant life do not gain any enhancements to their capacity or strength. Jericho can also communicate with plants and animals as well.

Just like the Limited Pyrokinesis. This is a ritual prayer that Jericho must utter verbally. Making those that can hear him aware of what he is preparing to do as he speaks the prayer. Allowing for time to interfere with the prayer and prevent its completion. Once he finishes the prayer and the request is granted by the Loa, Jericho can manipulate the effect.

The spirit of Daniel Drumm Always accompanying Jericho is the spirit of his brother Daniel who is magically bonded to Jericho’s own soul. Daniel serves as an advisor on all things supernatural. Due to their mystical bond, Daniel can merge himself with the soul of his brother Jericho. This serves as a means to enchant Jericho and bolster his personal strength and durability. Raising him from base athletic human who can lift 250 lbs to doubling it to 500 lbs.

When not enchanting Jericho, Daniel is very visible to everyone, and appears as a green tinted ethereal spirit that floats around of his own free will. Daniel is typically at Jericho’s side. Daniel cannot affect objects. He is a visible, but incorporeal spirit. Passing through objects does not adversely affect the object in anyway.

Being an incorporeal spirit, Daniel can also enter other humans and take possession. Virtually enslaving that person while their body is controlled by Daniel himself. **This ability will never be used on a Player controlled character or NPC without discussing it beforehand with that Player. Daniel’s primary use is as advisor to the Houngan Supreme and to enchant Jericho’s physique.**

Limits- The greatest limit to the Voodoo mystical arts is the prayer to the Loa. Should Jericho act in a way that is counter to his nature or to the will of the Loa, the prayer would not be granted and the spell would fail. Going against his nature also risks coming into favor of the more malevolent Loa such as Baron Samedi, the Loa of Death. Voodoo, culturally speaking, has a more dark or black magic perception to it and much of Voodoo can be and is dark and black in nature. However Jericho’s Voodoo is of an class of order or white magic. Acting in an malignant or evil manner can cause Jericho a host of problems.

His spell work also requires focus and inner strength. Should Jericho become distracted or exhausted his spells would begin to lose potency. The more Jericho casts the more he risks exhaustion as spellcraft of any kind requires wells of inner strength to actively manipulate the mystical energies. This focus and strength of will also impacts his magical blasts and shields. Though his blast can hit at 50 tons of force, it takes a great deal of focus and time to weave the magical energies needed. The same is true for his shields. This takes time as well. Also, his shields can guard against light and sound based attacks though he has to be aware he needs that guarded against and loses the ability to see out of the shield or to hear outside of it as well.

Like all magic, there is also the cost of ending up owing higher beings favors that may not align with what is best for the world. These beings for Jericho are the Loa who can be quite ornery and manipulative if they decide they want something in particular. Jericho can also catch the attention of other higher beings as well. Magic is balance at its center, getting out of balance can be detrimental for more than just Jericho.

Jericho is still very human. He bleeds as easily as any other and can die from mortal wounds like any other. He is as susceptible to injury and disease as any other human who is in exceptionally great athletic condition.

Like all other Sorcerer’s Jericho is limited to his own School of Magic. All of his spell craft is voodoo in nature. Jericho cannot access the spells that are not granted by the Loa themselves. He may achieve a similar effect, but it is always Voodoo in nature. Should anything sever his access the Loa or dethrone him as the Houngan Supreme then Jericho would lose a vast majority of his magical prowess.

Jericho’s limited pyrokinesis is limited to expanding natural flame. He cannot create fire based constructs and he cannot create a source of fire outside of striking his zippo lighter. Things do not spontaneously combust.

Skills & Abilities- Jericho has a doctorate in Counseling Psychology and is a practicing Psychologist maintaining a few free clinics throughout Louisiana and in New York City. Jericho is also a skilled hand to hand combatant trained in a form of Haitian Stick fighting known as Calinda.

Jericho is also highly skilled at brewing potions and tinctures and maintains a vast library of recipes for the crafting of these brews. He is a sort of Gordon Ramsey, Master Chef, when it comes to potions and tinctures.

Height- 6’0
Weight- 220 lbs
Eye Colour- Brown or green when casting magic.
Hair Colour- Black with a white streak.

Appearance- Jericho Drumm has a very intense natural gaze. His gaze can be unsettling at times, as if he is staring directly into your very soul. It can be even more unsettling if he applies a mystical effect for aesthetic purposes. Though the look in his eyes is not creepy, but rather just intense and focused.

As the Houngan Supreme, Brother Voodoo wears a matte black uniform with stylized white colored skeletal bones up the legs. The torso is a V shaped Voodoo symbol with a horizontal line through it that matches the brand that sits in the middle of his forehead. Jericho masks the brand in his forehead when he is not dressed as the Houngan Supreme. Jericho also wears a vibrant blood red colored cape and a sash at his waist that has 3 small demonic Imp skulls attached to it.

When not the Houngan Supreme, Jericho’s dress is anywhere from everyday casual to suit and tie depending on what he is doing and if he is seeing patients in his free clinic. He uses illusion magic to hide the brand in the middle of his forehead when out of uniform.


Staff of Legba A powerful magical staff and Brother Voodoo's main weapon of choice. Voodoo can channel his magic through this staff as opposed to his hands. This staff is a mystical weapon gifted to the reigning Houngan Supreme from the Loa named Legba, the old ancient Loa who guards the crossroads. Instead of using a sling ring to open wormholes, Jericho uses the Staff of Legba to teleport around the world. The teleportation spell is accompanied by the sound of voodoo drums and copious amounts of smoke.

The staff is adorned with three voodoo shrunken heads of a mystical nature. The eyes and mouths of these heads are sewn shut, though they always give off an eerie sensation that they are watching and observing everyone in the room. Leaving a creepy, foreboding sensation. The shrunken heads main gift is uttering the Language of Null. A mystical language that causes pain to malevolent inter or extraplanar entities such as Dormammu.

The staff also possesses the ability to block or bat away mystical blast attacks. Though is entirely dependent on Jericho’s ability to react in time to block the attack with the staff. It is much more effective for him to cast a shield than it is to swing the staff like a bat.

The staff is also incredibly durable. Made from the enchanted wood of an already mystically important tree and had the durability of a staff that is titanium and steel alloy without the overbearing weight as the staff has the weight of a typical oaken staff.

Magical Supplies Jericho maintains a wide variety of spell components. Such as herbs, powders and other items. These are used for brewing potions and tinctures. He also has the items needed for performing rituals such as skulls, candles, wax, chalk, and a zippo lighter.

Additional Information- Jericho is multilingual. Speaking French and his native tongue French Creole.

Jericho’s primary subject of research in the field of Psychology is the mental effect powers have on teens and adolescents.

Jericho operates several mental health free clinics in Louisiana and New York City. Providing free and cost reduced mental health services.

Hometown- Born in Port-au-Prince Haiti. Grew up in New Orleans.
Immediate Family- Daniel Drumm - Brother deceased. Johane Drumm - Father deceased Marlissa Drumm Mother deceased
Others- Stephen Strange - friend and colleague. Josie - Friend and colleague. Costa Neri - Friend and Colleague. Damballah and his Snake Cult - Enemies for having killed his brother Daniel

History- Jericho and his twin brother Daniel were born and grew up in Port-au-Prince Haiti to an impoverished family. The Drumm’s made their living on a small farm and barely managed to get by. However, the local Houngan Papa Jambo noticed that both Daniel and Jericho had magical aptitude especially in the Voodoo traditions. A deal was struck. Daniel would study to become Papa Jambo’s apprentice and successor and Jericho would go to the States to college.

Jericho turned out to be a very driven and successful student. Taking to the study of Psychology and throwing every ounce of himself into this studies. Living in New Orleans and very rarely ever returning to Haiti. His time in New Orleans and his study and exposure to the cultures served to Westernize Jericho and causing him to lose the Haitian accent that was once very pronounced. Jericho was bound and determined to live a better life than his family had to live as impoverished farmers and because of this drive Jericho fell out of touch with his family.

A few years ago, word came that his twin brother was gravely ill and dying. Jericho returned to his native Haiti after 12 years of education and practice as an accredited psychologist and discovered that his twin brother, Daniel Drumm, the local houngan, was in fact dying. Daniel had been a victim of a voodoo sorcerer who claimed to be possessed by the spirit of the serpent-god Damballah. Just before he died, Daniel made his brother vow to visit Daniel's mentor, Papa Jambo. Jericho does, and becomes Jambo's student. After studying under the aged houngan for several months, Jericho gained a greater mastery of the voodoo arts. Exceling faster than his own brother had. Mostly due to his studious mind and precise focus.

Though Papa Jambo was nearing the end of his own life and needed to ensure that Voodoo had a proper Houngan. So with the help of Papa Jambo, Jericho performed a rite that summoned Daniel's spirit from the dead and tethered it to his own soul. Having fashioned a worthy successor, Papa Jambo dies.

Taking the name "Brother Voodoo", Jericho challenged the priest, who went by the same name as the Voodoo God Damballah, and his Snake Cult. With the help of his brothers spirit, Jericho was able to fight Damballah and remove his artifact of power, causing Damballah's snakes to turn on him and evidently destroy the cult. Brother Voodoo became Voodoo’s Houngan Supreme and champion. Though Haiti was no longer Jericho’s home. So Jericho returned to New Orleans and established a series of Free Mental Health Clinics and took up residency in a sprawling Mansion that had always been a focal point for New Orleans own Voodoo community.

Brother Voodoo soon encountered the scientist who used the name of another Loa, Baron Samedi who used artificially created zombies to attack New Orleans. Once again with the help of Daniel, Jericho was able to fight off the Zombies, Baron Samedi, and the Black Voodoo Sorcerer Dramabu. It was this fight that captured the attention of Doctor Stephen Strange and began a friendship in the mystical side of the struggle between good and evil. After meeting and joining up with Doctor Strange, Jericho expanded his Free Clinics to New York City as a way to further explain his regular appearances in the city. And continues to fight the forces of evil as Brother Voodoo. Houngan Supreme and the Gunner of the Gods.

Player Name- Bry
Age Timeless
How Can We Contact- Pony Express or Skype under Brytheold
Time Zone- Central
How did you find us? Dragged kicking and screaming
Other Characters- I’ll just link the Who’s Who

Role Play Sample-

”Dis make no sense to me bruddah.” The whispy ghost of Daniel Drumm floated slightly about the recliner he was sitting his. His brother, Jericho, sat at an wooden desk. Papers and books strewn all about. “What makes no sense Daniel?” Jericho asked, not bothering to glance up from the tome he was engrossed in. A hand passively waved and the page turned with gentle ease.

”Dis Gandolf wizard. He needs ta get dat ring inta da fiyahs of Mount Doom. He can summon to him great eagles… Why does he not just fly ova da volcano and drop da ring down it?” Daniel’s green whispy head turned to look at his brother. Jericho glanced up with a most baffled look on his face. “That would not make for a very compelling story now would it.” He simply said, shaking his head a bit and returning to his book.

”No I sahppose not, but it is what I would have done. But not what you would have done.” Daniel smirked a bit and turned his attention back to the television. Carelessly floating about the recliner and we watched Gandolf and crew running through the mines of Moria. “And just what would I have done?” Jericho asked which only caused his ghostly brother to snort before replying.

Da gunna of God would have climbed to the top of dat tower. Poked Sauron in dat big eye outta spite, and den you would have tossed da ring into the da fiyahs of Mount Doom.” Daniel snorted again and shook his head, grinning a bit. ”You are not like da lightning. Bruddah Voodoo finds da path of most resistance. Dis is why you find yaself in dah most precarious situations.”

Jericho Drumm simply grinned and nodded. Daniel was correct after all. “It is also why I have more fun than you do.”

Dec 6 2017, 09:58 AM
There will be thrills, and spills, and acts of death defying Bravery! What I need to know is how many X-Men would like to go on this mission so i can plan accordingly. You probably need specifics, but here is the jist.

They will be using the xjet to intercept a plane over the Atlantic, board it and deal with what's inside. Think that Harrison Ford Air Force One movie where the elite soldiers repel from one plane to the next.
Oct 1 2017, 12:03 AM

Seamus Mellencamp

Celebrity Claim-Adewale Akinnuoye-agbaje

Full Name- Seamus Mellencamp
Nicknames/Aliases- Noble Knight
Age- 25
Date of Birth- 5th of November
Faction- Brotherhood
Occupation- Freedom Fighter

Personality- Seamus is a very noble and kind hearted man, despite the hardship he has endured throughout a majority of his life. As a matter of fact, it is because of that hardship that Seamus is so noble and kind towards his own kind. Seamus works on a strict moral code. He does not like to fight his own kind, but will not hesitate to end a human who disrespects any mutant for any reason.

Seamus keeps himself calm, reserved, and polite at all times, even going so far as to warn his enemies before choosing to fight him. When entering battle, his personality changes. He becomes a vicious animal of a man, while retaining his intelligence- this makes him a very deadly foe combining raw animal savagery, and a human's thinking. This aspect of his personality is also a product of his savage upbringing. Seamus is like night and day. Going from a calm and tempered soul, to a vicious and angry man with a hugely explosive temper.

  • Sweets
  • Books
  • Granny Smith Apples
  • More Sweets
  • Liberating those being persecuted.
  • Oppression
  • Bitter things
  • Bigotry
  • Mutant on Mutant violence
  • Pungent and rotten odors
  • Cunning
  • Very well read
  • Determined
  • Mountains of anger
  • Highly volatile and explosive
  • overly trusting of his own kind

Power Name- Reptilian Skin
Description- Seamus has an incredibly dense reptilian skin. His skin resists attacks from bladed weapons. It is bullet proof against all bullets that are less that armor piercing rounds. It also is blunt force impact resistant.

Limits- Extremely strong, dense bladed weapons such as adamantium, and super dense carbon like polymer weapons are capable of penetrating Seamus’s skin. His skin is susceptible to armor piercing rounds and other rounds fired at incredibly high velocity. Blunt force blows struck with above peak human strength at felt normally and unable to be shrugged off. Seamus is also just as susceptible as anyone else when it comes to elemental attacks such as fire and electricity.

Power Name- Heightened Strength, Agility, and Endurance
Description- Seamus’s dense musculature and reptilian like make up has provided him with exceedingly high strength. The upper limit to Seamus’s strength that can be moved with relative ease is 5 tons. Weight exceeding 5 tons starts to become incredibly difficult to lift, move, throw, etc incredibly quickly. Leaving his max, if he fully exerts himself and risking injury to his muscles, at 5 and a half tons.

Because of his heightened strength, Seamus has quickened reflexes. His powerful muscles able to accelerate him quickly and well above peak human conditioning. He is able to run at a speed of 35 MPH or roughly 5 MPH faster than Usain Bolt.

Also because of his strength and musculature, Seamus has heightened endurance. Able to work continuously and tirelessly for a full 24 hours before being required to stop and sleep for a full 8 hours. This is due to the reduction in fatigue toxins and the sheer quantity of muscle mass that he has.

Limits- Weight exceeding 5 tons starts to have detrimental affect on his muscles causing tears in the muscle and dislocations from the bone. 5 ton is the upper limit to what he can handle or be hit with safely.

Seamus’s reflexes are not quick enough to be considered superhuman reflexes, though they are slightly above what would be considered peak. This allows him to dodge some attacks, though he has to be aware of the attack. He does not have any kind of heightened awareness that allows him to dodge the unseen or unexpected attack.

In regards to his endurance. Once Seamus reaches his limit as far as stamina goes he begins to tire at an exponential rate until his body just stops and he sort of crashes into a deep slumber that can last longer than the required 8 hours of sleep, generally this deep slumber lasts 12 to 18 hours due to the extreme exertion he had just went through. As long as Seamus stops at the 24 hour mark and goes to sleep he will not succumb to this kind of extreme sleep.

Power Name- Heightened Senses
Description- Seamus has heightened senses for hearing sounds, smelling scents, and detecting temperatures in the air. His sense of hearing is fine enough that he can hear heart beats and distinguish them from other heart beats in a range up to 100 yards. His eyesight is sharp enough to read newspaper print clearly at up to 100 yards. He is also able to see perfectly in very dim light cast by a single candle. He is also able to see in relatively blinding light, as well as underwater. His sense of touch is acute enough that he can detect minute temperature changes as low as a 2 degree difference. His sense of taste is the most finely tuned sense and allows him to distinguish individual ingredients. Seamus’s taste buds are hyperactive which has led to a sweet tooth of mythical proportions.

Limits- Because his senses are heightened, Seamus can become susceptible to sensory overload. Loud sounds, bright lights, overly abrasive sensations have a harmful or overly distracting effect. Bitter tastes and pungent odors are overly repugnant for Seamus and can drive him back. Similarly, his sweet tooth is incredibly compulsive leading to strong sweet smells being equally as distracting.

Power Name- Life Force draining Immunity
Description- Seamus is immune to effects like Rogue and Senyaka that drain the life force.

Limits- In Rogue’s case, the aspects of her ability that work in tandem with the life force still work, such as gaining the ability and memories from Seamus. However the negative effect of the lose of life force does not occur.

Skills & Abilities- Seamus has an animalistic cunning and intellect that he puts to use when in a combat situation. Even when enraged and explosive with his violent anger, he is clear headed which makes him a uniquely dangerous opponent as he doesn’t lose himself in a beserker kind of rage.

Seamus is incredibly literate and has a massive appetite for reading. His voracious consumption of reading material has given him a wide range of knowledge across a vast many fields. While he is no expert in any one subject, he does have conversational intellect on a large variety of fields from the sciences, history, politics, literature, etc.

Height- 7’ 5in
Weight- 422 lbs
Eye Colour- Mellencamp has heterochromia; his left eye is red, and his right eye is silver.
Hair Colour- Green Reptilian scales

Appearance- Mellencamp has a body that is reptilian in physical appearance with slitted eyes, emerald scales, razor sharp teeth and claws, and a large physical build. His heterochromia gives him a red left eye and a silver right eye. Both colors are bright and very distinguishable. Having not an ounce of fat, Seamus's physique has an incredible muscle definition.

As far as clothing is concerned. Seamus wears a long leather trench coat and leather pants. He is rarely ever in anything other than this. Although, not an article of clothing, Seamus always, has a bag of Jolly Ranchers in his pocket and a few in his hands. He is never without something sweet somewhere on his person and it is generally always Jolly Ranchers.

Gear- Seamus carries no gear

Additional Information- Mental health professionals would diagnose Seamus as having Intermittent Explosive Disorder. While he is generally always calm and overly polite, the slightest provocation can throw him into a sudden, yet controlled rage where he becomes fixated on destroying what has provoked him. Seamus does not fight to defeat his opponent, he fights to end his opponent entirely.

For Seamus, mutant on mutant violence is heartbreaking. He detests the very idea of his own kind fighting among themselves. Feeling that they are too few to be fighting themselves. As for humans, they are like the bug on the wall. As long as they leave Seamus alone he will not care, but if they get in his way or irritate him he will not hesitate to smash them. He is an isolationist in his politics. Seamus wants a mutant state that the world leaves alone. If the world cannot leave it alone then he will destroy them until they learn their place.

Hometown- Hammer Bay on the Island of Genosha
Immediate Family- John C Mellencamp (Father - deceased) Sarah Mellencamp (Mother - Deceased)
Others- None

History- Life on the tropical island nation of Genosha was perfect for Seamus growing up. Playing on the beach, swimming in the ocean, helping his loving mother and father in their family owned grocery store. The Mellencamps enjoyed a wonderful life. Owning their own chain of grocery stores. His father sitting on the city council as an alderman for the city of Hammerbay, his eye on becoming Mayor and then President. His mother the school librarian, instilling in Seamus a love for reading and knowledge.

Though all that changed when Seamus started to manifest his mutation. At the age of 13 what was thought to be a sever case of psoriasis turned out to be the beginnings of Seamus’s mutation. By the age of 14 Seamus had turned into a large reptilian boy, and the Mellencamps were ashamed of the flawed genetics that had cursed their family.

Seamus was one of the first in a fast uptick in mutant cases on the island. Previously there had only been a few, but now it seemed to be spreading like an epidemic. The Island nation nationalized the media to keep it quiet, and began a program to round up all of the mutants that had begun to manifest. Quietly reaching out to governments like the United States, and companies like Trask that may be able to help them deal with the scourge that seemed to be afflicting their people. Soon enough a solution was found. The mutants of Genosha were thrust into indentured servitude. Trask Industries would use Genosha as a testing ground for its anti-mutant technologies and the mutants of Genosha would be forced to “earn their keep.”
Seamus was given back to the Mellencamps as their own slave, where he was promptly locked away in the cellar to their large upscale home. Each day he was dragged out and sent to the mines or other construction sites that could use his strength and each night he was set upon by his angry father and his energy whip, or his mother and her angry sharpened tongue. The Mellencamps keeping Seamus restrained with Trask technology, leaving him only with books to pass the time. Only for the cycle to repeat itself the next day. Taken to work, lashed to work harder, taken home, lashed because he existed, whatever book his mother had grabbed from school thrown at him, eat, sleep, repeat.

Seamus cannot tell you how long this went on. He lost track of the years as they turned into a decade. Though all he knows is that Hammerbay, with the help of Trask, grew large and strong on the backs of mutants like himself. All the while the Island Nation took steps to hide their dirty little secret and the vile agreement they had with Trask and other countries. Genosha had become and open air laboratory for mutant suppression technologies, and Seamus had been forced to build the very buildings, and mine the various ores that made it all possible.

Quietly Seamus seethed, though he endured. Taking solace in the works of Shakespeare, Hemingway, and Tolstoy. Solace in philosophies and sciences. Anything and everything he could get his hands on. Though the words and writing of Che Guevara drove him to his ultimate choice. Liberation for himself and his people by any means necessary. So quietly, Seamus bided his time and waited for the moment to come. When it did, he made his move and escaped Genosha. Stowing away on a cargo ship and made his way to America. The media capital of the world with its inalienable rights and its welcoming of the huddled masses. Or at least that was the concept he had been given from the things he had been able to read. Sadly what Seamus found was a nation dangerously close to heading down the path that Genosha had already gone down.

Player Name- Bry
Age 2 score
How Can We Contact- PM Skype - Brytheold
Time Zone- Central
How did you find us? Fortune cookie
Other Characters- Forge and others

Role Play Sample-
“I must say Sarah, your house is as lovely as ever. I am most surprised by how you keep your mutant quiet.” Thomas Latholm was a round a portly man. Always dressed in a suit no matter where he went. Such attire was befitting the Mayor of Hammerbay, at least in Thomas’s mind.

“Indeed. Most of them with unnatural strength are generally quite atrocious with the ruckus they cause every waking moment. Though, it is a mixed blessing I suppose, what with my brothers sound proofing business.” Dinah Latholm was a thin woman, as far as looks are concerned she married down when she married her plain looking portly husband. Though Dinah married for two reasons, status and Thomas’s family did not have a history of the mutant plague. None that they knew of at least.

“He’s learned his place.” John Mellencamp. Alderman of the fifth ward poured out the wine from the reserve. Earlier that day he had went down to the cellar, gave Seamus forty lashing just because and retrieved the bottle. “Get’em young and raise’em right.” He was overtly confident in his ability to control a mutant, though John Mellencamp was confident about a lot of things.

“Stick a book in front of him and he shuts up.” Sarah said, taking a sip from her glass and offering a pleasant smile. “And he’s restrained so he can barely move, which keeps him just as quiet.” One could not tell that she was speaking of her own son by the flippant and callous tone to her voice.

“What are you using to restrain him with, if I may ask?” Thomas was interested in the methods the citizens used to maintain control over their stock. Perhaps one of them would be a viable way to control his garish and opportunistic wife. Thank God the President was married, otherwise he would likely find himself single, though that would not be a terrible thing really.

“The series 7 opposing force restraint.” John said as he continued to pass out the wine goblets before fetching the artisan cheese platter. He particularly like the Pepper Jack. It did not pair well, but it was pepper jack so he really did not care much.

“The series 7. That two generations old. My word… Wasn’t that the series that was discontinued because of the design flaw?” Dinah said as she accepted the wine goblet and eyed the cheese platter with a snobbish glare. Though John merely shook his head.

“One unit had a flaw, as I remember. A particularly strong and agile beast was able to apply force in all directions that caused a cascade failure. It was never determined to be a widespread failing, and our mutant is not smart enough to know what omni-directional force is.” John scoffed, tossing a cube of pepper jack into his mouth and chuckling at the thought.

Below the sitting room, Seamus tilted his head. A silver colored eye squinting in the darkness as he closed the book he was reading. He quite enjoyed the Harry Potter series. He had read it dozens of times, though the conversation above him had caught his attention. Sitting the book aside, Seamus braced himself, took a deep breathe and began to expand. Pushing out in as many directions as he possibly could with as much force as he possibly could. Cranking his head against the restraint. Forcing his massive maw open as wide as he could. An arm pushing out, the other pulling in. His body twisting at the torso, his legs stretching out or pulling close. Like an undulating dance done by a possessed voodoo priestess Seamus oscillated his positions with all the strength he could muster. His anger rising like the super volcano below Yellowstone.

A spark played across his fingers as he stretched them out, and then he heard it. The faint cascading click and frizzing of micro circuits as the restraint careened into cascade failure. One by one they plopped off, leaving Seamus standing at his full height. A grin playing across his lips before twisting into furious anger.

Quietly he moved to the stairs. Using his long arms to pull himself up so he would not have to step on the creaking boards of the staircase. Long sharp fingernails slowly began slip the pins from the door hinges. One, two, three of those pins came out and Seamus quietly slipped into the kitchen. Pausing only long enough to grab and devour a couple of the Granny Smith apples that sat in the bowl. The laughter from the other room setting him back on his task as he crept to the edge of the door, just out of sight. Waiting for another burst of distraction laughter before exploding from his hiding spot.

The laughter turned to gasps as Seamus sped in. Thomas Latham’s head burst like a melon as Seamus gripped it and squeezed. Dinah opened her mouth to scream only to have her bottom jaw grabbed. The middle of ring finger on Seamus’s scaly, clawed hand digging deep down her throat before he gave a fast hard yank. Sarah Mellencamp was stifled by the jaw of her friend hitting her in the face hard enough to daze and confuse. John was severed at the joint. Every joint. With slow twists and pulls.

Sarah, dazed by having her bell rung stumbled about. Turning like a drunk ballerina. She lost her footing as Seamus grabbed her long black hair and proceeded to drag her outside. Kicking and screaming, her opulent heels falling off as she struggled. Her fingernails digging into the floorboards and door frame as Seamus took her out into the street in front of their house and lifted her from the ground by the throat.

Reaching down, Seamus pulled the hosiery from her foot. “Dobby hass a ssock,” Seamus said as he showed her the hosiery, “Masster threw it, and Dobby caught it, and Dobby -- Dobby iz free.” Seamus knelt down and laid Sarah flat on the ground, as if he was going to let her go. His red eye and the silver one locking onto her. “As a toddler I would pretend I was an airplane. And you would say from the porch. Fly Seamus, Fly!” His grip tightened. “Fly mother, fly!” His muscles flexed and with violent suddenness, Sarah Mellencamp went from laying prone on the ground to soaring straight up into the air. As high as all of Seamus’s considerable strength could throw her.

Seamus, and that bowl of Granny Smith Apples, was gone by the time his mother plunked off the roof of the neighbors house. A few days later he was nestled in the hold of a cargo ship destined for America and its promise of freedom and self determination.
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Welcome to the Walk Like an Egyptian New Mutant Egypt Field Trip plot page!

All relevant threads will be linked here. Please make sure to place EGY in Thread title so that we can track them and link them all here in one spot.

Below you will find links to important NPC's as well as links to places of interest. The plot will not take up all of your time so please feel free to do your own threads while in Cairo. The Plot runs from Dec 4 - 6th.

Bloodstone NPC App
The Living Mummy NPC App

Places of Interest:
Khan el-Khalili Bazaar
Nile Dinner Cruises
Al-Azhar Park
Egyptian Museum: Cairo

Martyr (Chaperone)
Cannonball (chaperone)
Rider (Chaperone)
Jul 15 2017, 08:41 AM
Plot Title New Mutant Field Trip to Egypt: Are You My Mummy?

Title Abbreviation (EGY)

Number of Roll Over’s 1

Plot Synopsis Jase is taking a group of New Mutants to Egypt for a Field Trip to learn about the Pyramids and the Temple Complex at Karnak. Though something ancient stirs in Egypt and threatens to unleash itself on the world.The Plot will run from Dec 4 to 6

NPC’s Needed
The Living Mummy
Mister Fazil

Expected Thread Progression

December 4th - New Mutants at the Pyramids @ 10AM
December 5th - New Mutants at the Sphinx @11 AM
December 6th - New Mutants and the Temple of Karnak @2PM
*Additional side plots as needed*
All people attending are encouraged to do their own threads at various places each Day. Around the Pyramids, The Sphinx, the City of Cairo itself, The Nile.

Points of interest in Cairo:
Khan el-Khalili Bazaar
Nile Dinner Cruises
Al-Azhar Park

Martyr (Chaperone)
Cannonball (chaperone)
Rider (Chaperone)
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