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Jul 19 2018, 03:06 PM
The Brotherhood had a new member. A teenager like Rat, and Mack and Wicked. Someone young. It was great news. Rat was getting rather sick of the grumpy adults who didn't appreciate his genius when it came to pranks. No, they whined and called him stupid or a little shit. So rude. This new person might not be so bad though. He might be willing to have fun and do silly things and not be a grump about bullion cubes being put in his shower head.

There was one way to find out; play a prank on the new guy and see how he reacted. That made sense to Rat anyway. The new guy had arrived a couple of days ago and Rat had given him time to settle into the building before doing anything. Moving to a new place was tough and he didn't want to make it any worse. Besides, depending on where he had been before, Scarlet Spider might have been expecting something anyway.

While in his room, Rat collected his backpack, which was filled with various items, like banana's, a wooden spoon, a creepy looking doll, a playing card (the ace of spades to be exact), a really old mobile phone and other odds and ends he had found in the base during his various explorations. All the items were pretty random and therefore not something that could be automatically associated with him. There was also a left over glitter bomb in case he needed a distraction.

Once his bag was ready, he flicked off his dampener and left his room, leaving the music he was listening to still playing in an attempt to give others the impression he was in there. Now unnoticeable, he whistled cheerfully as he crouched down and waited by the door. It was partly open and he could see the new guy in his room, but unless he was a telepath or had super senses, new guy would not see or hear Rat.

Slipping into the new guys room, Rat was still whistling. The Ramones were pretty awesome but he kind of had the song Pinhead stuck in his head. Which was made it a good thing that no one could hear him. Still, he tried not to disturb anything as he edges his way around the room, searching for something that he could replace with something weird. And there it was; his mobile phone! Rat let out a little hiss of 'yes' and hurried over to it. Once he was sure he wasn't being watched, he swapped the phone with the creepy looking doll, making sure the doll was facing the new guy and looked like she was staring at him.

This was going to be fun.
Jul 9 2018, 04:21 PM
Rat often found it rather sad that certain films were only shown at stupid o'clock in the morning, rather than during the evening when other people would be able to enjoy the films terribleness. Some of these films were just so bad that they had become good and damn it, they needed to be watched. But instead channels mainly showed whatever crap they thought people would like because they were told it was cool. Seriously, how many times had Twilight been tv at a reasonable time? It was such a terrible film, but they were encouraging people to watch it. Or maybe they were encouraging people not to watch tv, which seemed like a very stupid thing for a tv channel to do.

Not that it mattered much, most of the those channels sucked, unlike the interesting one that Rat had discovered. A channel that specialised in terrible, but strangely good, horror films? Fucking awesome. It was a good channel and also a good time to be watching tv, no one else was up so he could watch away with no disruptions. Unless Creed came into watch the... cat channel? Or the happy fun time murder channel, or whatever he was likely to watch.

A film about giant crab monsters ended and he had just enough time to run into the kitchen, grab a bowl, a spoon, a bottle of milk and his box of Lucky Charms and get comfortable before the next film started. Day of the Triffids. Such a terrible, but strangely fun film. Triffids were the slowest monsters in history and it appeared the only reason that they managed to catch people was because most of the country had been blinded.

Happily digging into his cereal, Rat settled in for a bit of cheesy fun, hoping that at this stupid hour no one was going to come in and change the channel.
Jul 7 2018, 06:09 PM
It was over. The brood had been defeated and sent to hell... or wherever it was that bastard aliens went when they died. Earth was safe. For now. And now all the mutants had to worry about was the persecution they faced from the humans. Naturally there had been some casualties. The people of Broken Bow for example. A whole town gone. Turned into brood and then killed before they could take over the planet. It was sad. Innocent people were dead, some of which were children. Then there was the fact that a few people taking on the brood that were underground had been caught and jabbed by the alien jerks. Which that they, like the ones who had walked into the trap in Broken Bow weeks before, could have had brood eggs implanted in them. All of them had been in quarantine, hoping that they were going to ok. Wicked was one of them.

For the past day, Rat had been so worried. Wicked was his friend and he didn't want to lose her to the brood. So, like other members of the team, he waited and waited until he heard news of them all being ok. No little brood babies bursting out of them. Thankfully, the X-Geeks let them go instead of trying to keep them there or handing them over to the authorities or something.

But Wicked was back now and Rat was in the kitchen working on making some breakfast for her. The first time they had met was the morning after freeing mutants in Genosha and he had cooked her breakfast, her first meal as a free mutant. He had made pancakes. For some reason, pancakes seemed to be something you had for an important, celebratory breakfast. Which was why he was making them that morning. Wicked was back at the Brotherhood base and he wanted to celebrate.

The pancake was mixed and ready, now he just needed Wicked to arrive in the kitchen. In an effort to lure her there, he started making the pancakes, knowing that no one could resist that smell.
Jul 6 2018, 02:13 PM
Growing up in England meant that Rat had never even seen a real a gun, let alone used one. Of course, how that he was in America and part of a team of mutant freedom fighters, all that had changed. Twice now he had been handed a gun and both times he had been deeply unsure of himself. Both times had been against the brood, so there was a reason for his uncertainty. Shooting aliens was not something you were supposed to do in real life. That was supposed to be confined to video games. But it had been nothing like a video game. Even if you ignored the whole being able to respawn thing in video games, weapons were a lot harder to handle in real life.

Now that the brood had been dealt with, permanently he hoped, it was probably a good time to learn some things about guns. He knew the basics; they were dangerous and if you weren’t careful you could kill someone. Now it was time to learn more. While there were a few people in the Brotherhood who might be able to teach him, he had done something potentially stupid and asked Sabretooth for help. Creed was the one who had handed him a gun in the first place, so Rat supposed it made sense that he could teach him. After all, the grumpy cat had probably not been hoping for Rat to injure himself, right?

Having asked for his help, Rat headed to the spot where Creed said he would meet him. Apparently by The Pit was an excellent meeting point. Which unnerved Rat a little. The Pit was dangerous, very dangerous and he had been warned not to go near it unless properly supervised. Did Sabretooth count as someone who could supervise a person in The Pit? Rat had no idea. He just knew the feral mutant was trusted not to murder everyone while they slept. But it was a bit late to worry about that. If he survived this, Rat would check next time.
Jun 2 2018, 03:21 PM
There were many words you could use to describe Rat, but sensible was not one of them. Not often anyway. He was sensible enough not to piss off the more powerful members of the team but that was pretty much it. He knew better than to annoy people with super powers and no real sense of humour. That was one way to end up being ripped to pieces probably dropped down the garbage disposal thingy. So it was a bit strange for him to have set various pranks around the building with no care as to who got caught in them. But in his defence, it had seemed like a really good idea at the time.

This brood thing had rattled him more than he was willing to let on. Aliens existed and they were nasty little fuckers. Nasty little fuckers who were attempting to take over Earth and turn everyone into brood. This was not really how Rat had wanted to die. He wanted to die fighting Godzilla. Or fighting for mutant rights. Either of those ways was acceptable, but being used as an incubator for some stupid alien was not. As he was not the sort of person who liked to talk about his feelings, he needed another way to let off steam and, unfortunately for the other members of the group, that way involved bullion cubes in the showerheads, confetti bombs, fake spiders attached in random places, and a doughnut box that actually contained some steamed broccoli. Add the fact that his unlatherable soap bar was still missing, then someone was probably in for a rough day.

Not that Rat was bothered. It might add some hilarity to the day. They probably needed that. All the pranks were set up and he was stretched out on the sofa, watching tv, another interesting forensic documentary was on and he was happily eating a pack of Oreos that he was counting as his lunch. This was making things feel a bit more normal, like nothing seriously bad was happening. And that was good.

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