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Jul 1 2018, 06:31 PM


Celebrity Claim- Taron Egerton

Full Name- Benjamin Riley
Nicknames/Aliases-  Ben, Benji, Douche, Scarlet Shithead
Age- 18
Date of Birth- Nov. 5th
Faction- New Mutants Brotherhood
Occupation- Ben temps here and there but he does not have a legit job.

Denial: For Ben it is always easy to act like nothing's wrong, he prefers to take every serious moment and make a joke about it. He never cared before if the joke was funny or if it was in bad taste, as long as he could laugh about it and cover it up he didn't care. Instead of ever facing his problems, Ben just buried them deep enough to be ignored not caring how that hurt other people.

Brash: Being that Ben is a clone and didn't have the proper sort of upbringing, he has a bit of an issue with his impulse control. Fairly often things come out of his mouth before he really has had a chance to think them through and that bites him in the ass most times. While is he quick to jump to someone's defense, if one of his friends (okay people he considers friends, no one at this point would consider him their friend) were in a fight he would be the first one to jump in and push them out of the way to handle the issue himself.

Childish: Hand in hand with Ben’s brashness is his utterly childish ways, growing up he never really had the opportunity to act like a normal child and for some time that caused him to regress. Instead of talking out his issues, or even seeking help when he desperately needed it he would internalize everything until it blew up in his face. Due to this childlike quality about himself, he was known to have tantrums or act out instead of just solving his problems with his words like a grown person.

Broken: At the deepest levels of his psyche, there is something completely fractured about Ben. He was raised to be a weapon, tested and molded into something completely unrecognizable and finding out his true history broke something in him. Not knowing if at any second some person would unknowingly say a series of random words meant to turn him into a mindless beast hounded his every movement. This took him down into a deep pit that he was for a long time unable to climb up from. He acted without any sort of inhibitions at all, he really just didn't think about any of his actions enough to ever think that they were wrong, in short he lived so quickly that he never took a spare second to think about how his actions would come off to other people. The mind control that Ben suffered under made him act out, treating the people around him like trash and making him come off as many things (an asshole, kind of rapey, and even like an egotistical prick), and it really did ruin any chance he might have had to get help. Something was seriously  wrong with Ben Riley, something that was broken and that he is just now really fixing.

Evolving: It has taken some time, (and a massive jolt) to make Ben really step back and look at his life and his bad attitude. He was a womanizer, a liar, a bully, and most of all just a jerk to almost everyone. Because of his upbringing, he is still not exactly sure who he really is inside, but being brought down so easily by someone he actually cared about had shaken something loose in his brain. Maybe it was a near-death experience that made him realize that he wanted something different from his life, or maybe he just didn't want to be the jerk that everyone hated anymore… Now Ben is finally taking his life in the right direction, trying (and sometimes failing) to get things right, but he understands that while he has made so much progress already, he still has a ways to go.
  • Web slinging around downtown NYC
  • Watching B Movies late at night
  • Pretty girls
  • Sweatshirts
  • Onion Rings
  • Telepaths (a necessary evil in his life right now)
  • Lying (he has done too much of it lately)
  • Ill-fitting clothes
  • the scientists that created him
  • did he mention telepaths? talking about his feelings
  • Gymnastics/parkour/freerunning
  • Memory - Ben usually has a good memory because he needs to keep his lies straight, but when used for good he actually has a really good memory and never forgets a birthday or a special date.
  • Emotional - While this might have been a flaw not too long ago, Ben is actually someone who is becoming very in touch with his emotions instead of just lashing out anytime that he is upset, he’s just started to use those feelings to channel them into something good. When he is angry at the world instead of raging and hurting people around him, now he desperately wants to be someone who can change the world.
  • Childish - Ben still thinks that fart jokes are funny
  • Sarcastic - sarcasm is meant to be subtle, not insulting
  • Honesty- True honestly has always been hard for Ben, if he’d ever explained half of the things he’d done he might have been alright. Instead, Ben was known to lie to cover his tracks, but at least now he’s found it best, to be honest with the people he cares about most.

Power Name- Super Strength (and durability)
Description- Given the spider-like nature of Ben’s powers, he has been given the proportionate strength of a spider. This is what enables him to toss himself through the air with his webs without issue, what allows him to fight toe to toe with opponents much larger than himself, and this is what allows him to withstand the sheer g-force put upon his body while he is web-slinging through the city.

On a day to day basis, he seems to have the strength about three times what someone his size should have, and he can sustain damage that would cause broken bones in someone else. Under times of great duress he can lift up to 10 tons and survive a fall from ten stories (he can survive but would still be badly injured).and when pressed run up to around 30 miles per hour, this would allow him to win an Olympic medal but is not fast enough to ever think of outrunning a speedster.

Limits- The main weakness to Ben’s super strength is the fact that he can not sustain his abilities. While he is stronger then someone his size should be, he is usually not the strongest in a room full of mutants. He is unable to bench press a bus, but if he was pinned he could gather the strength to push the bus off of him to free himself. To gather his strength for a few moments is possible, but he peaks very quickly and can very easily get fatigued or injured when he uses too much strength. His durability does not actually give him any real resistance against anything, he takes less damage in general, but he still takes damage, mostly he just is able to take more damage without being put down than others.

Power Name- Super Reflexes (and agility)
Description- Along with his super durability Ben was also gifted with an innate set of reflexes and agility. Since he keeps in shape and hones his skills regularly with training, he is able to dodge most attacks that he can see coming, while he is pretty sure that catching bullets from mid-air is impossible he nearly can. His reflexes allow him to make sudden changes in direction when he is web-slinging and enable him to stay steady on any surface.

Limits- While outwardly having enhanced reflexes seems like all fun and games with no drawbacks, the negatives are rather strange. While great that Ben can dodge being shot if he sees the gun, there is the huge issue that our minds can play tricks on us, or that Ben could react to something small that would not have harmed him in a very outlandish or violent way.

Power Name- Wall Crawling
Description- With a combination of both Ben’s super agility and his super strength, Ben has the ability like true spiders to climb walls almost as if he is sticking to them. Using his super strength, he is able to hold himself up with just the tips of his fingers gripping onto a surface, using his enhanced agility to keep himself parallel to any surface.

Limits- While sticking to a wall, there is the chance that Ben will actually destroy the surface he is clinging to, having super strength would allow him to destroy the surface that he is meant to stick to.

Power Name- Spider Sense
Description- Like others with similar power sets, Ben has an innate sort of warning system. He is unsure if this is just a mental ability or a culmination of all his other abilities, but he gets a sudden feeling that he cant ignore. There is a shock like buzzing at the back of his skull, there is a brief flash of anxiety that triggers and his heart beats faster for a few moments. This is usually a slight warning before an attack, allowing him time to get that first rush of adrenaline and dodge the first attack.

Limits- This ability is not foolproof, like most other powers this will not work if Ben is inebriated or otherwise rendered not at the top of his game. Anyone that Ben trusts and allows into his personal space is also exempt from this warning system, he simply can't detect someone he has allowed his guard down around. Eventually, after this trust is broken his spider-sense would once more work as intended but it is a weakness that he only can overcome by never allowing someone close to him.

Anyone who has very similar powers or who is a direct blood relation to him (clones et al.) also circumvent this ability.

Power Name- Bio-Organic Webbing
Description- Ben’s most notable part of his spider-like powers is the webbing that he can create. He was gifted with two spinnerets, one on each wrist that can spin and create his own organic webbing. This webbing can be used in a variety of ways, and over time he has learned how to change his hand positions and angles to do exactly what he wants with his webs. His webs are mostly used as either a rope/string type used to web sling from roof to roof, or they are split to create what most people would think of as an actual spider web, making it easy to trap someone because it is almost like dropping a net over them. Like all spiders, the webbing that Ben creates is flexible but very strong, nearly five times the strength of steel and virtually indestructible when it is first applied. Because the webbing is organic, after a short amount of time, the proteins in the web start to break down making the webbing weaker until it disintegrates and leaves nothing behind.

Limits- Because Ben’s webbing is organic in nature and the webbing itself is a protein-based creation from his own body, Ben must eat enough during the day to support not only his own calorie needs, but he needs to account for the extra protein he needs for his webs. Because of these high needs and Ben’s active lifestyle he actually needs to eat on average about twice as many calories as a male his age and added to that number is the sheer amount of protein that he needs to perform the web-slinging. If he has not been eating well or if he is unable to have access to the protein supplement shakes then he will eventually run out of his webs.

Skills & Abilities- Hand to Hand: While Ben does not know exactly how he gained these abilities (he believes it is natural talents) he is actually a very talented fighter. He does not know any single real sort of martial arts, but he has cobbled together enough of various types to look like he knows what he is doing.

Height- 5’ 10’’
Weight- 165 (he’s been putting on weight finally)
Eye Colour- blue
Hair Colour- Dirty Blonde when its grown out, darker mousy brown when its short.
Appearance- Most notable about Ben is the significant changes his appearance has undergone. It might not make him immediately recognizable to people that he used to be very close with.

For a time Ben’s appearance could be described as a hot mess, he’d grown his hair out long, and with no real fashion sense of his own, he’d dressed wildly. Now, however, he’s finally cleaned up, gone back to cutting his hair short and trying his best to look like an average person. His fashion is still more centered around comfort, preferring athletic gear over anything else because its best for web-slinging, but now in his off time he manages to dress, so he looks decent instead of like a bad art project.

Ben is actually very fastidious about his appearance, he is always clean, but now that he has finally cut his hair when it is all windswept it manages to look tousled instead of like an unruly and unkempt mess.

Also notable about his appearance, is that Ben is still making efforts to eat well and exercise often. Adding his workouts to the extreme physical aspects of his web-slinging, and he's even put on mass that he’s managed to keep. He does find it strange now, the older that he gets, the more he feels like he can see the family resemblance between himself and Peter (who unknowingly shared his DNA) but this time instead of taking great pains to distance the two of them, he is okay with what few shared features they have.

Gear- None to speak of, other than a hand-me-down spider costume.
Additional Information-
While Ben will not admit it, he still has nightmares of the time spent in Sinister's lab. He has dreams about that cell with the golden glass, has dreams about everything that happened in that hellhole... and maybe some of the things are not actually dreams, maybe they are repressed memories coming to the forefront of his mind. All he really knows is that now that he knows the truth about who and what he is, he really does not want to be that person anymore.

After all this time Ben Riley has finally become self-aware. Granted Ben has his own issues because he was mind controlled and made to think he had an idyllic childhood when in reality he was being grown in a tube (like all proper clones), but it was not until very recently that he started to truly understand that maybe his life was crappy because he was making it that way. It was always easy to blame things on his past or to think that people hated him because they were jealous or wanted to be him.

Ben had a life like a child prodigy, for a short time he was the greatest thing there ever was, but now that he is older his time as a golden child is suddenly over, and he is just a regular adult with adult consequences like everyone else. He is not unique, he is not different (his powers are even just the same as other peoples), he is just another mutant who has managed to ostracize himself from everyone he cares about because he thought he was special and could do no wrong.

While Ben went home to the mansion, he really should have known better since he burned that bridge. He does not think he was ever really meant to go to Xavier's, that it was all part of Dr. Miles plan for him. He still really desperately wants to create some change in the world, he wants to stop people like Sinister from ever making anyone like him again. While he once wished he could become a member of the X-Men, he realized later that the X-Men were not the only group out there. So while it seems to go against his original ideals, he thinks that maybe the Brotherhood could be what he needs. He still knows where a couple of labs are that needs terrorizing.

Hometown- Manhattan, NY
Immediate Family- Thomas & Martha Riley (parents)
Others- Reva Refai (who knows) - Ben adores Reva, and while he is sure the empath knows how he feels, but he is reluctant to actually say the words to tell her. He is still trying to work up the courage because while he assumes she understands how he feels, it would be good for them both if he just told her with his words.

History- Ben Riley was the only child born to Thomas and Martha Riley, a naturally gifted child who was well behaved and had an overall happy childhood. His parents were very loving and worked opposite shifts so that there was always someone home with him. Sure his parents both had to work to provide for their lifestyle and money was always tight but no matter what he had everything he ever needed. Really his childhood was nothing to note, he did well in school, never got in trouble, rode his bike outside in front of the house, and when he skinned his knees there was always someone there to kiss his ouchie better.

Everything was idyllic until Ben hit puberty and his powers emerged. He was understandably freaked, his father was surprised, but his mother soothed every fear he had. His mother was steadfast, with everything going on in the world she was not going to let anyone harm her child, he was an innocent child even if he was a mutant.

In this new mutant life, his parents did whatever they could to help him hone his abilities, but like most superpowered children he thought he could do more. So he became a vigilante, his powers were spiderlike, and he liked the red hoodie he would wear when he was trying to fight crime, so he named himself the Scarlet Spider. He quickly became addicted to his nighttime activities, working to be a hero as he stopped muggers and tried to keep anyone from hurting someone in his city.
He was in high school before he was contacted by Xavier's, offered a place where he could learn to use his powers and where he could learn how to actually do good in the city instead of just muddling around and messing things up.

Except his life got really weird from there.

Ben found himself in a place where he was around other mutants, but there was so much else that was going on that would change his life completely. In a very short time everything went completely to shit, in no chronological order: There were pretty girls, murderous at homecoming, a student was killed, Ben found out that he was a clone, found out that his entire life was a lie, a terrifying kidnapping where a mad scientist did horrible things to his friends, one of the students died by turning into a pile of ash, Ben had a telepath mess with his brain in the off chance that it could help, distanced himself from all of his friends, ruined everything with the one girl he’d really felt like he connected with, and the final crescendo to the downward spiral he was on was when he was electrocuted on New Years Eve.

There is no way for Ben to explain what he has recently gone through, he could feel everything crumbling as he grasped, his entire life slipping through his fingers like sand. After being nearly killed on NYE, he managed to gain consciousness and decided that he would walk home, except he could not manage to keep himself together and stumbled more than actually walked. Ben ended up getting picked up for public intoxication and tossed in a holding cell for the NYE weekend. Days spent in jail for no reason were hard, he’d done nothing wrong (okay except he had, his behavior had gotten him shocked and that had gotten him nearly dead and into this shitty situation) but when he got out it was like something had clicked with him. Ben decided as he walked out into the sunlight after being released after spending an uncomfortable weekend in the drunk tank, that his life would not get any better unless he decided to make it better.

Not that making his life better really worked well to start, he tried to make peace with the people at Xavier’s, wanting to do better and really participate but in the end, people there really wanted nothing to do with him. Sometimes he felt invisible, other times he felt like spoiled milk that everyone was subtly trying to avoid, so without really discussing it with anyone Ben decided to leave. Not that he thought anyone noticed, he’d been spending more and more time in the city, preferring to spend his time with a beautiful empath then worry about the people at the mansion. He quickly became disillusioned with what the Mansion was preaching, he wanted to help, wanted to actively bring about change instead of holding hands and singing camp songs. So when he met people from the Brotherhood, he was easily swept up in their talks of bringing about the change they wanted.

Player Name- Fishy!
Age Younger then Pete <3
How Can We Contact- Discord is best
Time Zone- PST
How did you find us? Some jerk dragged me along >.>
Other Characters- Arsenic & Wiccan & Hawkeye
Role Play Sample-
Going to jail was not supposed to happen to the good guys. Criminals and the like were the ones that should have ended up behind bars, but Ben found himself strolling down the street in the same clothes that he'd been wearing on New Years as he dreaded turning on his phone and seeing all of the missed calls.

Except there were no calls from the people that he wanted to hear from.

No contact from the people that he considered friends, no communication from the people that he wanted to be close to, and to make matters worse he knew exactly why. He had been an ass, more than that he had been an ass for far too long, so long that he'd driven away everyone that he cared about. The voicemails on his phone were simple ones, he'd missed a training session, and they were wondering where he was, someone wanted him to move his car, and another voicemail was just one of those auto messages from a telemarketing company. He own friends didn't notice that he was gone, what had he done that was so bad?

Okay, that was not fair, he knew lots of things he had done that made his friends skip out on him, but right now none of that mattered. Dipping into an alleyway he just tucked himself into the darkest corner and then with a small thwip he shot a web to the corner of the building so that he could slowly pull himself up, he didn't want to put too much stress on himself when he'd been eating terrible jail food for the last few days. Once he was on the roof, however, there was no stopping him from running as fast as he could to the edge and shooting another web that connected with the edge of the next building before flinging himself off the edge of the roof. The plummeting feeling in his stomach was always a rush, but as he got to the bottom of the arc, he shifted his body weight to keep his trajectory going. There was no easier way to clear his head then by web-swinging, so as he made his way in the general direction of the mansion he was able to really think about his plans for the future.
May 30 2018, 11:28 PM
Hello Dears! I've realized far too late that I've never actually offered to do images for anyone, there are a select few that still bother me to crop/edit their images but I suppose I should open it up to everyone!

I understand that I have a style, and if you're down for it I'm totally happy to make you something!
Here's what I need to know from you:
[b]Character Name:[/b]
[b]Face Name:[/b] (just the name is fine, I prefer to hunt images myself, but if you've got some inspo or images you are just in love with link them too)
[b]Item Needed:[/b] (avatar, signature, ALL THE THINGS)
[b]Special Requirements:[/b] (need edits or recolors? Thoughts & feelings? Have a mood/color/quote?)

Here are some examples:





Jan 2 2018, 11:33 PM
Okay Spoiler: I LOVE using different colored fonts for my posts, and the ones that you get in the dropdown here are great but sometimes its hard to tell what they will look like in action. The only issue I ever have is finding one that looks good on the site and that is readable, so I have arranged these for you so that you could have a look for yourself. Also: every single bullet point does actually have a color with it, if you cant see it, its simply the font is unreadable on our background and I will cry if you use it. (I have started removing some of the ones that are just unreadable.)

How to use: for these colors you might want to use the actual hex number as not all message boards work with the color names, so your code should look like so when using one
[color=#8A2BE2]This color is Blueviolet[/color]

    Traditional Colors:
  • Blue | #0000FF
  • Blueviolet | #8A2BE2
  • Brown | #A52A2A
  • Cadetblue | #5F9EA0
  • Chocolate | #D2691E
  • Coral | #FF7F50
  • Cornflowerblue | #6495ED
  • Crimson | #DC143C
  • Darkblue | #00008B
  • Darkcyan | #008B8B
  • Darkgoldenrod | #B8860B
  • Darkgreen | #006400
  • Darkkhaki | #BDB76B
  • Darkmagenta | #8B008B
  • Darkolivegreen | #556B2F
  • Darkorange | #FF8C00
  • Darkorchid | #9932CC
  • Darkred | #8B0000
  • Darksalmon | #E9967A
  • Darkslateblue | #483D8B
  • Darkslategray | #2F4F4F
  • Darkviolet | #9400D3
  • Deeppink | #FF1493
  • Deepskyblue | #00BFFF
  • Dimgray | #696969
  • Dodgerblue | #1E90FF
  • Firebrick | #B22222
  • Forestgreen | #228B22
  • Fuchsia | #FF00FF
  • Goldenrod | #DAA520
  • Gray | #808080
  • Green | #008000
  • Honeydew | #F0FFF0
  • Hotpink | #FF69B4
  • Indianred | #CD5C5C
  • Indigo |#4B0082
  • Ivory | #FFFFF0
  • Lightcoral | #F08080
  • Lightcyan | #E0FFFF
  • Lightgoldenrodyellow | #FAFAD2
  • Lightgreen | #90EE90
  • Lightseagreen | #20B2AA
  • Lightslategray | #778899
  • Linen | #FAF0E6
  • Magenta | #FF00FF
  • Maroon | #800000
  • Mediumblue | #0000CD
  • Mediumorchid | #BA55D3
  • Mediumpurple | #9370D8
  • Mediumseagreen | #3CB371
  • Mediumslateblue | #7B68EE
  • Mediumvioletred | #C71585
  • Midnightblue | #191970
  • Mintcream | #F5FFFA
  • Mistyrose | #FFE4E1
  • Moccasin | #FFE4B5
  • Navajowhite | #FFDEAD
  • Navy | #000080
  • Oldlace | #FDF5E6
  • Olive | #808000
  • Olivedrab | #688E23
  • Orange | #FFA500
  • Orangered | #FF4500
  • Orchid | #DA70D6
  • Palevioletred | #D87093
  • Papayawhip | #FFEFD5
  • Peru | #CD853F
  • Purple | #800080
  • Red | #FF0000
  • Rosybrown | #BC8F8F
  • Royalblue | #4169E1
  • Saddlebrown | #8B4513
  • Salmon | #FA8072
  • Sandybrown | #F4A460
  • Seagreen | #2E8B57
  • Seashell | #FFF5EE
  • Sienna | #A0522D
  • Skyblue | #87CEEB
  • Slateblue | #6A5ACD
  • Slategray | #708090
  • Snow | #FFFAFA
  • Steelblue | #4682B4
  • Teal | #008080
  • Tomato | #FF6347
  • Turquoise | #40E0D0
  • Violet | #EE82EE
  • Wheat | #F5DEB3
  • White | #FFFFFF
  • Whitesmoke | #F5F5F5
  • Yellow | #FFFF00
    Extra Colors: (these you will need to use the hex code)
  • Dog Tongue | #F6A4D5
  • Dolphin | #6F7285
  • ForgetMeNots | #7EB6FF
  • Kermit | #A2BC13
  • MandarianOrange | #E47833
  • PicassoBlue | #0276FD
  • St. Louis Blues | #2C5197
Dec 24 2017, 09:58 PM


Celebrity Claim- Justin Hartley

Full Name- Clinton Francis Barton
Nicknames/Aliases-  Hawkeye, Clint,
Age- idk fucking old 31
Date of Birth- June 18th
Faction- Street Level
Occupation- Landlord, Property-Manager


Clint, for the most part, is a man who enjoys keeping to himself, he enjoys an evening in and prefers it to being out in a large crowd. Because of the way that he was raised, he has an intense desire to always stick up for the underdogs. He cares little about someone's background or history instead desiring to go with who they are now, it can potentially get him into some tricky situations but overall it makes him a better friend.

While Clint is a team player and can often find himself in the middle of a group, he refuses to blindly follow the leader and values his autonomy more than he values being part of the group. He would rather risk being ostracized then go against his own morals, not that he even has strict morals just that he had lines he won't cross. He would hit a woman if she deserved it but would never strike someone he thought was innocent. Clint also hates things like Ponzi schemes, because while it seems like a victimless crime because no one was physically hurt, he has seen the sort of damage they actually do to someone who loses everything because of it.

Hawkeye is also a man who values honesty, he would rather someone honestly tell him that they gambled away this months rent instead of making promise after promise they will have it in a few days. Not that he will allow anyone to live rent-free at his place, but if anyone was ever honest enough to outright tell him the truth he’d take a partial payment.

  • His bow
  • good whiskey
  • the color purple
  • Pineapple on Pizza
  • animals
  • High pitched noises
  • Gangsters
  • windy days
  • gendered clothing
  • pickles
  • Athletic- Clint trains hard, keeping himself in peak physical condition.
  • Positive- No matter how hard his life has gotten, he's always worked hard to stay positive and is rather optimistic.
  • Cooking- Because he lived out on his own from a young age, Clint taught himself to cook and while he is no pro, no one who comes for dinner is ever disappointed.
  • Selective Deafness- While Clint does have hearing loss, he is known to ignore someone he doesn't want to speak to and pretend that he can't hear them.
  • Workaholic- Clint never likes to just sit and be still, even when he's relaxing watching TV he will fletch arrows to keep his hands busy.
  • Monochrome- There are only certain colors that Clint likes to wear, and his outfits are almost always the exact same thing.

Power Name- N/A

Skills & Abilities-
Archer- Without a doubt, Clints best skill is his archery skills. He trained shooting from a young age and took to it with ease, but it was not only natural talent that took him to greatness. Part of it was because he wanted a way to make quick money and part of it was because archery was the first thing he was genuinely good at so he worked very hard so that he could be the best. He can hit a target from 300 meters away with little trouble and is very good at trick shots.
Marksman- While he would not consider himself a master marksman, Clint can be lethal with nearly anything small enough to be thrown. Understanding how to best hit his target in any situation makes him able to use most weapons with ease, he prefers a bow over a rifle but he is nearly just as deadly with the rifle.
Acrobatics- Starting in his teenage years at the circus, Clint spent time learning how to do acrobatics to keep in good shape, this led to a short career as an aerialist. Eventually, he combined his highflying act with his archery, so over the years, he’d learned how to accurately shoot while hanging/dangling from any number of things. Also, Clint is very good at parkour, in his years living in New York, he’s become quite good at running from rooftop to rooftop to get around.
Fighter- Originally intending to learn self-defense, martial arts soon became a passion. Clint has taken classes in any type of martial arts he's come across and has even taken up at a boxing gym in his neighborhood. While he tends to fight dirty he is still a formidable combatant, able to hold his own against anyone who might sneak up on him.
Tri-Lingual- Clint speaks English, Italian, and is fluent in ASL.
Butcher- Not something that Clint often talks about, but because he spent his formative years in his parent's butcher shop he can actually properly break down any manner of animal that he could hunt for. Plus he knows how to make all manner of charcuterie, he won't bring it up on a first date but he can make a mean charcuterie board and always knows the perfect wine to pair it with.

Height- 6’3’’
Weight- 230lbs
Eye Colour- blue
Hair Colour- blonde

Appearance- While Clint most often is found wearing old jeans and a plain colored tee-shirt there is more to the boring dresser then what his appearance would imply. He is a large man who takes good care of his body, working out daily in different ways. Yet the most surprising thing physically about Clint is that while he looks a bit like a ken-doll he is actually quite lithe and agile.

Clint has a small patch of discolored skin on the inside of his forearm from when he shot a longbow without wearing an arm guard, it was hideous when it first happened but over time the scar has faded and grown soft so only just the odd color is left. Other then that anyone could usually find hawkeye with various bandages covering his fingers, some to protect his hands while he's shooting and others to cover the various papercut like injuries he’s received while fletching his arrows. He is also quite known to be sporting several bruises, because of the care he gives to his body he does not often get seriously injured but he does still wear his bruises with pride.

Plus Clint is the sort who finds no need to be ashamed in how he looks, a bit too baby-faced to really be a looker, and because he has no shame he finds no issue with going out somewhere fancy with a terrible looking black eye.

-Various archery equipment depending on the situation; including high tech compound bows, a few longbows, and whatever kind of arrows he can make himself. These include Smoke Bomb arrows, whisler/noisemaker arrows, explosive arrows, grappling hook arrows.
-Body Armor: it's expensive, but Clint has bought a few stab proof and bullet proof vests. It is not the most comfortable idea ever but if a bit of kevlar can keep something from being fatal then he is all for it.

Additional Information- It is not something that Clint really ever talks about in depth, but he is actually hard of hearing. It's a mix of damage from childhood trauma and someone who did not always wear the proper safety precautions, that has not only damaged Clint’s hearing but given him a pretty bad case of tinnitus. He can hear okay when it comes to ambient noises but he often thinks someone is calling his name, he also struggles with people's voices, so it is a safe bet to assume that if Clint can’t see you then he has no idea what you’re saying. He took up sign language and lip reading because he is fairly sure that his hearing will deteriorate as he ages.

Hometown- Waverly Iowa
Immediate Family- Parents- Harold & Edith Barton (deceased), Brother- Barney Barton
Lucky Barton - formerly known as Arrow, and sometimes answering to Pizza Dog (because you simply can't leave a slice of pizza unattended around this mutt without him eating it) is the one-eyed golden retriever that he rescued from harm and ultimately caused him to say in the city.

Other then Lucky Clint does not have anyone really to note at the moment, he is close to several of the people who live in his building but tries to keep from making friends with the people he works with. That includes both legal and less than legal ‘work’.

History- Clint was born the second son of Harold and Edith Barton and some of his earliest memories are of early mornings in his father's butcher shop. His favorite part was always getting to help make the day’s sausages, if he did well he’d get to take a pair of fresh sausages upstairs for his mother to make for him and his brother for breakfast.

If he did poorly…

Put plainly his father was a frightening man when he was upset, he expected the best from his two boys and often times just something as simple as not doing a good enough job making a sausage could result in a smack across the head. His father believed in a corporal punishment, letting his wife and anyone who managed to catch sight of his heavy-handed ways that his young boys needed a swift kick sometimes. While sober his father could be somewhat believed, his tactics resulted in two well-behaved children who worked hard in both their studies and their jobs in the butcher shop. The issue was when Harold got drunk, he was an angry and violent drunk. To make matters worse Clint usually suffered the worst of his father's abuse, the drunken man always seemed to forget that Clint was not as strong or as well behaved as his brother because he was younger.

When Clint started to actually suffer some hearing loss, his brother Barney started trying to teach him how to fight. Not that either of them was going to go toe to toe with their father, but more because Barney thought that they would somehow manage to dodge the worst of his blows so that they didn't end up battered and bruised anytime the old man had a drink.

The older that Clint got the more and more his father seemed to drink, sometimes it was so bad his father even added a shot of whiskey to his morning coffee just so that he could function through the day. It was his inability to put down the bottle that ultimately ended up ending not only his father's life but his mothers as well. While Clint and Barney stayed home one night, his parents went out, his father getting behind the wheel because he was angry enough to think that his wife was unable to drive and ended up crashing the car. While the Barton boys were free from their drunkard father, their lives did not really end up getting any better, instead, they were shuttled around for a time before Barney finally had enough of it and decided to run away to join the circus.

Clint, of course, followed after his big brother, managing to find a place in the circus and to train under some of the best. As young as he was when he started, it was easy for Clint to take up with acrobatics, training for a short-lived career as an aerialist and then eventually studying under a man who would turn Clint into a very young and very talented trickshot artist. While it was not always easy for the two young men from the middle of nowhere Iowa to make ends meet, for a time they were both doing well in the circus. Clint did well with the archery act he was carefully perfecting but things would not always go well.

When he found out that his brother's mentor was skimming cash off of the top of the performers take, he couldn't help as the do-gooder inside of him wanted to bring the man to justice. He could not believe that people just allowed this man to steal from his co-workers, to steal from the very people that kept him in business, but when he tried to do something about it everyone was too afraid to rock the boat.

Clint ended up left behind as the circus moved on, beaten bloodier then his father had ever made him before. It was not the physical hurt that pained him the most, it was actually the emotional one. Barney had not stayed behind with him, instead, his brother chose to stay with the circus instead. Stuck in the middle of nowhere with no real life skills, Clint was easily drawn to another circus, this time he was prepared with an act, he easily took on the role of “Hawkeye” who was “The Worlds Greatest Marksman” and got billed appropriately. He found that with a bright costume and his favorite bow he was easy to please a crowd, it was his extra activities that got the attention of people he would have rather not known.

In the months that followed being ousted from the circus that he’d grown up in, he found himself less and less interested in actually working for the circus. He wanted to do more, he wanted to help people and he was just so tired of being forced to just put a smile on his face and play to a crowd for a few measly bucks that he would never even see.

So in each city that his new circus stayed in, he would go out into the streets, looking for people that he could help and jobs that he could do that others might not want to. He stayed away from lovers quarrels but soon found himself gaining a sort of notoriety for the other things that he would do. He wanted to help people and he did, but sometimes he also stole things in some weird idea of Robin Hood that he had in his head. Occasionally he got on the bad side of someone that he shouldn't have but for the most part, he was always gone before the backlash could hit him.

Except that luck ran out when he was in New York City.

Clint got involved in a dispute that he should have left well enough alone and ended up getting involved in a battle with some less than savory landlords and their tenants… Clint had done what he could and was ready to leave but when push came to shove the gangsters that were running the place ended up attacking Clint and shooting the stray dog that had been hanging around. It was the last straw but it took longer than Clint really had in town to solve it, so without really any second thoughts he left the circus and moved into one of the buildings, deciding he could solve all of this once and for all. In the end, it was solved with a few gangsters with broken bones and a forcible sale of the building from the former owner to Clint.

In a very strange turn of fate, Clint found it odd that his entire life was changed by a dog originally named Arrow (he has since renamed his adorable one eyed dog to Lucky) but he has settled in as the landlord/owner of his little apartment building and he has even started to buy other properties, and while property management is not something flashy he likes his day job well enough and it allows him to help people.

Clint Barton has never been known to turn away a prospective tenant, even if they have bad credit or are a mutant, as long as they can pay their rent he cares about little else. Though he does not really talk too much about being Hawkeye in his spare time, better to just keep that part of his life under wraps.

Player Name- Fishy!
Age Still younger than Peteypie!!
How Can We Contact- PM usually works but I have other ways to connect.
Time Zone- Pacific
How did you find us? This jerk I know forced me to join.
Other Characters- Arsenic, Wiccan & the Scarlet Shitbag

Role Play Sample-

Clint could just see the newspapers now, ”City hero brought down by adorable doggo.” but how could he really go out when Lucky was looking at him like that.

His one-eyed dog always seemed to sense when he was planning on going out without really having a very good plan. So he waited, he fletched some arrows, he stared at his brand new stab proof kevlar vest, he fletched some more arrows, and then he decided to have some leftover pizza and even let Lucky have a bite.

Just how could he leave when Lucky was making that face?

The good thing however that Lucky had gotten him to stay in because when he turned on the news it looked like there had been a shootout at the very building that he was planning to hit. Looked like someone had gone in to steal something and instead of something pretty they got a hail of bullets. He could not help but frown at the television, if he’d gone there without a real plan he would have been done for.

Okay so score, Clint: 0, Lucky: 1

Maybe he just needed to plan things out better, so after a bit of research and a few newly crafted exploding arrows, Clint was ready to go. Once the cops stopped swarming the place Hawkeye could just lower himself in all mission impossible style, and oh look at that- those incriminating files that the shooter had just somehow magically ended up on Clint’s thumb drive.

One rope climb and one exploding arrow later, Hawkeye was running from roof to roof across the cold New York city skyline and realized that he probably owed his dog a whole slice of pizza for all the help.
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Celebrity Claim-Max Schneider

Full Name- William Kaplan
Nicknames/Aliases- Billy, Bee
Age- 17
Date of Birth- May 6th
Faction- New Mutants
Occupation- Student

Mature: Billy has always been a bit mature for his age, his calm and quite nature making him seem older than he is. He is known to be a bit mercurial at times but overall he is very level headed and liked to carefully weigh his options before jumping feet first into anything. He really would like to sit at home with a good book than to just run out to do things, and while he seems a bit shy it is mostly due to the fact that he just does not fawn over people and feel the need to be friends with everyone. While he is friendly and generally well-liked by the people he meets, he is content to have casual acquaintances.

Introverted: While Billy is very personable, he is also known to quite often just retreat into himself and sort of ignore the world for a time. He is no fanatic but he enjoys the shows and video games he is into, most often preferring to spend a night at home binge watching a new show then to be forced to go out with friends. He is still a very compassionate person, willing to go out of his comfort zone to do things to make other people happy, but sometimes he feels like he can only take so much contact with other people before he needs to just go home and hide under the covers so he can recharge.

Excited: While it is something that has earned him some harassment over the years from his peers, Billy is very easily excitable. While he may not look like it from the first look, he is always the total fanboy, when he likes something he loves it and is known to spout off in a complete novel worth of words whenever someone challenges him about the facts that he knows are true. Ask him about his favorite Pokemon or who was the best companion in Skyrim and he will be completely willing to talk your ear off, and while the few and far between are happy to chatter away with him there is a much larger population who just look at him oddly because they can't keep up with what he is  talking about or they just don't understand why he cares so much about who shot first (it was totally Han).

  • Comics
  • Video Games
  • His PJ’s
  • Shake Shack
  • Having the house to himself
  • The Big Bang Theory (because all it does is make fun of nerdy/dorky people)
  • Bad music
  • Bullies
  • Parades
  • Anything Banana flavored
  • Good Memory- Billy is not one to ever forget a birthday
  • Studious- While he does not usually get straight A’s Billy is a very good student and does really well in all of his classes.
  • Passionate- When Billy believes in something he goes for it.
  • Fanboy- While he can be very passionate about things he likes, he is quite known for just nerding out and going on and on about his favorite things.
  • Emotional- On the outside Billy looks like he has it all together but quite often on the inside he is an emotional mess, hiding things really makes that worse on him.
  • Clumsy- It's been a little while and Billy has yet to exit the clumsy stage of puberty.

Illusion Manipulator-
Description- Billy has the ability to make psionic illusions that affect all of the five senses. Causing anyone around him to perceive the world exactly as he has decided it should be for that moment, and this is only really limited by his own imagination. He can make things appear where they shouldn't be, make it seem like a very real (and very painful) bolt of lightening was called forth straight from the sky and into someone. As long as someone is within his sphere of influence they really will for the most part experience the reality that he has created for them with a series of illusions.

Because his powers are all mentally based, there is no evidence to be caught over his powers, he can't be recorded and all there exists is very shaky eyewitness accounts about what actually happened. Whenever he is in trouble Billy usually likes to make it look like a sudden storm is approaching, the threat of a tornado or a hurricane usually gets people to flee faster than if he made himself look like some giant hulking monster. With this power he looks like he has a whole range of powers, it looks like he is able to shapeshift, control the weather, manipulate the very reality around them and open portals into time and space… Yet all of that is a carefully crafted illusion based on the hours of sci-fi programming he watches.

Billy’s power along with a very vivid imagination is a powerful combo because his illusions are very realistic looking most people never even realize that they were subjected to an illusion at all. His powers extend to a range of about 100 feet, anyone within that distance will be subjected to the illusion, however, he has formed it. While usually, Billy creates illusions that are seen as more of a mass or shared hallucination, he can actually pinpoint and focus on one person, to make them experience something that no one else is.

Limits- While for the most part Billy’s powers just work there are several things that seem to break the illusions:
Inaccuracy: One major downfall to Billy’s powers is that he needs to make sure that his illusions are believable, so he needs to make sure that he does not have any inaccuracies that might pop up. If it makes an illusion of someone and there is a missing feature or they are wearing something they usually wouldn't it can leave the people around him weary of the impostor.
Enhanced Senses: While Billy’s illusions normally work on just about everyone, there is the very real fact that people who have enhanced senses might sense that something is just a bit off about whatever Billy is showing them. There may be a smell that is wrong or something that just doesn't look right and that creates a situation where Billy either needs to double down to create something that fools their senses or he just has to give up at that point.
Concentration: Sure it looks like it is getting to be second nature for Billy to control his illusions, the fact of the matter is that he is a very easily distractible young man so if his concentration is broken then his illusion disappears as well. In situations where he is comfortable this is usually just him having a case where he gets bored and drops the illusion like a bad habit, but should he be distracted during a fight or something important he could lose all of his illusions and with them his protection.

Skills & Abilities- Nothing really, other then being a fiarly quick typist and being able to get a nearly perfect score on mindsweeper Billy has no real talents to speak of.

Height- 5’11
Weight- 170 lbs
Eye Colour- Brown
Hair Colour- Black

Appearance- In one word, Billy generally is a mess. He often forgets or just doesn't bother to shave and while he takes good care of his body by working out and keeping in shape he also doesn't really ever give any care to what he looks like. Most often he is in a screen printed shirt probably just a size larger than what he should wear so he always looks a bit scrawnier than he actually is. While he tries to keep his hair under control often times he just allows it to be a floofy mess, as long as he’s clean and brushed his teeth he really could care less what he has on. However with that said he is quite fond of skinny jeans and anything that looks like a galaxy.

On the rare occasion that Billy ever dresses up, like at the holidays or to go to a wedding or something, an entirely new side of Billy comes out. He feels more confident when he is dressed well and that totally shows outwardly because when the floofy haired boy actually cleans up and gets dressed he looks good and feels great. Too bad he never heard the phrase that the clothes can make the man and would prefer to look like some nerdy bum instead of a well-dressed young man.

Gear- Nothing yet, unless we count Billy’s cosplay gear.

Additional Information- Someone needs to buy this boy a hairbrush, it's just all floof all the time. Send help.

Hometown- New York
Immediate Family- Rebecca & Jeff Kaplan (parents), and two younger twin brothers.
Others- N/A

History- Billy Kaplan is a very much loved child, the eldest adopted child of Jeff and Rebecca Kaplan, he was raised with parents who wanted nothing more than their children to grow up as happy individuals.

His younger years were nothing really to even note, he had a usual childhood and it was not really until the time that he was getting ready for his Bar Mitzvah that he knew anything was different. It was not just that he was at a point in his life where he realized that he was different from other boys his age because he found he needed to come out of the closet, it was that he found out he was also a mutant. His mutant abilities never seemed to really make his family too weird, his mother was a psychologist who had seen more things than Billy could imagine so, in the end, his parents were very accepting about anything that he had to tell them.

He did wish that his parents were the only ones that he ever told anything to, because as a younger man he’d been bullied by some of the popular guys around school because he was pretty nerdy and into specific things that drew the bullies attention. Yet it was not until he decided foolishly to come out that he found himself singled out for the abuse. While it was nothing really terrible in the grand scheme of things, being someone that was singled out made everything feel so much worse than it was. Once Billy had become known for being the only gay kid in school (he knew he was not the only one but he was the only one so blindly open about it), he decided to keep his mutant status a secret so that they didn't have double the reasons to harass him.

Eventually, Billy just got fed up, he had his powers for a while, carefully getting used to them around his house as he tried to learn the extent of what he could do with them… But he wanted more, he wanted the freedom to go out and do what he wanted, he’d been given these great powers but he didn't live in the sort of world where he could use them openly. The worst part was that the longer that he had his powers and the better that he got with them the more that he wanted to go and get his biggest bully John Kesler back for everything that the had done to Billy.

It was not what he really wanted to do, but one day when push came to shove, Billy used his powers against Kesler. The other boy was not really hurt or anything, but Billy had attacked him with his mutant powers right in front of everyone. In fact, he was so shocked by his own lack of control that he didn't even have anything to say, he just stood there waiting for something to happen afterward. By the time that a teacher approached him almost like they were coming for a dangerous animal that might lash out, Billy had already long before dropped the illusion and just waited to find out what his punishment would be.

He was not being expelled, but the school decided that they needed to split up Billy and Kesler, meaning that the school they selected for Billy was not the one that he had friends at, and it was sure not the one closest to his house. Instead they wanted Billy to commute halfway across the city to get to school every day, so Billy just didn't go, instead, he’d spent the last few weeks just doing packets of work at home thinking he should have just taken the GED test and gotten it all over with early. That was until his mother found out about Xavier's, who knew how (maybe they heard what happened?) but she’d heard about the school and though that it would be the perfect place for Billy to get a handle on his own things, that and then he would get to be around other mutants with other mutant issues.

Player Name- Fishy!
Age Younger than Pete
How Can We Contact- bring treats? But please just pm me for contact info.
Time Zone- PST
How did you find us? I live here now, but you can blame Pete for this.
Other Characters- Arsenic

Role Play Sample-
Billy didn't really see the need for all of this, but no… Because he was being picked on at school his mother thought it might be better to find him a school that would work better for him somewhere that they could handle his ”unique talents” which she even air quoted the words to make it better. The fact of the matter really was that Billy didn't really want to change schools, he only had a little more than half the school year left and then he would be done. So why bother?

His mother was a psychologist, so he supposed that his mother just wanted to do whatever she could to make sure that her child was growing up to be a well-adjusted kid that could actually amount to something. Then again it was not her advice he’d been following when he decided he was finally going to stand up for himself against the one boy who had been harassing him for years, ”I am only going because you asked me to.” He told his mother quietly as he finished packing his things, ”I don't want to be away from you and dad and the twins, but I will go because you asked, and also because I don't want to have to take the subway all the way across town to go to that other school they want to move me to.”

It was not what he wanted, but if going to Xavier's would make his mother happy and make it so that she didn't have to stress too much well then he was happy to go along with it.
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