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Feb 23 2018, 05:20 PM
Hurrying through the front door of Xavier's, Bobby Drake transformed from flesh to ice and pushed himself off the ground with one of his ice slides. He thought he'd be on time to meet Xavier's newest student, considering they were supposed to arrive at 9 AM and it was only 9:15 AM, which he was pretty sure was 8:30 AM in teenager time, but apparently that wasn't the case. Normally he would have been on time (as in, actually on time and not just pretend on time), but someone had been busy herding kids last night because someone had decided keeping HardWire in their basement was a good idea, and yet more someones had disagreed with that. The latter someones likely including more than a few X-Men instead of just the Brotherhood who'd come knocking on their door at "Why?" o'clock. Honestly, after what happened with Luca and now this, they needed to officially put someone other than Logan in charge of decision making because Bobby was just going to freeze the guy's sword and truffles the next time he made a call like this.

Quickly making his way along the driveway towards what was left of their gate, Bobby winced slightly when he realised that, yep, the kid they'd been expecting was already there. Tony Carter, a seventeen year old electrokinetic, according to the file they had on him, and the Xavier Institute's newest student. Looking at the gate. The mangled right part of it, specifically, moved from where the truck had just come crashing through it to the side. It would be fixed soon enough, but until then any new arrivals were just going to have to be told to not to pay attention to any damage done to the school because, hey, no big deal! Property damage was all the rage these days amongst fancy private schools in upstate New York.

"Hey there!" Bobby called out to the blond kid as he slid down to the ground and hopped off the ice. He let out a soft "Pew" and snapped his finger to break apart the ice slide, reducing it to such small pieces that it would... probably stay there for a while considering it was actually still freezing that early in the morning, the temperature not quite at the balmy 35 degrees it would get to later that day. "My name is Bobby Drake," he introduced himself, his frozen form turning back to his regular fleshy self as he held out a hand.

"Wait." Before Tony would have the chance to shake Bobby's hand, the X-Man had pulled it away from him again. "Zappy or no zappy?" You could never be too careful with electrokinetics. Liv had been zappy before the gauntlets Forge had made for her had helped get her powers mostly under control, and so had Anna. Except she had never gotten gauntlets like Liv, either because she'd been a dumb traitor who left them for the Brotherhood, for whatever reason Bobby was refusing to acknowledge as a legitimate one, or because they didn't match whatever overpriced pumps she liked to wear. Maybe both. The main point here was that Liv was way better than Anna, or... no better safe than sorry was the main point here, but Liv was still way better than Anna. And not just at maths, just in general.

"Sorry, we've had a few others with similar abilities to you, and I didn't want to just assume," Bobby apologised, flashing Tony a bright smile. "Accidental electrocution of your maths teacher and squad leader would not be the best place to start." Some would disagree with the maths teacher part of that, but they just needed to learn to embrace how lovely numbers and all of the rules of what you could do with them were.

Dec 20 2017, 12:57 AM
It had been quite a day so far. It wasn't very often that you came back from the dead or started your morning with a bit of attempted murder, but Bobby Drake had done both those things and all that before noon. It was early in the afternoon by the time he got back to the mansion, Bobby still feeling like his mind was all over the place, like the loss of the hatred that had coloured his mood so completely for two weeks had left him without anything to focus on. He did have something though, or rather someone, and as soon as he made his way through the front doors of the school he made a beeline towards where they would hopefully be.

Of course having been thought dead by pretty much everyone at the school who wasn't Jean (and as his friend would claim, Darwin) he did draw some attention as he passed through the hallways, though anyone with whom it actually clicked that the no longer icy man was actually Bobby and collected themselves enough to approach him was summarily dismissed. "Sorry, I can't right now", "I'll catch you later, okay?" and "Honestly, Todd, not now" were just a few of the things Bobby told those who tried to talk to him as he was on his way to see his mentee.

Former mentee? Bobby wasn't actually sure where they stood on that, after he'd been gone for two weeks. For all he knew she could be an X-Man by now, part of the Blue Team, and no longer in need of a mentor. Jean had only told him that Gert was "around". Super helpful Jean, thanks. But it didn't really matter to Bobby if he was still the girl's mentor; he liked to think they had gotten beyond just that mentor/mentee dynamic, with Bobby being more like an annoying older brother or that weird uncle you thought might be drunk, but nope, he was really just like that by default.

When he finally reached the door to Gert's room, Bobby took in a deep breath. He hesitated for a moment, standing there with his hand held up ready to knock on the door, not quite sure what he would say to her. "Ta-da!"? While that idea did sort of amuse Bobby, it felt kind of tasteless to go that route. This was... a pretty big deal, Bobby fully realised that. He had been decapitated, evaporated and had subsequently been gone for two weeks, leaving Gert and everyone else behind. That really didn't seem like the type of thing to approach with his usual sense of levity, at least not with Gert.

Before he could decide what he'd say, much less actually knock on the door, Bobby was startled by a sudden screeching noise coming from inside the room, followed shortly by something bumping into the other side of the door. Okay, Bobby was just going to assume that was Lacey and not Gert, though the idea of it being the latter did amuse Bobby quite a bit. But he couldn't even really smile at that, not when it loomed over him that he was about to come face to face with the girl that, despite knowing it wasn't his fault, Bobby sort of felt like he'd abandoned for two weeks. Someone he'd failed by not managing to get himself back together sooner.

When the door opened, Bobby released the breath he didn't realise he'd been holding. He blinked rapidly to keep his allergies from acting up, because of course that was what was happening, and steadied his breathing enough so that he actually managed to make words without just stuttering through them. "Heya Corks." Not a lot of words, but words. "Sorry I took so long?" Apologising for basically being killed and struggling a little to turn back from a non-corporeal state back to a physical one was dumb, because kind of a big deal right there, but he was sorry regardless. Gert had been ready to make some real big decisions in her life and even though it wasn't through his own doing, he hadn't been around to support her.

Dec 1 2017, 03:47 PM
Weather forecast had said it would be a cool 43 degrees around Salem Center that first day of February, but at Xavier's the temperature had yet to rise above the high 20s. It happened, sometimes the weather forecast just got things wrong, but that didn't usually affect the temperature on the inside of the school. It wasn't quite as cold in there as it was on the outside, but most people would find it a bit nippy. Worse, something seemed to have happened to the warm water supply, suddenly turning some people's hot showers cold halfway through, and turning the warm bath some had been looking forward to before throwing themselves at their long, busy days into a less than pleasant experience.

None had it worse than Marvel Girl, whose room had been cold all night despite the central heating doing its very best to warm up her living space. She probably had a theory about why it was happening, but with nothing to confirm her suspicions she likely dismissed it as yet another case of wishful thinking. It had been two weeks since Bobby had died, and even with Betsy's assistance she hadn't been able to locate her missing friend. Was it time to move on? Was she ready to? Those were questions that she could only answer for herself.

At least Jean had been lucky to run her bath before the warm water stopped coming. Sadly, she was less fortunate in that her water had somehow run cold by the time she returned to her bathroom. It shouldn't have happened that quickly, but then neither should the condensation on her mirror have turned to ice, and yet that was apparently a thing as well. It made sense considering that it was actually freezing inside the bathroom, but under any normal circumstance that wouldn't make sense. Jean would know better though, having both dealt with this sort of phenomenon since she was fourteen years old, and what seemed to be occurring right there was something she had been hoping would happen for two weeks now.

In fact, Jean would be able to sense her lost friend's presence better than she had before. Not just present as wisps, faint traces of a familiar mind she couldn't get a proper hold on, but a psyche that was almost entirely the same as the one she knew so well, just not quite there yet. It seemed to be located in the bathtub, despite how empty it looked, though if she'd just lean in a bit closer she could almost make out--

--the frozen hand that shot out of the water and grabbed onto her wrist. It pulled lightly on her arm, though in an effort to rise out of the water, not to try and draw Jean into it. Another hand rose from the water, grabbing onto the side of the tub. Neither actually seemed to be attached to anything, at least not anything visible in the tub, the man who Jean would recognise as one of her oldest friend instead taking shape as he rose up out of the water until he stood eye to frozen eye with her. He stood there quietly for a moment, his expression cold and unblinking even when compared to when Jean had last seen her frozen friend.

And then Bobby let out a gasp, his body apparently deciding that, nope, this was not the way things were supposed to be. Bobby closed his eyes briefly, his head tilting backwards slightly as his mind and body took a good look at that mental blueprint Hank had suggested he had inside of him. When Bobby opened his eyes again and turned them back towards Jean, they were no longer the icy orbs they were a moment ago, instead having gone back to the soft, green eyes that Jean would be more familiar with.

"H-hey Jeanie..." Bobby spoke up, his voice shaky and hoarse, having gone unused in this way - actually functioning like anyone else's voice did - for over a month and a half. "...where are my pants?" Bobby Drake had not failed to take note of how he had come back without any pants on. The realisation that those had been his first words upon returning from an apparent death almost made Bobby smile, but then both his mind and body suddenly agreed that this had all been a bit much and it was time for a nap. Bobby's eyes rolled back in their sockets, his body slumping forward as it decided that now that Jean had been greeted, it would say hello to the tiles on the bathroom floor next.
Dec 1 2017, 12:54 PM
It had been so very long.

Or had it?

As Bobby Drake had recently discovered, time was a hard thing to keep track of when you didn't have an actual solid body to speak of, every part of his physical being having been destroyed by someone he thought he could trust. Maybe not as a friend, because that had gotten complicated very quickly when they'd butted heads over the man's placement on Blue, but as a former student of his, a fellow X-Man and someone who shared his home. Bobby still didn't know what had happened there. Granted, thinking had been difficult with how scattered he had felt mentally as well as physically, but even if he had managed to gain enough coherence to sort out his thoughts, the Iceman would have struggled to figure out what he had walked in on that fateful day.

The moment itself though, Bobby remembered that perfectly. His last moment before being turned to vapour by Roberto da Costa had been the only thing clear in his scattered mind since it had happened. There had been brief moments where bits and pieces of the rest of his life had come to the surface, but that moment had been constantly on his thoughts. Even after however long it had been, however much time Bobby had to process it, it was all that he could really think about.

He had been there with Merry, trying to make sure his friend was okay after having been smashed through the floor by Berto, whose actions Bobby still had no way of comprehending. The words that had been said were so spiteful, so full of anger, but Bobby struggled to recall them in any detail. Everything happened so quickly after that, with Bobby barely having the time to register what was going on before he found himself with Berto's hands wrapped around his neck. He had wanted to reason with him then, ask him what he was doing and why, but before any words could come out Bobby had suddenly found himself without a head. Or without a body, depending on your perspective, though in Bobby's case it had sort of been both. Even with his head removed from his body, Bobby had still been aware of every frozen inch of it, he just hadn't been able to vocalise any of the questions he had due to his facsimile of lungs no longer being able to provide the flow of air he needed to make words. Then, before Bobby had the chance to try and literally get himself back together, it all came to an end for him. His head was smashed against a wall, the rest of him vaporized by the angry Brazilian mutant.

And just like that, it had all been over.

Except death did apparently not come so easily to Bobby Drake. After those terrifying few seconds where death had loomed over him that had lead up to what should have been the moment of his death, Bobby had instead found himself... well, still there in the student kitchen but not at all there at the same time. He couldn't hear anything that was said in the wake of his destruction at Roberto's hands, couldn't call out to his friends to let them know he was still around, couldn't even think clearly. And that had only gotten worse as time went on from there, with the moisture in the air that had previously made up Bobby's corporeal form drifting further and further apart, Bobby's consciousness with it. All that he was left with was the memory of that moment where Berto had killed him without a second thought, a memory that would be left to fester and grow into a great resentment towards Berto in the weeks that followed. It would have been the last thing that Bobby would have had to keep himself occupied with as he slowly drifted apart to a point where he would have been lost forever, if it hadn't been for that one beacon that had appeared later that night for him to latch onto.


She had appeared out of nowhere that evening, the moment she had tried to use Cerebro to find her lost friend, but though Bobby had been able to feel the familiar touch of his best friend's mind, he had been unable to communicate with her despite his best effort. He had simply been too far gone at the time to form a coherent thought, much less make it so Jean would be able to hear it. But it had given Bobby what he needed, an anchor to latch onto, something to give him enough focus to keep himself from drifting further apart. And from that point onward Bobby had slowly been making progress towards his eventual reconstitution, though without being able to tell the passage of time he had been unable to tell just how long it actually took.

Over two weeks had passed since then, and although Bobby had achieved very little in the way of actual progress since then, he had not given up. He kept trying to latch onto any moisture in the air and force it to become ice, had constantly been calling out to Jean in the hopes that he would hear her. Neither had worked, at least not until the night of the 31st when yet another desperate cry meant to draw Jean's attention had actually gotten him a response. She knew he was there! She could actually hear him! Which was something that sent a wave of relief through the scattered collection of water molecules that currently made up the entity formerly known as Bobby Drake, though it was a bit less helpful that he seemed unable to communicate anything other than Jean's name and a single "Help me".

It hadn't been enough. Bobby couldn't tell her how to help him, though to be fair Bobby didn't actually know how to help himself either. He felt weak, not together enough (literally) to do anything more than what he had so far, and although Bobby wasn't a quitter he was just about ready to give up. Lingering about in the hope that he would somehow manage to recover a solid form was beginning to feel like it was just holding off the inevitable. Maybe it was time to let go, to welcome the death he should have experienced when Berto snapped his head clean off his body.

But then something happened. Similar to when Jean had reached out to him with Cerebro, but even stronger than that, the result of two of the world's most talented, powerful psychics combining their effort to reach out to him. To Bobby, it felt like he had just been awakened from a long slumber, his mind more cohesive than it had been since Roberto had turned his icy body into vapour. He called out again, hoping that this time Jean would hear him clearly, and perhaps Betsy as well. Again he failed, his psyche still too weak to make itself heard properly, his mental voice similar to that of someone who had been screaming at the top of their lungs for two weeks straight: hoarse, barely there, and nearly impossible to make out even for a pair as skilled as Marvel Girl and Psylocke. It didn't matter anymore whether or not he could make himself hear though; his mind was coherent again, or as much as it could be expected to considering his current state, and with that came the ability to exert his will over an actual force of nature.

He could do this. He was Bobby Drake, the Iceman, one of the original X-Men. He wasn't going to let some entitled, billionaire asshole be the end of him. All he needed to do was to focus, to pull himself together... and perhaps find himself a body of water close enough to the friend who had helped keep him tethered all this time so he'd have something easier to work with. But even without that, it was only a matter of time.

Bobby Drake was coming back.
Sep 14 2017, 01:25 PM
The Christmas holiday was always one of Bobby's favourite time of the year. The decorations livening up the mansion, people in their festive spirits (and Angelica in her terrible sweaters), days where snow fell without Bobby having to help things along... they were all things he enjoyed, and could still enjoy despite the little power hiccup he was dealing with. Of course the holiday was more than just Christmas to him. It was a little known fact at Xavier's that, while he'd mostly been raised Catholic, Bobby was actually a Cashew. A Catholic Jew, not a seed or an apple. Granted, Bobby didn't identify as Jewish, but according to the Halakha the fact that his mother was Jewish made him Jewish too. While growing up Bobby's mother had made sure that Bobby was at least aware of his cultural heritage, so despite the fact that Bobby never really did all that much to honour his Jewish ancestry, he at least considered himself to be Jew-ish.

Bobby did not typically observe Jewish holidays. It hadn't been a big part of his life growing up, aside from the things his mother had taught him about them, and whatever Jewish traditions she'd upheld had mostly faded into memory the longer Bobby spent at Xavier's. He hadn't had a bar mitzvah at the age of thirteen, but he'd celebrated Hanukkah with his mother when he was still a teenager. The latter had only happened infrequently since he hit his twenties and hadn't been a thing at all in recent years.

This year Bobby had decided that things would be different. Perhaps in part motivated by his recent transition from flesh to ice, and the need to cling to a time when he was still what passed for "normal", Bobby would be celebrating Hanukkah. It hadn't been as much of a part of his life growing up as Christmas had been, but it had still been a part of it. Bobby knew what was involved in celebrating Hanukkah and what it commemorated. All he needed was a space to do so, and others to celebrate it with. Not that he couldn't just celebrate on his own, but these kinds of things were better when shared with others.

Luckily Bobby knew just the person. While he was only Jew-ish, Shadowcat was actually Jewish. Bobby realized that he had maybe sort of messed things up a little between them by first keeping his condition from her and then failing to seek help from Hank or Jean before it spread everywhere, but that didn't mean he couldn't make an effort for her, right? Because let's face it, this was probably more for Kitty than it was for him. Bobby couldn't even eat any of the oil fried foods he'd made sure were available.

To facilitate their little Hanukkah celebration, Bobby had cleared out some of the decorations Kaylee had put up in the rec room with the students. They were lovely, but they were also everywhere and Bobby felt like it wouldn't be right if their little Menorah lighting part of the room had Christmas all over it. That sort of thing actually suited him perfectly, but he didn't want Kitty to feel like he was just half-assing Hanukkah. It wouldn't quite be the quadruple-assing that he'd put into the ice maze he'd created for this scavenger clue on Thanksgiving, but it would definitely be a full-ass effort.

The Menorah had been set up, the fried food was set out of Kitty to enjoy, and he'd even gotten her a few gifts. Nothing too fancy, because Hanukkah wasn't just Jewish Christmas, but a few appropriate things that fit the spirit of the holiday. With how busy he'd been with preparations Bobby had almost forgotten to actually ask Kitty if she wanted to come celebrate Hanukkah with him, but in the end he had dropped her a note a day before asking her exactly that. He'd been tempted to be very vague about why he was asking her to meet him, but then he wasn't sure if he'd missed any traditions and didn't want Kitty to sort of stumble into Hanukkah unprepared.

Now all he needed to do was wait and see if she'd actually show. If not, he was going to have to find someone to actually eat the doughnuts and latkes, because if he tried he'd just be shoving them down a frosty digestive tract that didn't actually work.

Wiccan and/or Arsenic are welcome to stumble in on Hanukkah times as well!
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