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Apr 20 2018, 04:03 PM
When the girls were brought down to medical, Meriel waited to come undone until everyone was gone. Those fucking kids... At least Ash had helped and already done that thing he did so well, healing her sisters until whatever horror they had been through was effectively erased. The rest of them, however... Laura had blood up to her wrists. Julian’s and John’s shirts had been sodden in dark red and given that there was barely a scratch on either boy so Merry could guess where it had all originated since Ash had been needed.

First she would make sure the girls were alright. And then those kids were going to run until they vomited. They would be doing pushups until they couldn’t lift their pencils. They would be doing squats until they were permanently stuck in that position. Merry was a girl who grew up getting routinely punished by Wolverine and at that moment, as she accepted her little sisters into medical, there was fury in her eyes. Nevermind that she would have done the same thing if her friends were in trouble, Meriel wasn’t looking at it with any context of impatient youth. She was looking at it with mind numbing fear that she might have lost two little sisters instead of just one. They could have lost a whole slew of New Mutants. So far the little shits had been lucky. One day their luck would run out and she was terrified that the next set of bodies brought down to her wouldn’t be sleeping.

They’d be dead.

Both girls had been out like lights when they’d been dropped off and Meriel set them up in the same room. Liv would want to see she had been successful when she woke up and Merry wanted them together simply so she could watch them both at the same time. She wasn’t letting them out of her sight ever again, if she was honest with herself. Olivia was a mean little thing but she was her mean little thing. And Neena was as close to a child of her own as Merry would ever get which was probably why instead of just depositing the very tiny form of the littlest Myles into a hospital bed and tucking her in, Merry simply reclined back in the bed next to Liv and tucked Neena against her.

They were alone. They were safe. They were protected.

So Merry figured it was a good time to quietly weep, her arms wrapped around Neena while Liv’s curled up against her like she did when she was little, her soft, even breaths proof that she was ok. They were ok. “We’re ok,” Merry whispered, brushing back their sweat-matted brown curls, clinging to her family. “We’re ok. We’re ok. We’re ok. We’re ok...”
Mar 14 2018, 10:19 PM

Meriel Myles had already meandered through the Alpha wing and come up empty but that wasn’t anything too unusual. Neena didn’t sleep, her powers keeping her fully energized twenty-four/seven, so finding a perfectly made bed covered in rainbow sprinkles and cookie crumbs was nothing out of the ordinary. Glitter and crayons littered the floor around the girl’s bed, her shelves full of truly disgusting terrariums and their creepy crawling inhabitants. Little bits of masking tape were stuck to the front of each, their names scribbled in colorful marker and familiar as family.




Merry shuddered at the bug collection and continued to look for her baby sister elsewhere. Piotr’s art studio had a few students present but none of them were tiny, blurry, and wearing a tutu. The cafeteria wasn’t missing four pounds of bacon or any of their sugar bowls so that meant Neena hadn’t blown through yet to replenish her calories. Kaylee hadn’t seen her that morning, but that wasn’t cause for alarm, either. The kid had been at the school since the day she was born.

Neena had something of a long leash.

After checking with McCoy, Forge, Anj, and Trevor, Merry was still coming up empty handed and was beginning to get concerned. Not being in any one of those places or with any one of those people were no big deal. Merry was far from an alarmist, her job training giving her a calm and clear head in most emergency situations but one thing was becoming painfully clear as she employed her nose to sniff out the littlest Myles.

Neena wasn’t on the grounds.

Whatever training she had received over the last ten years vanished in an instant. Merry had been responsible for that girl since her first breath, when their mother realized that she had no way to take care of a little girl who didn’t sleep, ate constantly, and was basically a diffused cloud of particles. Xavier’s had taken Neena in, come up with a solution for the particalized infant and Merry had become a surrogate mother at sixteen. Neena might have been her little sister but Merry was responsible for her, kept her clean, fed, clothed, helped her with her reading, taught her to tie her shoes, listened to her practice in the music room, and checked for monsters under the bed.

Merry was just her sister but Neena was as close as Merry would ever get to having kids.

And she was missing.

“Logan?” Merry beat against the cabin door with the flat of her hand, trying to quell her rising sense of foreboding. The kid was just hiding. Neena was just playing a game. Things were good. They were home. Merry’s mind was clearer than it had been since she manifested. Malice was neutralized. Her siblings were happy.

One was just missing.

“Logan. I need ya. Not a drill.” When the door opened, Merry stood there with eyes narrowed in predatory focus. “I can’t find Nee. So unless she’s in there with you coloring, something is wrong. Your nose is better than mine. I don’t smell anything off but she’s gone.”

Jan 24 2018, 02:00 PM
There was a hole in the lawn.

No. There were many holes in the lawn. The front lawn. They peppered the grass near the driveway and headed out toward the hedge maze, ready to break any ankle that was foolish enough to romp across the grounds unawares. It wasn’t hard to spot the culprit, either. It was hard to miss the massive bull moose or the hundred and thirty-five pounds of hyena rolicing along, pausing only to paw the ground or dig a hole while they played.

It had taken Merry ages to get Bub used to her hyena form. The poor thing knew it was her but logic was a new thing for Bub. Instincts screamed at Bub that the shifter was in a predator form and that meant she was a threat. The fact Merry had the hyena tamed didn’t make all those teeth any less dangerous and for the longest time Bub was either two seconds from running away or from trampling Merry into the ground. The last week or so had seen improvements from them both, and that’s why the moose and hyena were having themselves a jaunt.

At that moment Bub was standing by, watching with clear judgement as Merry dug up the lawn with joyous enthusiasm.

There was something buried that Merry’s super sensitive nose had detected and she wanted to get at and possibly roll in it. Large paws perfectly suited for tearing up topsoil and tightly packed earth tore ferociously into the lawn while Merry’s tongue hung out of her head in canine laughter. If she successfully dug up whatever long forgotten critter in a shoebox some alpha had buried and forgotten Trevor was probably going to make her shower. There was a ninety percent chance she could lure him into the shower with her... Once she’d gotten the smell of dead thing off.

It was going to be a good day.

Jan 21 2018, 01:30 AM
One month, three weeks, two days, eleven hours...

It hadn’t taken Merry long to find something to climb. Salem Center or Savage Land, the petite mutant had a knack for finding the most direct route up. With their shelter being carved into the base of a mountain, Merry had gotten into the habit of picking her way up the rockface and perching about three quarters of the way up on a perfect Merry-sized ledge. The mountain protected their backs from the more... inquisitive local critters while her perch gave Merry an unimpeded view of their territory. When they couldn’t find her, it was because Merry was perched on lookout, silent and resigned to the fact this...

It was all her fault.

The ledge was quiet, with nothing but the occasional small critter to visit and scold her for existing in a place she did not belong. Initially there had been a nest of snakes living in a crevice close by that enjoyed coiling around the hot blooded girl while she sat her lonely vigil so long as she was careful not to jostle them. And when the camp had run out of food, Merry had tearfully raided the nest. She’d left the babies... Eventually they’d grow into another meal.

The days ticked off, and Meriel did her very best to bat away the guilt that threatened to smother her each night. Curling up with Trevor helped, he didn’t blame her at least, but Merry was struggling with the guilt. Still she was certain that the X-Men were going to show up any day now and spring their wayward members of Gold from the prehistoric yardsale nightmare she had gotten them all stuck in.

Some small part of her mind was repeating over and over that Logan had been right. That running off half cocked with an enemy’s memories as her only guide was a bad idea and more solid intel had to be gathered before team members were put at risk for a mission. The fact that no one had come yet was, Merry was certain, Logan’s way of punishing her for leaving without his permission but even for him this felt a bit on the brutal side. Surely Logan realized that pressing two months was just too long.

Unless the reason they hadn’t come for them was because something had happened back at the school.

The school she, Trevor, and Shane were supposed to protect and instead she had dragged them all to the bottom of the world with no way back and no way out. So Merry climbed. She climbed until her nails cracked and her fingers bled. Until her muscles gave out and she was too exhausted to climb back down. Her smile never wavered, her heart stayed stalwart, but every day Merry climbed until she was above her problems.

And none of the people below could hear her cry.
Jan 12 2018, 10:58 PM
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