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Jul 2 2018, 04:00 PM
Angelica, honey, it’s Nester Formentera, your Nana Violet’s neighbour back in Santa Cruz. I’m sorry to be a bother sweetheart but I’m calling about your Nana’s house. Something’s happened and I think maybe you’re needed here.

It had been almost ten years since Anj’s Nana had passed away and although it still made her sad to think of how she had lost the woman who had raised her, Angie had not been prepared for exactly how Nester Formentera’s voicemail message would make her feel. It had not been so long since she had last stepped foot in the three bedroom beachfront property but hearing that she needed to return to Santa Cruz left a pit in her stomach. Though Anj had lived there whilst she was away at college, she had really only done so out of necessity and hadn’t planned on going back. The only reason it lay vacant and unsold several months after she had returned to New York was that despite not wanting to see the place that held so many memories, Angelica couldn’t bring herself to let go of it either.

I’m sorry you had to come all of the way out here with me.” Picking up a broken shard of glass, she placed it gingerly on the splintered coffee table that had been, until only moments ago, upended on the rug in the centre of the room. The whole house was a terrible mess; every piece of furniture that had remained behind after Angelica had left had been broken or displaced. It looked as though a hurricane had swept through the town and only touched her Nana Vi’s house. It was so sad to see the place that she had grown up in, the home that her grandmother had taken great pride in, torn to pieces for no real reason at all. The fact that the bungalow had been without an occupant since September only made the whole situation so much worse.

I just can’t understand why anyone would do this.” She scraped her fingers through her long hair and sighed. Blue eyes fixed on the graffitied letters that were scrawled in spray paint across her Nana’s living room wall; “MUTIE SCUM”. Nana Violet had been human, God rest her soul, and Anj hadn’t manifested until she had moved to New Jersey. She’d had her powers whilst she was studying but she had thought she had been careful; for the whole time she had been back in California, Anj hadn’t used her powers in public at all. Of course since then she had gone onto become an X-Man, hiding from public scrutiny wasn’t completely possible when you were so often part of the team who saved the day. “Nana loved this vase.” She added, her voice cracking a little.

I should probably get to thinking about cleaning up. Nester said the cops weren’t gonna look into who broke in so it's not like they’re gonna wanna examine the crime scene.” As she spoke, she dropped to a crouch and began sorting through the various shards that littered the floor. Her bag hung loosely off of her shoulder and she hadn’t even taken her coat off yet. Too overwhelmed by everything that she had discovered in the last twenty four hours, Angelica was running on autopilot. “Thank you for being here.” She said quietly, “I’m sorry to be such a bother.
May 24 2018, 06:08 AM
Anj was worried sick. For a few days now she had not caught a single sight of Julian Keller. In the aftermath of the Brood attacks on Angel’s Aerie and the school everyone had been in chaos and at first she had not noticed that he was missing. Then there had been the assumption that he was with family, a conclusion she might have desperately jumped to as a way of alleviating her guilt. What worried her even further was how no one else had seemed to acknowledge that the teen had disappeared without a word. Whilst life had been out of routine and the X-Men and their students had been displaced and suffering the shock of their recent experience, it was worrying that a child had been gone for days and not a single person had raised concerns. She had reasoned at first that perhaps she had not seen him because it was easy to lose people amongst the in and out visitors at the Baccarat hotel but something was chewing away her gut. He wasn’t there at all something was telling her that he had not been there at all.

Sitting on the edge of her bed, she worried her fingers through her long red hair and tapped out a message on her phone. She couldn’t be sure if Julian would answer but she hoped to God that he did because a reply would at least go some way to confirming that he was safe. If he didn’t, well she wasn’t sure what she was going to do. She was entirely responsible; as the member of staff in charge of coordinating the New Mutants it was absolutely her fault that this had happened at all, that it had gone unnoticed by her was an even worse crime. If anything had happened to that boy then she would never forgive herself. He was a child, albeit a sometimes difficult one to appreciate, whatever had happened whether he had chosen to leave of his own volition or had been taken against his will, they needed to find him and make sure that he was okay. But until she got a reply or it had been long enough to assume that she wasn’t going to get one, there were people she needed to see.

Chiefly Betsy Braddock and Jean Grey. Her reasons for seeking them both out were two-fold, Betsy was the head of security and whilst there was no school left for her to protect, Anj was assuming that the students fell under that remit. Jean was Julian’s mentor and the Leader of the X-Men; if she hadn’t noticed that he was missing it was likely because she had her mind full of everything concerning the recent alien attack but she still needed to know. Most importantly though, they were both powerful telepaths; if anyone could get even just a little closer to knowing what had happened to him it was one of those two. Jumping up from where she had been sat, she shoved her cell into her pocket, scooped her hair up into a ponytail, tying it with the band around her wrist and headed for the door. It wasn’t going to be easy admitting that she had lost track of a minor but the longer this went without mention the worse it could potentially be for Jules. If something had happened to him then time really was of the essence.

Scion | Marvel Girl for the mentions
Apr 19 2018, 11:07 AM
So….that’s what’s left of it.

Angelica Jones pointed a sad finger at the remains of the laser array that a young Forge had recently dismantled. She wasn’t angry because there really wasn’t anything or anyone to be angry at; his thirteen year old self hadn’t meant any harm when he had repurposed part of her project and she could hardly hold a grudge with him now that he had returned to normal. Honestly it was more or less her own fault for not keeping a closer eye on the boy, or storing her project somewhere safe. But she couldn’t fix it on her own, had tried to but just kept hitting a wall, perhaps more because she was so frustrated that she had to fix something that should never have been broken than her lacking the ability. She had built it herself in the first place, after all. Running a worried hand through her long, red hair she gave the man stood by her side a small smile. “You turned it into some kind of, I don’t even know, death ray. A ‘directed energy weapon’.” A quiet laugh left her. “Which honestly is kind of cool but I think I would have preferred a musical toaster.

The thing was, since her laser array had been destroyed Anj had not been able to continue with her research outside of the lab, which meant that with all the time that she spent teaching and on missions she was falling behind the rest of the team. The project leader had begun to notice that her input had begun to drop off dramatically and Angie wasn’t sure if she had any more excuses left in her as to why that might be. She needed Forge to fix this and pretty quickly or else she ran the serious risk of being kicked off of the team altogether. Not that she was going to tell him this, she was just relying on the fact that he was a good, kind person and would want to help her because he was nice that way. “So I was wondering…” She began, smiling her brightest smile. “I’ve hit a block with setting the thing back up the way that it was.” She blushed then with embarrassment, it wasn’t easy admitting that her own project was getting the better of her. “So I thought that maybe we could...fix it together? Like, you could help me. She wasn’t going to say it but he sort of, kind of owed her.

It wasn’t like they didn’t have fun when on the days that they were both rattling around the workshop anyway. The kind of fun that only two science and tech nerds could have at least, fun that mostly involved not saying very much at all to one another, noses in their work, the occasional smile or nod of the head passed between them. Anj wasn’t worried that they wouldn’t work well together but she was concerned that he just might not want to. “I don’t really know what you -- I mean the younger you -- took from it exactly. Like, if it was just one of the lasers or other components. I haven’t dared look and I sure didn’t dare ask.” Well, she had but the answer hadn’t been particularly useful; replying to the question of what he was doing with one of her laser’s baby Forge’s reply had simply been ‘making it not be a laser anymore’. A short, quiet laugh escaped her then. “It’s kinda funny when you think about it.” No. It really wasn’t.
Feb 25 2018, 12:21 PM
Sleep did not come easily in the Savage Land. Angelica Jones loved the outdoors, she had spent most of her childhood tearing around the redwood forests near Santa Cruz, and in her teens she would often spend entire days hanging out in the grounds surrounding Xavier’s with Meriel Myles. But this place was an entirely different kind of wilderness, dangerous and without any regard for the strangers that had invaded it. The truth was that Anj was scared even though she really wished that she wasn’t. It didn’t feel very X-Men like to be as terrified as she was particularly considering, if the stories she had heard floating around the island were true, she and her group had not had things half as difficult as some but it was what it was, she couldn’t change how the place made her feel. So instead she took solace in the theory that she wasn’t the only one, that everybody else was just putting up an excellent pretence. If that wasn’t true well it was a good lie for making her feel better.

Her group had been the last to arrive on the island and it had been to a collective sigh of relief. Ash was the only healer amongst the forty some mutants trapped in the Savage Land and he was needed. Too many of their people had fallen victim to the strange people, terrain and magics of the place and they needed his help to recover. The whole situation was a mess, and Anj couldn’t help wondering whether they had made a terrible mistake coming there like they had. To bring children into an environment that they knew nothing about beyond the fact that it had trapped their missing people was supremely stupid. To have wandered blind into a place that until recently none of them had known existed was even worse. And those minors had been among some of the worst hurt; stabbed, at risk of losing limbs, allegedly possessed, almost consumed by carnivorous plant life. No wonder sleep evaded her; she was both terrified and feeling guilty.

Laying on her back in the grass, Angelica fixed her blue gaze on the night sky above. At least the stars were just as beautiful here as they were back home. She had wondered on more than one occasion since the blackbird had been destroyed whether or not she would ever see the Westchester sky again; as much as the Savage Land did not seem to like having guests, it seemed equally as reluctant to let them leave. She was worried, about Forge in particular, how the poor little guy had coped with the loss his leg, how it had seemed to sap the life from him. It had set her to wondering if this had been the same when his grown self had lost his limbs. She had never asked him about it, it had seemed rude to question it, but now all that she had was regret for not talking to him. If she had then she might have had the words to help his younger self.

A sudden mist falling over the surrounding area drew Anj’s attention away from her thoughts. She thought nothing of it, the fog but watched it all the same; it had come from nowhere, swirling and whirling in the air around them and although she was learning that everything in the Savage Land ought to be viewed with suspicion somehow she just knew that everything was okay. It was only a minute or two before it began to clear and, shrugging her shoulders Angelica closed her eyes for another attempt at sleep. She was halfway there before a loud exclamation of horror shook her awake once more. Sitting bolt upright Anj squinted into the darkness. She could have sworn she had heard her name. More importantly she was absolutely certain that she recognised the voice who had said it. But it was impossible for it to have been who she thought it was, Forge was thirteen now and it had most definitely been his adult voice that she had been sure she had heard.

Through the dull light of the moon a tall figure loomed in the distance a little way off from where she had been laid. From where she was sat she could just about make out the height and build of the distinctly male form and if she hadn’t been so sure that her mind was playing tricks on her she would have said it looked just like… but there was absolutely no way. Curiosity getting the better of her, Angelica jumped to her feet; if nothing else she needed to make sure that this shadow that she only vaguely recognised did not pose a threat to the people on the island. Stepping over sleeping bodies, Anj approached the person summoning her plasma aura at the last minute to illuminate the area around them and her. What she was met with left her momentarily speechless, rooted to the spot, blue eyes wide with shock. The impossible was standing mere feet away from her.

Forge? Oh my God is that you?” She asked, hesitant at first. There was every possibility that this was just another Savage Land trick. But if it was she found very quickly that for the time being she couldn’t care less. Smiling widely Anj closed the distance between herself and Forge, throwing herself at him she wrapped her arms around his shoulders in a suffocating squeeze. “You’re back. I missed you so much. I can’t believe you’re back.” She squealed into his neck. Pulling away for a second the microwave manipulator tried her very best to affect a threatening expression, failing spectacularly. “Wait. It is you, right? You’re not some kind of shapeshifting monster are you?
Feb 23 2018, 11:50 AM
Some miles to the east of the lake in an encampment that had seemingly grown up from nowhere overnight, Brainchild sat on a makeshift throne of crudely carved stone, a scowl etched into his young features. Zaladane was being so unfair, she had given the mutates little option but to join forces in her effort to raise their stupid stone God. He was supposed to be King of the Savage Land, that had been his plan, not some dumb Sun People guy. Rolling his eyes with the frustration of it all, the leader of the mutates slapped his tiny fist onto the arm of his chair. To those who did not know him Brainchild looked no older than ten, he was little more than four and a half feet tall and slight. But the small group who called him their master knew different; whilst his body and emotional maturity had never aged beyond that of a child, he was the oldest of their clan, their first and he possessed a level of intellect far beyond that of an average human adult.

Whiteout. Where are you?! I want you here now!” He screamed at the top of his lungs, little legs kicking at the floor as he did so. Brainchild had little patience for waiting. When the woman finally entered the tent that he had claimed as his own, he levelled her with an angry glare; she still wasn’t forgiven for letting their prisoners go, for the death of Lupa or for losing Lily of the Valley. If he wasn’t so concerned about preserving everything that he had worked so hard to build over the years he would have sent her and Frostbite to be recycled. As it was he didn’t have time to be rebuilding his people, change was coming to the Savage Land and he needed to be on his guard. “The people we lost in the maze have friends, Whiteout. Friends!!” He was incensed, the last thing that he needed was a revenge attack for what he had planned to do to them and for what had happened when that unfortunate Null creature had taken hold of the boy.

Yes master, there are more of them.” Whiteout replied nervously. She wasn’t really sure what Brainchild was getting at, he had a habit of unpredictability and of expecting his people to just know what he was thinking. She wasn’t a telepath though and so she remained stood before him, a confused expression on her face. When silence fell between them and she was faced with a supremely intelligent ‘ten year old’ sticking his tongue out at her she chose to speak, to say anything that might appease his silent request for conversation. “One of our scouts located them on an island in the Lost Lake. We’ve been preparing an attack but we’re cautious, sir. The people from the maze had powers like ours and there appears to be considerably more of them than us.” She swallowed hard as she finished her report. Brainchild did not like not getting his way and it always fell to her to express the group’s doubts. There was going to be screaming.


A bright flash of pink tore through the shadows of overhanging trees as a small group of mutants blinked into an area not far from the mutate camp. The pink Brotherhood member didn’t hang around long, turning to Anj only to say that she would port between teams for backup and might see them later. In another flash she was gone and the small team that had been sent were on their own. Angelica was nervous; she really didn’t do conflict and yet here she was, the most experienced of the group as far as she could tell. They had Lily of the Valley with them, a chlorokinetic mutate who had betrayed her own kind and helped to save a group of mutants who had been trapped in a magical maze. Pride had been one of those and the teenage mutate was glad for a familiar face. Crouching low behind a gathering of large rocks Anj turned to the young girl with a smile. “Lily, we need to know what we’re dealing with so if you could go over who we’re expecting to meet in the camp just one more time please.” The redhead felt sorry for the girl, although she had been part of the team responsible for kidnapping some of the lost X-Men and their affiliates, she had risked everything to try and save them. Now she was alone, had nothing.

Lily closed her eyes for a moment. She was listening to the plants, trying to get an understanding of who occupied the small gathering of tents. Taking a deep breath she addressed the others. “My brothers Gaza and Barbarus. The former is blind but he sees everything with his mind. He’s strong too. The latter is many armed and possess enhanced strength and agility.” Her brow furrowed with worry, there were not many in the camp but then there were not many of them, she hoped that this team of mutants could hold their own or else she and they would be dead. “My sisters, Leash, Frostbite and Whiteout are there too.” She added. “The first can control her victims by trapping them with her psionic collar. Do not get too close. The second forms ice with her mind and the third causes temporary blindness in anyone she chooses.” They were all positioned at different locations around the camp but where exactly she could not be sure; plants were not the most reliable of scouts and the language that they spoke only gave Lily impressions of situations.

Our leader, Brainchild is also there. He possesses incredible intellect but no combat skills. There may be more but if there are then the trees don’t see them.

Nodding her head Angelica looked back at the team. “Looks like I’m the only flier so I’ll launch an aerial attack. Everyone else, we don’t really know what we’re in for here so just try to be safe. Guari Vincent I’d say you’re best bet is the cryokinetic. Find her and do your best to take her down. Pride, you might be best matched against Barbarus, Erebus I want you and your shadow on Leash. Thistle you’ve got a choice between Gaza and Whiteout, I’ll provide a distraction so that you can all get into place. Lily, you need to draw Brainchild out of his ten and stop him from leaving the camp, okay?” With everyone’s agreement Anj’s plasma aura fizzled into life around her and with a concerted push she was up in the air high above the camps. Without hesitation she fired a blast of radiation at a nearby tree causing the trunk to break and the large oak to topple with a resounding crash. The resulting noise drove the camp into frenzy. Now was the time for the team to strike.

OOC: Just have fun with this guys, play your assigned mutate as much as you like including dialogue. I don't really care what you do with them so let your imaginations run freeeee! No post order, post once between rounds. Below is a small line about each mutate just to keep you guys up to speed. PM me with queries! Also please feel free to us Lily as you wish but be mindful of whether other players have used her before you.

Barbarus is a big guy with four arms, enhanced strength (being able to lift 30 tonnes) and increased speed and agility.

Frostbite is a cryokinetic. Not at all as powerful as Iceman she works best freezing things she is touching as opposed to freezing ambient air although she can keep things frozen once she has frozen them just by pure concentration.

Gaza is physically blind but sees telepathically. He’s immune to any blinding attacks, illusions or anything that would affect sight. He’s a hefty guy who clearly trains but does not possess enhanced strength,

Leash carries a psionic whip with which she can leash her victims taking them under her control. Other than that she’s a pretty average twenty something year old woman in her physique and training.

Whiteout can cause any victim of her choosing within a ten foot range to go temporarily blind. This is a psionic blindness and the victim actually only believes themselves to have no vision. The effects last for around five to ten minutes at a time.

Leader of the mutates, he possesses a computer like brain that can process information at incredible speeds. He is supremely intelligent but although far older has never aged past 10 years both physically and emotionally.

Lily is one of the good guys and will help any of the team who need it. She’s a chlorokinetic who specialises in toxic plants. She grows them essentially from her body and can form any part of the plant for use by others.
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