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Jan 21 2018, 06:36 PM
Fingers lightly flew over the laptop keyboard, with occasional pauses as Pyro checked with his notes and with some of the information that the Brotherhood had recovered from Genosha. Eyes narrowed as he looked at the information, making certain to hunt for the story within the facts.

For that was the important part of writing news. Look at the salient facts and seeing what the story was.

And knowing how to phrase that story, how to hook readers and encourage others to share an article.

He had images and video from the Brotherhood assault, and he had made certain to keep some of the more brutal tactics off screen so to speak. But as written, his reporting showed a people imprisoned due to their genes. Showed the Brotherhood as saviors of them. Had stories from the people taken, attempting to humanize the conflict between mutants and the government of Genosha, trying to show the Genoshan government as the monsters there were.

Finishing up and sitting back to reflect on it, Allerdyce took a long drink and reflected on what he had written, and how much he hoped it didn't come to that across the whole globe. One small nation was bad enough. But on a global scale, it was still better that the evils associated with the Genoshan nation were forced to work int he dark in most nations.

But Pyro was concerned about what might happen in the future. For he could see similar happening across the globe at some point.
Dec 14 2017, 12:07 AM
Pyro loved New York in some ways.

Lots of people. Lots of things to do. Lots of sights and sounds. Plus any food he wanted to eat was reasonably close.

Even if it was a food truck selling funnel cakes at night.

Munching happily on the less than healthy sugary goodness, John wasn't sure what he was going to do that evening. Huddled up in his coat due to the cold, he finished eating his treat and tossed it.

And jumped back as what looked like every firefighting truck in existence sped by him.

Staring at all of vehicles speeding down a New York street complete with the resultant profanity, Pyro kept walking, wanting to see some sights. But as he kept walking he heard the sirens getting closer and closer.

Or more accurately, he was getting closer to them.

Seeing an apartment building ablaze, John stopped for a moment and gawked like an idiot, just staring. He thought to himself I hope they can control it and get it put out, Allerdyce thought to himself. Another moment passed before he mentally kicked himself as he could ACTUALLY do something.

Staring at the blaze, he reached out and felt the heat and fire with his mind, grabbing it and slapping his control on it. The fires turned orange, that orange look spreading as he took command of more and more of the fire with his mind. Everything from flickering fires to the embers, placing under his control.

And then with a thought, he killed them.

Firefighters gawked, staring and having no clue what happened to the fire. Mutterings broke out, with some of the more religious thinking it was a miracle of some sort.

John for his part watched for a bit to make sure he hadn't missed any, and then decided that perhaps it was time to move on.
Nov 13 2017, 12:31 AM
Part of what Pyro liked about the training gym was there was a spot to work on control and focus for smaller scale applications of powers. Which in his case meant the powers equivalent of a firing range.

Metal plates were set up, along with some metal weights and steel ball bearings he'd tossed out around there. For the focus of these exercises wasn't raw power. It was precision. Accuracy. Fine control.

And to start with, he struck the two rings he wore on either hand against each other, causing a few sparks that he grew into small flames. One turned into a small fairy shape, diving for a 50 lbs weight and grabbing hold, flapping wings to lift the metal shape. A second turned into a small hand and tossed up a few ball bearings, letting a third form into a baseball bat to hit them into some of the metal plates set up as targets.

And with a final wisp of flame, he increased the solidity of it and the heat, shaping it like an arrow and sending it through small metal targets.

This... was a lot harder than his large constructs. The big ones started with a lot of fire, with a big bang. These smaller constructs took more effort to focus upon, more concentration to run the multiple constructs all at once. Each was performing different tasks, each had to be kept solid in his head. But for several minutes he was capable to keep it all going.

The first sign of slipping was missing with a swing of the bat hovering in mid air, and the second was the arms of the fire fairy dissipating into regular fire. The sound of the fifty pound weight hitting broke the rest of his concentration, causing his constructs to fade.

Looking at his watch, he said "Eleven minutes. Not bad for that many constructs doing that many different actions."
Oct 11 2017, 03:25 PM
Pyro had declined looking at the picture Kerr had offered to show him, mainly as he figured there was something to be said for anticipation and surprise at times.

He also knew that there was a wonderful little Italian place in mutant town that he liked, and considering that it was a little out of the way for most folks thought it was the perfect spot to take someone out to.

The fact he would get a decent meal at the worst also helped out.

Though for the sake of the poor girl who arranged it if nothing else, he hoped this Kaylee showed up. He was pretty sure he hadn't seen someone freak out about someone trying to encourage them so much in his life. And given some of the..... less than gentle sort of encouragement..... the Brotherhood engaged in, that was saying something. But on the other hand, Kerr had seemed a bit sensitive about the area, almost like a raw and exposed nerve.

Though he was mainly seeing what would happen on this date. It had been a while since he had been on one, and frankly just getting to spend some time with a woman without worrying about if she was going to kill you or attempt to drug you would be a nice change of pace. So he had slipped on a dress shirt and sport coat, leaving the tie off as that seemed far to formal for a first date. He did have one or two means of fire starting on him, mainly as a just in case option given his affiliation. But he thought the simple earth tones and browns of his clothing helped when someone might be nervous about meeting a person. More homey as opposed to blacks and greys.

He'd had to face publishers and editors before. Clothing sometimes helped in that case.

Walking in the restaurant, he wasn't sure if his date would be there. He'd shown up a little early just to be on the safe side, and sat down at the table and waited, smiling lightly and looking forward to the evening.

Oct 4 2017, 11:44 AM
To: Mistral

[doHTML]<p class="triangle-isosceles">Hello Kaylee. My name is John Allerdyce. Some poor girl who looked scared to death ambushed me at a book signing and said she wanted me to contact you for a date.

I thought if nothing else, I would at least text you so you can tell her I at least did my best to keep my word. Though if interested, I would be happy to get a drink or dinner with you.</p>[/doHTML]
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