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Jul 1 2018, 03:10 PM
I'll keep it short and sweet this month so we can go full steam ahead with all the fun we have planned. The Brood plot is over with the threads wrapping up in the next few days. The X-Men have survived, the Sleazoids on Earth have been destroyed and everything is awesome. Right?

Charly is running this month's plot so feel free to direct any England related questions to her.

Joining EVO in the last (30) days is Wither (noiz), Akua (breadedtimelord), Surge (Groot), Anne Marie Cortez (RF), Rogue (Rider), Maelstrom (Rocki). Make sure you get these characters involved in the fun and include them in your threads.

Birthdays this rollover include:

The X-Men and their charges are STILL at the Baccarat NYC for one more RO while the mansion is finally finished. For anyone who has forgotten, here are the temporary room assignments.
Jun 15 2018, 07:16 PM
It's that time again! As always, this post is just a heads up to let you know which characters are still shy of the necessary four posts for the month. If you do not see your character's name on the list, you are safe. If you do, don't panic. You still have until noon on the thirtieth to get your remaining posts completed. If you feel you need help reaching the required post count, please contact any of the admins and we will be happy to post with you.

Jun 13 2018, 06:54 PM
As most of you know, our sovereign overlord has been attending pageants since April. She has won the highest title possible for her age both at the regional and the state level and we are only weeks away from Internationals! We invite you to suffer along with the rest of our facebook friends and put up with our fundraising. Feel free to buy a slot or ignore this post, just wish us luck in our preparations (and send good vibes to Hank who has to put up with it all).

The fundraiser link is here

If you'd rather just give me your name for a slot rather than go through fb, I'm happy to do that.
Jun 1 2018, 02:20 AM
Welcome to June! I am thrilled to report that EVO members have successfully broken 13500 posts. That is over 700 posts this month alone and that is spectacular! You should all be insanely proud. In the last thirty days alone our beloved characters have fought Hydra and their pet Vampire in Egypt, a family was reunited, a Brood nest was infiltrated, mutants have been going missing, Magneto himself came out of his hidey hole to weigh in on the alien situation, and this new RO promises to be just as full of adventure and excitement. (There is also the spa option for those of you who do not want to subject your precious babies to the countless untold dangers super fun shenanigans.)

Joining us in the last 30 days are Moon Knight (bry), Veritas (charly), Kimura (rider), Meridian (moogle), Elixir (rocki), Daredevil (hank), and Gambit (alucard). Please include all of these amazing new characters in your plots and threads. Except Moon Knight. He's fucking weird.

Birthdays this rollover include:

The X-Men and their charges are STILL at the Baccarat NYC until the Brood situation is handled. No point in rebuilding just for the bugs to blow it back up. For anyone who has forgotten, here are the temporary room assignments.

Prepare yourselves, EVO. It's getting intergalactic in here.
May 1 2018, 12:14 AM
Welp, it finally happened. I got to blow up the school. It took almost 13K posts (12932 to be exact) but at long last I was able to obliterate Xavier’s! #Lifegoals! The good news is, our wee babes will not be homeless.

Welcome to the Baccarat NYC! As classy and posh as they come, this is a place that spoils its residence and your wish is their command. Not only do the refugees from Xavier’s have access to all the amenities, including the pool, the spa, the room service, and the ‘gym’, a custom retrofitted work out arena that even Gentle and Warpath can enjoy, they have free reign of the top six floors. Have fun with the new living situation and by all means, order room service.

April was another exceptional rollover. Between Rider’s X-23 plot (suck it Kimura) and the Brood making an honest effort to ruin Slate’s life (oh, and take over the world) the end of March was pretty busy for our beloved characters. There were over 180 posts in the various major plots this month alone! I’m really proud of you guys and how everyone just jumped into the big group threads and made them spectacular.

There are oodles of birthdays this new Rollover.

04/01 Phantom - 17 YRS OLD
04/01 Spark - 23 YRS OLD
04/02 Darkhawk - 19 YRS OLD/29 YRS OLD (future version)
04/13 Nocturn - 17 YRS OLD
04/15 Pyro - 29 YRS OLD

Have a great new RO and prepare yourselves. The Brood aren’t done with the mutants yet...

SPECIAL NOTE to New Mutants: Keep April 4th open. There will be shenanigans.
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