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 Sun, Surf, And A Very Punchable Face, Feb. 15 at 2:30 PM [Open]
 Posted: Jan 19 2018, 11:17 PM

Baki sat up to listen to the end speech as he ate the jerky Sara had gotten him. It certainly caught his attention, the idea that there could be a school out there for him that wouldn't judge him. As much as he loved Hawaii, as much as he loved being with his family, school was tough, being around non-mutants was tough. Sara and Nida weren't visible mutants like him, they only suffered bullying because of him. It only made their family tighter knit of course, but it still hurt to think about.

It was always kind of his fault that they got picked on, because he was the freak.

Kaipo hummed in thought, taking the kettle off the burner before it whistled, pouring the hot water in the cups to prepare the tea for their guests. "What's the name of this school, if I may ask?" It was a simple question, shouldn't be that hard to answer, if they were honestly from a school and not something underhanded.

Of course, Nida also joined in when Martyr opened the floor to questions, "Why Baki? Is it because he's the oldest or what? Cause me n' Sara are freaks too!" With that, Nida showed off herself, her head morphing into a shark head, snapping her jaws and laughing before morphing back. Sara rolled her eyes, "Speak for yourself jabber-jaws, I'm not a freak." Before she showed off as well, skin lighting up in swirling patterned of teal and sea foam. "Bio-luminescence, not as...'useful' as theirs but it's pretty," the eldest sister explained.

Kaipo set the cups of tea in front of their two guests, grinning, "And I used to be able to turn into a mermaid, or a siren if you prefer. But my old age doesn't let me shift like I used to." She turned her attention to three youngest Kaleo children, "Omar, honey, what's your mutation again?"

The child in question stood, walked over silently, looked up at Noivern with an unblinking gaze before looking at his cup of tea and poking it. The liquid inside jiggled for a moment before lifting out of the cup, teabag and all, shaping into a sphere. The instant he removed his finger from the cup, the liquid spilled back in, splashing a bit as it did. With that done, Omar walked back over to the twins, sitting down in front of the TV without a word.

"Right, real quiet that one...The two youngest haven't shown any powers yet but with the rate this family gets mutations, I would be surprised if they didn't," Kaipo sighed, rather content with the state of things.

Baki stood from his spot in the sun room, wandering back over to sit at the kitchen table. "Actually, I'm curious myself, why me?" Why not any other mutant in Hawaii, hell, why not any other mutant in America. "And if I do go, what's it like?"
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