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The Savage Land

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 Cabin in the Woods, Fri March 31, 4AM //OPEN TO THOSE TAGGED
 Posted: Apr 23 2018, 08:50 PM

In case aliens weren't enough fun for one night there was a flash of purple and two more people materialized right in the middle of the room. One with a very familiar accent. And an even more familiar face. Kaylee looked from the new girl to Neena who was still trying to "rescue" Linda who wouldn't shut up and then back...

Nah. That was just too weird.

Where ever the duo had come from though they were effective. Before Kaylee could even jump into panic mode that several of the New Mutants along with her mentee were effectively being kidnapped the suited guy and X-23 had moved to rescue them. Meanwhile Alex had made an appearance along with Buckbeak, at least that was finally all the Alphas accounted for.

"Alex, you okay?" she shouted to him as he joined them behind the wall of wind and drones.

The answer to that was a quick and obvious no as Buckbeak went down and Alex stared screaming. "Hang in there!" She couldn't stop now and she didn't know if a healer would even help him or not.

The slow change in the tide did mean one thing, she could go back to razor sharp gusts against the Brood remaining inside and send her mini tornado outside to help Firestar and Angel. Nothing like some natural destruction to speed things along and as the tornado sucked the Brood in and spat them out, starting the work of clearing out the skies.

And any Sleazoid that managed to get past the drones and Colossus tearing the place up was still going to get blasted right in the face and either exploded or torn apart, because anyone who wanted to get to the Alphas was going to have to step over her dead body to do it.

Abra Alex Goya Cyclops Boom Boom Gentle Glitch Honeybear Impulse Ion Magma Mercury Mo'o Nightcrawler Plasma Scarlet Spider Scion Wiccan Speed Nocturn Phantom Darkchylde Gunslinger Menagerie Firestar Colossus Warpath Arsenic Thistle

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 Posted: Apr 24 2018, 09:20 PM

“Alex!” A slightly frantic looking six year old Neena glommed onto the screaming boy when Alex Goya completely lost his shit. She abandoned Linda to Mistral, the boy more important than the bug. “Alex, don’t cry. The big kids will fix it.” She didn’t understand that his connection to his fallen Buckbeak was causing him pain but she knew he was hurt and probably scared but that was just because he didn’t know just how great the big kids were. Never mind that they were being torn apart, stabbed, paralyzed, and carted off, Neena was convinced they could fight anything and win. Some of them had even fought the bad people that took her and Laura and as long as her big sisters were fighting, Alex had nothing to worry about. Her sticky little hands tried to sooth the older boy’s curls in an attempt to make him feel better while the world around him was literally coming undone.


“Go back to Mars, stupid aliens!” Neena shouted at them crossly, upset that Alex was crying.

Eli and Stan were making some positive headway. Nothing liked an alien invasion and that included the flora around the crumbling Aerie. The pikes supplied by Thistle scraped along the bellies of various Sleazoids’ exoskeletons but did not slow them down as those on the ground scurried along the pikes like giant, cruel ants to get into the cabin. More concerning for the Brood were the suddenly razor sharp, hardy roots that crept up between Eli’s pikes to jab into eyes and weave out of snapping jaws, thrust down throats and out the other ends which were, weirdly, not where Stan expected them to be. The boy was situated under the pikes, already covered in grass with his eyes shut. Deliberately slow, angry huffs of air escaped from his nose as he struggled to keep his rage in check. Too much and he’d bring down the Aerie. Not enough and those things were going to murder his friends.

The balance was making the sharp stabbing pain start again. The taste of blood welled up at the back of his throat as pine needles began to grow inside his trachea. It had been over a year since the last time he’d ended up on all fours, vomiting up blood and evergreen garbage. It was why he smoked, why he kept his cool. It was why he never went at it as hard as Liv did. The only reason Stan was using his powers in such a big way now was because his whole family, his sisters, his friends, were in danger.

Angry tears left streaks on Stan’s dirty face as he focused, more flora blossoming from his skin, ripping his pores open. He wanted to be inside, protecting his little sisters and making sure Tabby was ok. Ruby. Julian. Mack. Instead he was outside, making Brood kabobs and making the trees groan. Turning himself into a shrub to give the others a chance. Magma was somewhere nearby, simultaneously recovering from her near Brood abduction and fighting back, attacking with deadly accuracy. The Brood could not get near enough to Magma to touch her or stop her. Not much could survive fire and she was an avatar of Mother Earth’s rage.

Menagerie, to her immense frustration was flipping from shape to shape, in a whirlwind of teeth and claws and sharp bits that did absolutely fuck all to the exoskeletons of the seriously disturbing monsters. Her kids... All those kids. Her squad of little shits, her mentee, her siblings, and those that might as well have been. And the babies, who hadn’t even had the chance to start their lives yet. Shane had told them that savage, cruel creatures were heading to the school. The Aerie was supposed to be safe but no matter where Meriel put her sisters and brother for safe keeping they inevitably became cannon fodder. Neena’s leg. Liv’s everything. Stan’s ability to function without self-medicating. Every move Meriel made was the wrong one and her littles paid the price for it.

And Hellfire. God, all she wanted was a moment of happiness with her boyfriend that didn’t include their lives coming apart at the seams. They had been given a taste of it in the Savage Land, a sampling of what they could be if they weren’t X-Men. The constant, brutal threat of violence ensured the pair didn’t just get to just be two people in love, two people who wanted to get lost in each other. The unrelenting loss and never ending impending doom was killing them. It was driving them apart. Being X-Men was taking him away from her.

Being X-Men was killing them.

Like the others, she learned the gross, hard way that their eyes and wings were vulnerable and went immediately to work ripping into the tough, see-through membranes on their backs so Stan and Eli could continue making Brood pops with the pikes and roots. Together they were slowing the Sleazoids down and they were no longer alone.

Razor had appeared outside, his objective to make the skies friendly again. He, along with a friendly tornado courtesy of Kaylee and Pickles, scattered the Brood harrying Angel and Firestar. Both X-Men would be far more use on offense than defense and freeing them up to fight back instead of just struggling to stay aloft would put things back in the mutants’ favor. Angelica was even given enough elbow room to make a spectacular dive and catch Luca. Were things not awful and terrifying, perhaps there would have been some humor in a massive, muscular boy clinging to the pretty physics teacher like she was his saving grace. “Aliens, Jones! There are aliens! Like actual aliens. I hate this school. I hate it, ok? ALIENS!” Somehow Luca situated himself so that Angelica was forced to bridal carry his bulk or risk dumping him on his head. Which would have been fine since he was wearing the colander he found in the cabinet like a helmet.

Thanks to the android, Speed and Phantom were likewise saved from what would have been an honest to god alien abduction, the Brood carrying them off finding themselves rather suddenly without wings and face down in the dirt. With Chris’s help the skies cleared over the Aerie in a matter of minutes. Sleazoids were either dead on the ground or fleeing from the sudden introduction of someone who knew how to fight them and was not hesitating to do so.

Inside the Aerie, the New Mutants and X-Men were rallied. X-23 tore her way through the Brood including the Sleazoid threatening Cyclops and managed to gut the one that had taken Mercury with help from Colossus’s well aimed rock. Her container skidded across the floor only to be battered repeatedly by rampaging Brood and fighting mutants. She might have been lost in the debris except the container was kicked hard enough that it was launched over to embed in the wall above where Plasma was trying to help Gentle and Arsenic and Old Lace were standing by protectively. Cessily got to enjoy the forceful sloshing and slamming around within the cylinder which, in all honesty, was probably a safer place to be than outside the airtight container.

Between Eli offering edible plants and Liv giving Honeybear a whole monster to turn into miracle whip, the healer had somehow reversed the paralysis plaguing Gunslinger and Liv suddenly felt positively weak with relief. Liv didn’t break her focus as some sort of emotion swelled up in her chest, her breaths coming out in quick, palliative gasps. He was alive. John was alive and while he sure didn’t look good, alive was definitely better than dead. Liv threw up a shield, all the stronger with her resolve to live long enough to yell at her boyfriend for scaring the crap out of her, and pushed the Sleazoids back away from her friends and teammates. She expanded as far as she could while maintaining the solid wall of ions, giving them roughly four feet in all directions.

“Ash? Can you get to Nez and Ruby? Mo'o? Baki, for fuck’s sake, you have laser breath. Do something before I feed you to those ugly fuckers tail first!” This was not the time to be delicate. It was time to fight.

Impulse! Are you good?” Liv wasn’t going to ask about the fate of the silver girl that had been collected like a specimen in a jar, not when they all needed Tony to focus. His power was knocking out Brood faster than the rest, using the electricity to attack instead defend. Liv would feed him a steady line of power if it helped them all get out of this alive. Was Billy alive? She had seen him a moment ago covered in blood but had lost track of him in the chaos. “Anyone have eyes on Billy?” If the Brood had taken him too... Tears stung the corners of her eyes as she focused instead on the cloud keeping her alive.

Wiccan’s throat was delicately flayed open to expose the fragile cartilage of his adam’s apple but that had only made the boy fight harder. Billy, it seemed, was tired of letting other people save him. One lash from a tentacle, one shove too many against misfortune and he was finally shoving back. The purple light tearing around the Aerie disintegrated the Sleazoids around Billy in the time it took him to blink and when it stopped he was face to face with a small body concealed in a cowl, wrapped up in dark fabric, and goggles. The high neck of her shirt was pulled up over her nose like a mask, Sleazoid teeth sewn in place of her mouth. If she weren’t five feet tall, Alpha might have been terrifying on sight. As it was, she looked Billy over, reached into her pocket, and slammed a handful of black sand up against his throat.

“That’ll sting a minute,” she drawled before diffusing again and launching around the room once again as a bright purple light intent on scattering every last Brood molecule in the Aerie. The pain would be... intense. The fine, black sand scratched and burned and moved. It wasn’t sand wasn’t sand at all. Nanites, built by Forge before he went and vanished on them all, were both a highly advanced and incredibly crude but effective means of emergency clotting. They would pull his skin back together, repair any open vessels, replace damaged nerves, seal out any chance of infection in a matter of minutes. It was insta-heal.

Thankfully Neena had a lot of pockets.

Warpath tore his way through Sleazoids, Boom Boom blowing pieces off them off until the Aerie was littered with chunks of alien anatomy. Faust was focused on Pickles outside the Aerie while working with her drones inside to keep the Alpha Squad safe. Nightcrawler... Was doing what Nightcrawler did best. He was getting the job done with all the flash and jazz hands someone with only three fingers per hand could accomplish. He began to deposit the various stragglers into whatever protective shielding was available, gallantly teleporting his cutlasses into any Brood that got into his way.

But he was too slow to keep Abra from being dragged off as the Brood began a shrieking, screaming retreat. The Sleazoids did not expect children to fight so hard. Most folded at the sight of their glorious faces, their fear... delicious. Kurt made a heroic save, catching Roan and Hana both in time to keep them from ending up scrap and turkey vulture feed respectively. A flash of purple light blew past Kurt and turned the remaining Brood inside the Aerie into molecular mist.The New Mutants were left standing there, panting, bleeding, confused...

And not entirely sure if the fight was actually over.

The purple light came to a stop, the small girl bent over and panting. “Well... That fucking sucked,” she announced. “Everyone in one piece? Or, at least in pieces we can put back together? God, I’m hungry.” Neena in all of her Brood killing glory, shoved her cowl back and shoved her goggles to the top of her head as she yanked down the mask to reveal a devilish grin and a bright blue eyes.

“Oh my god, Chris!” Neena darted over to Darkhawk in a blur but was clearly talking to the massive Android that had been clearing the sky for them. “Look how young you are. Is this your first mod? ...Do you want your arm back? It’s here somewhere.” Neena put her blades away, the sheaths at her hips little more than old rags and bits of leather held together with duct tape and luck. Hands on her hips, she surveyed the blood, guts, and debris, seemingly unphased by the crying and injured. It was just another day for her, after all, even if the last time she experienced that particular day Neena was six.

Her eyes took in Liv and those still barricaded inside of the ion shield. “Ha... You’re still pink.” Shaking her head with a smirk, Neena didn’t recognize everyone there but some of them had survived even in her timeline. “Talon. You look almost the same.” She let out a small sigh, as though the sight of Laura had somehow calmed her. “Oh my word, Kurt... You’re here.” Neena moved in a blink, Kurt’s hair wafting back in the breeze she created in her rush to get close enough to throw her arms around him in a tight hug. “God. I miss you.” Neena caught him by the ears and tugged him down to lay one on him. “No dying this time around, old man.” Nee pulled back to mumble at him with her forehead against his. “That’s a direct order.”

“Uh...” Neena looked around at the rest of the New Mutants and X-Men gathered. “We should probably get the fuck out of here. Anyone bring the jet?”

This is your last round so wrap it up. If you want to do threads afterwards responding to the chaos, feel free. Have fun. The Brood are gone until next RO.
 Posted: Apr 25 2018, 08:58 AM

Liquid fire pumped through Tommy’s body, filling him with agony unlike anything he’d ever experienced. He wished he could pass out and get away from it, but he stayed horribly awake and aware as the Brood carried him off. As his bright blue eyes watched the battle- and help- draw further away, he felt something he was not used to.

Tommy was afraid.

The monsters were literally carrying him away and not only could he do nothing about it (which gave him a sense of vulnerability he was really not used to), but Tommy didn’t know what that would mean. The X-men had given them some idea of what these creatures were like and obviously they didn’t plan on killing him right away since they were carting him off, but his active mind was quick to come up with one horrible scenario after another. Each twisted into something more gruesome and terrifying than the last as he thought about what those teeth and tentacles might do to him. And they possessed people, right? Made them do horrible things like that woman they’d taken over. He’d heard something about that. Would they infect him? Would they make him hurt his friends? His family? And not only that, but one of them had Cessily too. And Tabby was back there, injured, maybe enough for another alien bug to grab her next. And Billy...

God, Billy...

His brother’s throat had been slashed and Tommy had seen blood before he’d lost sight of his twin in the chaos. Was he dead? Throat slashes killed people, really quickly if you could believe TV. The thought added waves of panic that would have had him shuddering if he could move. The illusionists name rang on repeat through his head, mixing with the pain and the fear until Tommy just wanted to scream. It was such a distraction he didn’t notice that the Brood carrying him was suddenly descending toward the ground until they reached the tree tops. He thought for a moment that he’d lost track of time and they were already...wherever it was they were going to take them, but he could still see Warren’s mansion cabin from the way he was flopped over and...they were just going down to the forest floor not far from it. Blue eyes swiveled, trying to figure out what was happening. He felt them touch down then listened as the Brood screamed in pain then went silent. Tommy lay there, awkwardly splayed limply on his side, but could see nothing but the forest floor in front of him and one creepy, unmoving tentacle. The forest around him was silent except for the distant sounds of the battle raging back at the cabin.

What happened?

Tommy tried to move, to twitch even a finger-- and found that while he couldn’t do much he actually could do that. The pain was faintly less now- that or he was getting used to it. No, no it was lessening. Hope sprang up inside him. Fuck yeah speedster metabolism! It wasn’t burning through it as quickly as he’d like, but other fingers began to join the first. It was another few minutes before the teen could get shakily to his feet (man, he felt drunk) and turning, he spotted Phantom flopped not far from where he’d landed. The remains of their carriers lay around them, clearly dead, so Tommy ignored them as he went to help the other mutant. It was awkward, because his limbs just weren’t moving right, but he grabbed her and began working his way back toward the cabin.

Abra Alex Goya Cyclops Boom Boom Gentle Glitch Honeybear Impulse Ion Magma Mercury Mo'o Nightcrawler Plasma Scarlet Spider Scion X-23 Wiccan Speed Nocturn Phantom Darkchylde Gunslinger Menagerie Firestar Colossus Warpath Arsenic Mistral Angel Thistle
 Posted: Apr 25 2018, 12:16 PM

"I- I'm okay. Could use a bit more power. Not as much as last time," he called out to Ion when she asked how he was faring. For the most part Tony was holding up well. Having used a chunk of his power reserves in anger over what the Brood had done to Mercury had been a bit of a slip up on his part, but since then he had gotten things a bit more under control. Here or there a Brood got close enough to earn a nice big blast of electrical energy, but all things considered he was keeping his cool.

Having asked for a boost of energy, Tony was momentarily confused when Liv responded by saying, “Okay, hold this,” before firing a bolt no weaker than the first she had used to supply him with power. Before the lightning had struck him he had simply made a mildly befuddled and inquisitive noise.

Luckily Tony had experienced lighting from Liv, so the power surge wasn't entirely foreign nor was it too unexpected. While he had asked for a smaller amount he wasn't taken too off guard by the amount of power he was provided for a second time. It was also fortunate that he had expended enough that the pink energy didn't overload him, but it did provide the very same kind of rush as the one before, and while he was prepared enough to force himself to ignore the desire for more the desire to ask for it was undeniably present.

Maybe if it was only him and Liv against the Brood he might have done it, provided of course that Liv had some kind of immunity to electricity. The blast radius created by his body expelling the excess might be large enough to flash-fry an entire room of the alien monsters. The fact that it would render him unconscious however would make such a move risky should there be more on the way. Not that he really ever wanted to give such a plan a shot, considering there were probably very few real opportunities to put such a fail-safe to good use.

Anyway, less pondering and more blasting.

It was hard to keep track of what was going on around him, and while the Brood onslaught was finally showing some signs of abating with there being fewer swarming in than before, Tony was doing his level best to simply keep going. Even if they lost and he was one of the last few standing before he was overpowered and taken (or worse) he wasn't going to stop until and unless his body gave out.

The streak of purple light that had been zipping around the room seemed set on eradicating more of the Brood than Tony could visually track. When everything finally settled down the Brood seemed to be gone, and Tony finally released a breath that he had probably been holding for far longer than was healthy. An unusual stillness settled over the room, the thrashing, crashing, and bashing replaced by momentary silence followed by the sounds of injured friends in pain and the voice of the purple girl as she spoke to people she seemed to know.

Tony would thank her for her help when he had a chance, but at that moment he just needed to take a breath.

Once the battle-fueled adrenaline levels had subsided, the stress of the fight and his level of exertion was finally catching up with the electrokinetic. Tony realized then that the group had been at it for far longer than he would have thought, and he was feeling somewhat exhausted. Better that than paralyzed or worse, however.

Looking around, Tony spied the container that one of the Brood had used to collect the puddled Cess after her body had traveled through his current. How it had managed to find its way into a wall was beyond him, but he needed to make sure that the girl was okay. As well as Darkchylde, who was nearby. He had been fighting so hard to protect those who couldn't defend themselves that he had almost forgotten that she had been paralyzed along with Gunslinger.

"You okay?" Tony asked Illy, offering a hand to help the girl to her feet. Then, nodding toward the wall, he added "I'm going to see if we can't get Cess out of that jar... thing. Be right back." Making his way to where the jar had embedded itself in the wall, Tony reached out and wrapped his hands around it and with a good tug managed to pull it free, almost losing his balance in the process. Mostly because his limbs were beginning to rebel from the extensive use of energy and the tension of the battle.

Inspecting the peculiar jar as he carried it back to where the others were gathered, Tony's brow knit as he tried to make sense of the buttons on it. The thing had been used to suck the liquid metal girl off of the floor, meaning that it obviously had some kind of a motor. Perhaps one of the buttons would open it. As he reunited with the small group he pressed one of the buttons and said, "Let's see if this w– ah!" About a second after the button was pressed jets of liquid metal were shot out of the jar toward the nearby wall with surprising velocity. Tony nearly dropped it in surprise, but managed to keep hold of it so that the bits of Cess managed to gather in mostly one place.

"Better than nothing... I guess."

He just hoped that everyone would be okay... and he wanted to go home to Xavier's. Because despite a most tumultuous month he found that he really liked it there regardless of how “safe” it was.

Abra Alex Goya Cyclops Boom Boom Gentle Glitch Honeybear Magma Mo'o Nightcrawler Plasma Scarlet Spider Scion X-23 Wiccan Speed Nocturn Phantom Menagerie Firestar Colossus Warpath Arsenic Mistral Angel Thistle
 Posted: Apr 25 2018, 03:20 PM

By the time things finally began to calm, Ash was fucking done with rational thought. As the battlefield was cleared, he'd stopped talking, stopped reacting to the world around him for any reason other than healing his friends. Only when Ion's voice shouting through the haze at him got his attention, did he give a slow nod. "On it..." Slowly the bloodied, battered giant of a teenager uprooted a massive section of Thistle's bramble-bush, not caring about the thorns digging into his hands or the searing pain in his shredded shoulder. He had trained for a career in professional Getting Beaten Up, and while this was so, SO much worse than anything that could happen in a wrestling ring, Ashton Barre was simply not willing to let things like pain and crippling injuries stop him. Nor common sense, or a self-preservation instinct. "Can't heal myself..." He mumbled to Mo'o, as he walked off.

He then just lumbered around the destroyed furniture and smashed spacebugs, melting the bush bit by bit into blue slime as he went, not caring that some of it dripped off every so often to be inert toothpaste on the floor. First, to Plasma and Gentle, healing the former with a gooey hair-ruffle at seeing she was mostly okay, and the latter with a double-dose of blue, glowy pat-on-the-back. He had no idea how the Brood venom worked, all he knew was he could help, somehow. Nezhno's wounds would be summarily healed, but there was still only so much the healer could do for the amount of venom his fellow giant had been dosed with. Nor the pain of the venom itself. But Ash's mind wasn't so much focused on the details right now, as he was running almost entirely on adrenaline.

From there he paused by Alex Goya and the time-traveling Velocity, pausing a moment to give a small dose to the boy via a comforting pat on the head. "We gotta stop meetin' like this, little dude." Unfortunately, there was little Ash's healing could do for Alex right now. While it could heal any injury, it lacked Martyr's pain relief, and all that Alex seemed to be suffering from was his power's empathic feedback. "We're all good now. Good job." He gave an almost instinctual nod to her as she went to tend to Wiccan, still having not gotten the slightest idea who she was, but glad someone else could heal. It was a very good thing, because Ash's body was running out.

With one last act of defiance in the face of pain and self-preservation, Ash stumbled over to one knee beside where Nightcrawler had deposited the paralyzed Abra and Faust. With the last remaining sense he had, he applied a huge dose to the New Mutants' teleporter, before mumbling out a response that Roan could understand. "Hey. Portals. Home. Now." On principle of Nerd / Jock relationships alone, the two didn't get along. But at least both of them knew what the others could do, and when it was needed.

But that was as far as Ash went. He managed a thumbs-up to Hana after healing Roan, but between blood loss, Brood poison, and pain, there was only so much a hyper-adaptive metabolism and boundless adrenaline could handle. His vision swam in a blur, and with an awkward thump the healer finally went down. Not dead, not even fully unconscious, and thanks to the gooey styptic on his myriad wounds he wouldn't be bleeding OUT... but internal bleeding was rather another story, as was the relatively Right Fucked status of several bones in his shoulder. Hopefully someone would be able to get the big man some help soon.

Ash Avatar for before 1/21/17
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