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 Preparing for the Inevitable, Feb 21st 5:00 pm [Open to Bhood]
 Posted: Jan 4 2018, 08:25 PM

The scene was a perfect rendition of Mutant Town at high noon. The only difference was scores of Trask's Mechanized units stomped through the streets. Paired off in units of two. The sound of gears and heavy footfalls filled the air around the sounds of automatic gun fire. Anytime anything remotely looked like a mutant, or was identifiable as a mutant, those walking tanks would open fire. Spilled scores of casings onto the ground and dropping the body where it stood.

High a top a building, Suvik watched as the mechanized units worked. Preparing to head into battle against the machines once his observation was done. Not like he needed to observe them much at all. He had ran this program on multiple occasions. Every since the March on Trask had revealed that Trask had mechanized walkers to mow mutants down with. Suvik knew this was an inevitability. The day would come when these things marched down the streets of New York, mowing down mutants on every corner.

He also knew the day would come when the others knocked on his door and said, "Suvik, we need you to do something." His methods were not really in line with the rest of the Bhood. Though he could conform to their methods if they would simply ask him to. It was when they did not ask him to that caused the issues. Suvik left to his own devices was and element on a mission that very few could stomach. He was not particularly clean, efficient, but not clean.

Hoping down from his perch, Suvik casually walked to the middle of the roof he was on and uncoiled his tendrils as he pulled that black hood up and over his face. With a running start, Suvik launched himself off the building, a tendril lashing out and tangling around a light pole before drawing tight and swinging him around. His feet colliding with the back of one of the mechanized walkers. Stumbling it forward.

Hitting the ground, Suvik darted to the side as the second one whirled around and tried to get a bead on him. Though he kept moving until he heard the clank of the walker reaching the end of its range of movement. Suvik used some of his stored up energy and amplified his strength. His tendrils slapping around one of the arm cannons, pulling Suvik up to brace his feet on its side and yank hard. The sound of metal being wrenched groaned out as he pulled. The massive guns in the arm firing, bullets striking the other one as Suvik controlled its aim with brute force.

Deftly he scurried over the arm and up onto the cockpit and began pounding down on the windshield, cracking it with every blow before leaping off and taking cover. The second one had regained its footing and had turned to hunt Suvik down. Braced behind a garbage container, Suvik grinned and weighed his options.
 Posted: Jan 14 2018, 02:32 PM

Pyro had a combined love and hate relationship with his gear.

On one hand, there was the fact that the fire retardant gear was a godsend if stuck in a building due to him only being immune to fires under his control. The air supply was great and the obscuring of his features with the SCBA mask made things simpler for him if indoors or if there was excessive smoke. The flamethrowers and fuel supply for them allowed him to pump out ample fire to manipulate and control, enhance and grow.

But dear God. Toad might have managed to lighten it each time he tinkered with it, but it was still a lot of gear and a lot of weight.

Yet knowing it was a simulation set up by Senyaka, Pyro had the feeling he would need every bit of his gear. Mainly as he couldn't see the resident serial killer having a nice and easy program.

Looking at the mechanized creations of Trask's walking about, Pyro knew that this was going to be an exercise. Even for one who could wield one of the four classic elements.

Preferring the advantage of higher ground, Allerdyce shot out a wisp of fire to conserve his reserves, enhancing it and growing it before mentally turning it into a carpet. Solidifying the fire, he stepped on it and mentally commanded it to rise, using it in a manner similar to the flying carpet in Aladdin.

But he knew that it stood out, so he quickly looked around and saw Suvik fighting against a few of the machines. So he quickly descend to a roof and jumped off, breaking up the carpet into several smaller orbs of fire. He sent several out in the distance, and aimed one against the nearest mech to Suvik.

A thought transformed those orbs into spears, and a second thought sent them crashing down.

While that wasn't debilitating to the machines given the fact his mind was split among forming so many constructs, plus the fact his aim was not perfect at that distance, it did at least injure half of the machines. And more importantly, kept them from focusing the bulk of their forces just on the area he and Suvik were in.

But the one that hit the machine near Suvik.....that one he had a lot better focus on.

The tip of the spear whirled like a drill bit, blade turning into an angled screw to dig in deeper. Once it was partway in, John narrowed his eyes and increased the heat, sending small hooks on chains from the spear shaft to encircle the mech, and drag that burning core of heat through part of it.

Glancing down at Suvik, Pyro said "Well. This is a bit extreme of a set up."Triggering his right hand flamethrower and crafting a fireball, he looked down the street and saw mechs coming from both directions. Hurling that fireball and erecting a wall of flame that the mechs opened fire upon, Pyro grunted at the mental effort of keeping the fire in place despite the onslaught of armor piercing rounds. "So any ideas?" Pyro asked, knowing he had a better advantage against flesh and blood targets due to the instinctive fear most had of fire and of burning.
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