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 Molotov, Sonja Simons
 Posted: Jan 2 2018, 11:54 PM

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Celebrity Claim-Deborah Ann Woll

Full Name- Sonja Renee Simons
Nicknames/Aliases- Red Sonja, codename Molotov
Age- 25
Date of Birth- December 13
Faction- Unaffiliated
Occupation- bartender, volunteers at a battered women’s shelter

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At twenty five, Sonja Renee Simons has grown into a tough as nails woman who has her own code of conduct that she sticks to. Call her a vigilante, call her a bitch, call her anything but late to dinner, what you see is what you get with her. She doesn't like to play games, or to be toyed with. She's honest about most things (except her night time activity after the bar). But she's painfully lonely. The loss of her parents combined with her past relationship have shaped her into a woman who is very frightened to let anyone in past the surface, or the first night. A second date is a foreign concept for Sonja. And while she's strikingly beautiful and sexy, it's almost as if she doesn't know it. Or if she does, she doesn't really care-- her looks aren't the most important thing in her life. She keeps in close contact with her twin Tommy and her baby brother and sister, but they know Sonja won't be coming back to Kentucky any time soon. Life on Grandma's farm never was home for her-- home was New York and the discovery of X-Men, who she is also still iffy of getting in contact with because of the risk of exposure. Instead she makes her way day by day on her own.

As far as her personality goes, Sonja pretty much brings her problems on herself with her almost dual natures. She grew up being raised primarily by her father and grandmother who both had strong moral compasses and strict views on right and wrong. Those values were deeply instilled in Sonja, to the point that she still says a rosary every night before bed. At the same time, her father's death rocked her pretty hard. Because he stood for so many good things in the world and he was simply taken from her and her siblings without warning and for no reason other than he was a mutant, she has grown very angry and rebellious. She has her own little way of handling trouble when it crosses the path of someone who can't. She knows how to walk through the fire and let it burn...

And speaking of fire... yeah Sonja likes it. Maybe a little too much at times. She thinks it's pretty, and can be drawn to the flames. She wouldn't call herself a full blown pyromaniac-- that would be wrong and imply she had a problem with the lovely source of warmth. Instead she'd just prefer to say that if there's a fire and nobody's dying inside of it... well she wouldn't stop it from burning.
  • dance
  • the idea of love
  • good friends
  • being a twin
  • sleeping late
  • cold
  • being away from her twin
  • clingyness
  • being “rescued”
  • someone thinking she’s incapable because she’s female
  • loyal
  • sarcastic wit
  • levelhead in dangerous scenarios
  • has a bit of a dark streak
  • hot temper, but quick to cool down
  • holds grudges forever

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Power Name- Flammable Bodily Fluids
Description- Molotov has the ability to secrete flammable liquids through her blood, sebaceous and salivary glands. The sebaceous glands in her palms produce a thick, viscous fluid that is chemically similar to napalm. Combined with a spark she is able to light these fluids on fire. Her blood has a flammability level of 4 and ignites into flame upon contact with oxygen, whereas her sweat, saliva, or “goo” requires an activator like a lighter or matches to combust. Thus why she carries small glass vials around in case of need for a quick molotov cocktail.
Limits-If she is cut or cuts herself deep enough, her flammable blood can burn her when it ignites. She also can not imbibe alcohol or she runs the risk of self combusting the minute it hits her bloodstream. She can not create flame and requires an outside source to ignite her flammable liquids (even her blood must come in contact with oxygen in order to ignite)

Power Name- Non-Flammable Integumentary System
Description- The chemical makeup of Molotov’s nails, hair and skin up to the dermal layer contains flame retardant materials that both allow her to use her powers without burning herself and make her virtually immune to flame. There is a clear film like contact lenses that form over her eyes the hotter the temperature gets to protect the from heat.
Limits-Sonja’s body, below the dermal layer, is not inflammable. Her bones, tissues and internal organs are capable of burning and retaining damage fro fire. Sonja is also incredibly susceptible to cold, and avoids it. If exposed to freezing or below freezing temperatures for too long her body is capable of making her physically ill like someone succumbing to blood poisoning.
Skills & Abilities- Sonja is an incredible listener and extremely loyal friend. She’s scrappy and streetsmart, can pick a pocket or two when needed (or lets be honest, wanted.

user posted image

Height- 5’11
Weight- 150
Eye Colour- blue
Hair Colour- red

Appearance- Red hair; Blue eyes. Legs for days. Typical style: Sonja tends to dress to impress, in sexy but stylish clothes. It’s easy to understand why some people thought Molotov was an Angel of Vengeance, what with her nearly 6 foot tall height and flowing red hair, her well defined muscular arms and legs, curvy bust and the junk in her trunk that never seemed to quit. She’s a stunner in and out of her clothes, and she knows it. Truth is though, she doesn’t care much about her looks. There are numerous scars on her body that remain from activating her blood power.

Her one vanity, or she’d say her one beauty, is that hair. It tumbles in thick auburn waves to her waist, and turns to almost rose gold color in the summers when she spends time in the sun. Sonja refuses to cut it off and opts for low chignons and ponytails to keep the mane off her face.

Gear- There are always at least six different sized glass vials on Sonja at all times.
Additional Information-

Hometown- Taylor Mill, Kentucky
Immediate Family- Mikhal Simons- father, deceased
Angela Simons- mother, deceased
Tomas Simons- twin brother, alive
Morgan Simons- sister, alive
Adam Simons- baby brother, alive.
Others- N/A
History- Sonja and Tomas Simons came screaming into the world to mutant parents, right smack dab in the middle of the living room of the Simons house in Taylor Mill, Kentucky. The Simons were the perfect family of four, before Morgan was born, followed shortly by Adam. Half a dozen big now, Sonja became her mother’s little shadow.

It was after the birth of their youngest though that Angela's health began to fail. Having battled and beaten breast cancer in her twenties, the Simons' thought those trials were behind them. However, a large mass was discovered in Angela's uterus after the birth of Adam, and she had an emergency hysterectomy. Unfortunately, even after removing her uterus, her oncologist found that the disease had spread to her pancreas.

Sonja remembers turning her parents bedroom into a hospice center. She remembers reading to her mother in bed, brushing her long red hair, so much like her own, and not mentioning when there was more in the brush than on the bed. Tommy pulled back, and Sonja held tighter, it was the twins way of trying to keep their mother going. And Angela held out for as long as she could-- but eventually her poor body succumbed to the cancer when the twins were six, Morgan 4 and the baby not even a year old.

Angela's death hit Sonja in the way that she felt she now had to be the mom in the house. Her father, knowing he couldn't be a full time father to four kids in the podunk country, moved the entire family including his mother in law to New York. Sonja grew up then surrounded by family. She longed for the day she would gain a mutation, while her brother feared it thinking that the x-gene was what killed their mother eventually. When her powers first emerged, Mikhal worked with Sonja on control, and on how and when to use her abilities. She was the happiest girl in the world when he voiced out loud the possibility of her attending the Xavier Institute.

All of that changed when she was fourteen years old, and her father was killed. Sonja was devastated. Her father had been her hero-- a paragon of everything good and real in the world. He was gone in a flash. What was the point in being "good" and "honest" if the rest of the world was just going to hate, hurt and revile her for being born a mutant anyway? Add to that the fact that Grandma planned to move the entire clan back to Kentucky, take everything she'd known and loved about her life and her family from her, Sonja was furious. And when she was furious-- her powers went wonky.

Sonja cut herself. She took a knife and cut her arm, watching the blood pool and ignite into flame. She ran away from home that night, afraid she'd burn it down. She managed to get herself an apartment and to finish high school. She met a boy who thought she was pretty, no meant yes, and I love you was said with your fist. The first time he hit her, Sonja forgave him. He was drunk and she’d provoked him. The next-- well her skirt WAS very short and she did encourage that customer who was flirting with her for the bigger tip. Soon Sonja became something of a shut in, going to work and coming home, never going out, not going out, avoiding friends, never speaking to members of the opposite sex. Her world became about keeping Marcus happy.

It didn’t take long before she learned that was not going to happen. A huge fight and trip to the emergency room left Sonja with a broken wrist and the horrible knowledge she’d miscarried a child that she’d not even known she was pregnant with when Marcus beat her to within an inch of her life that time. The knowledge that there’d been life inside of her and there now wasn’t caused Sonja to snap. She went home. She told Marcus. And when he raised his hand to her, she let her powers lose on him for the first time. She lit a match and walked away. If Marcus burned to death or managed to get help before he did Sonja didn’t know or care.

Sonja walked for five hours that night, not knowing where she was. She talked to herself a lot that night; acknowledging what she did and what it meant. She was able to calm herself enough by remembering all the things her father had taught her about her powers and how to protect herself and others. And the decision was made for her then. She was going to protect those who couldn't protect themselves. If that meant bending the rules, breaking a few laws, or not doing the "right" and "honest" thing all the time, so be it. This wasn't a "right" and "honest" world she lived in anymore anyway.

She took a job tending bar in one of the less seedy areas downtown and spends her evenings patrolling for trouble. And if there's no trouble that needs her powers-- well she's never against looking for some of a different variety...

user posted image

Player Name- Shyley
Age Old enough to know better
How Can We Contact- PM for info
Time Zone- EST
How did you find us? magic
Other Characters- Laurie Collins

Role Play Sample-
"You gonna let me in or what?"

How telling those words were of this functionally dysfunctional dynamic between Sonja and David. Of course Sonja was going to let him in. There was no use pretending she didn't know what he wanted when he showed up at her bar tonight. Floodlights soooo wasn't David Summer's scene; especially on a weekend with live music. He was there for her. She knew it, and liked it. So much that when she spotted him across the room, every other prospect for the evening disappeared. David was there because he wanted her, and she had no plans to turn him away.

The way he took control and stepped into the fight had left her craving more. Call her a bit of a sadist, but David fighting for her was incredibly sexy to Sonja. Not enough that she'd go out provoking every horny toad until someone took the bait around him and she got to watch him put the guys face into a wall. But enough that after the bastard slapped her and he came down the alley she was content to watch David do what he did best.

Well, what he did second best in her opinion.

As he gripped her tighter a small noise came thick with hunger from the back of Sonja's throat, and she managed to get the door unlocked. As it swung inward behind her, she placed her hands on both sides of the collar of that mud brown jacket and tugged David inside the apartment. Quickly locking up behind him, Sonja double checked her security alarm and such. Her neighborhood wasn't exactly the nicest of places, and for a girl living alone it was better safe than sorry most of the time. Add in her hobby of going out and beating the tar out of would be criminals...

Call her crazy but she was a safety girl.

Certain they were alone now, the heat that had been building was seeping through her skin like an electric blanket. Coming closer to him, Sonja lazily draped her arms around David's neck, staring up into his green eyes with her own blue ones. Softly, she stood up on tiptoe and brushed his lips with hers gently. It-- well it was a different kiss than the kind she usually gave him. There was a bit of sweetness behind this press of her lips to his. As Sonja pulled back, she gave David a very sexy, and very longing filled smile.

"That was thank you. Fer comin to mah rescue. Again."

Those words had weight. She hated when people thought her weak and frail just because she was a girl. Proving she could hold her own against the evil and plain old assholes of the city had been something of a crusade of Sonja's for years. Her hand lifted to one pale cheek, testing the skin for tenderness. There was a bright red imprint on it from where Toolboy had slapped her, but it probably wouldn't bruise by morning. She didn't want David to see her marked up by anyone or anything but him.

Because-- she did let him in. Few people got inside Sonja's head, and David was one of those few who actually mattered. She'd risk her life to save an innocent person, but she'd give her life to save his if it came down to it. She didn't like thinking that way, but it was as much a part of the world they lived in as her mutant status.

The smile on her lips changed from sweet, to pure longing as Sonja slowly drew the zipper on the front of her vest down to let it hang open. Her figure was on display for him only now,; creamy flesh swathed in lace and marred in spots by battle scars. Leather and lace described the woman before him to perfection-- tough and durable, feminine and sexy as hell.

Again her eyes smouldered with longing as they held David's gaze. "You're welcome to the rest." she breathed, her voice tight and breathy with the excitement for what was coming next.
Charles Xavier
 Posted: Jan 12 2018, 02:27 PM



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