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May 20 2018, 12:17 PM
Waking up at the Baccarat was always a bit of an experience, no matter how used to the hotel Tabby seemed to be. When her eyes fluttered open and took in all of the too-expensive surroundings it was still a bit of a surprise. When she was awake and aware, Tabby was accustomed to her new surroundings, but her half asleep brain was still searching for the things that made the mansion so familiar and homey.

It was no different when she woke up from a quick afternoon nap. For a split second, her sleepy green eyes lazily drifted around in confusion before her brain caught up with her surroundings. From her position on the floor, she stretched her limbs and released a rather inhuman groan that morphed into a shout at the pinnacle of her body's stretch. Maybe napping on the floor wasn't the best spot but, no one had tripped over her so she supposed the old saying 'no harm no foul' came into play.

Rising to her feet and stretching a bit more, and grunted as she felt all the familiar places in her spine pop. She doubted her back would ever be the same after she'd fallen through the floor and gravity had wrapped her body around a desk. She knew in her heart of hearts that she was now destined to be that old lady that constantly bitched about her backaches and reeked of Icy Hot. It was a grim future that lay ahead of Tabitha Smith no matter which way she sliced it. Bugs or addicted to pain killers, neither of them sounded very good.

Her bare feet padded over the soft floor as she wandered out of her shared suite, determined to find some kind of food or entertainment. She mainly wanted to just walk about to shake the sleep out of her legs, but when she got out into the hallways, her eyes and ears perked up at the sound of music coming from the neighboring suite.

Was that Misfits?

She entered with a light knock and a brief look around, a sleepy grin on her face looking for the source of the noise. Oh, it was Ruby. It was both an unexpected turn of events and a moment that Tabby felt she shouldn't have been surprised. It was just insane that someone who was so sweet and quiet was into the harder kinds of music, then again Tabby herself didn't look like she'd be the type to jump on her bed while listening to the Top 40. Locking eyes with Plasma she walked over quickly and gave a little wave to the younger girl.

“Hey, sweet tunes you got going on. Mind if I hang out for a while?”
May 19 2018, 11:21 PM
Tabitha was definitely getting used to romping around the Baccarat like she owned the place, at least when the workers weren't around. They didn't treat her poorly or anything, no, but she felt insanely self conscious in front of them. It was like they knew she would never be well off enough to afford a room in a place like this so she made sure to be extra polite when she was around them or interacting with any of them. Normally she wasn't so self conscious but this time around she couldn't exactly help it. She was way out of her league on almost every level and that was a new kind of experience for her.

Now if only she could find someone to hang out with to help occupy her time more enjoyably.

She'd been dominating the hotel's various entertainment points as much as humanly possible, still sometimes she just felt like she had to escape the confines of the great indoors and venture out into the city, but that was boring if she went by herself. Doing anything by yourself was boring, so she set off on the prowl to find someone to drag along with her on a little stroll around the surrounding area.

Maybe hit up a Starbucks or grab a sandwich at Panera. She wasn't going to be picky, she just wanted to get some fresh air.

As she moseyed on through the halls of the hotel she peered around, looking for unsuspecting victims companions, and she grinned widely as she spotted a familiar shock of white hair.

Maybe Tommy would want to venture out with her? Maybe this would finally be their chance to talk and get themselves sorted out without things getting too serious. She knew she needed to bury the hatchet and lay things out straight for him, but based on their previous interactions she had high hopes that it wouldn't be a gloomy and serious affair. They seemed to be doing okay in group situations, maybe they would be okay if it were just them too.

She darted off quickly, hoping to catch the speedster before he did what he did best and sped off, a wicked grin on her face as she rounded a corner and snuck up behind him. It had been a good long time since she'd gotten a good prank in on anyone, and this one would be good. Guaranteed he'd jump a mile out of his skin. She reeled back with her left hand, wanting to spare the poor guy from encountering Felix in such an intimate manner, and without a moments hesitation she swung her open palm upward and made contact with her victim's booty with an almighty slap.

“HEY!” She hollered as her hand made contact, laughter already bubbling up from the pits of her stomach. “Come get coffee with me, I'm booored.” Hopefully if she kept the invitation cool he wouldn't think their conversation had to be anything but casual and relaxed.

Little did she know in that moment, that she had just groped the ass of a man twice her age.

May 8 2018, 01:58 PM
The equipment wasn't exactly the same as what she was used to using back at the school, but she supposed it could work well enough to stay occupied. The pool was great but she'd only just been to the best beach in existence, so no matter how fancy the hotel pool was, it just couldn't compare. At least not for a few days.

She was at a little bit of a loss to what to do though, the equipment in the hotel gym being a little more basic and 'everyday human' than what she'd had at home. Home meaning the mansion. Virginia wasn't home anymore, if it ever really had been. She knew there was equipment better fitted for the stronger of the X-Men, but she wasn't exactly ready for the big stuff like that. Felix was certainly ready, but Tabitha herself, not so much.

She resigned herself to mostly leg workouts at the beginning, testing the waters on some higher weights than what she normally did and being a little surprised that she wasn't strained quite as much. Maybe her regular workouts were doing more than she thought.

With her earbuds firmly in place and loud angry music blaring in her ears, she slipped her phone in her hoodie pocket. Well, technically this was another one of Stan's hoodies but she was under the impression that once she got her hands on it, it was as good as hers. If he asked for it back she'd give it to him of course, and now that she had two she didn't plan on yanking any more from him, but it still made her laugh that she kept managing to pilfer his with almost no complain.

Once she'd gone a few good rounds on her legs, she decided to start working on whatever else looked like fun, and at that current moment, fun took the shape of a pull-up bar. Reaching up with her hands, she realized the tips of her fingers only barely brushed the bar and she frowned a little. Well screw her parents for making her short. Bending at the knees and giving a little hop, she managed to grab the bar and hang there for a moment before pulling herself upward. With ease. Too much ease.

It only took two pull-ups before she realized what was going on. She looked at her right arm, her eyes narrowed in suspicion. She looked back at her left arm for a moment, and released her grip on that side, making it so that only her right arm was supporting her full weight. She lifted herself up with just that arm, and when her chin went over the bar she looked at Felix with the expression of a mother who'd just figured out where all the M&Ms had disappeared after seeing their child's face covered in colorful chocolate.

She lowered herself back down onto the floor and looked at her right arm in amusement. “Felix, that's cheating.” She knew the metal wouldn't really understand, but she's have to ask Ava how to work her whole body without Felix's interference. She knew the metal would eventually give her whole body a boost because it was so intimately attached and grafted into her muscle, but until then she wanted to be sure the her body was in good shape of its own accord.

She pulled the earbuds out of her ears and took her hoodie off, leaving her in her shorts and sports top. She was a little nervous about exposing Felix in such a public place, but there was nothing she could really do. It was getting too warm to cover it all the time. With a shake of her head, she placed her things on a nearby bench, content leaving them there since she was the only one in the gym. Or so she thought. A sound and a bit of movement drew her attention and she was soon staring at no one else but Glitch.

It couldn't have been anyone else. It couldn't have been someone who was actually nice and would have fun with her. No, it had to be asshole Luca, probably out for more blood. She couldn't help but jump a little when she first noticed him though, he really had taken her by surprise.

“Jesus dude, how long have you been there? Scared the shit out of me.”
Apr 18 2018, 01:35 AM
This was awkward.

This was so awkward.

Her stomach kept twisting into strange knots at the mere idea of facing Mercury after the way she'd acted out on the basketball courts the other day but, Tabby felt like she needed to at least reach out to the other girl.

Tommy had been essentially playing the both of them, and Tabby wanted to make Cess understand that in all reality it wasn't their faults. Despite how Tabby currently felt that yeah, she over reacted and yeah, she and Tommy had never established anything concrete, her feelings were still insanely hurt and she had a feeling Cess was probably feeling a similar way.

So Tabby had to apologize. Not for Tommy's actions, but for exposing them in such an explosive and uncontrolled manner. It was a little embarrassing to admit to, but Tabitha Smith was a big girl and could own up to her mistakes. Most of the time anyway.

She'd been avoiding Tommy like the plague, not willing to even look in his direction, and for a while, she'd been avoiding Cess too, not out of any kind of dislike but out of sheer shame. The mercury girl didn't deserve to be exposed to that kind of blast, no matter how stunned and hurt Tabby had been.

After asking around a little and doing some quiet investigating of her own, Tabby concluded that Cess was most likely homed up in the library, doing … whatever it was the redhead liked to do. It was a shame Tabby didn't know her better, she seemed like a cool kid, especially if she was into basketball.

Her booted feet scuffed the floors of the library quietly, trying to stay as quiet as possibly while also hoping that the entire mansion couldn't hear how hard her heart was pounding.

She almost hoped that Cess would just be impossible to find, that the redhead would be hiding somewhere Tabby just wouldn't be able to find her and the blonde could avoid this potential confrontation altogether, but right when Tabby rounded a corner to check in the back corners of the library, she'd found exactly who she'd been looking for.

Well shit. Now or never.

With uneasy steps, Tabitha walked closer to the table where Cess sat, and sucked in a deep breath before speaking in an uncharacteristically quiet voice.

“Cessily? Hey um, can...can I talk to you?”
Mar 2 2018, 03:19 AM
It had been a long time since Tabitha had been brought home from Sinister's lab and had gone through her month long period of sullen seclusion. Since then, she had re-learned how to smile, how to laugh, and how to be a seventeen year old girl again. So when she came charging through the mansion in tears, the people she happened to cross paths with gave her looks of confusion and concern. She'd gotten everyone back in the swing of 'happy Tabby' again, so seeing her so visibly upset must have been a little strange.

Sadly, she didn't have time to stop for any of them, she needed to get upstairs, and she needed to get up there quick. She wasn't sure what was driving her to go to this one particular person, but with how humbled her thoughts and feelings were at the moment, she wasn't thinking clearly.

Ascending the stairs, she pulled her ball cap off her head and sniffled, biting her lip to keep a tiny sob whine from escaping. She'd gotten all of her ugly crying done sitting in a back corner of the garage, but the residual sniffles still assaulted her from time to time, and she could tell with enough prodding she could probably get another round of heavy tears out, but really she wasn't they type to force herself to cry just to get it out, she wanted it to be a one and done situation.

She hoped that's what this would be anyway.

Wrapping her arms around herself as she sped down the hall she ignored anyone who might have been in their dorms, just as she'd done with anyone who'd been downstairs. She was on autopilot and wouldn't stop until she reached her pre-progammed destination

When she reached the door in question, she stopped in front of it and stared at the wooden structure for a beat, then reached out and opened the door without further hesitation, closing it behind her as soon as she was inside.

“Stan.” Her voice came out a lot more confident than how she felt, and it held a lot of the anger that she was still feeling. She took a shaky breath, dropping her hat on the floor and sniffling one last time finally looking up at the boy she'd come to bother. Really what the hell did she expect Stan to do to help her? As if this was the kind of thing he wanted to spend his evening worrying about, some stupid girl crying her eyes out over some stupid boy, but she couldn't think of anywhere else to go. As it stood, her other friends would have probably gone on the offensive and hunted Tommy down if they'd been able to coax Tabby into telling them why she was so upset, and others probably wouldn't understand just why she was so upset with the situation in the first place. Other friends she had, well, they were mutual friends with Tommy so she couldn't exactly vent to them, so that really left Stan, who would...well she wasn't exactly sure what he would do at the sight of her mascara tear stained cheeks and her lips red from stress biting.

She let out a breath she didn't know she was holding and turned her eyes back down to the floor. She shouldn't have bothered him, and now she felt twice as bad, but she was here, and it would make her look even more stupid to just turn tail and leave.

“Stan...I'm sorry...” Her voice lost all of its steam, and all that was left was a sort of soft and pathetic, hollow sounding version of herself as she uttered his name again, unable to finish her statement.

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