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May 20 2018, 06:45 AM
Given the recent events, it was no real surprise that Ruby was awake in the early hours of the morning. The school was gone. Blown up to help the X-men beat some alien bastards. It had been a week but the fact still felt knew. The school had been her home since August. The only place she really belonged. Somehow she just couldn't imagine it not being there. But it was gone and she was laying awake, staring at the ceiling of one very expensive hotel room. The hotel was still an intimidating place to her. So expensive and clean and there were times when she still felt that at some point, she would go near something, it would break and she would be in so much trouble.

It was times like this that she was glad that she was alone in the room. Back at the school, her roommate, Hana, lived in a robot body and therefore didn't sleep but recharged. It meant that Ruby never woke her up with her nightmares or inability to settle down to sleep. Anyone else would have gotten sick of her before long. Hell, sometimes Ruby got sick of herself.

That night, sleep was not coming very easily and even reading for a little bit didn't help. There was something so... wrong with not having a proper routine anymore. Others were likely to find routine stifling and annoying but she liked it. Knowing what was going to happen next made her feel safe.

Slipping out of bed and padding into the living area, she considered seeing if there was anything on tv, but soon discarded that idea. She was sharing a suite with Alice and didn't want to risk waking her up. Instead she gathered up a few items, her book, her DS, and a Dairy Milk bar and slipped out of the room.

There were various little common areas at the hotel, potentially there for people to just... hang out and she found one nearby and settled herself down to try and relax.

Alex Goya
May 3 2018, 04:06 PM
With the school in ruins and everyone living in the hotel, routine had simply vanished. Ruby hoped this was temporary, once things settled down maybe there would be some sort of routine in place. But for now, everything was.... messy. Sadly this was not something that Ruby liked. She liked routine, it was safe and there were no nasty surprises. Part of her had been afraid that with things the way they were she wouldn't be having tea with David like she normally did. She loved having tea with him. To her it was the best part of the week, and was even better now that the adoption was official.

It had been a relief when she had found out tea was still happening. Even better when she was told it was not going to be in the room he was currently living in. Now that she was sharing a room with more than just Hana, she was trying not to get in anyone's way. Granted suite was big enough, but she was not aiming to make enemies there.

It was getting up for 3.30pm when she made it to David's room and knocked on the door. With all that had happened, she needed some time with her new parent to just unwind and talk about dumb stuff. She was grateful that she had Legion to talk to about anything. He was the one person she could trust with anything. She had lost pretty much everything in the fire, but she still had David and that was what mattered.

"Hey, David?" she knocked on the door and waited. "I hope you haven't forgotten tea time."
Apr 26 2018, 03:04 PM
Laura had not been in class that day, which was not really surprising given what she had been through. There were all kinds of rumours going around, but what seemed to be consistent was the kidnapping. This was the second time that Laura had been taken by someone. The first had been by Sinister, and something that Ruby had unfortunately been a victim in as well. That week was the worst time in Ruby's life. At one point she had been convinced they were all going to die. She could hardly imagine what it was like to be kidnapped again. But she knew one thing had helped, the support she had received from others at the school. Of course, talking about feelings was not something that Ruby was comfortable with. Feelings were.... strange and confusing and she wasn't really used to being able to express them. However, providing food and being willing to listen? That she could do.

After class had ended that day, Ruby had gone back to her dorm room and packed her old backpack with various snacks that she had in her food stash. Said snacks were mostly British brands, like Cadbury chocolate and Monster Munch, which were, in her opinion, much better than American snacks. She had no idea if Laura wanted anything to eat, but if she did, then she was sorted. There still wasn't much in her stash as she taken a fair bit of it with her to the Savage Land, but what ever she had left, Laura was welcome to it. A box of rainbow cupcakes was added to the bag. Ruby had found the recipe on the internet and had been waiting for a chance to use it. Waiting for someone who might need some comfort. Someone who had also always been nice to her, never yelling at her even in training sessions. Someone like X-23, perhaps.

The wooded area of the grounds was yet another place that Ruby had not explored. Not for long though. Having checked all other areas, the only place left for Ruby to look for Laura was in there. Unless... she had left the school... Either way Ruby was going to find out. Still more than a little hesitant, she went towards the trees, hoping to find her team member in there and Gnomes, or Manotaurs, like in Gravity Falls.
Apr 20 2018, 04:10 PM
Ruby had sometimes heard people describe themselves as being so happy they could scream, in fact those words were used in the song Mint Car by The Cure, but up until that day she had never understood that feeling. Of course, there had been times when she had been happy, but never that happy. There had always been a touch of anxiety lurking in the background. But today that anxiety was gone. A huge worry had been removed from Ruby's mind. The adoption was official. Her genetic donors were no longer her parents. They couldn't hurt her anymore. There would be no more yelling, name calling, bullying or mean tricks played on her. David was her dad now and she was safe with him.

Now that Ruby knew the adoption was sorted, there was someone she wanted to be the first person she told. Martyr. He was her mentor and had supported her in all her issues since she had arrived at the school. In a way he was also like a parent to her. He was her other dad. And she wanted to be the one to tell him that she was now Ruby Haller.

With lunch nearly being over, this was probably going to be a quick talk before she had to disappear back to... lessons? That sounded right. Ruby could barely comprehend that such things were happening on such a wonderful day.

Hurrying up the stairs, she was so excited and barely focused on what she was doing that she actually tripped. Not that it did much, just a bruise on her elbow. Bruises were nothing they happened to her a lot when she had minor slip ups with her powers or when she was a bit clumsy.

Finally she reached his classroom and barely missed bashing into the doorframe as she rushed in. "Mr Gideon," she gasped. "It's happened. The adoption is now official." she said let out a little 'squee' of excitement as she said this and ran over to hug him.
Mar 16 2018, 04:13 PM
The time had come for another fighting lesson with Ash. These lessons were very useful and Ruby found that she learned a lot from them. Ash was good at teaching, he was patient and kind and knew what he was doing. Ruby was really glad to have him as a teacher. And to think, the whole thing came around after she had caught him baking. She had kept the secret. She couldn't understand why he was ashamed of baking and using rainbow sprinkles on things, but it was up to him.

She paced while she waited for Honeybear to arrive. This session was probably what she needed. She had felt better after the first session and at that point. Not only had she learned something, she had also let some of her anger out. Said anger had soon been replaced and now she needed to do something about it. She also needed to get the hang of fighting. She needed to stop flinching. It was a hard habit to break, one that been drilled into her since she was little but if she could break it, she would. Since arriving at this school she had been in all kinds of bizarre and scary situations, most of which she had been almost useless in owing to her fear and lack of combat skills. But that was going to change. Hopefully.

Ruby brightened when Ash arrived. She liked Ash, he was always nice and friendly and was so willing to teach. Strange to think that he used to be a member of the Brotherhood. But after finding out about Rat, she was beginning to wonder about them. Although, most of the wondering was whether her friend was safe or not. He said being part of the Brotherhood felt right to him, and she didn't want to force anything on her friend, not without proof anyway. But boy did she worry. Part of her hoped that he would change his mind and come to the school but she knew it was unlikely. All she could do was hope.

"Hi. Thanks for agreeing to give me another lesson. I really appreciate it." she said softly as the giant man arrived
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