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Moon Knight

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May 7 2018, 07:08 PM
The Bitterman Housing complex. Some called it the Projects. Others called it The Hood, or The Ghetto. Those who lived there called it The Bitter End and not very affectionately. Several years ago one of the drug Cartels up from Mexico had moved in to the Bitterman Housing complex and taken over. Setting up shop where they ruled the streets that were run by the local Latino street gangs. Gangs that had all come under the Authority of Angel Guerrero. Or El Azul as he went by on the streets. Under his rule most of the Latino gangs of New York began answering to La Familia Michoacana, a Cartel from the Michoacán state in Mexico.

For several months Moon Knight had been beating the members of La Familia and the Latin Kings, getting information on who the top guy was. Leaving in his wake broken members who in turn spoke to the police. Well... wrote words on a piece of paper. Few were ever left with the capacity to speak. In the matter of a few months Moon Knight had found the name and Location of Angel Guerrero. Unfortunately, the work Moon Knight had been doing had led the Police to Angel Guerrero as well.

With a warrant in hand the police surrounded the Bitterman Housing projects. The Cartel was not about to give up Angel Guerrero, nor the Bitterman projects. As the the police exited their cars to serve the warrant, a hail of gunfire rang out from the Bitterman projects. A few officers were struck by the hail of gunfire, the rest raced back to their cars and called for not only backup, but SWAT as well.

"Cops bet you to it." Khonshu grumbled inside Moon Knight's mind. Moon Knight sat perched high a top a skyscraper peering through a set of binoculars as he watched the back of the Bitterman Housing Complex. "No, they're gonna get mowed down. Idiots." He grumbled aloud as if speaking to someone though no one was with him. Just Moon Knight clad in all white and not really trying to hide. Rising to his feet, Moon Knight dove of the building and fired his grappling hook. Letting his momentum catch him just right and swing him in a high arc. At the Apex of his swing Moon Knight released the claws on his grappling hook and reeled the line in while unfurling his cape and landing on the top of the Bitterman building. His arrival was sudden and unexpected. One of the gunmen whirled around only to be tackled off the top of the 20 story Bitterman building.

Moon Knight fought the man all the way down. Laying punch after punch into the guy as they pasted floor after floor on their way down. At the last moment he bear hugged the man, unfurled his glider cape to slow his descent and landed on his feet. Dropping an unconscious Latin King on the ground beaten and unconscious.

"Angel Guerroro! Either jump out the window now, or I'm going to throw you out one. Either way you're losing all your gold capped teeth tonight." Moon Knight shouted over his shoulder at the building. The firing had stopped at the Cartel watched a guy clad in all white fall from the sky busily beating one of their own. Moon Knight had landed to close to the building for any of them to shoot without halfway hanging out of the window to get a good angle. The police had paused to in order to watch in utter shock. "I'll be right back, and this guy needs a band aid." He shouted at the cops in that gruff angry manner he had before turning around and heading inside the building.

There were cries, shouts, screams. gun fire and five guys flung through windows. Beaten and mangled. One had a half moon shaped shuriken embedded where a trigger finger used to be. "One down Angel! Nineteen to go!"

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