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Jan 16 2018, 01:46 AM
I get to meet my big sister. That single thought had been circulating around the young brunette’s head for most of her trip, her excitement keeping her thoroughly awake for the whole experience. Even though she was a Felidae, Aly had never been on a long distance trip before. She was the daughter primarily kept at home, out of sight, while her mother did her best to squash any joy from her tiny little life. It hadn’t really worked; Alyona was too happy with being sidelined.

By the time the family’s American driver, Gerald, started the car up the long school driveway, Aly was twitching anxiously in the back seat. The trip had taken almost a full day, bouncing the child across more time zones than she could keep track of and now she was finally here; all Aly wanted to do was leap from the car and go find Anna.

First, they had an appointment. Or, to be more precise, she had an appointment. Then she would finally get to meet the sister she had grown up hearing nothing but praise about. Such a talented dancer, your sister. Her mother would sigh when Aly failed to perform as gracefully. Voice like an angel, that Anna. Members of the staff would say when Aly fumbled through her lessons.

Aly was just excited cited to be on her very first adventure.

”I’ll get your bags, miss.” Gerald’s deep voice pulled her from her stunned silence as she took in the sweeping grounds and towering building. Small, gloved, hands fumbled with her seat belt as she shook with excitement. There was a large grin on her face as she wriggled herself free of the backseat, turning in a small circle as she smoothed out her jacket.

”Will you be with me?” Chocolate eyes turned to the man unloading her bags, her grin faltering slightly as he shook his head in answer to her question. It had been upsetting when her mother hadn’t even taken her to the airport, but with the realization she would have to walk into the large building alone, fear tingled up her spine.

Who was she meeting? What if they didn’t like her?

Aly chewed on her bottom lip, collecting her bags and giving her driver one last pleading look. What she didn’t realize, was this man didn’t want to be the one to tell Aly her older siblings no longer went to the school. One of them was dead and the other emotionally unstable; Anna was the last person, in his humble opinion, Aly should be left with.

A hand moved up to touch the braid of thick brown hair, before she grabbed a hold of the handle to her roller suitcase and made her way up the step. Brown eyes stayed lowered as she moved, making sure she focused on where her feet were going. It was the front steps that really gave her a spot of trouble, tugging up her rolling luggage one slow step at a time and being grateful when she made it to the front door. ”Uhm…” She breathed the sound of confusion, rocking from side to side as she searched out a doorbell until she realized it was a school and the doors would most likely be open, especially for those with appointments.

Aly pushed her way through the heavy doors, tugging her luggage after her with a few muttered growls. She was tempted to tell her mother how little help the driver had been, until she took a breath and convinced herself he probably had something pressing to get to. Straightening herself up, Aly dug through her jacket pockets in search of her appointment information as that little excited thought wandered back through her brain.
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