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May 4 2018, 02:59 PM
Finding someone without any real lead to start with was difficult. All that had been known about Viktor was that he dealt in the trafficking of mutants, and the only customer they were aware of was the Russian mob, who in turn had a connection to the Genoshan government. It was information, but not anything that gave a clear starting point to investigate the man any further. That was why it had taken over two weeks and plenty of time spent following potential leads, discovering more than a few dead ands and piecing together whatever information they'd been able to gather for Emma and Notion to get to where they were now.

Using both information provided to her by Kingtide regarding any missing Morlocks as well as her own considerable skills and wits, Charlie had come a long way to narrowing down their search. Emma herself had mostly let her money do the talking, hiring a private investigator to also look into the disappearances of various mutants over the past few weeks. Fenrir had been tasked to look into several cases of mutants or potential mutants going missing, those whose disappearances had been reported to the authorities but whose cases had not yet been solved. By finding out where they had most likely been and where they might have gone, the search had been narrowed down even further.

The signs had pointed towards the western part of Brooklyn, in a neighbourhood known as Williamsburg. That was where many of the mutants whom both Charlie and Nate had looked into had last been seen, while at the same time being in relatively close proximity to the part of Manhattan (including Mutant Town) where many others had disappeared. Having a smaller area to work in than "All of New York City", Emma had then been able to actually find Viktor through a telepathic scan that had taken her the better part of an afternoon to complete. Well, Viktor himself still remained an enigma for reasons unknown, which had left Emma feeling a bit uneasy, but she had been able to find enough people with an awareness of the man in question to follow the final thread that led them to the man's supposed location.

Verve was one of the hottest new establishments in the city, or so Emma had been told. Nightclubs were not her style, so she'd have to take other people's word for it, though she didn't particularly care either way. They weren't there for a night out on the town, their goal was to find the man responsible for the trafficking of innocent people and put a stop to it. Emma's town car was parked a block away from the club, her window rolled down so she could address the three people standing on the sidewalk, each having made their own way there.

For Charlie, this was the culmination of an investigation that had taken several weeks, Emma could imagine that the younger woman was quite keen on seeing Viktor's operation be put to rest. Young Mackenzie King, or Six as she liked to be called these days, was likely there motivated by a need for justice or vengeance, considering Viktor's operations had affected the Morlocks. Emma wasn't in favour of having a seventeen year old girl involved in something like this, but then she wouldn't deny her the opportunity to stand up for her people either. That was what three of their current number were there for. The last of them was... well, Nathan Adler was something entirely different from the three of them, but whatever he lacked in personal motivation to get involved because he wasn't a mutant, he seemed to make up for with a proper sense of right and wrong. That Emma was actually paying him to be there probably didn't hurt either.

"I know frustratingly little about our target," Emma shared with the others. She wasn't happy to be telling the others that she wasn't as well informed as she'd like, but the situation necessitated it. That she, one of the most powerful known telepaths, was unable to get a proper read on someone like Viktor underlined that this was likely to be a dangerous endeavour. "It could be that he's a telepath himself, or has some other means of blocking my telepathy. Whatever it is, I do know that he is currently inside the club." While Viktor's mind eluded her, the minds of the people who were with him did not. If only the man wasn't so frustratingly ungenerous when it came to sharing details about himself, at least she could have gleaned more information about him that way. They did know that the man seemed to have a particular interest in feral mutants, from what Charlie had gathered, but that didn't see like it would be of any use to them currently. Emma had considered passing Nate off as one and offering him for sale, but considering the efficiency with which Viktor seemed to find and capture mutants specifically, the risk was too great that he'd be able to deduce that the man wasn't what he appeared to be.

"I believe he is currently in his office, located beneath the club itself," she informed the others. Why anyone would decide to have an office in the basement was beyond Emma, but then so was trafficking people and yet here they were intent on putting a stop to exactly that. "You three will try and find a way down there, while I remain here to monitor the situation. I will provide you with the means to both communicate non-verbally, and to keep your minds shielded in case Viktor does turn out to have telepathic abilities of his own. I will see if I can't find out anything more useful about our target, but chances are you'll have to rely on your own wits to see this through." Whether that would be enough, Emma didn't know, but then she hardly imagined any of the three needed to have their hands held. "I'll at least be able to help you get inside without having to stand in line or having to worry about being underage," she went on to add. "So unless you have any questions, I think you'd best be on your way." There was no telling how long Viktor would be around for, and Emma did not want to have to spend another two weeks trying to track him down again.
Mar 11 2018, 05:32 PM
"A ponytail, Miss Frost?" the chauffeur of the white towncar wondered as he watched Emma pull her blonde hair up into one in his rearview mirror. He was not one to usually comment on what his employer did, but this was highly unusual for her and he felt compelled to ask.

The woman seated in the back of the vehicle did not mind the inquiry, simply finishing the tight ponytail and offering her driver a smile. "If I'm going to visit the port, I may as well look like a dock worker," she commented lightly, shifting ever so slightly in her seat to get a proper look out the window. It had been quite the drive, and Emma was at risk of running out of patience, but even then she wouldn't forget her manners when it came to dealing with her employees. She had a reputation for being cold, but with those who worked directly for her she was hardly ever anything but cordial. "Please pull over here," she decided suddenly. "This should be close enough."

"Are you sure, Miss Frost?" the chauffeur wondered, glancing out the windows on both sides of the vehicle to get a good look at the area. Emma could tell that he did not like dropping her off at a place like this at all, but while his concern was appreciated it was not necessary.

"I'm positive, Henry," she assured him. "Don't worry, darling, I can take care of myself." Her blue eyes turned back to look outside as her chauffeur did as instructed and pulled over to the side of the road. Emma couldn't see Notion just yet, but she was sure the woman wouldn't be too far off. She had offered the younger woman a ride with her, but had been assured that she would make her way there on her own.

As the car came to a stop, Henry moved to get out of the vehicle and open the door for her, but Emma was quick to tell him he didn't have to. "I've got this, Henry, thank you," she told him as she grabbed onto the handle and pushed open the door. "Please park somewhere well away from here," she instructed him before getting out of the car. This was not the kind of place where you'd expect a Bentley to just be waiting around, and Emma didn't think it wise to draw any unwanted attention. "I'll let you know when I'm ready to be picked up again," she said as she slipped out of her seat, shutting the door behind her. Emma was sure Henry had a ton of questions, she had picked up on most of them as they danced around his mind, but she had no intention of answering any of them. The less he knew, the better.

Quite honestly, Emma didn't know all that much herself. It had been a day since Charlie had contacted her to ask if she was available to help her. Rumour had it that someone rather nasty had started up a business in this area some time ago, dealing in the illegal trafficking of mutants. Charlie had apparently learned about this while working tirelessly to make the business plan they had discussed almost two weeks ago a reality. Sheer coincidence, Emma understood, inquiries about the possibility of providing transportation for those in need outside of the logistics already available through Frost International leading to an unexpected discovery. For those who were victimised by this, it would be a very happy coincidence indeed, for those who were responsible... probably a bit less so.

Why Charlie had asked her for help when there were other options available, Emma wasn't sure, but she hadn't asked too many questions. She trusted the brunette with a very important new business venture, that required a certain measure of trust that something like this comfortably fell within. She had been informed that her assistance was required to narrow down Charlie's search to the specific place where this sordid business was taking place, and that had been good enough for her. Anything else she needed to know, Emma was sure she would be told once she met with her associate.

White boots carried Emma towards her destination, her telepathic abilities allowing her to know exactly where Charlie was waiting for her. She was, of course, clad in white as she usually was, though the boots were a departure from her usual high heeled shoes. Emma had figured that if they were going to go about this subtly, which was the logical assumption to make, not having the click-clacking of her heels announcing their arrival would be beneficial. The rest of her outfit was equally sensible, by her standards, consisting of a pair of pants and a leather jacket worn over a simple v-neck white corset with shoulder straps. Taking out a mutant trafficking ring in high heels and an expensive dress was... well, it was exactly the sort of thing Emma Frost would normally do, but tonight she decided she'd dress the part.

Finding Charlie set up not too far from the main entrance to the terminal, Emma joined her there and greeted her associate with a polite nod. "So, this is where our suspected trafficking of mutants is happening?" Emma's gaze wandered to the other side of the street briefly. "It makes sense, I suppose. Port Newark is the largest container port on the Eastern seaboard." Tightly controlled by the port authority, sure, but if you were clever enough to set up a trafficking ring, subverting the authorities was probably not all that difficult. "And I'm guessing you need me to narrow down the search," she presumed, turning her attention back towards Charlie. "I do hope you're right about this. Not that I'm actually hopeful for the existence of a mutant trafficking ring, but I don't want to make a habit out of visiting New Jersey for nothing." What could she say? Emma had her standards.

"I'm honestly surprised you asked me," Emma added next. "This seems like something you'd want to ask your friend Calvin to help you with." Her telepathy was good, of course, she was one of the best in the world, but even Emma would readily admit that some people were just better equipped to certain jobs, and the Rankin boy had an edge over most when it came to locating mutants. It was a bit disappointing he hadn't been willing to allow her to see how she could make that useful to her cause. "But I suppose I can do in a pinch, my dear. Is there anything particular I need to be aware of or are we simply waltzing in blind? I'm not objecting to that, I'm just curious."
Dec 2 2017, 06:43 PM
Matters of security were not something that Emma usually concerned herself with directly. Oh, she had a hand in picking those responsible for handling that sort of thing, but she paid them good money and expected a job well done in return. A lot of Frost International was run in a similar manner. Emma was only one woman after all, and as her business had grown the need to delegate responsibility had done so as well. Usually this worked out well, because Emma knew how to assess people's qualities rather well, but there was the occasional mishap. Currently, that mishap was occuring right under Emma's watchful eye, and it was her security team that seemed like it would function better under new management.

In their defence, not that it mattered, they were having to deal with a rather unusual threat. Most businesses did not commonly have to deal with any sort of mutant assault. But Emma Frost only expected the best in return for the money she paid, and in a world where mutants were becoming increasingly numerous, knowing how to deal with a threat of that nature was required to even be considered as a candidate for being the best.

Emma remained unconcerned though. As far as she was able to tell, and with her telepathic abilities she was more aware than most other people would be, her security team was currently failing to put a stop to no more than one man. Hardly a threat to her, rather helpful actually, because had it not been for what was currently happening on the lower stories of the Frost International headquarters in lower Manhattan, the fact that her security team was not quite up to par would not have been brought to her notice.

And so Emma simply continued to work, slender fingers rapidly working their way across her keyboard as she worked on her latest report. Shareholders could be such a bother, but this was really no more than a formality. Between Frost International doing exceptionally well and her ability to wind those men and women around her finger without even really trying, she had no more concern about this than she did about the man making a fool of her security team.

When the intruder finally made his way to the top floor where Emma's office was, the one place no intruder should rightfully get to, Emma let out a soft sigh and closed the document she had been working on. Reaching for the phone on her desk, Emma pressed the button that brought her in direct contact with her personal assistant. "Melissa? Please ask mister Whitcomb to come up to my office in an hour. That should provide him with enough time to pull his head out of his ass. Thank you." After a brief pause she added, "I have a guest showing up soon, please show him into my office when he gets here and see to it that we're not disturbed." God knows her trusted assistant would likely do a better job at that than her useless former head of security.

Nov 22 2017, 09:43 AM
There was a certain kind of tension in the air at Le Coucou, though Emma Frost doubted anyone beside herself had noticed it, much less figured out what the reason for that tension was. A young woman, Emma would guess she was in her mid 20's but it could be hard to tell sometimes, sitting a few tables away from her with a middle aged business man she had completely wrapped around her finger. That of itself was nothing unusual, the younger woman was appealing enough, but although her focus seemed to be on her "date", the effect she had was not limited to that man alone. It wouldn't be something Emma would normally take any issue with, not when she herself had the apparent mental fortitude required to remain uninfluenced, but it was affecting her own enjoyment of the evening. She had wanted to do some work while enjoying a good meal and some quality white wine, but when the waiting staff seemed more concerned with ensuring that the other woman was properly taken care of and Emma was left sitting at her table with an empty glass of wine that was just starting to bother her now.

Not interested in causing a scene though, Emma simply sighed quietly to herself and returned her attention to the reports on her laptop; if expecting proper service that evening was going to be an exercise in futility, she may as well get some work done. She would just occasionally glance towards the other table and roll her eyes at those making a fool of themselves for a woman they didn't even know. More power to her of course, because Emma was hardly one to judge anyone else for using their mutant ability - it was obviously that, no doubt about it - to their own advantage, but her admiration diminished a little when her own enjoyment was negatively affected.

Focused as she had been on her work, Emma had missed the moment where she had, for whatever reason, caught the other woman's attention. That was, until her attention was turned exclusively in Emma's direction, and the telepath's acute awareness of most thoughts concerning her drew her gaze away from her laptop and towards the approaching woman. Perhaps someone had grown tired of the man constantly doting on her and was looking for slightly more interesting company? Whatever had motivated Notion to approach her, Emma would rather find out from a safe distance. It didn't take more than a superficial scan of the woman's mind to come to that conclusion.

"I think that's close enough, Miss Page," Emma spoke up calmly, her icy blue eyes turning back towards the financial reports on her screen. "Or is that not what you're going by tonight?" she wondered without yet looking back up at Charlie. "My bad, darling, you meet so many people around these parts, it's easy to get them confused." Not that she would forget about another mutant like Charlie easily, but there was no need to take facts into consideration when you were being flippant. "If you're thinking of using those pheromones of yours on me, I would reconsider" Emma cautioned the girl. A mined as honed as hers was not as easily coerced as that of the average Joe that Charlie likely dealt with most of the time, and Emma would not take kindly to any attempts to manipulate her.

Not that she wouldn't do so herself, of course, just so it was clear to Charlie where the lines in the sand were drawn. Turning her gaze back towards the younger woman, Emma uttered one simple word to her. "Sit." And just like that, any thoughts she might have had to reconsider approaching Emma had been quickly swept aside, momentarily leaving her with nothing but compliance to do as she had been told. "It's not so much fun when you're on the receiving end of something like that, is it?" It was for that very reason that Emma normally did not resort to even a minor act of mind control like she had just now, but with someone like Charlie it felt prudent to make it known that attempting coercion might not go too well for her.

"Now, let's try a proper introduction, shall we?" Emma smiled at Charlie, closing her laptop and pushing it aside. The woman's mind had been her own again since just after she'd been made to sit herself down, so she was free to leave if she chose, but Emma was hoping she would choose to stay around for a bit. Though annoyed as she had been by the lack of proper service Charlie's presence had gotten her, she bore her no ill will and was curious to learn more about who she was and what she could do. "My name is Emma Frost."
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