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Guari Vincent


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May 15 2018, 08:19 PM
Hello. My name is Guari Vincent. I recent found myself in a position to desire enrollment in your institute. I’m currently enrolled in a public high school in new jersey, but after many conversations with my parents we believe that an enriched education for a special student like myself would be beneficial.

I heard about the learning programs from Ruby and Kitty on separate occasions and their testimonies have left me quite impressed. However, my parents are not quite convinced that this is a wise or prudent move for me. Is there any literature or anything I can present to them to elaborate on what Xavier’s has to offer me.

Thank you for your assistance now and for the guidance in the Savage Lands.

May 15 2018, 04:31 PM
When you get lectured and hugged for days hours, you kind of force yourself to learn a lesson. When he walked into his house where his adopted parents had probably grown ridiculously worried. After all he was supposed to be gone for less than a day. Thankfully, it hadn’t been as long as he thought. But, being missing for three days was a lot.

“We thought you were dead in some alley!” his mother, Ellen, seemed to be stuck on repeat as the tears continuously welled up in her eyes. She was happy he was fine, but that was all she was happy about. Each time, he couldn’t help but clench his jaw. He wasn’t sure what to tell her. He was a mutant. Given this climate, he was likely to give her that fear rather regularly. Regardless, it didn’t make it any easier to see her tears. He avoided that with all he could.

His dad, Steven, seemed to be just as concerned. But on a different scale, he was more willing to listen to Guari’s story. It didn’t make it any better, after all he had been kicked by a tyrannosaurus rex. Even as his dad listened, Guari was asked numerous times if he was on some sort of drugs. By the second time he made his way through the tale, they had gotten him a home drug test. Guari obliged. It came back clean.

It didn’t prevent his adopted parents from grounding him to the house. They kept him on a tight leash. No after school practice. No weekend trips to New York. No allowing of anything. It was a terrible time, but it was a good time. It gave Guari a chance to really sit down and try to go over what all had happened to and around him the last couple months. Sadly, it wasn’t just the Savage Lands he was trying to wrap his mind around.

It was as if, somebody had told him the way behind the curtain and once New York had been laid bare before him he seemed unable to step foot in the city without finding some sort of ‘thing’ going on. From running into Danny Rand, THE Immortal Iron Fist, to being trapped in a ‘haunted’ museum to meeting Spider-Man and sort of running for his life. He had found out there was an entire town of mutants, apparently a company that might be trying to orchestrate things against mutants… maybe. Hell he had even had a professional reporter interview with a corporate figure.

And then everything that happened in the Savage Lands.

This down time gave him time to start writing up some stuff for the start of his blog. But he wasn’t silly enough to think that it would be ok to just simply post it on livejournal or something. No, he would need some assistance, but that could wait. He’d work on his material for now. Work on his message, whatever that was going to be.

He’d work on his writing and work on Charlie’s advice. He would train his mind and his body. When he wasn’t writing he was researching. When he wasn’t on his computer he was doing basic exercise; push ups, sit ups, and basic cardio.

He heard his parents talking, wondering if this was ‘normal’. Wondering if he was just trying to get ‘summer body ready’. It sounded good, and the truth probably would have made them worry even more. Each day that passed ate at him as he passively lied to his parents. Parents who did nothing but care for him.

What would Charlie suggest him do?

What would Six actually do?

What would Ruby think of what he’s doing?

What would Connor expect him to do?
Mar 27 2018, 10:33 AM
The place that he had picked out to sleep, he had done so once he understood where his team mates had decided to set up camp. It seemed largely divided… but on this day he had decided make for the outskirts of both camps. He walked with purpose this day, but that purpose did not give him any type of solace. Still he pushed onward as dawn cracked and the sun began to rise over the time cursed Savage Lands.

He eyeballed the distance out to roughly a meter from where she was camped out. “Charlie…” he called out softly, more to not draw any others attention. He hoped it was loud enough to get her attention though. He figured she was already awake since that seemed to be her daily thing. Awake well before the rest of their fellowship and seemingly always ready. “... morning.” He forced himself down to his knees, bracing with one hand. “I hope you are well, have you had breakfast?”

He glanced away thinking to Six’s catch the previous day. “I’m not sure how long the fish from yesterday is good for, but I could try to find you something else.” He stammered on, seemingly unable to really stop himself. “I know we had talked about getting some pig or prehistoric hog for bacon or something bacon like.” he looked back at her, noting her brown complexion, not for the first time, but with a different frame of reference. She had mentioned something before about knowing Hebrew and Arabic… had he just offered a her something forbidden?

“Or… something else…” he averted his eyes from Charlie. He was obviously off to a good start.

Feb 2 2018, 02:14 PM
When your prospective boss, well you’re new boss, tells you to take a trip for a story, you say… ok.

It was starting out pretty nicely too. Maybe his first piece had been a bit heavy on the mutant problem, he wasn’t sure if he had somehow already typecast himself or maybe the wrong person had see the wrong thing and it was found out to be a mutant. He would have to try to figure that out . Then again, that would have to wait.

He was meeting a blue monkey-cat of a mutant, but not just any blue furball of a mutant, this was Hank motherfucking McCoy! Guari looked him up when he first became a mutant. He was one hell of a idol for any mutant, afterall here he was with a quite obvious mutation, but he was still respected and trying hard to make a difference. Guari fought hard not to ‘fanboy’ over the apparent chaperone for the trip. Still, he listened to the well spoken mutant in wonder.

But what was he doing here? Hank was a scientist, so he could only assume he was going to be seeing something interesting, but why were there so many teens and young adults. It reminded him of a field trip for a halfway house or the museum sleep in that he had stumbled upon. Unlike that experience though, he was actually invited this time! And apparently they were going to flying somewhere. He noted that nobody was actually saying where they were going.

Honestly though, Guari didn’t care. Maybe he should have been unnerved with that level of secrecy. Concerned about his potential well being, after all it was entirely possible for somebody to decide a plane full of mutants might go well with a missile or three.

Instead, Guari was concerned about the fact that he was packed super light. He had packed two changes of clothes (complete with two extra pairs of socks), a few snacks (mainly for the plane) and his notepad and charger for his cell phone. But everybody else seemed to have copious amounts of luggage.

But that was the last thing he saw.

To keep the surprise intact, they had put a blindfold on him. Which made his slight jump when Hank took him by the hand almost humorous. “No peeking now, Mr. Guari. I do profusely apologize again for the blindfold but our current whereabouts are, strictly speaking, not for public consumption. However your employer sang your praises and said you were the perfect reporter to document this most unique venture.”

Wait… what? They liked his work? He had barely gotten paid. He had no idea that it was actually liked. “Also your insurance paperwork had not gone through just yet and any injury sustained on this mission would not be his responsibility.” Guari’s pride deflated a bit as Hank continued to finish this task and lead Guari to his seat. Once he was seated and buckled, Hank was already onto another duty. “Now children, behave yourselves. NEENA GET OFF THE JET THIS INSTANT.”

And like that Hank was away doing other things. And so he sat in darkness, listening to people come and slowly fill up the ‘jet’. For a moment he thought he even heard Kitty’s voice. He was tempted to peek and see if it was her. Fear of being ejected from this rare opportunity stayed his hand.


As the jet took off and headed towards its destination, the talking amongst the multitude of people was mostly hushed. Nothing much for him to pick up on and since nobody had told him he could remove his blindfold, he didn’t.

His lack of sight, didn’t hinder his ability to sense the trouble in the air. Something wasn’t going right, maybe it was a inbound missile…

And then everything went sideways, too quickly for him to clearly make anything out. But as his darkness was ripped away like a band-aid over his eyes, the sudden light of day burned. It was ok though, the rush of air was of much more concern and took priority pretty easily since the last thing he was absolutely sure of was that he was in an airplane of some sort. If he was no long within the airplane… that meant he was out of the airplane.

And just his luck, he didn’t know how to fly.

He wanted curse his luck and try to access the situation as his vision tried to refocus and become an asset instead of a liability. Even as his eyes did their job, his brain was even more confused, because he might have known how to fly. After all he was slowly, much slower than gravity had ever let him fall before, falling towards… a jungle? From his height, it looked like an island. Glancing around he saw a plethora of others wafting towards the ground.

They were like leaves on the wind…

He started to yell out for somebody… anybody, but he realized they were incredibly too far away. Whatever had made the ‘jet’ not a ‘jet anymore had dispersed the contents. In his mind he could only imagine a bag of potato chips labeled ‘Jets with Mutants’ and some larger pair of hands ripping the bag open and the mutant shaped chips being flung into the air in some comical slow motion fashion.

And that mental image almost kept him from panicking as he neared the unknown island.


Even though the descent was slow enough to catch hold of a tree and to guide himself in with some quick and decisive thinking, more realistic problems seem to present themselves to his mind. What was he supposed to do? Where was this island? Did he get reception?

As he put his feet down on the ground, he was given some sort of reaction. Or at least sign of life…

Two streaking flares went up in the air crossing each other and making an ‘X’. He shrugged and figured ‘X’ marks the spot. Before he could even do any sort of collecting of himself, he heard rustling. “Hello?” He called out ignorant of the possibility that it was wildlife and not other mutants. “Were you on the flight as well? I see an ‘X’ I think we should head towards…”

Jan 2 2018, 05:11 PM
To the listed number for public relations of Trask Industries:

"Hello, my name is Guari Vincent. I am a new reporter for the Daily Bugle and was wondering if there was anybody I could talk to for a formal statement on the incident that transpired at the Trask building last month. It is to my understanding that there were mutants and mechanical suits or robots involved. Aside from that alone making a compelling article, I wanted to offer your company a chance to shine some light on their side of things.

I look forward to speaking with you soon. Please call me back at 201-555-0540 or email me to schedule an interview at Thank you for your time and co-operation.

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