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Mar 6 2018, 06:44 PM
Chest rose and fell slowly as the teen stared up at the wide leaves she was using to cover her little napping hole, wishing she was capable of getting more than a two hour nap in. Perhaps this was just her life now, no longer able to sleep more than two or three hours as if he body protested for being still for even that long. Or, more likely, the longer she stayed asleep the worse her nightmares got.

Next she would be dreaming about being eaten alive by giant birds.

A light huff was given as she sat up and pushed herself out into the open air. Long red curls had been pulled free of their usual confining braid and Six had abandoned her helmet for the moment. She had spent so much time wearing it, that it felt nice to have the air on her face; even though it was muggy. By the looks of it, the day was still early enough for Six to wander through camp without running across too many bodies as she went to grab a small snack before returning to her little corner.

Strange looking fruit in hand the redhead paused to poke a dying fire to life, scan the area to see if anyone from her team was up yet and then turned on her heel to meander back to her safe place. Part of her wanted to find Julian and say hello, maybe even try to convince her friend to try surfing in the lake, but she knew it was best (until further notice) to just work on staying out of the way and to keep to herself and her team.

Mar 5 2018, 01:26 AM
It had been a busy morning. First, Six had taken off before the sun was up to throw her skinny ass into the sewers, a routine visit to the Morlocks to make sure everything was copasetic. No one was starving and nothing terribly drastic had happened since the last time she had visited. Sure, it had only been a day ago, but she had been worried about her people during the two weeks in the Savage Land; even if it hadn’t actually been two weeks at home.

From there she had opted to do a little shopping, paying for enough to keep anyone from getting suspicious and helping herself to the rest. Six had dressed casually enough so she wouldn’t stand out, not wanting to call attention to herself while she was out misbehaving.

”Can I have a cheese danish, too.” She offered the barista a brilliant smile before handing over some cash to pay for her late breakfast and coffee. The girl would happily survive off pastries, after the terrible survival diet the Savage Land had put everyone through, if she wasn’t worried about completely trashing her training with sugar overload.

Shopping bags were settled next to her chair as she wiggled herself into the soft cushions and wrapped her hands happily around the warmth of her coffee cup, delighting in the slow sips she took of the warm liquid. After a moment or so one hand reached forward to snap up her pastry, indelicately shoving it into her mouth. Six hadn’t realized how hungry she had gotten and the danish just tasted so damn good, it really didn’t take long for her to finish.

Cell phone was fished out of her pocket, scrolling through and typing out some quick texts. A few to various friends to see how they were doing, before she settled back into her chair to enjoy her caffeine fix.
Feb 23 2018, 06:41 PM
A gloved had rested lightly on her rumbling stomach as the teenager stood at the edge of the water, staring out as she contemplated what kind of edibles might live in the lake. The minutes slid by, before she tugged her knife out of its holster on her forearm. The midday sun was beaming happily above her as she waded into the water without a glance backwards. She was fully suited, could breath underwater and was determined to find something delicious to gnaw on.

Because cheeseburgers were not a thing, as much as she hoped they would be.

The activity also gave her something else to focus on, aside from being stuck on an island with an assortment of X-Men and Brotherhood members. Six had been refusing to remove her helmet, happy to tuck herself in corners and stay out of the way of those she had left behind at the school. With everyone mostly doing their own thing, it was easy enough to avoid conflict… for the moment.

The world under the lake surface was as breathtaking as the rest of the Savage Land, Six staring with wonder as she moved slowly. It wasn’t long before she was fully submerged.

If only she had a camera.

Six watched the underwater creatures with pleasure, until something large and shaped like a slimy tube headed her way. With a push of water she flattened herself out of the way as the creature snaked off in another direction, its glassy eyes intent on something other than the water bender. Super gross… She watched the back end of the giant eel until it was too far in the murky water to see, sucking in a steadying breath before she pushed on after something she did want to eat.

The creature that caught her attention next was quickly labelled as “dinner”, the mottled dark gray fish blending in with the bottom it was currently grazing from. It wasn’t moving quickly, but the spikes along the ridge of its back were enough to make her pause. Six waited until it was moving slowly away from her before she pushed off from the ground and used her own current to propel her forwards until she was above the fish’s head. Without a second thought, using hangry to her advantage, Six sliced down with her knife and shoved it through the top of the sturgeon’s head.

Six rolled out of the way as the fish flailed, pulling out her second knife and shoving it through the fish’s eye. The creature came to a twitching stop as Six shifted to pull her catch back to shore, slowly breaking above water as she hauled. A mixture of strength and mutation was used to drag the five foot long fish onto the shore as Six flopped down next to it, panting lightly. ”You’re heavy.”

With a grunt she yanked the knifes out of the fish’s head, careful to miss its spikes as she crawled around and moved into phase two: cleaning.
Feb 7 2018, 12:23 AM
Six was still muttering about dinosaurs two days later as she sat by the fire and worked away at braiding some rope, the way Notion had instructed. It came in handy and gave the teen something to do while she sat watch. Not being able to sleep ended up being beneficial on the rare occasion, all she really needed was a solid two hours and she was back to being wide awake.

Wide awake and filthy.

”Ugh…” The noise of disapproval could be heard through her helmet as she set down the piece of rope she had been braiding, looking down at her dirty gear in dismay. A quick glance was given around the cave they had chosen for the night, shifting to her full height as she eyed up her companions.

”Chuck…” She muttered softly, reaching the woman’s side. ”I need a bath.” Nothing else was said before she trotted out the mouth of the cave, following the feeling of water; water large enough to cater to her current needs.

It didn’t take too long to find what she was searching for, letting out a sigh of relief at the waterfall and river situation. A small portion of her wondered if something was going to leap out and try to eat her, but it was a risk she was willing to take. Fingers tugged at the gloves on her hands, letting them drop to the rocks she was standing on before her fingers moved up to unclip her helmet.

With a slow grin she pulled in the smells of the jungle with a big breath, settling her helmet onto the rocks before she moved quicker. Next was her jacket, hitting the ground with a soft thump, followed by her boots, pants and lastly her top as she created a small pile of navy gear.

Her bare skin tingled slightly as the cool night air brushed over her bare skin, taking a moment to adjust her swimsuit before bouncing across the rocks and tossing herself into the deep section of her found water hole.

Six disappeared under the surface to enjoy the feeling of being surrounded while her fingers moved to unpick her braid. Red hair uncurled behind her like a cape of fire as she swam in an easy circle, inspecting what she could make out under the water by the dim light of the moon.

Guari Vincent

[OOC: Tagging if y'all wanna go for a swim]
Jan 6 2018, 03:23 AM
Six was busy contemplating the success of her very first mission as a freedom fighter while she set up her new water fountain. The addition made of a soft tinkling noise once it was turned on, filling the area with its white noise. Pink lips tugged up more in the corners as her smile grew, fingers playing through the wall of water. Sighing lightly Six turned her attention elsewhere, eyes dropping to the pile of gear on her bed. She hadn’t yet tried it all on, but now felt like a good time.

Padding quietly to her bed the bundle was studied, before she reached forwards to separate each piece out. Nose twitched in contemplation, letting go of her held breath and tugging off what she was currently wearing.

Her previous gear, if it could really be called that, was nothing more than an unstable molecule wetsuit made for training in the danger room. Students weren’t allowed into combat and therefore didn’t need combat gear. Unless, perhaps, they were on a field trip. Six snorted lightly at the memory of her trip to the Canadian wilderness, it had been fun… until the wendigos showed up. Although, she hadn’t found that part completely terrible.

The first thing the tiny redhead picked up was her navy blue top, sliding the garment on before rolling the zipper all the way up to her throat. It was a snug fit, but she supposed it was meant to be. Jeans were replaced by bottoms as she moved slowly to stand in front of her full length mirror. Hands moved to rest on the gap between her pants and top, blinking at her reflection a moment. The fabric definitely felt better and thicker, too. Six felt less worried about her suit being damaged in a fight.

Hands moved upwards to twist her long red curls into a braid as she moved back to her bed, staring down at the leftover bits. Once her hair was contained she reached forwards to pick up a boot. Foot was lifted, teetering slightly, and shoved into her first boot. They were super comfortable, a fact she was expecting to be thrilled about later. Second boot was shoved on, taking the time to fasted them up correctly before snatching up her jacket and sliding that on. Next to follow was her helmet and then gloves, turning the striking redhead into a dangerous looking anonymous person. Red hair that would usually call attention to her was now safely tucked under her helmet and jacket. Her face was completely hidden behind her new helmet and with the new gloves she was sporting, there was no chance of leaving fingerprints.

Six stood with a hidden grin in front of her mirror, hands reaching up to pull her hood up and enjoying what she saw.

No one would know it was her. Six could go about being a freedom fighter without that horrible side effect of people leaving because of it. A twinge of pain rippled through her at the thought of why she was no longer in a relationship, crossing her arms and pouting at her reflection. She was more than aware that pouting wouldn’t get her anywhere, but the situation made her flip from upset to angry and she didn’t know what to do with the emotions.

The abrupt onslaught of sadness left her shaking and moving forward to clutch the mirror stand for support, sucking in a few slow deep breaths in order to calm the twist in her chest. Six used to think there was nothing in this world that would make Kurt want to leave her, but unfortunately her new path had hurled her right into the one thing that made it so.

Yanking herself away from the mirror the teen pushed herself at a hurried pace into the hall in a whirl of tactical gear and flailing arms. With a sob suppressed by her new helmet she hurled herself through the halls of the station.

[OOC: it's all navy. navy outfit. navy navy navy]
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