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May 5 2018, 05:35 PM
Undoubtedly the invitation to go to Broken Bow was a trap. It was also an opportunity. The Brood would know they were coming in with their eyes open and ready for a fight. The X-Men knew the Brood wanted to them show up. Challenge accepted.

For both their public image and for the fact that they needed to act, Jean had assembled a team of volunteers to go to Broken Bow for the so called tour. She would be leading the charge, both because she had been specifically called out and because she wouldn't ask her teammates to go somewhere she wasn't willing to go herself. This was the perfect opportunity to get some much needed reconnaissance and figure out what the Brood were up to.

She had considered going commercial, but had opted to load the team up on the newly reconstructed jet thanking their lucky stars that the sub-basement was tougher than whatever the Brood had dropped on them.

They had been over the plan before, looked at maps and coordinates, and blue prints, gotten the best idea they possibly could of what was waiting for them, but without being on the scene it was difficult to assess what exactly they were dealing with and Jean couldn't help herself from reviewing what was about to go down.

"Alright remember" she told them from the pilots seat. "Chances are we'll have a fight on our hands however this ends up. The number one priority is to not be caught and implanted by them. We want evidence of the invasion and any hints we can find of what their plan is or any weaknesses, but we all need to come back. Shadowcat, you'll take Cypher and Flashback behind the scenes to see what you can find. Forge and DJ you're with me." Jean had spent hours agonizing over how to split the team, but when it came down to it the three of them had the best skills for actually finding information. She had watched Kitty and Doug in the field enough to know they could hold their own and could only hope Aurillion's skills from his past were up to snuff. "We have to expect everyone we come across is infected, from the mayor all the way down. If we can avoid a fight and bloodshed that'll be best, but don't count on it."

She looked from one to the other, meeting all of their eyes. "We know what's at stake."

She got them close to the airport and hovered the jet, letting the infiltration team out. "I love this thing," she told Forge. It flew like a dream and let her break physics.

Jean watched the trio deplane and start the trek south to downtown, before she took back to the air to take the jet down just outside of town, keeping stealth mode engaged. The jet would lock down behind them, not allowing anyone besides one of the X-Men to re-enter it.

"Let's go," she told Forge and DJ, straightening her mask and checking to be sure her french braid updo was holding up. No point in tempting fate with loose hair in a fight. The entire team had been provided top quality disguises meant to not only obscure their features but with added protection to obscure their features if they were caught on any type of camera. Each of them was also outfitted with an ear piece and button camera on their uniforms to catch footage and audio of anything and everything, while the team at home would be able to monitor their progress. "Remember we're the faces of the X-Men, so best behavior. Or as good as we get."

To anyone watching it would seem the trio stepped out of thin air as they made their way off the plane and into town. It was strangely quiet as they walked down the streets towards the designated meeting place at City Hall. :I'm keeping a link open for us in case you can't get to your comm,: she informed the team as they walked and she simultaneously scanned the mental signatures of those around, barely a brush, the mental equivalent of a glance across the room that the subject wouldn't even notice. Every so often was a human, but more and more she brushed against an alien consciousness of a Brood. This place was crawling with them. :Be careful, they're everywhere.:

The media was already assembled and the silence gave way to the click of cameras and buzz of excited voices, but Jean only had eyes for the the party waiting for them. "Thank you so much for inviting us to your town," she announced as they approached. "These are my teammates, Forge and DJ, it's a pleasure to finally be here in person." She gave the watching vultures a smile, as if she was fooled, as if they were winning.

Game on.

Map of the Area | City Map

Apr 30 2018, 07:49 PM
The X-Men got into a lot of trouble, but an oncoming alien invasion was a good enough reason for to force Jean to suit up and do one of the things she hated the most: Public speaking.

She was going to telepathically slap everyone who had voted to put her in charge next time she saw them. It was bad enough when she had to present a paper to a bunch of nerdy scientists. Now she had to get in front of a camera and give a statement to the whole world about aliens. Literal aliens. Who had oh so conveniently disappeared after the battle leaving only pictures from the approximately two and half school cameras that hadn't been totally destroyed and a few shaky camera phone pictures or videos. Fabulous.

At least with her mask and its anti-facial recognition technology no one would know it was her. Or see the bags under here eyes. Being woken up a four AM to have your house torn apart around your ears took a lot out of a girl.

But if Xavier's looked bad (and a smoking heap of rubble was definitely bad) then Salem's Center wasn't much better and already pictures and videos were going viral, news crews were in town, and the world had seen the damage and heard plenty of rumors about the X-Men and other masked heroes running around. That made the purpose of the press conference twofold: to get the information about the threat out and to make sure the X-Men didn't get blamed for it. Jean had been following the MRA bill as it made its way through the stages of development the last thing mutants needed now was to somehow be blamed for the Brood along with everything else.

Of course any progress she made here today would probably be wiped out by whatever dumb stunt the Brotherhood pulled next, but she had to do what she could.

She had insisted they get their act together and get this done today, because if she went on TV on April Fool's and announced their were aliens coming for them well she could imagine the response. Hilarity would ensue and since the Brood had trashed the mansion including her wine supply she was not mentally prepared for that.

Now Marvel Girl stood backstage. A surprising number of media representatives had shown up for such short notice, but since the X-Men rarely made any type of statements she supposed they all wanted to capitalize on the story.

Or maybe it was a slow news day.

"It's almost time," one of the techs said breathlessly.

"Thank you."

"But first, can I have your autograph? His too." She gestured at Iceman where he stood, because there was no way in hell Jean had been about to go out there without someone to watch her back.

"My autograph? Sure." That wasn't a request they got every day, especially not lately, but it had happened often enough that she had long since perfected one that didn't bear any resemblance to her actual handwriting. There was no reason to give an uber nerd the means to track her down.

Still maybe it was a good sign for what was about to come.

Probably not.

When they were told to go, Marvel Girl strode forward to take the podium, ignoring the flashing lights of the cameras going off and trying to look collected and confident. She had the nagging feeling that someone went out and did this in literally every alien movie and that it never actually worked. President Kelly would probably show up any minute now to scoff at her and say it was an isolated incident.

"Good Afternoon. Some of you already know me, my name is Marvel Girl, the leader of the X-Men." That felt weird to say to a crowd even after a couple months, but no time to dwell on that. "Some of you may already be aware that early this morning the town of Salem Center suffered an attack and that some of the X-Men along with others were able to make it to the scene. One of the creatures was inserted in the body of a young woman and able to communicate with us. These creatures, the Brood, are extraterrestrial in origin, but had left an outpost of sorts in Broken Bow, Nebraska. This morning a large force appeared and attacked." A picture of one of dead Sleazoids that had been mostly in one piece was flashed onto the screen behind her. "Our intelligence suggests that the Brood comes for planets in an effort to take them over, this is quite literally the vanguard of an extraterrestrial invasion."

There was some murmuring from the crowd but she ignored them and pushed on. "These creatures seem to be able to implant themselves inside people and displace the person, controlling their actions and using them to get to their loved ones. The Brood are vicious, organized, and intelligent. They have targeted us, all of us.

"We must stand together now against this threat, but I ask you not to take them on alone. The X-Men are standing ready to fight, to defend Earth and everyone who calls it home. They are difficult to kill, but it can be done. Be vigilant. If something doesn't seem right it might not be. Please, alert us if you need us."
The picture of the Brood was replaced by a phone number they had set up for just this purpose, a Brood hotline as it were. "If we learn anything new we'll be sure to update you. That's all I have."

She had made the decision not to mention they were specifically targeting mutants for better or for worse. There was no reason to have any authorities monitoring them more closely, she could only hope the mutants out there alone would take precautions, just like everyone else. None of them were safe and knowing that might only make things worse. She was second guessing it now, running over everything she had said and left unsaid. Had it been enough? Was anything she could do now actually enough? They had been trying to catch up ever since Backup told them what they were facing. There was no reason to think this would be any more successful than their previous attempts.

Somehow Jean had the sinking feeling that any move they made was already too little and too late.
Apr 10 2018, 12:08 PM
Giving an order not to act felt wrong and when she had finally extricated herself from the heated meeting Jean had more or less given up on it being a productive day. On second thought that was information that could have gone out in an email. Or just not been given out at all. This policy of transparency was just a headache waiting to happen.

Of course the last week and a half had been one massive migraine anyway. Between her own worries about the missing girls, the constant use of Cerebro trying unsuccessfully to track them down, and having to hear and feel everyone else's thoughts and anxieties meant that she had taken enough Tylenol and Advil to probably give herself liver failure and an ulcer.

On the bright side if her organs started failing maybe she could take some time off. She'd insist they take her to a normal hospital instead of letting Merry and Kaylee treat her, since either one of them might just run a line of air into her over Neena going missing on her watch and her refusal to immediately launch the team into a rescue mission that was probably whoever had them's way of getting to the X-Men. A nice hospital stay would probably be relaxing after this.

"How'd I even get to be in charge Darwin?" she asked as she and the puppy walked down to the lake to what would hopefully be a few minutes of quiet. "I was much better at just telling Scott how bad of a job he was doing." Which hindsight being twenty-twenty may not have been the best way to help the leader, but she had made a much better behind the scenes player than the one the spotlight was on. Sure, she had shown up to the meeting, game face on, and delivered the plan without letting them know how much she was doubting it was the right decision, but inside she wasn't sure. Maybe she was being paranoid. Maybe it wasn't a trap. Maybe Laura really was that good that she had gotten free long enough by herself.

Or maybe if she took the team in blind she would just get them all killed.

Darwin however did not suddenly decide to be a fount of wisdom as in answer to her question he took off along the shore barking wildly at nothing before he got distracted by his own tail. Well. At least someone was having fun.

She shoved her hands into her pockets, looking out across the water. She was going to have to go back sooner or later and pretend she still had an excellent plan, while praying the security team turned something useful up. Or that Logan called back. He would have known the best way to go about getting into the place and getting them out. She had to hope that he was actually already on their trail and had opted not to tell them. She hated the lack of trust, but it was better than the alternative that he had either finally figured out a way to get black out drunk and didn't care about the teenager who considered him her father and the little girl who he had known her whole life or had gotten himself into some kind of trouble.

The sound of someone approaching made her straighten up and wipe the worried expression from her face. If it was one of the kids or the younger team members the last thing she needed was for them to see her uncertain.

Apr 3 2018, 08:54 AM
The old saying was true: when it rained it poured. Kidnapped students, possible possessions, students rushing out to investigate, the whole night had been one thing after another which meant word needed to go out to the whole team. Whether they all showed up at seven AM was another story, but the X-Men had been notified to be in the war room.

After ten long days they finally had a lead. Somehow, Laura had gotten a message out of where she and Neena were and Hana had managed to intercept it and bring it to their attention. The voicemail was painful to listen to and it was with a carefully set face that Jean had called the team together, including pinging a still absent Wolverine on his comms. She highly doubted he was anywhere other than out there looking for the girls, but she would rather have him with the team instead of striking out solo against Weapon X, because if that was truly who had the two than it was going to take all of their resources to get them back and she didn't like their odds for escaping unscathed.

She was somewhat skeptical of the message as well. Hana had assured them it was indeed Laura's voice, but why now? How had she gotten her hands on a phone of all things and why was Julian the person she chose to call instead of the school? It was so convenient, too convenient, that the logical explanation was that it was a trap. If they weren't above kidnapping mutant children for their experiments, Jean was certain they would love to have a few more mutants in their hands.

She couldn't leave them, but she couldn't lead the team into a trap without every bit of information she could get either; a decision which she hadn't made lightly and predictably was not going to win her any popularity contests with the New Mutants or the Myles clan. But she wasn't there to make friends, she was there to make sure any action they took was the one with the highest chance of success: and immediately storming a base they knew nothing about when they were expected, practically invited was not it. A harsh practicality said that the episodes of the voicemail were now hours old; if they were met with the worst case scenario and one or both of the girls were dead than she didn't help anyone by getting everyone else killed along with them.

"The security team will look into these coordinates. I want the location pinpointed and then I want to know everything we can find about this place. We'll set up remote surveillance, entrances, exits, who's there." She didn't have to elaborate the seriousness of the situation to those present, they knew. "Once we know better what we're up against we'll come up with a concrete plan, but you know the drill. Go in, get them out, and go. No kid gloves." It wasn't an order the X-Men handed out lightly, but the people they were up against were apparently not above torturing a six year old and opening fire on a teenager. "Stand by for assignments." This was the type of mission you took the A-Team on, but the mansion could hardly be left undefended either, not when there were strange messages coming and someone, or maybe something, was after Shane and maybe the students as well. "Meanwhile, we need to get to the bottom of what is going on with Amelia, which means we need to stay on high alert at home as well. Screen every last visitor. I don't care if it's someone we think we know, I want a physical and psychic scan and if you think you have a lead, for the love of God, don't run off solo after it." She glared at the attending members. "We're a team and from now on we're going to act like one."

It was becoming clearer every day; they were in disarray running off left, right, and center to play hero and it wasn't working. People were getting hurt, trust was being broken, and they couldn't afford to go on like this.

"The students don't set a foot out of this mansion on some kind of rescue attempt, there won't be any stowaways, we tell them the truth, we're going to get Laura and Neena and nothing else." The last thing she needed on her hands was a coup, the facility was already mentioning Olivia and Julian by name, the kids didn't need to be anywhere near them.

Little did she know that the New Mutants were already privy to this information thanks to Hana listening in on the meeting and that already the decision was being made.

If the X-Men weren't going to stage an immediate rescue the New Mutants would.

Tagged all the X-Men and involved NMs for situational awareness, open for their responses if you want.

Ace, Anonymoogle, Bry, Charly, Fishy!, Franny, Hank, Jeremy, Mia, Noiz, Pete, Rocki, Zel
Mar 6 2018, 10:54 PM
Two weeks which had apparently only been a day and four days which had apparently been three years stuck in a jungle was still not enough to make Jean forget or ignore Mimic's birthday. It might have been enough for him to feel like he deserved to stay in bed stuffing his face all day, but unfortunately for him, Jean had other ideas. She had scoped out the restaurant weeks ago, before any Savage Land weirdness happened, and she wasn't about to let this opportunity go by. Besides if he had been stuck there for three years what he really needed was food and ice cream and possibly puppy therapy. She had even put in the cake order, because she knew better than to think she should make one herself: maybe if he wanted a brick with frosting that would work, but she wasn't going to put Cal through that. Again.

Back in real clothes that did not include any ugly hiking boots, denim, or thick socks, but rather an actual dress that it was really too cold for, but layers Jean made her way towards the place in question. From the outside it looked like any other storefront, but on the inside it was made over to resemble a provincial Italian town, not entirely unlike the one Calvin had took her to a few months back.

Their table was tucked away in the corner and she sent a text informing him of where to meet her, tucked his present under the table where he wouldn't immediately see it, and started scrolling through her Facebook feed. At least they hadn't been gone long enough for her crops to wither. That was the weirdest part of the whole thing, coming back home with everyone wondering where the jet was and why they all looked so rough. Of course there was the whole magic aspect of their return trip too. She couldn't exactly say she was unhappy with the sorcerers after all she wouldn't have wanted to be stuck there any longer than they had been, but she didn't think magic would ever be her favorite way of doing anything. It was too unpredictable and if there was a rhyme or reason to it she didn't understand what it was. There was a reason she was a scientist.

Luckily, Calvin showed up cutting off her brooding about magic. "There you are! Next year maybe we'll have an actual party, but I thought stuffing you with food was probably the best thing right now." Also if she threw a party for Calvin the participants might try to kill each other and Battle Royale did not make for a happy birthday.

Unless you were Logan. Now there was an idea for his birthday.
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