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Apr 20 2018, 04:37 PM
As he sat in Henri’s office Kaine’s eyes rolled back in his head as he stared at the dossiers spread out before him on the desk. Henri was a senior member of the Thieve’s Guild and in many ways embodied that saying about how you should beware the old man in the profession where most died young. The owner of the office was a cagey old timer that had lied and cheated his way around the world stealing from the filthy rich and dangerous and had lived to tell the tail. That was more than could be said for many of the younger thieves he had mentored and overseen throughout the years.

You wouldn’t know that this older gentlemen wearing a modest yet well kept suit was an extremely well off criminal. The office was a small rented space over a mom and pop store in Hell’s Kitchen that was short on space between the chairs, floor safe, lockable filing cabinets, and a weathered mahogany desk which dominated the room. Then again Henri probably was an extremely well off thief because he went against the grain when compared to many of the other members of his guild what with his humble and professional presentation.

“Henri,” Kaine asked wryly as he focused his attention back on the files on the desk, “Why do the shitty people always become a concern all at once?” The thief chuckled as he placed a cup of coffee on the table for his guest before settling down with his own.

“Well my very scary friend,” Henri said between sips of his coffee, “I don’t like contacting you until I know the work involved is serious enough to justify taking up your time.” Each of the folders in question had the name and photo of criminals of violent persuasions that were making life difficult for the Thieve’s Guild and as per the current arrangement between the thieves and assassins they expected these problems be dealt with in a final manner. Kaine being the assassin normally tasked with handling these in-house requests was here to review the files and determine if other guild members should be handling the contracts, if he would have to handle them personally, or if he could use the targets as field training for the younger guild members.

It was going to be a long afternoon for threat assessment it seemed. At least Henri always had decent coffee.

Sep 29 2017, 10:36 PM
Kaine had to admit that the X-Men had nice toys and their Danger Room had to be the nicest one of the bunch. Hard light holograms that could be tailored to simulate damn near anything from exotic locations to seedy underground fighting tournaments it seemed to be able to do it all. The big scarred clone owed Logan suggesting he run a few different scenarios with Beast as it served as stress relief for the often surly clone and with the sensors attached to his regeneration suit it would give McCoy even more data to use for researching Kaine’s condition. Yup, knuckle knives most definitely deserved the bottle of high test moonshine that Kaine had gotten from one of the older guild trainers that made his own liquor as a hobby.

The scenario that Kaine was currently running involved members of that Purifier organization that had been in the news. All heavily armed and trying to box the blue suited clone in on some subway platform. As the sound of gunfire filled the air Kaine’s spider sense roared to life and instinct took over. His dark purple tattered cape billowed behind him as he dove towards a concrete pillar as automatic fire chipped away at fake concrete around him. A handspring shifted into a foot first dive at a wall before launching towards the closest target. A buzz from his spider sense made Kaine twist in the air to slip through hail of bullets as he came within reach of his foe.

Without even touching the ground Kaine spun in the air and smashed a backfist the black garbed fanatics jaw with enough force to shatter multiple vertebrae. Touching down on the ground he fired a webline towards a different Purifier and pulled him into the line of fire where he soaked a large number of incoming rounds from the others. Kaine grabbed his first victim and used him as an improvised shield against bullets fired by remaining Purifiers as he shouted at his training partner over his shoulder,

“So Doc, what am I going to have to do to be allowed to hit this place up again the next time I need to blow off some steam?”

Aug 25 2017, 07:41 PM
It was a beautiful crisp day outside the Xavier School for Gifted Youngsters. The weather wasn’t too cold and the sky was bright and sunny making it one of those winter days that was perfect for a quiet winter stroll. Or at least it was perfect everywhere but the front gate as a large long haired man was almost yelling into a portable phone while he brandished a metal briefcase in his left hand with wild angry gestures.

“God damn it you runty knuckle knived badger,” Kaine yelled as the plastic of the cheap burner phone in his right hand began to crack, “You said you’d be out here to meet me at 11:00 AM to let me onto the grounds so that your resident witch doctor could take some tissue samples and study the equipment I use to stay alive.” Kaine kept pacing back and forth in front of the gate becoming more irritated as he continued ranting.

“And to top it all off you can’t even pick up your phone when I call you so god help you if you don’t check your voicemail.” A snarl was on the face of the large malformed man as he ended the call and inadvertently pushed his thumb through the cheap flip phone. With a casual toss he threw the ruined piece of plastic and silicone at the school’s brick wall shattering it beyond all hope of repair.

Kaine was trying to be a good sport about all of this. He knew that meeting with this scientist that Wolverine knew might be productive for both himself and the group of people that the hairy cuisinart ran with. He had spent the past 24 hours outside of his regeneration suit to make sure that there was nothing preventing them from taking accurate tissue and blood samples. He even brought his regeneration suit and fresh canisters of the chemical mix it used to keep him alive so that they could be studied separately. Hell, he even agreed to dress nicely when Bella found out that he was going to interact with the staff at Xavier’s as she didn’t want a guild member looking shoddy if there was a chance of running into Betsy Braddock.

So here Kaine was dressed in a tailored suit and overcoat that Bella had arranged for with his face covered in bandages waiting for his diminutive acquaintance to show up. Either Logan showed up soon or Kaine was going over the wall and saying damn the consequences.
Jun 24 2017, 05:00 PM
One of the wonderful things stemming from being a clone of the amazing Spider-Man was how easy it was to traverse the city. So easy in fact that the first generation clone was able to more or less go on autopilot and think about the strange circumstances that had brought him to New York. Kaine could honestly say that life was throwing him for a loop. He hadn’t expected to be in the Bronx let alone New York due to wanting to minimise the odds of running into his gene donor. Hell, what really surprised him was the fact that said gene donor was the reason for being in the city due to him more or less throwing his employer off of a roof to street level while she was dealing with a contract.

He sighed as he launched himself through the air clearing a city street in a single bound, landing on the other side without breaking stride. Peter stopping Bella meshed with what he knew about his counterpart from news coverage and from what Dr Octavius had told him. The level of aggression and violence didn’t. From what he had been told by members of the guild when they bundled him in one of their private jets and shuttled off to LaGuardia Peter had either been replaced by a copycat or his outlook on life had shifted dramatically. Kaine was a tad curious about the situation but in the end it didn’t matter. He was in town because the boss had called and she wanted him to break someone.

Eventually he made it to the address given to him for Bella’s New York accommodations. Landing noiselessly on the roof. Crouching down he took in the view of the neighbourhood and noticed that the late hour was working in his favour as the relative lack of foot traffic on the nearby streets and darkness of a November night would make it difficult for someone to notice him slipping in through a second story window. With an ease that belied his large frame Kaine slipped over the side and began crawling towards the window his instructions had directed him to where he knocked on the window frame.

Bella Boudreaux John Radigan
Jun 2 2017, 01:33 PM
There were times where Kaine didn’t care for the work that he did. Being a member of the Assassin’s Guild often meant that you had to take care of other people’s dirty work. Quite often that meant you might have to do things that made your skin crawl. Things that made you feel like no matter how long you stood under a shower that you’d never be clean again. As he was barricading the exits of a motor cycle club in Jackson Mississippi on a dreary night he knew that this was not going to be one of those times.

Months ago a young man by the name of Terry Hayes was found dead in the street outside of this very club. His body was found on a fairly busy street, the police found witnesses that identified his killers as being members of the Dogs of Hell, the gang that ran the clubhouse. There was even time stamped footage from a nearby business’s security camera that showed him crawling to wear his body was found. Yet when things went to court it all fell apart. Witnesses recanted the statements they gave to the police, evidence disappeared, and the prosecutor didn’t push very hard when it came to going after the accused’s alibis. The perfect storm of bullshit was capped off when the defence reminded the court and public at large that Terry Hayes was a mutant.

It didn’t matter what the dead man was capable of because the seed of terror had been planted in the everyone’s mind. A sliver of doubt based on the fact that even if these men had been in a fight with Hayes that they must have been defending themselves against the dangerous unknown powers of the mutant. When the case was thrown out the Hayes family and anyone with an ounce of reason understood what had happened. An innocent man had died and his killers had gotten off scot free through intimidation, bribery, and manipulating the fears of those in the courtroom and at large.

What his killers hadn’t taken into account was the fact that their victim’s father was both a wealthy man and a well connected one. When he knew that his son wasn’t going to see justice done he made his own arrangements to see that the killers and the rest of their gang didn’t get to do this to another family. A few phone calls, a face to face meeting, and a brown envelope later and the Guild had sent Kaine to wipe this chapter of the Dogs of Hell off of the map.

With most of their exits blocked off Kaine began walking around to the front of the club. On his way he spied the electrical service for the building. With a predatory smile visible under his mask Kaine latched onto the conduit which had the cables supplying power and without even slowing casually pulled. With a flare of sparks and crackling arcs of energy the power was cut as the cables snapped. Kaine kept walking tossing the segment of broken metal up and catching it again.

Just before he reached the end of the alley and stepped out into the street he heard someone cursing and that someone quickly rounded the corner. Kaine could see that they were a member of the biker chapter by the patches on their vest which meant that they had to die. His victim saw Kaine’s towering form step out of the shadows,

“Oh shit,” he said as he turned to run though he wasn’t fast enough. One web line later and the biker found himself being hoisted off the ground with Kaine’s hand on his throat and the jagged piece of pipe was driven through his sternum pinning him to the side of the wall like a grotesque butterfly in a collection. With his first victim down Kaine left the alley and quickly made his way to the the club’s main entrance. Another club member was standing guard at the door but Kaine was on top of him in a single bound before he knew what was happening and his head was driven into the concrete of the sidewalk.

Lifting this new carcass Kaine launched it through the door with ease knocking it off of its hinges causing cries of alarm to come from inside the club as the disfigured clone was silhouetted by the light of the street lamps behind him. In a matter of seconds his spider sense came to life as bikers began pulling out blades, chains and guns. Again, Kaine smiled knowing that these were all people that deserved what he was about to do to them and he lept into the middle of the crowd.

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