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May 7 2018, 11:20 AM
Sometimes the world needed to be solved by Italian food instead of superpowers. After all that had happened over the recent weeks, both Shadowcat and Spider-man needed to be Kitty Pryde and Peter Parker for a bit before their heads exploded. Jumanji, aliens, alien invasions, and explosions, it was basically just a game to see how much either of them could take before they finally snapped or broke down. And so Peter had proposed a date night (conveniently on his next payday), where for the whole of friday they were Not Talking About Hero Stuff. No masks, no costumes, no aliens, just a normal couple talking about all the normal stuff neither of them really seemed to do much anymore. Nothing more complicated than dinner reservations and valet parking - Peter had even worn a tie and borrowed his aunt's car for the evening to further prove that they were Normal tonight. No matter how much easier it would have been to web-sling (though while he'd resisted the urge to bring his mask, he'd still slipped his web shooters into his pockets out of pure paranoia)

Of course, given Peter's relative budget, Giuseppi's Fine Eatery was a step down from the class of the Baccarat hotel the X-Men had been staying at (and he'd definitely made sure to swing by the area on his night patrols). Classy, yes, but not the classiest. However, the tablecloths were a lovely shade of pink rather than white, a reprieve from the overbearing shade of "pearlescent" that the the hotel had. The kind of classy Italian restaurant that still wasn't afraid to put pizzas on the menu right next to all the fine pasta plates. Peter had resisted the urge to order that, and instead opted for a tortellini carbonara.

"Man, I forgot how good cream sauces are. I cook pasta stuff a lot, but I'm normally a red sauce kinda guy." He said, after sampling his entree with a smile. The same smile of being glad to just have a night off with the girl he loved, without aliens or mutant vigilantes or crime lords ruining everything.
Given Peter's luck, though, it was only a matter of time before a shoe dropped. One always did. There was a rule somewhere that no matter what the situation was, Peter Parker was not allowed to catch a break.
Apr 4 2018, 04:14 PM
Just once, Peter wanted to find whoever ran the comedic timing that seemingly was his life, and punch him in the teeth. It was getting old fast. Luckily, the member of Xavier's security that had been on shift today was a teeny-tiny superspy, quite possibly the only member of the security staff that he hadn't personally annoyed (and wasn't currently dating). Matt had, thankfully, understood the fact that he'd literally walked out the school's front at just the worst possible time.

While it had led to Peter explaining to Shortpack that he knew about both his clones, and some of the details of why Kaine was mad at him, there was only so much to tell. While Peter knew that Kaine was part of the same organization as the rooftop shooter he'd thrown off a building during his symbiote-suit days, he didn't know what that organization was (other than that they were Very Bad News). Likewise, while he and Ben knew about each other, and had met a few times since realizing their relationship, Peter didn't actually know he was going to Xavier's school. For a guy who was a professional superhero, a photojournalist, and quite possibly the smartest person his age in the country, there was a staggering amount Peter still didn't know.

Luckily, he knew who to ask. And as the debriefing was wrapping up, just after Peter put his mask back on, something came to his mind. "Hey. Uh... silly question. Are you any good at gathering intel? Cause there's a.... case I've been working on, over in the city. A guy I'm trying to take down. But... he's not the kind of criminal I can handle the old fashioned way."
He leaned back in his seat, but at this point he was fairly confident in the fact that nothing he said in the X-Men's security office would leave the room. "Goes by Hammerhead. He's... I think, right now, the head of pretty much all organized crime in NYC. Old-timey Italian mafia type guy, like... really old-timey. Like 'I can't believe he's this cliche' old-timey."

He crossed his arms, wearing a look of frustration under the mask and goggles. "As far as I know, the Kick circulation in the city traces back to him, but I don't know how to prove it. He also murdered a friend of my family, Mr. Delmar, and his whole family, because he tipped me off about him." He gave a heavy sigh. "And the worst part is, I'm pretty sure I'm the reason he's got the power he does. He moved in right after Danny and I booted out the Russians." He looked back over to Matt with a hopeful look, though one hidden by the mask. "I've been doing the Spidey thing for years, but this is the first time I'm dealing with a criminal I can't just beat down and string up for the cops. Heck, I wouldn't be surprised if this guy has some of them on payroll... I don't know what to do."
Mar 6 2018, 02:23 PM
As much as Peter's adventures with the X-Men kept his inner science major annoyed - what with the continued destruction of the laws of physics, time, and space - he was glad to be home in a reasonable time. He was less glad that he'd basically destroyed the brand new suit that the X-Men had made for him, but thankfully they were okay with him staying an extra day for repairs. And Shadowcat was certainly more than okay.

Still, all good things had to come to an end, and the web-slinger had to return to his old haunts. Mostly to do Peter Parker things, not Spider-man things. Between actually having a social life for the first time ever, and with him graduating from college in only a scant several months, he was rapidly running out of ability to juggle all those Great Responsibilities in his life. He'd have to figure out something, but so far he hadn't come up with any good ideas yet.

Luckily, he wasn't going to have to be thinking about such a thing for much longer.
Unluckily, because this was Peter Goddamn Parker's luck, it was for a rather distressing reason. Just as the web-slinger (still in costume, thankfully) opened up the front door of the school to head out... he found himself staring directly at Kaine's burly, regen-suit clad chest. He blinked behind the mask for a moment, then sloooooooooowly looked up. And when he confirmed who it was, his stomach dropped for a moment. 'Don't mention the thing. Don't mention the thing. DON'T MENTION THE THING!'

"Oh heeeeeeey there... big guy... I'll just be going... now?" He said, trying his best to edge around the giant spider-clone on the school's front porch. "Give my apologies to your, uh... colleague?"
Yep, this spider was about to get squashed.

((Kaine, then Scarlet Spider, then Open to anyone at the school))
Dec 22 2017, 04:49 PM
This was officially the best Valentine's day, and they hadn't even gotten to the gift giving yet. After dinner, the pair had absconded to an abandoned loft in the city to give Shadowcat a chance to spring whatever clothing based surprise she had in store for the evening. Spidey had a handful of these places scouted around the city, all top-floor apartments and the like that he knew weren't owned. They were perfect places to crash or hide emergency supplies, or take a mid-crimefighting bathroom break, all with convenient fire escape access to get back down to the world as Peter Parker. There was only so many web cartridges and spare clothes he could keep on his person, after all.

He was a vigilante, he was allowed a certain amount of harmless breaking-and-entering as far as he was concerned.
So Peter waited by a window in the studio loft, pacing back and forth with a small wrapped present in hand, that he'd hidden away here and retrieved while Kitty was changing in the bathroom. Inside was a modified version of his HUD goggles, but designed with a little more Cat than Spider in mind. Sure, Kitty had programmed most of the fancier functions of the things, but high-tech night vision goggles were handy for late-night crime-fighting!

Of course, he figured this would be just a routine patrol. Criminals had been learning more and more over the years that Spider-Man was out there, and he was always watching. There was no way someone would be stupid enough to plan a major heist on Valentine's Day. It's not like there was a historical significance in crime to the holiday or anything.
Dec 1 2017, 03:54 PM
It was his big day, at last. The day when he was allowed to show up at the school with all of his Spider-tech in tow. And probably not get shaken down by the security staff. But most importantly, not Sadly, the costumed web-slinger was met at the front gate by one of the security team who were still a little less than happy with him derping around the school - Noivern. Leaning against the wall next to it with a look that said 'it's gonna be one of those days.' "Sup, webs?" He said, taking out one of the security team's tablets.

"Not much! Trying to-- are you scanning me?" Spidey asked, putting his hands on his hips. He was pretty sure that today was the 'let's trust Spider-man' day! "I have some trackers in here, you can just ask, you know." He patted his utility belt, then took one out to show him. They were adorable, really, they even looked like little tiny Spider-man logos.

Drake simply scanned them over, making sure there were no frequencies going anywhere weird. "Just a precaution. Don't want you forgetting you have any cameras on you." The sonokinetic mutant said it with a smirk. If nothing else, he'd decided he was going to make sure Peter remembered that.

"Oh come on, it was just that one time!"

"Only takes one, webs. Come on, the nerd herd is waiting. And, uh... just a word of advice, don't let Forge out of sight with any of your stuff. You might get it back with a nuclear power core attached or something."

"Wait... what?"

The walk through the school had probably drawn just a little attention, what with Spider-man not being an unknown sensation at this point. And there he was, walking through the school. Still, before long Drake had escorted the web-slinger to the door of Forge's workshop, where the X-Men's assorted techies were gathered. Drake soon headed off after a wave to those present, however. He was a techie, sure, but he was not up to the sheer tier level of Science Nerd that would be happening in that room. That, and he was still on the job.

Unfortunately, the Amazing Spider-man pretty much lost all his cool points the moment he saw Beast in his natural lab habitat. Thank god for the mask, otherwise his grin probably would have been unnerving. "Dr. McCoy! Hi there! I uh..." He quickly took off his backpack, and pulled out a fresh box of Twinkies, which he offered out to the big blue pile of PhD's. "One last peace offering to the team for letting me be here. So psyched to finally get to stand here and talk nerdy with you. I'm a huge fan of your work!"

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