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 Art Commissions, Character Art and More
 Posted: Feb 2 2018, 10:48 PM

user posted image

Hey all, finally got this done and I'm open for commissions! Yaaaay! Here's some quick descriptions~

Character art:
Busts - Great for avatars, expressions or your own personal emojis, simple and focused on the character.
Waist/Knees up - Great for more detailed work, more expressive with body posture and clothing.
Full body - Great for costumes and action poses, lots of detail work.

Detail Art:
Small extras - For things like eye detail, scars or physical mutation details, or small tattoo designs, or even weapons.
Backgrounds - Generally planned with characters in mind but could be stand alone for say if you needed to describe place or setting or really wanted to set the mood.
Characters - Cost is per an extra character, so if you want to make a couple or a fight scene for instance.
Simple GIF - This can get complicated fast but if you wanted to have the character blink or smirk or something simple like that.

If you guys have any questions let me know!
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