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 Back Home, April, 1st [Closed]
Guari Vincent
 Posted: May 15 2018, 04:31 PM

When you get lectured and hugged for days hours, you kind of force yourself to learn a lesson. When he walked into his house where his adopted parents had probably grown ridiculously worried. After all he was supposed to be gone for less than a day. Thankfully, it hadn’t been as long as he thought. But, being missing for three days was a lot.

“We thought you were dead in some alley!” his mother, Ellen, seemed to be stuck on repeat as the tears continuously welled up in her eyes. She was happy he was fine, but that was all she was happy about. Each time, he couldn’t help but clench his jaw. He wasn’t sure what to tell her. He was a mutant. Given this climate, he was likely to give her that fear rather regularly. Regardless, it didn’t make it any easier to see her tears. He avoided that with all he could.

His dad, Steven, seemed to be just as concerned. But on a different scale, he was more willing to listen to Guari’s story. It didn’t make it any better, after all he had been kicked by a tyrannosaurus rex. Even as his dad listened, Guari was asked numerous times if he was on some sort of drugs. By the second time he made his way through the tale, they had gotten him a home drug test. Guari obliged. It came back clean.

It didn’t prevent his adopted parents from grounding him to the house. They kept him on a tight leash. No after school practice. No weekend trips to New York. No allowing of anything. It was a terrible time, but it was a good time. It gave Guari a chance to really sit down and try to go over what all had happened to and around him the last couple months. Sadly, it wasn’t just the Savage Lands he was trying to wrap his mind around.

It was as if, somebody had told him the way behind the curtain and once New York had been laid bare before him he seemed unable to step foot in the city without finding some sort of ‘thing’ going on. From running into Danny Rand, THE Immortal Iron Fist, to being trapped in a ‘haunted’ museum to meeting Spider-Man and sort of running for his life. He had found out there was an entire town of mutants, apparently a company that might be trying to orchestrate things against mutants… maybe. Hell he had even had a professional reporter interview with a corporate figure.

And then everything that happened in the Savage Lands.

This down time gave him time to start writing up some stuff for the start of his blog. But he wasn’t silly enough to think that it would be ok to just simply post it on livejournal or something. No, he would need some assistance, but that could wait. He’d work on his material for now. Work on his message, whatever that was going to be.

He’d work on his writing and work on Charlie’s advice. He would train his mind and his body. When he wasn’t writing he was researching. When he wasn’t on his computer he was doing basic exercise; push ups, sit ups, and basic cardio.

He heard his parents talking, wondering if this was ‘normal’. Wondering if he was just trying to get ‘summer body ready’. It sounded good, and the truth probably would have made them worry even more. Each day that passed ate at him as he passively lied to his parents. Parents who did nothing but care for him.

What would Charlie suggest him do?

What would Six actually do?

What would Ruby think of what he’s doing?

What would Connor expect him to do?

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Guari Vincent
 Posted: May 15 2018, 04:53 PM

On the way to a friend of the family’s cookout, he saw the catalyst that would drive his mind over the edge.

‘Westchester 8 miles.’

It took him a bit to understand why that city name seemed to resonate in him so much, but he knew it did. What was it about that place’s name?

RUBY! She had mentioned it! That’s where the ‘special’ school was, likely where Kitty taught too. He thought about the multitude of would be and possible friends he hadn’t seen in nearly a month. He thought about all the help he might have been to them, and how he was sequestered away. How did one way the worry and love of their family and the potential pain and suffering of anybody?

Needless to say, the cookout was lousy for Guari.

From the otherside of the cookout, he sat. Sat and stared at the dying flame surrounded by an all you can burn buffet of coals. Every once in a while a bit of grease or fat would fall from a burger and excite the flame into a quick dance of energy before dying back down.

“Guari, you doing alright back there?” Steven asked on their way home. If Guari’s mere silence hadn’t been enough, his blank staring had gotten Steven and Ellen a few conversations. Smoothly, they had written it off as teenage drama issues. They had grounded him after all, they blamed a fictional girl he had grown interested in and been unable to get in touch with. It was a reasonable story.

“I…” he started, the lie was so ready to roll off his tongue when he saw the sign again. Westchester. “... I want to go to a special school.” He blurted out. He might as well have stabbed a gerbil while he was at it, the silence swept through the car. “I think it’s a school for special people. People like me. And it’s not even that far, it’s in Westchester.” he tried to explain.

He could see his adoptive parents exchanging looks, speaking in that silent parent tongue, until his mom spoke up. “Honey, I’ve never heard of it, but we can look into it when we get home.” It was delicate parental code for, ‘We don’t know, but we’ll talk about it more in private before we tell you anything else.’

“It’s quiet… but they have some students like me who are taught to use their powers responsibly and carefully. That way they can be lawyers and doctors, I met a pre-med student while I was on the island.” he said, smudging the truth only a little. Ruby wasn’t in any medical programs he didn’t think, but she was intending to be. So she was sort of technically pre-med. Besides, this was all just a crap shoot. He wasn’t even sure if they would accept him, or if that was even where the school was. Or maybe they had some sort of procedure or limit…

“What’s it called?” his father asked intelligently.

And he was stumped. “I think I can find out…” Guari answered to the silent chorus of looks back and forth from his parents. He would need to arm himself for the second round of this conversation. He would need to do research.

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