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 It's Not a Dance Off, It's A Life Skills Lesson, April 2, 6PM | Open
 Posted: May 14 2018, 10:15 AM

If Kaylee had ever needed convincing that Jean had no idea what fun meant, this was it.

The Alphas had been going stir crazy in the hotel and you could only take them to the zoo so many times before they asked you to never come back. Possibly because the ankle biter had tried to get into the wolf cage. No matter how many times she told him not to.

So Kaylee had rounded some of them up and gone back to the wreckage of the mansion where Jean thought they would be entertained by helping clear rubble out of the mostly intact subbasement or something. Kaylee still wasn't sure how they had gotten tapped to do that since Warren had hired an actual company getting paid actual money to clear out and rebuild the joint, but here she was with a handful of small children who had taken one look at the place and decided it was a perfect jungle gym and that jumping off and onto various structures was fun.

Well. If it kept them busy she wasn't going to complain. She had even set up a little speaker and Pandora running's early 2000's pop music, which meant at some point the half-hearted cleaning and whole-hearted shrieking and running around had turned into a dance off while she wielded a hammer someone had abandoned as a microphone and the gaggle of them messed up the lyrics to All-Star which was only slightly better than moments earlier when it had been S8ter Boy playing, because obviously old Avril music was a good lesson in life skills. Or something. Either way they had almost completely drowned the real lyrics out.

Whatever. A dance off would probably save the galaxy some day and this was much more productive than Jean's dumb idea.

Alex Goya, Velocity, Rapuntsel
(tagging the in plays Alphas if they want to join, but open to anyone)

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 Posted: May 14 2018, 11:30 AM

Charging a battery wasn't something that gave Tony any kind of trouble. The ability to feel and direct the electrical currents into the right places made the job relatively simple. Jump starting a car battery wasn't much more difficult and required even less real care as all he really needed to do was provide enough juice to start the car and the alternator could do the rest of the work unless the battery itself was damaged or aged beyond the point of properly charging. Giving power to a battery that was supposed to run a giant piece of construction machinery, however, was a different story. It had taken him a bit of time and some online research to be sure that he wasn't going to cause the thing to explode, marking the second detonation in as many days at the site of the school, but he had managed. Once he was done he had promptly asked how and why the crew had managed to bring a nearly dead piece of equipment onto the site to begin with, but was pretty promptly brushed aside.


Tony had been bored and antsy following the attack of the Brood. Well after he had managed to get a decent amount of sleep following the attack on the aerie and the school anyway. Suddenly being without classes, a proper training facility, and a home was incredibly jarring after spending a month getting used to such things. So in an effort to keep himself busy and somewhat productive he had volunteered to help out with cleaning up the debris of the mansion, and pretty quickly regretted it.

With a construction crew in place he was hardly necessary and was probably something of a bother.

Luckily he wasn't there alone for very long, as the X-Man known as Mistral arrived not too terribly long after he finished charging the battery with a gaggle of children in tow. The Alphas, as they were called. Even if cleaning up the site wasn't anything like fun (it was actually entirely designed to be busy work until he figured out what he should really be doing) at least he would have some company.

For a bit he was content to keep cleaning until the Alphas began to use the rubble as their own personal playscape. Initially he was concerned that someone might get hurt, but when it became clear that Kaylee didn't share his concerns he pushed them aside. Being in charge of the Alphas meant that she spent more time around them and would likely know when they were getting too rambunctious.

Besides, the woman's cheesy antics with the hammer and her blaring pop tunes actually brought a smile to his face. At least someone was having fun. Unable to recall the real lyrics to the music playing was half the fun of an impromptu dance party, so if he was way off base with his own singing he'd at least feel like he was fitting right in. So he did what any incredibly bored and antsy teenager in his position would do: he joined right in.

Once All-Star had faded out, making way for a brief advertisement, he smiled at the woman and said, "I figured I'd be one of the only ones dumb enough to actually come out here to do this. I'm kind of glad to see I'm not alone." Turning his gaze briefly to the playful children he said, "They're almost acting like nothing bad happened at all. I wish we could be that cheerful about a pile of rubble."

He wasn't there to bring the mood down, however, and he was actually quite bored of helping to clean up the mess when he wasn't really needed. "Buuuuut it looks like you've got this all figured out. Dancing and rewriting old tunes seems like the way to go. Do you mind if I join you? May as well make this a cleaning dance party."
 Posted: May 16 2018, 02:55 AM

His car was gone. His beautiful, pristine 1967 Chevy Impala was dead, the damage unsalvageable and Scottie honestly thought he could cry. Never mind the fact that the school, his home since he was eleven years old, had been reduced to rubble; that could be fixed. But that car, his beloved safe haven in the midst of all of the craziness that had been life since January 21st, was irreplaceable. What seventeen year old had the thousands of dollars that it would cost to purchase a new one? There was the insurance, of course, but Cyclops was having a hard time imagining that they would accept “alien invasion” as a suitable reason for reimbursement. And of course there was the issue of him not exactly matching the credentials of the original owner; Scott Summers was 35 years old, 180lbs, and a bitter widower with a drink problem. Scottie was half the older Summers’ age, around 30lbs lighter, and had only managed in all of his seventeen years, one incredibly awkward kiss that had seen him swear off of ever bothering in the future. He’d damn well try though, he needed his car, it was just so much more than that to him.

He wasn’t really sure what had brought him back up to the mansion that afternoon other than a desperate need to not be in Manhattan. Scottie was incredibly grateful to Warren for everything that he had done for the people at Xavier’s following the attack but being in the city was driving him crazy. At heart he was a small town boy; his hometown of Anchorage had a population of no more than four hundred thousand people, New York City was home to twenty times more than that. Just knowing about the sheer amount of people squeezed into every square metre was enough to bring him out in a cold sweat. Even with the noise of the construction, the site where the school had once stood was enough to bring a sense of calm over the teen. Taking up a perch atop a particularly large pile of rubble, his knees under his chin, he had sat listening to his favourite playlist for a good few hours before the sight of Alphas running amok caught his attention.

He watched them for a short time as they clambered up various parts of the fallen building, leaping off with a complete lack of fear only to climb right on back up to do it all over again. Their boundless energy and enthusiasm made him laugh, even more so when what had already been a half hearted attempt at clearing rubble turned into dance party complete with cheesy pop music. He hadn’t recognised any of the tunes that the group had been dancing and singing to but not being familiar with stuff was starting to become part of Scotties norm. Sliding down from his perch, he started to make his way over, smiling and waving as he drew in closer. He hadn’t noticed that Impulse had been there, certainly didn’t see him arriving with Mistral and the Alphas. If he had been there the whole time then either he had blended in with the rest of the construction workers or Scottie really had been completely lost in his own little world.

Heeey guys.” He called over the music. “You all are busting some real moves.” He said to a couple of the kids as he passed. “I have no idea what you’re listening to but that one about the skater guy was a real winner.” There was a cheeky smile on his face as he said that; whilst he could appreciate that pop was fun, he was definitely more of an indie fan. “Hey Tony, hey Kaylee.” He added. “What are you all doin up here? Don’t tell me Jeanie’s enforcing child labour now? It's clear old age has made her crazy but an Alpha clean up crew seems a little too far. Need a hand?
 Posted: May 17 2018, 11:44 AM

A slight ooaafff noise was made as Punt bounced down off a piece of rubble and chased after one of her friends, all while giggling madly and waving her arms around. This was great! A place to play where she wouldn’t be yelled at for knocking something over, even if it hadn’t been her fault in the first place. Being at the hotel reminded her of being at home with her parents, staff everywhere and a constant set of rules. Punt was okay with some rules, but she mostly just wanted to have fun with her friends.

With a small squeak she tripped over a chunk of rubble, instinctively catching herself before landing face first in the debris of the school as her hair latched onto pieces of debris above her head. The chorus of ”You it, you it, you it.” Followed a light punch to her shoulder as the tiny brown haired boy bolted off in another direction. With a stream of giggles Punt tore after him, hair pulling back to her shoulders as she moved, before the music and dancing pulled her focus and she came up short.

Breath came in short pants from all the running as Punt wandered towards the gathering crowd at a skip and plunked herself down, grinning from ear to ear while Mistral used a hammer as a microphone. Although she wasn’t too familiar with the songs playing, the beat was fun and it was entertaining to watch everyone dance and sing along. Her parents weren’t really the type to let her musical tastes wander passed anything boring and classical; perhaps if they’d let her listen to something else she would have been more into music.

In Aly’s opinion, playing in the remains of the school was so much better than the terror of fighting off an alien invasion. Or, well, if you were her… hiding in a corner and crying while aliens tried to eat your friends.
Alex Goya
 Posted: May 19 2018, 04:34 PM

Alex would have much preferred the Zoo again than coming to the ruined site of their school to clean up. At least at the Zoo he could sit and watch the animals and just not think about anything but what was in front of him for a while. But that was ruined too thanks to the other Alphas and their chaos. He was still having nightmares about the attack and the fancy hotel, while nice and comfy, was just too hard to get used to, so he wasn't sleeping well. As far as he could figure, the empathetic feed back from having Buckbeak torn to shreds, as well as the multiple blows to the head made it all the harder to forget.

Unlike the rest of the Alphas, who seemed to have recovered rather quickly. Then again, they were younger than him. Bounced back better than him. Maybe? He didn't know, he couldn't really get a grasp on what they were thinking. No matter how much people tried to lump him in with the rest of the Alphas, he was older than most of them by a good couple of years. Twelve was a far cry from six that was for sure. In a year, hopefully he'd be put on a team with the New Mutants. Again, maybe? Adults were confusing too and they kept saying he was ten, it was getting annoying.

So instead of joining the play time and then the impromptu dance party, Alex grabbed a lump of grass and climbed up to the highest point on the nearest rubble pile. He didn't feel very much like dancing and he was hoping they were distracted by each other enough that they'd leave him alone. He sat and fiddled with the grass a bit before deciding on what he would create. It wasn't much material, so an insect, something flying maybe. He preferred flying creatures to land based ones. But also, something pointy, protective.

Images of the brood with their stingers filled his head and without stopping to think on it, he ended up creating a larger than usual wasp. He hadn't really meant to, but it was as close an approximation as his brain could grab. But at least it felt...friendlier in his hands. The bright yellow against black and the softer curved shape of the body was familiar and because of the empathetic connection, he knew this creature wouldn't hurt him.

With barely a command, the critter buzzed out his hands, flying in slow swooping circles around him. It was almost meditative with how calm it was, even with the music and talking going on below.

Mistral Impulse Cyclops Rapuntsel Velocity
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