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WPX - Storming the Castle

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 Sometimes the Wicked Witch Wins, 2027. Open.
 Posted: Apr 16 2018, 02:14 PM

Most of the time Talon tried not to remember.

It had been ten years since the end of the world, but apparently being virtually unkillable held true against the alien horde. They had torn limbs off, shred skin, even tried to implant her with one of their embryos, but she was made of tougher stuff than they were. Try and try as they might they hadn't managed to kill her. Yet. It hurt like a bitch to heal through a Brood trying to assimilate you, but she was a survivor and she had lived through much worse.

Ironic, since it was more or less the end of the world. There were hardly any of them left; just those who had been extremely tough and extremely lucky. One or the other wasn't enough; you needed both.

Laura wasn't sure she should be pleased she had been one of them. Sure, it meant she was still alive and ten years ago she might have said that was all that mattered. She knew better now. When all your friends, your sister were dead and gone what exactly were you supposed to fight for at that point? The members of X-Force probably had different ideas, but at that point Laura was mostly in it for revenge. She knew it was only a matter of time before they all went down, unless it turned out the Brood had really pissed off a more advanced alien race and they showed up to exterminate them the human race was on its way out, but it wasn't in her nature to go down without a fight.

Besides. Someone had to keep an eye on Logan.

Cities were usually not the place to be, but she found herself in New York anyway, her old stomping grounds back when she was a freshly minted New Mutant, trying desperately to become a real girl. Whatever had replaced her teenaged self was closer to the weapon Rice and then Colcord had so desperately wanted, thriving in the chaos as one after another her allies, friends, and enemies were taken down. Too bad they weren't around to enjoy it. Kimura hadn't even made it, although that was due more to Talon's own intervention. Death by Brood had seemed appropriate for the woman who had made her childhood so miserable and tried to hurt Liv and Julian, some old wounds never did heal and that had been one of them. She had stopped them short of using Kimura as a host for the sole reason that she didn't want to give her any advantages, but it hadn't been a pleasant way to go by any stretch of the imagination.

It was early evening as Laura stole her way through the streets until there, half of it falling down, all of it dilapidated, the electricity long gone was another sign of the dead past: the bright yellow blocks proclaiming a Waffle House. If her sense of direction was accurate (and she knew it was) it was the very same one she and Julian had eaten at when she told him about her past. A lifetime ago.

The end of the world really did suck. Her friends were dead, there weren't any more waffles, and old landmarks were like getting punched in the gut.

But that wasn't why she was here, tempting as it was to sneak inside and see if there was a waffle iron she could steal. Food was hard to come by and most likely the rest of the team would have something to say about using supplies on waffles, but when you had claws and a healing factor you tended to get your way. They all knew she could survive just find out there on her own, but most of them didn't particularly want a feral Talon running around when they could use every fighter they had.

She was on the trail of a rumored group of survivors here in New York a few of the others had been informed, but it was Laura's mission and she didn't much care if they came along or not. Maybe they were all hoping Kerr and Alpha's scheme of warning the past would work. She doubted it. She hoped she was proven wrong, that there was some future that could play out where they made it, were alive and happy, but Laura didn't think it was possible. In real life sometimes the witches won and the heroes lost. Which meant she had to keep going in reality and if there were humans around she was going to find them.

For her part she lowered herself down into the sewers the last place they had any information on the group and started tracking. She could hear some of the Brood in the distance and the stink of them was everywhere these days, but lingering under she thought she could catch a faint whiff of human. After implantation the scent was just the slightest bit off, something she had learned to distinguish after years of dealing with the damn things.

Of course nothing was ever simple and the trail was leading her right towards a nest of Sleazoids.

Well. She didn't mind killing a couple dozen of Broodlings. It wasn't like she had anything else to do. Call it a public service.

((OOC: Open to other survivors for a potentially disastrous tracking mission and Brood beatdown))

user posted image
 Posted: Apr 30 2018, 01:22 AM

Ten years of hardship. Ten years of pain and death. Sometimes he wondered if it was even worth it to continue on. But if there were any who sought to try to make a better lives for themselves among the remains of the once great human civilization, he wasn't going to simply give up. Letting himself be killed or converted only because it seemed like the easiest way to rid himself of the pain of loss was the coward's way out, and he wasn't going to go out like that.

Anthony, as he had taken to being called over the years, hadn't been a student at Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters but for a month when the initial wave of Brood had attacked the facility, taking the X-Men by surprise and overpowering them. Those who were captured by the aliens returned as hosts to new Brood, who used the knowledge and powers of their new bodies to devastating effect. It would have been bad enough if the monsters had simply possessed average street mutants, but the X-Men had technology and deeper knowledge of the world at their disposal, giving the Brood a terrible advantage. From there they spread like wildfire.

His parents had been killed in one of the earliest reported attacks after the mansion had fallen, the Brood not seeing them as being fit for conversion but rather food, but his uncle Max had managed to survive. Being electrokinetic had its advantages –primarily in that the Brood really seemed to dislike electricity. That had likely been Anthony's only saving grace. Even without external sources of electricity his body could produce enough for him to fight for a while –the extra boost he could gain from absorbing outside energy would allow him to last longer or, if he somehow took in enough, even take out a whole host of Brood by overloading. Unfortunately with ready sources of electricity being incredibly scarce, he had to make do with his baseline power level.

While his uncle was off in another state, doing what he could to locate and organize survivors, Anthony had chosen to remain with the New Mutants he had come to know during his brief stay at Xavier's. X-Force, the almost pitifully small resistance group when compared to the staggering numbers of the Brood, was doing its best to even survive with the limited supplies available, and he knew that one day there would be nothing left for them to scrounge –no more food or drinkable water to be had.

In all honesty they were living on borrowed time.

Time, perhaps, was what some believed would save them. Kerr's peculiar ability to work with various timelines seemed, to some, to be the key to fixing things before they ever had a chance to become so terrible. Anthony wasn't as optimistic as others were, but he had his reasons. Multiverse theory was a big factor in his skepticism. Even if Kerr managed to properly warn the X-Men of the coming attack and could even completely turn the tide and see that the Brood were eradicated from the Earth... then what? Would the world in which he currently inhabited simply never have existed? Would a new branching timeline –a happier, more peaceful one– simply come into being while he and the others were doomed to struggle to exist on some plane of Hell? It wasn't that he didn't want it to work, because if any alternate timeline could thrive and see the Brood erased he would be happy to know of it, even if that changed nothing for them now.

Anthony hadn't been expressly invited to join in Laura's mission into New York, but he had followed nonetheless. If there were living, human or mutant survivors to be found, then it was worth checking out. While Laura could handle herself, it never hurt to have backup. So as she had been stalking the streets he had been traveling through what remained of downed power lines or across various conductive surfaces. Moving about in such ways was both fast and sufficiently stealthy. Well, maybe not to someone with keen senses like Laura, but it couldn't hurt when there were potentially Brood about.

When the young woman descended into the sewers, Anthony reformed near the entry point. Before descending he glanced around cautiously, stroking his month's worth of scruff with his tattered fingerless glove. Content that they weren't followed, he made the descent and caught up to Laura as quietly but as quickly as possible. He wouldn't have surprised her, and his scent was probably recognizable to her, so he wasn't terribly worried about receiving a face-full of metal claws, but still he maintained at least a safe distance beyond arm's length just in case.

Anthony didn't want to speak aloud so as not to attract any unwanted attention, so instead he simply nodded once to the young woman, hoping that it was enough to let her know that he was there to support her and not simply present to annoy or to keep an eye on her.

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