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 Character of the Month, April 2018
 Posted: May 1 2018, 01:32 AM


Written by Bashi, Mercury is our character of the month! Arriving at Xavier's in early January, this liquid metal teenager has been through quite a lot during her short stay at the school. Boy problems, Savage Land problems, Brood problems, being reduced to a puddle of mercury by the admin at every opportunity, Cess has had it about as rough as anyone. If not for her endless optimism in the face of adversity, the girl might have noped right on out already. Don't you worry, Cess, it's definitely getting worse from here on out good times are sure to be ahead of you!


For her spearheading of the Weapon X plot with X-23 that gave the New Mutants a chance to show people how it's done, and for Marvel Girl's showing as a leader of the X-Men during the Brood invasion, the one and only Rider was voted by the staff to be April's Member of the Month. Rider also writes Mistral, who's in charge of both the Alphas and questionable romantic choices, and newly arrived Blackstar, who was added to her stable of characters last month and has already made quite the impression. We hear he's pretty popular on "Freaky Deaky, Thank You but Nope", the Brood homeworld which we may have just made up.


Also known as the Tale of Two-Timing Thomas (try saying that five times out loud), our thread of the month is I Wish I Was a Little Bit Taller. Tommy's flirtatious, devil may care attitude finally came around to bite him in the ass when Tabitha found him flirting with another girl and some quality high school musical drama ensued. At least now our resident speedster finally learned a lesson and will do his level best to better himself.

user posted image

No, but really, he actually might have. Let's hear it for Andi, Bashi and Noiz for a job well done!
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