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 School Of Hard Knocks, Fri March 31, 4AM // opened to tagged
 Posted: Apr 11 2018, 01:00 AM

Creep and crawl, fly, slink, slither. The Sleazoidsdescended on the school like a plague of locusts. They flew down in a looming cloud, swarmed over the walls, dug up from under the lawn, like so many hideous whack-a-moles. Shane had said the Brood would come by the month’s end and they were not about to make a liar out of him. A snack, perhaps, but not a liar. He didn’t need to be in one piece to be returned to their wonderous queen.

They were hideous to look upon, huge and dangerous. Long, skinny wings were similar to massive horse flies, all translucent and veiny and moving at speeds almost too fast to see. They appeared with their claws out, their fangs dripping with anticipation. They were the stuff of NIGHTMARES, their front legs could only be described as tentacles of raw muscle, curling and uncurling as they flew. Two sets of insectoid legs with far more joints than strictly necessary supported their weight when they were on the ground. Their exo and endo skeletons were incredibly durable and difficult to pierce. Most notable was the double tipped, stabbing tail that injected a paralytic in their victims. If they had been stupid, mindless monsters, perhaps they would not have been able to devour one species after another, conquer planet after planet.

The Brood were extremely intelligent and more than that, they were cruel. They didn’t just want to dominate. They wanted to cause pain. They weren’t just there to invade, they were there to torture. The only thing keeping them from just dropping down on Xavier’s and slowly, delightedly murdering all of those mutants was the fact that their exalted queen wanted every one of them alive. They would be brought before her, bowed down in her magnificent presence, and receive the highest honor. These lowly worms would have one of the queen’s embryos injected into their necks.

It would grow, rewrite the host DNA until the original body, the original mind was converted into Brood. Oh, the host would fight. It would struggle. But once the embryo took root, there was no help. No hope. There was only Brood.

The brood... They were delighted by their luck. They had been infecting and devouring the people of Broken Bow, Nebraska for weeks. Thick, aggressively stupid people with ungroomed bodies and a fascination with corn. Amelia Bradshaw had fallen into their lap by pure happenstance and through her, oh the amazing things that Slate could do. And Shane Adler was only one of a whole nest of this planet’s inhabitants with powers. There were dozens of them. Remarkable beings waiting to be harvested, to be turned to Brood.

Hopefully they would fight back. Breaking spirits was so deliciously fun.

The X-Men were ready. Or as ready as they could be given their information had come to them in the form of flashing lights from the future. They had not heard so much as a flicker from Kerr 27 since the night she’d warned Shane, Marvel Girl, and Serenade. They’d done what they could, packing up the kids and sending them out west. Forge had been hard at work updating the biometrics in the security system. It had been programmed to scream out and go into battle mode when an unidentifiable vertebral life form set foot on the grounds. When the Brood showed up, the school itself would fight back.

Sheer numbers, however, occupied the turrets and as the sirens sounded and what remained of Blue and Gold took up their combat positions. Security instantly had its hands full as massive monsters covered the mansion in layers. They tore into the building like it was little more than stale bread, flinging debris in every direction.

“Shane.” Amelia Bradshaw stood on the front lawn while Brood began to systematically disassemble the school. “Come out and play Shane. We promise not to hurt your friends if you’re a good little boy.”

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 Posted: Apr 11 2018, 12:57 PM

Shane had been roused from sleep by a series of absolutely dreadful sounds –only some of which he was familiar. They were sounds that he knew he'd eventually hear but silently wished would never have to be heard. Sirens and the rattling clatter of defensive turrets that Forge had installed into the mansion's exterior walls were blaring and blasting full stop, warning of the invasion that had begun before the sun could pierce through the darkness.

The end of March had come at last, and while Shane might have hoped that the warning given by Kerr 27 and the X-Men having knowledge of the coming invasion of the Brood might have changed the timeline further, causing the alien monsters to choose not to attack for whatever reason, he knew that such luck wouldn't be on his side. In preparation for the invasion they had shipped the New Mutants off to safety in Warren's castle (which the man insisted was a cabin) so at least they could be spared having to fight off an invasion of hostile beasts.

By that time he had taken to sleeping and essentially living in his uniform, knowing that the attack could have come at any time but not having much more to go on than that. So as Shane scrambled out of bed, he quickly put what little bit of a plan he had managed to form into action:

First he grabbed his phone and sent Hawkeye a text message that simply read:


He had explained to his friend that when the invasion began he would send that single word message to notify him. Luckily there was already plenty of room in the mansion for the trio to stay to provide the X-Men with support, even without the New Mutants having been shipped off. So in all fairness his text was probably pointless because Clint, Quicksilver, and Scarlet Witch were probably already awake due to the insane level of noise. Having shared what little he knew about the Brood, Shane had made a point to warn Clint to keep his distance and to not fall for anything they might say to him under any circumstances. Brood hugs were not good hugs.

Dropping his phone, Shane immediately accessed the piece of slate within his uniform, assuming the properties of his namesake rock. He would retain that form regardless of what happened or what was said, knowing that it could mean experiencing the business end of one of the Brood's nasty stingers. Rushing toward his third story window he glanced out to see the invading swarm approaching from the sky, and only two words really came to mind as he saw what was coming for them:

Holy. Shit.

There was no time to waste. The sounds of tearing and scraping began to be heard over the turret fire and the sirens, telling the geokinetic that the alien swarm was already trying to rip the school apart. Throwing his window open Shane called out into his comm, “Everybody be careful! Don't fall for any tricks and if you have a defensive form or defensive measures use them and don't drop them! Don't let those stingers get you!” And with that he jumped out of his third story window and landed with a harsh crash.

No sooner did he land than the familiar yet also somehow foreign voice of Amelia Bradshaw rang out from somewhere on the front lawn, calling him out. She was there for him –because of him– and he would be damned if he let the Brood that had taken her away from him to get its claws on anyone else. Shane had ultimately made something like peace with the fact that Amelia was completely gone or very soon would be, replaced by little more than a violent monster, and while it still pained him to think of it he intended to put an end to it.

Making his way toward the side of the building, he was beset by a surprisingly large and atrocious looking creature. If his stomach hadn't been solid rock it might have turned at the sight of the winged monster, its mouth full of incredibly sharp teeth, and that awful looking tail. As it swooped down, aiming to wrap its tentacle-leg-claw-things(?) around him he dodged aside, delivering a solid backhand to the monster's skull, not holding anything back and swinging with full force. A loud crack could be heard as his slate hand impacted against the Brood's exterior skull, but while he had managed to throw the monster off course and do some exterior damage it was clearly not enough to take the thing down.

Yeah, they were going to be tough. He was going to have to fight head on rather than being defensive. With no bloodstream to carry any of the Brood toxins and a body of stone to ward against the stinger in general, Shane didn't have to fear being stung. That didn't mean that the Brood were weak however. There was still a chance that they could physically break off pieces of him, and while they would return and fuse to his body again it would still slow him down.

“Didn't you hear the lady?” he said, his tone gruff and serious as the Brood recovered and lunged. Timing his punch so that it connected with the monster's mouthful of teeth just as they were about to connect, Shane added, “She invited me to come out and play! So be a good boy and let me go to her!”

Whether or not this particular specimen was male or female was beyond him, and he frankly didn't care, but as it recoiled in pain as its teeth cracked Shane rushed forward to deliver several more punches to the beast's cranium, ultimately smashing through the exoskeleton and the endoskeleton before giving its brain a good hard smash.

With that out of the way he resumed his run toward the front, fending off whatever Brood dared to attack him along the way. While he hoped that the others were okay, he had his own goal in mind to take down the leader of the invasion. If anyone needed assistance along the way he would stop to provide it, and while his path might diverge a bit from its intended course he resolved to see it through to the end.

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 Posted: Apr 11 2018, 06:05 PM

Forge was jolted awake not only by the klaxon warnings, but by the every awake and watchful Wihio smacking him in the face. A crick in his neck and the indentation of a wrench on his face, Forge had fallen asleep at his workbench, again, and had ended up sleeping on a pair of pliers. His eyes fluttering open while Wihio shmushed his face and pointed it at the security monitor in his lab. "With Hank not here I feel compelled to say. 'Oh my stars and garters." Forge said rising to his feet and glancing down at the device he had been tinkering with just before he had fallen asleep.

"Go, start tagging as many as you can. Keep moving." Forge said to his little robot companion. Wihio promptly bolted from the workshop and headed off on its little secret mission. All eight of its tiny robot legs carrying if off as quickly as it could move. Forge, glanced down at the device on the counter, slapped a few last remaining components into place and slipped the weapon up on to his shoulder and took off running at a dead sprint for the upstairs. Activating the sub-level security systems.

Outside, Wihio skittered out onto the roof of the building. A small tiny vulcan gun looking device popped up from Wihio's back. The spider hugged the roof and slinked along in the shadows. Every time a Brood came in range the barely audible puff of air preceded a small object smacking into the Brood's endoskeleton. The object may very easily be mistaken for a paintball especially when it collided with the target, burst open, and left a sticky red colored blotch that could very well be the paint from a paint ball. One after another Wihio skittered along the roof top painting Brood after Brood. Though nothing happened other than the Brood got a red sticky blotch.

Running full steam down the hallway, Forge pressed a button on the back of his cybernetic hand and began the initiation sequence. Sliding that new gun up onto his shoulder, Forge stepped out onto the front steps and pulled the trigger.


The directed energy blast smashed into a Brood Sleazoid and shoved it around in a barrel roll from the impact. The spot where the energy struck the Brood crackled with a dastardly yellow light before a softball sized chuck on the endoskeleton liquified and rolled off. Almost instantly brought it its melting point. Forge grimaced and fired twice more before the Brood slouched to the ground. 'These damn things are hardy, and look armored." Forge said into their communicators, never letting up on the trigger as he continued to blast away. All the while Wihio continued to paint ball as many as he could.
 Posted: Apr 11 2018, 08:54 PM

Among the advantages to David's peculiar means of "sleep", is that he was already used to running on staggeringly low amounts of physical rest. Sure, it gave him a permanent case of half-lidded-sarcasm-face and a general appearance of being half-asleep, but he functioned more or less alright. It also meant that when he was expecting shenanigans, he could take the lack of sleep on the chin. And "potential invasion of bug aliens" was very, VERY high on his list of 'shenanigans'.

The moment the bugs began to swarm outside the windows, David was up, having been sleeping in his UM pants night after night. Preparedness was a priority over getting jumped by an alien in his sleep. The soft song of She Sells Sanctuary flowed into his mind as he got to the door of his room, and red crystals once again began to grow out of his hair. Soon, all over his body. At least the crystals grew evenly, so he could walk while they grew. Which was for the best, because he had to walk all the way to the front door from the staff bedrooms.

It was a little after Forge's first volley that the 8 foot crystal golem that was Legion strode out into the lobby, headed straight for the door. "Pardon me." He said, scooting around Forge onto the front lawn and decking the first Brood he saw with the world's most forecasted haymaker, one it easily dodged. However, it could only dodge for so long, and after trying to counterattack at David's apparent eyes, he managed to swat the thing out of the air with a heavy overhand. And before it could get up, he brought a heavy crystalline foot down on its skull... stunning it at first, but with subsequent hits, cracking and breaking through its armor with the jagged crystal shards of his foot. "Yeah, definitely tough."


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Marvel Girl
 Posted: Apr 11 2018, 08:59 PM

Jean had been woken by the school's alarms enough that her body responded before her mind was even fully awake.

Knowing that they were facing possible invasion and that it could very well come at night she had been sleeping dressed in school issue sweats. It wasn't quite a uniform, but it meant she could go right from asleep to out of her room, ready to respond. She didn't bother to send out a telepathic warning to anyone, they were all waiting for this and they all knew to respond to the warning.

It was almost a relief to have it finally happen. The waiting had been horrible, especially knowing what the stakes were if they failed. They had made all the preparations they could. Now it was time to face the enemy.

The situation unfolding was worse than anything she could have imagined. The Brood it seemed were flying insectoid monsters that seemed like they should have come out of a B-list sci-fi movie she might have watched with Bianca or Hank and they were quite literally tearing the school apart in their quest to get inside. One tore through the wall and flapped its ugly way into the hallway and Jean threw her hands up, telekinetically slamming it back into the wall to little effect. She kept slamming it around until it stopped moving, whether dying or giving up she wasn't sure.

One down, a few thousand to go and more and more were pouring into the mansion. She opted to ignore her comm to project her thoughts telepathically, unsure how much the Brood would understand of what she wanted to say, :See if we can get Amelia, if they really are intelligent maybe they won't like us taking a hostage. But don't take unnecessary risks.: Everything about this was already a risk without anyone opting to play the hero. She knew Shane would be heading that way already, but short of tagging the whole team she wasn't sure what their immediate locations were. Unless she absolutely needed to find someone she wasn't even going to try, it was taking too much concentration to get through the mansion without getting stung or torn apart by teeth as it was.

If she could get to some cover she would try some telepathy, but at the moment she was relying on telekinesis to fling them out of her path or crack them into each other and tear off stingers and tentacles whenever she had enough time to really focus on one. Those opportunities were few and far between though as she made her way to the entrance hall which was quite literally swarming with the monsters.

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 Posted: Apr 11 2018, 10:44 PM

Sleep had been hard to come by ever since they’d found out about the imminent Brood attack. Thankfully, Neena and Laura had been rescued. Which left just the attack to be worried about. Quite frankly, Catherine wasn’t sure that was a good thing. Sure, there were all sorts of preparations that had occurred so the school would be best defended. From the security systems being upgraded to the students being evacuated, Xavier’s was preparing for one hell of a battle.

Cat had already been awake when the sirens went off and the turrets began to fire. The vibrations from the flapping of wings and buzz of Brood had caused her to jolt awake from her slumber. Already in her uniform in preparation, she rushed to her window where she could see the wall of insect-like invaders approaching. Moving her window box of plants, she put it on the ground just in time to see a sleazoid hurtling towards her. Wings flapping, teeth bared, tentacles swaying and tail ready to strike.

Before it broke through her window, she let out a single note. All she needed to shatter the glass before it did. The transparent shrapnel flew outwards, sharp,edges colliding with the nightmarish monster. Most of them didn’t do any damage to it. Except to its wings, which the jagged edges sliced into, putting holes in them or simply bursting through to come out the other side. It’s ability to fly suddenly compromised, the thing grabbed onto the windowsill with its tentacles. Teeth gnashing at Catherine angrily.

Running towards the windowsill, she let out another angry blast of sound. This one even more forceful than the last. The pictures on her walls shook from it. Papers that hadn’t been secured flew. The sleazoid found itself having a hard time to keep its grip on the windowsill. Focusing in on it’s softer parts, eyes and mouth, Cat let out a high frequency aimed towards those parts. There wasn’t much of a pop as much of a squish as the thing’s eyeballs exploded, making it shriek and let go on her windowsill. It plummeted towards the ground where it landed with a crash on top of another one working on tearing the school apart.

Dashing out of her room and down the hall, Cat picked up her comms and spoke into it. ”Their eyes are a vulnerability! Noivern, go for their wings and eyes if you can’t kill them.”
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 Posted: Apr 12 2018, 12:00 AM

He'd been preparing for this, they all had been for days. Their warning had come and had given them a time frame, and while they'd all hoped the attack would never come, it came knocking on their door anyway.

More accurately it came tearing through the property and triggering every defense system they'd put into place. Door knocking was too polite a term for what was currently happening.

Mark had been sleeping fitfully when the alarm had gone off, and his years of training had him up and getting into his already prepared uniform before his eyes had even opened. He was strapping everything into place in record time, slipping his belt into place and getting his boots secured in the span of a heartbeat. He grabbed his flight goggles just in case, looping them into his belt for easy access and slipped his headphones securely over his ears, making sure they were tight and not going anywhere. He was off at a dead sprint not long after, paying attention to what they comms link in his headphones kept saying before nodding grimly and making a plan of action for himself.

'defensive measures, don't let the stingers get you'

'hardy, they look armored'

'get to Amelia if you can, no unnecessary risks'

'wings and eyes are vulnerable'

The advice had been shields, and Mark was wanting to agree, but he wanted to blast as many out of the sky as possible before he had to engage them close range. Taking off toward the main entrance his thumb was busy at work cycling through playlists until he'd found the right one by memory, speaking into the communicator before he hit play.

“DJ here, going full blasters and going silent once I get outside. You guys know the drill, buzz me if you need me.” He was fast approaching the entrance, and decided to give the team one parting message before cutting his audio comms entirely. “Lets give em a little hell eh? DJ out.” And with that, he got nothing but silence as his rock playlist started blaring in his ears, and his hands started to glow an aggressive fuchsia. He burst out the doors and immediately started blasting anything that wasn't emblazoned with an X.

The problem with Mark's powers is that they were entirely reliant on his ability to clearly hear the music playing, and audio communications made his powers essentially 'short out' since they interrupted his music. Thankfully the school had worked out a way to avoid this issue by making a system specifically for him in which he was able to go completely radio silent and not have to worry about not being reachable. His combat headphones were equipped with the function to put out a holo display over one of his eyes when he activated his so called 'silence'. Anything put into the comms would be translated into text and he could keep up with the conversations real time, and if his code name happened to be mentioned directly, his communicator would vibrate and his attention would immediately be drawn to whatever had just been said. It helped greatly when he was receiving instruction on where to go or when to shift powers. It was a little delayed and roundabout way of being able to keep in touch with his team, but without the use of telepathy, it was the best that could be done for combat heavy situations.

And this situation was definitely combat heavy.

He sent blast after blast at the Brood assholes that scattered the lawns, and he was quickly finding that it was taking more than one hit to really hurt them. If he took care and aimed for their faces or their wings like Cat had said, that generally brought them down and crippled them enough for someone heavier hitting to take care of them more permanently. Luckily his blasts were powerful enough that if a big took one to the face, they seemed to be put down, but sometimes he couldn't guarantee an accurate hit, especially when he was being forced to dodge and weave.

For the time being he was doing a decent job of keeping a shred of distance between himself and the beasts, but he was thankful he knew how to utilize his blasts close range as well as at a distance, because they were closing in and he definitely wasn't going to get stuck getting stung.

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 Posted: Apr 12 2018, 08:07 AM

Betsy Braddock was fast asleep when the warning sirens sounded. She had been set to take the last security shift of the night and would have been waking soon anyway but the shrill whine of the school’s alarm system beat her phone to it, shocking her from her rest. Throwing herself into a sitting position, Psylocke wasted no time recovering from drowsiness, sweeping her hair back with a tie that sat around her wrist, she clambered down from the mattress and began to dress from the pile of clothes that lay crumpled on the floor. “Sam.” She said to the man who had occupied her bed, tossing him his shirt. “Get dressed. Gear up.” Striding over to the wall, the ninja grabbed the first of her katana that she could lay hands on and strapped it to her back before dashing as fast as she could manage to her bedroom window. With a swipe of her arm as she ran the glass blew out, a consequence of her indelicate and unpractised telekinesis was that she more often than not broke what she aimed to move. Right now a little broken glass was the least of the X-Men’s worries though and not slowing her pace, Betsy leapt out of the window, twisting to her left as she did so to grab hold of the drainpipe.

Brood were on her before she had even made it halfway up to her combat position on the roof. Half a dozen of the oversized and vicious bugs zoned in on the sole occupant of that side of the school building. Psylocke had made herself a target, though there wasn’t a single person on site who the alien invaders didn’t consider fair game. They came at her, vicious teeth bared, arms and legs clawing, slithering and uncurling. As she pressed ever upward, strong arms pulling her up the drainpipe, the ninja telepath kept her focus on her destination until the enemy had closed in enough to get their claws on her. All of Betsy’s mental energy had been directed into her telekinetic shield, until she could get to the roof all that mattered was protecting herself. Reaching the top, she grasped at the ledge with a hand ready to haul herself up. Barely had she managed to pull her chest level with the roof when a long, thick tentacle wrapped tight around her ankle, yanking her away from the wall with enough force that she lost her grip and slipped.

Letting go of a frustrated cry as she suddenly found herself hanging in mid air, in the clutches of one of a group of six, Betsy acted quickly. She was not the type to give up at the first hurdle, none of the X-Men were, and Shane’s warning to avoid their stingers was enough to keep her motivated. She thrashed against the monster’s grip, lashed out with her telekinesis, hurling four of the six through the air to crack into the brick of Xavier’s third floor. None of the creatures were injured by her attack, recovering quickly, but it bought her a little extra time. As nimble as she was, the ninja was able to swing her body forward, using the alien bug’s tentacle for leverage. As she moved, she reached for her sword, pulling it from the sheath on her back. Curling her body up, Betsy swung at the tentacle that held her ankle, aiming to hack it off. But the appendage was tougher than she had anticipated and whilst the sharp blade of the katana cut the exterior, it did little more than cause a shriek of pain from the injured Brood. All that Psylocke had done was succeed in making an already evil monster really very angry.

“Pest!” It snapped, shaking her violently so that all at once Betsy couldn’t tell which way was up and which was down. But although the world was suddenly in motion and a startling sense of disoriented confusion had begun to creep its way over the ninja, she had a horrifyingly clear view of the four recovered insects that were making their way at rapid speed towards her. The last remaining creature took hold of the tiny Japanese woman with a clawed appendage, growling as it made contact not with her body but the telekinetic shield that encased it. Betsy’s power in this area wasn’t the strongest, she wasn’t in the habit of creating protective bubbles of TK but when in combat her body was almost constantly wrapped in its protection. It was like a second skin, enhancing her condition, amping her strength, increasing her speed, but not entirely impenetrable. Now she was caught by an arm and a leg, the second monster pulling at her until her limbs stretched and she was almost certain that they were going to rip her in two. Safe for the time being from the paralytic effects of their stingers, Bee wasn’t sure how long she could hold up against being pulled from two opposing directions.

Concentrating her efforts, she dropped her katana from her free hand and took hold of the first Brood with her telekinesis, in a last ditch effort to escape certain death she swept an arm through the air, directing her power as best she could, driving the creature into its companion. The crash saw the second let go of her arm and, now level with it’s face, she summoned a telekinetic dagger, plunging it into it’s eye. Still the first had her ankle in it's grip and the final four had reached her. Crying at the top of her lungs with the effort she drove the bug that held her headlong into the group. All the while that she had them confused she could avoid their many arms and legs, their stingers and a swift end to her life. “This is Psylocke.” Her voice called out over the comms, her words starting and stopping as the bug under her telekinetic control barrelled into the others. “In a spot of trouble--oof--” Her face came into contact with the hard exoskeleton of one of the Brood and if it weren’t for her shield she might have been knocked out cold. “Help.

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 Posted: Apr 12 2018, 09:18 AM

Jase, like most everyone else, had been fast asleep. Or as asleep as one could be with the looming threat of horrific invasion hanging over their heads. The very thought led to fitful sleep full of tossing and turning. The academic minded Jase, true to form, was putting more thought into the situation than was necessary. He tended to over think quite a lot of the time, especially in the combat application category.

The klaxons sounded and Jase sat upright quickly, tossing the covers off and grabbing his gear. Part of him felt there was no time for proper uniform. The school was being invaded, but the other half of him knew, dress for the job you want. Dress for the job you have. Dress for success. He had a job to do. A team to support, and a desire to do so. Jase pulled on his Blue Team uniform and barreled down the hallway and out onto the balcony to get a view of the battlefield.

The team had reacted fast, though Jase's eyes had locked on to the enemy first ~Man. Where have I seen these before~ Jase thought to himself, wracking his brain for the information. He knew he'd seen it before, but for the life of him could not place it. How could one forget such a thing? Perhaps it was the fear that the sight of these bugs caused, or maybe the worry. Though perhaps it was sight of Psylocke trying to fight off a group of the blasted things. Sighing a deep sigh, Jase took a few steps back before racing forward and leaping off.

The bug had reared back and headbutted Betsy. Jase's diagnostic eyesight diagnosing any injury she may have, though that would have to wait. Jase had chosen this moment to stop thinking about things and had thrown himself at the bug. Colliding into the side of the alien, Jase slapped his hand on the beasts large forehead, his other gripping one of the many legs. Jase's hand glowing a bright malevolent red. His touch dumping in the pain that came with passing kidney stones. That terrible stabbing, burning pain soaked in deep, Jase following it up with a few knee strikes, trying to grab its attention while holding on as tight as he could.

"Let go roach!" Jase bellowed with a grunt. Shoving more of yhe pain inducing energy into thst Brood while the three of them hung in midair. Had he the time, Jase probably would have chastised himself for choosing this moment to stop over thinking.

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 Posted: Apr 12 2018, 11:11 AM

Honestly Zeke was starting to think that the people running this joint were just smoking something really good, because they were all freaking out about some attack and messages from the future, but so far nothing except the fact that the school was really quiet because the kids were all evacuated and he didn't have to teach his classes. Score.

So he wasn't really worried all things considered. He didn't know better. Hearing about their adventures second hand was not the same as living through one.

In other words when the sirens really did go off Zeke was 100% not prepared.

He started flailing around, fell out of bed with a thunk, and popped up, looking around blearily. "Huh what?"

And then something headbutted his window, the glass went flying, and a ginormous flying bug THING stuck it's fanged head in making some horrible hissy bug alien noise.


It was not a manly shriek at all as Zeke back pedaled through the room, wrenched open his door, and slammed it. "THERE REALLY ARE ALIENS! OH CRAP! OH MY GOD AIEEEEEE!" Unfortunately for him his communicator was broadcasting and so the whole team got to be privy to his hysterical (and understandable) meltdown.

He had to shut up seeing as the Sleazoid had ransacked through his room and now burst out into the hallway. He kept moving, almost colliding with Serenade. "OHMIGOD, CAT KILL IT."

Some sense of self preservation kicked in and he grabbed the nearest thing he saw, a fire extinguisher and let it loose spraying the approaching alien with the contents. It actually made it pause for a minute, then whip it's tentacle arms right back around, yanking Zeke's feet back from under him as he unsuccessfully tried to bludgeon the thing with the now empty canister.

This wasn't how he had pictured going: death by monster freak in his Scooby Doo pajama pants. The shirtless part was about par for the course. The rest of it? Not so much.

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 Posted: Apr 12 2018, 01:45 PM

Bianca had been curled up on the floor of Jean’s room. It wasn’t too uncomfortable. One of the perks of having been through med school was Bianca had learned to sleep when she could, where she could. It was one of those skills that you really couldn’t put on a resume. Shooting up at the ruckus, she knew it was time. From the moment Jean had told her about the invasion coming to attack the school, Bianca had been on board to help protect it. She’d been intentionally visiting the M.E.’s office where she’d be working in a couple months time as well as going down to the hospital morgue. Purposefully absorbing every bit of necroplasm she could for when the attack came in the hopes that she would be either at max or as close to it as she could manage.

Her phone had been in her lap as she slept. Open to a certain contact who she’d been toying with the idea of texting before she decided to knock out for a bit. Recognizing that the sirens meant that the Brood were here, she made a split second decision as she snatched up her phone. Fingers flying as she shot off a quick text to her new friend without even looking at the time and thinking that maybe the man might not even be awake at this hour. The phone was tossed on Jean’s bed as soon as she’d sent the text.

She didn’t have a uniform as she wasn’t officially one of the X-Men. So, she’d worn her work out pants and a sweatshirt. Bolting on out and tearing down the hallway at the sound of the klaxons, she tried to make it outside. Only to make it to the stairs down to the main entrance hall before finding the mansion infested with some MIB looking flying aliens. Dodging as one flew past her, she reached out with one hand and managed to grab hold of one of its wings. It’s own momentum forward causing her to tug on the dragonfly-esque thing until it came off. The Brood flapped its other wings furiously to try and stay airborne as it turned its attention on the doctor.

That’s when Bianca decided to beat cheeks and drop the broken wing. Doing her best to dodge the stingers, tentacles, and claws. Bianca managed to make it halfway down the stairs when a clawed hand reached for her. ”Oh, hell no!” Reaching back and wrapping her own hands around the arm of the Broodling thing, she yanked the Brood her way only to then swing it at its brethren. Sending it flying into the swarm, knocking into its brothers and sisters like a bowling ball into pins, Bianca didn’t take any time to watch as she ran down the rest of the stairs.

Making a mad dash for the closest way outside, Bianca continued to dodge tentacles and stringers as best she could while beating her way through what felt like an endless barrage of insects with teeth and fangs. It was kind of Stephen King-ish. One managed to wrap its tentacle around her right ankle, yanking her off the ground and up into the air. Another one closed on in, it’s tail and stinger raised, ready to strike. Bianca did let out a startled yelp as she was yanked into the air. Before it could, she grabbed hold of one of its insect-y legs and yanked it off course. The stinger missed her leg and instead went through its sibling’s tentacle arm. The grip on her ankle was released, sending her falling through the air to the floor. Thankfully, there wasn’t far to fall. Tucking her head down and turning her body, she landed on her side and rolled on out of the fall onto the floor.

Scrambling, she managed to make it up off the floor and out onto the front steps where one of the X-Men was already shooting at the Brood. She was pretty sure it was Forge, but could be wrong. It didn’t really matter as she saw the boiled carcass of one of the creatures laying on the ground. Bits of it melted off in softball sized chunks. Picking up the carcass, holding onto it on non-melted parts, Bianca hefted the dead Brood up. Absorbing the necroplasm coming off the dead alien, she aimed the body towards the swarm. Chucking it into the air, the carcass smacked into some of the airborne Broods, sending them into a bit of a tailspin. ”How many of these things are there?”

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 Posted: Apr 12 2018, 02:50 PM

Danny Rand loved Pajama Pants.
Danny Rand loved Kung Fu pants.
Danny Rand loved that Kung Fu pants and Pajama pants were indiscernible from one another. So when the alarms sounded, the shirtless Danny Rand bolted out of the guest bedroom. Simply tying one of his yellow sashes around the waist of his green pajama pants.

A few days ago the phone had rang. Friends were calling with a dire warning and an ask for assistance. He hoped that they knew the answer to that question before they even called. That his assistance any time was a forgone conclusion. Needless to say, the X-men had asked and Danny had answered. Flying out at the end of the work day to Salem Center and then driving into the mansion the rest of the way. (By driving he meant someone came and got him) The fewer people that knew the location of the mansion the better. Especially in a time like this. When some unknown invasion force was coming and seemingly had weird abilities from the description.

Rounding the corner at the top of the second floor staircase. Danny peered down into the entrance way and looked at what the enemy was. "Well, that's new." He mused as he watched a few of the X-men barrel through and out into the front yard. Luring a few of the bugs out after them. Though it seemed that Jean was hellbent on fighting the whole horde herself. Danny leaped up and over the railing. Aiming for the middle of the entry way. His fist glowing a bright yellow as he sailed towards the ground. Slamming fist first, Danny left the shock wave ripple out from his position and knock the bugs that were on the ground off their feet. The ones in the air jostled about some colliding into one another.

"I'll pay for the floor." Danny said to Marvel Girl as he rose to his feet and moved into a traditional Kung Fu fighting style position.. His right hand glowing with the gold color of the Iron fist, though his hands were not clinched into fists. They, instead where open, and held up as Danny moved in a very fluid movement.

A brood regained its footing and darted in after Danny. The Immortal Iron Fist held his ground and simply crouched. His right foot fully extended as he bent at the left knee. His hand moving in a semi circle, blocking the tendril arms that stabbed in and sweeping them out of they. Using the Brood's momentum against it. His hand clinched and Iron Fist struck the head as Danny rolled to the side. The impact was crunchy and the Brood wabbled a bit, though Danny did not have time to strike it again. Frowning as a couple more swooped in, forcing Danny to use the fluidity of this particular Kung Fu style to stay on the move. The Brood were armored it appeared, and Danny was resigned to hitting the next one harder.

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 Posted: Apr 12 2018, 03:02 PM

Another late night security shift (not that it was much distinction with the whole team on high alert) meant Drake was already in uniform when the school began its slow descent into being an alien roach motel. Once the bugs came in and the defense systems went to work, he kept his headset-clad ears on the audio comms. Listening to the steady hum of the Brood's dragonfly-like wings, a droning buzz that began to override all other sounds. It was loud, enough that the sheer amount of it was threatening to overwhelm his ears a bit... but more importantly, it was consistent. A consistent sound he could channel and use against them.
It was another full half-minute into the conflict before he managed to pinpoint its frequency, but he grinned as he zeroed in on it.

”Their eyes are a vulnerability! NOIVERN, go for their wings and eyes if you can’t kill them.”

He heard Serenade's call out as he headed out of the security room and began to sprint towards the stairs. "On it. Planning on doing both. Moving to the front door to open fire." While sliding down the railings, something else came to mind as he planned out his attack. A game series he was fond of, Borderlands. And while the last entry in the series was a bit of a dud, he remembered one particular part of it that never stopped being fun. It was a cliche he'd found in games he played... if any characters had an ability involving using music to fight, he tended to favor them.

As he got to the front hall, he stood right in the front doorway and looked up at the locust plague that was the Brood. "Eyes up, watch out for falling bugs!" And for the briefest moment as he focused on the swarm, he grinned. :Pirate ship mode.: He thought to himself, before throwing his hands up and focusing on them one at a time, amplifying them as loud as he could. Detonating cripplingly powerful amplified blasts of sound right on each set of wings with more concussive force than a sonic boom, shredding and shattering their more fragile wings like paper and aggressively flinging them out of the air one at a time - gravity would hopefully handle whatever his blasts couldn't. But given how he'd made sure all he could hear was this sound, he was dropping a new one with every other second, pointing this way and that through the air to aim them like he was the conductor of this symphony of sonokinetic destruction. The thunderclaps that came with the explosions were brief, but there were so many of them that anyone who hadn't already seen the alien swarm was definitely aware of it now.

Because, in his head, he was. Specifically, while his ears were busy focusing on the drowning sound of buzzing, he kept his mind clear of the ensuing headache for now by silently humming the 1812 overture and detonating blasts on the beats. As much as his mind was focused on the severity of the situation, his adrenaline was going strong. Finally, he had an enemy he could truly let loose against. Human opponents he couldn't yet bring himself to want to kill... but bugs? Bugs he had no problem swatting. That was their place in the universe, as far as he cared.
"Serenade, meet me by the front door and see if you can give me an encore."
 Posted: Apr 12 2018, 03:43 PM

The blaring of the school's alarm system woke Sam up from a deep sleep. With the threat of an alien invasion looming over them, his sleep had been rather restless over the past couple of days, but on the night the Brood actually came for them he'd actually managed to get some decent shut-eye. It was over in a second though: the alarms had him startled from his slumber and up on his feet beside the bed in seconds. He'd slipped into his boxers and was looking for his shirt when the woman whose bed he'd been in tossed it his way. "Workin' on it, Bets." His response was brief, but there wasn't any time to waste here. Once his shirt was on, Sam made his way over to where he'd deposited his gear the evening before. When it came to situations like this, it was good to come prepared. While he started putting on his uniform, Sam's blue eyes briefly shifted towards the window as the glass shattered to make sure it wasn't something coming in through the window. Sam managed a half smile realising Betsy was responsible for it. Good, better than one of those nasty sounding beasties dropping in on them when he basically still had his pants around his ankles.

Finishing slipping into and zipping up his uniform, Sam put on his goggles and took a quick running start before powering up, blasting right on out the window and into the night. Seeing just how many of these Brood there were almost gave Sam pause, but he didn't drop his momentum for a second, slamming right into the first of the airbourne Brood that crossed his path. It sent the alien monstrosity barrelling through the air and towards the ground, but as far as Sam could tell didn't do any lasting damage. Sam figured that he just hadn't been able to pick up enough speed yet between his exit from the school and his first collision with one of the Brood. If he wanted to put any of them down, he was gonna have to be faster.

And so the Southerner changed course, seemingly turning away from the heat of the battle to fly upwards instead. He continued until he figured he was high enough, then abruptly went back in the opposite direction. Pushing his thermo-chemical blast to its limit, Sam quickly picked up momentum on his way down. At the speed he was going, anything he collided with would be in a world of hurt, and even if he still somehow couldn't break through the Brood's armor-like exoskeletons, the impact should royally mess up whatever squishier alien physiology it was protecting on the inside. It was put to the test when he slammed into the next flying Brood from above, Sam's force field protecting himself from the impact and storing the kinetic impact of the collision, while doing some serious damage to the alien insect. It plunged towards the ground, leaving a messy crater where it landed. That was one down due to his involvement in trying to deal with this whole potential apocalypse, with hopefully a lot more to come.

Sam moved onto the next closest Brood then, engaging this one in a more direct manner than the last one. Flying towards it, his fist connected roughly with the creature's jaw. It didn't do a whole lot of damage, but then it was a whole lot more effective than the creature's attempts to get at the man protected by his blast field were, and with every strike Sam dealt or that was dealt against him, the kinetic energy his field absorbed on impact was adding to his destructive potential. He wasn't putting much of a dent in these Brood yet, but once he'd built up some power he suddenly put it all into his propulsion, blasting off again and smashing the bug he'd been tussling with like a bug on a windshield.

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 Posted: Apr 12 2018, 05:51 PM

Third floor

Kerr and Doug were nerds. There was no getting around it at the end of the day. They liked D&D, enjoyed Star Wars, and while they had chosen different means to express their severely dorkish tendencies there was no denying it. They did their homework, color coded their schedules, made their bed, and had a certain level of social awkwardness meant they were people who erred on the side of caution. Kerr had been sleeping with her tool belt hung on the headboard of the bed she’d been sharing since her birthday. Her rubber mallet was secure, dozens of tubes of Beast’s blueberry flavored high-caloric paste tucked in the apron along with a handful of bridge spikes that she personally thought were very intimidating.

She’d been cozy and asleep, using Doug as a pillow when the alarms went off and her brown eyes fluttered open. Kerr even only flailed for a moment, scrambling to shove her feet into her work boots, her tool belt and bandolier of bridge spikes already draped over her Gravity Falls jammies. “Come on, babe. It’s time.” She had known this was coming, had trusted the information that Slate had passed on to the rest of them. An attack in March, he had said. One day left in March.

Logic said their time was up.

She pushed a piece of high-caloric gum in her mouth, planted a kiss on Cypher, and ran. Kerr’s bright pink t-shirt with Mabel’s shooting star glittering on the chest was hardly subtle as the blonde girl made her way up to the third floor and the observatory. Heaps of the monsters had already crashed through the holographic glass dome that offered those beneath it a glimmering close up view of the stars above, demolishing it to nothing more than tatters and debris. They were clawing their way in, shrieking and screaming their desire for violence.

“You are all way uglier than I was hoping... Why can’t we ever be attacked by Channing Tatum or Tom Hardy?” Her only answer was Blackstar screaming into his communicator. “Zeke! Get your butt up to the observatory, I could use you!” Someone with the ability to cast an illusion, while she backed these bugs out of existence would be super handy at that moment. They were everywhere, and more were pouring in through the damaged roof by the second. It didn’t take them long to notice the blonde, either. They dove down, tentacles outstretched, stingers poised, claws grasping.

By god they were fast.

Kerr barely managed to latch onto the nearest timelines, throwing them into reverse with reckless abandon. She didn’t care how far back or how fast she sent the owners of the timelines she was clamped down on. Her recklessness was the point. They shriveled, aging in reverse, Sleazoid, larva, egg... Gone. Brood poured into the mansion and made it within inches of the suddenly sweating girl, reaching for her with ill intent before vanishing. She was killing them but not enough to even make a dent and there were way more of them than there were of her.

“Zeke?” she ground out, hoping someone was hearing her through the comms and over the chaos. “Martyr? Shadowcat?”


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