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WPX - Storming the Castle

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 Brood - Time For An Earth Shattering KaBoom, April 16th, 11AM // Open
 Posted: Jun 2 2018, 01:33 PM

A white circle of fire hung in the air in front of Illyana and the remaining members of the X-Men and their allies. That included the Brotherhood, this time and there was an uneasy truce around the massive table as they all stared at the image Ily had produced. A very unconscious Jean Grey was clear and focused on the other side of the scrying window the little demoness had opened up at the head of the table, the spot that would have been reserved for the woman in the image had she been present. Instead Illy stood there, giving proof positive that what they had feared had come to pass. The X-Leader herself had appointed the youngest Rasputin as a sort of canary, left behind at the hotel as an early warning system. She was Marvel Girl’s contingency plan in the event the trap she and her cohorts were walking into sprung successfully. Thankfully it just so happened that in her care was a young sorceress who could look through space and find anyone.

A relatively handy thing when one was going into an unknown, dangerous town full of hillbilly aliens.

“I’m not entirely sure where they are,” Illyana admitted to the assembled heroes. “To pinpoint a more exact location I’d have to go into Limbo and look from there. All I can say with any certainty is that Ms. Girl is not in Nebraska. She feels far away.” At least Jean was with the others and alive. “You should know... They have been infected. Like Mr. Adler’s friend. And you should see this, as well.” Illy pulled back and the image in the fire zoomed out to reveal hundreds upon hundreds of small, dimly lit drawers, each with a person inside. “If we assume those people are likewise infected...”

“Then we’re already fucked.” Alpha had not taken a seat at the table, but was leaned back against the wall, hands jammed into her pockets as she leaned against Razor. A dark scowl was on her face as she observed the scene through Illy’s ‘window’. This was the sort of shit they’d time traveled to prevent. It seemed no matter what year they were in, she and Chris were doomed to fight aliens and watch the whole world go to shit. “They have one of the world’s most famous telepaths and they have Forge. Who can make anything. And Kitty, who can get anywhere. And Doug, who you can’t lie to. I honestly don’t know the other two. If I met them it was when I was too small to remember properly which means they were probably dead in my timeline. I warned her this was stupid. Jean knew this was a trap.”

The time displaced teen heaved a sigh. “So,” she said conversationally. “Who has access to nukes?”

No more half measures. No being sneaky and discrete. The X-Men’s normal approach to bad situations wasn’t going to stand this time around. It was time to get proactive and start reducing those nasty shits to dust. “Makes you wonder where Kevin Ford is in 2017.”

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 Posted: Jun 2 2018, 06:10 PM

John Allerdyce knew that there were many part so life he didn't have much knowledge on. What he did know was how to write a best selling romance novel. How to write an article for journalism.

And he knew fire.

Reaching out mentally for the white fires that Darkchylde used, he frowned as there wasn't jack shit he could do to it, making it much like the X-Men's resident Indiana Jones wannabe charging up items. It might have sort of looked like fire, but it wasn't.

Having known he was going to be in the War Room of the X-Men, Pyro had considered what he should wear. After all, going in with full gear and huge flamethrowers was more like cruising up and parking a fully functioning tank in front of someone's yard, popping the hatch, and strolling out with body armor and more weapons than a Texas nuclear family strapped to you.

In other words, asking for trouble.

So Pyro had gone with normal day to day clothes as keeping his identity under wraps was kind of stupid if in an area with psychics. But he kept fiddling with a steel Zippo lighter as he looked at the images, frowning and considering what he saw.

"What the bloody hell is it with bad guys and weird containers they put people in?" Pyro asked suddenly. "Cause seriously. First Sinister and his weird clone vats. Now aliens and some weird pods." Playing with a small flicker of flame in his other hand as it turned into a very small fire hand giving a thumbs down on the whole affair, Allerdyce muttered "Makes me think that science fiction based fetishes are weird."

Peering at the mess, he smirked and said "On the plus side, looks at least a bit organic. So it can burn if we can find the damn thing." Glancing at velocity and Razor, he nodded at the android and said "As your less than friendly bucket of bolts buddy can attest to, don't need a nuke if there is enough oxygen. Though would really like some way to kill those embryos and get people out first." It was rare for Pyro to go for such extremes though, mainly as he wasn't really one for wanton destruction for shits and giggles.

Looking at the number of people infected, he felt his jaw clench as he wanted to simply strike down whatever had taken them. Whatever had decided to try to steal their very essence and warp it into something abhorrent. But since there weren't sure where that was, Allerdyce remarked "So we're hitting the town to find your missing peeps right? And salting the Earth behind us?"

He did glance for a split second at Mistral, but didn't want to clue anyone into anything. After all,no sense in her being in trouble with her team, even if he did want to kiss her and tell her everything would be okay.

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 Posted: Jun 2 2018, 06:49 PM

As far as the petite redhead understood, the Brotherhood and X-Men working together was a rarity. This, for the most part, was due to their differences of point of view. It had been upsetting to see what had become of the school, but she’d seen first hand what the Brood could do and it had been a relief to hear that mostly everyone had made it out alright.

Until now.

Which was why the Brotherhood and X-Men sat gathered in a room Mack hadn’t expected to see the inside of ever, wishing her mutation was more like Rat’s than her own. Although she didn’t regret her choices of leaving the school, she did regret having to leave the people she had grown up with behind (even if her memory of them was stunted). Having followed Pyro’s lead, the teen had opted for a simple pair of black jeans, blue top and her favoured beaten up leather jacket. She wore a sturdy pair of combat boots and had tucked her shock of red hair up into a bun.

Darkchylde had her full attention as she spoke, but every so often her eyes would shift to a familiar face and back again. As John spoke up beside her, having chosen to sit beside him, her jaw clenched as he brought up Sinister. One day she might be able to move passed her experience in that lab, but today wasn’t that day; still being plagued with nightmares and insomnia.

Mack shifted a little in her seat, politely directing her attention to each person as they spoke up and voiced their opinions. Unless her mouth got the better of her, she would be keeping it shut until spoken to directly. She didn’t feel like calling more attention to herself than was absolutely required.

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 Posted: Jun 2 2018, 09:45 PM

His best friend had been captured. Today was going great. As Drake stood beside the table, he crossed his arms and kept his face to a calm scowl. He sighed and glanced to Darkchylde. "Do what you gotta do, Illyana. My money's on space, though. They're aliens, right? Maybe they're headed back to the mothership." He glanced to Blink, then back to her. "My brother's a fallback, what about you two? Your teleports are basically just limited to 'wherever we want', right?"

"If we can manage that... taking them all out shouldn't be hard. I think half of us here could cause more damage than a nuke if we let loose." Turning to the time-traveling Velocity and Razor, Drake's expression grew a bit more worried. "My focus is more about getting my friends back alive than inventing a nuclear can of Raid, though at this point I'm . I just can't believe there's no way to reverse... however they convert them." He shook his head. "Did your team figure out anything when you dealt with them? Even just hypotheses, ideas... plans you didn't get a chance to implement?"

He had one other source of possible information, but it was small, purple, and also unaccounted for. Drake was sure that Lockheed was smarter than some simple weird dragon-thing, and based on the first battle it was clear that he had dealt with the Brood before. And that only made him weirder. If only he had a better grasp of "Draconic" beyond the pages of a D&D handbook.

The other variable rolling around in his mind was Parker. Spider-man. The moment it became clear that Shadowcat was in danger, he couldn't help but feel like the guy deserved to know. But that was a topic to be cleared with the team first, and as an afterthought. As much as Spidey and the others in the New York vigilante scene had proven to be a huge help, it also meant more people were at risk. He wanted to keep it to as few people as possible for now.

His arms uncrossed and he leaned forwards on the table. "And on that... if ANYONE can find a way to reverse it, it's McCoy. We need Beast for this. If that means we're starting with a jailbreak, I'm in." He looked to the assembled Brotherhood, putting aside his issues between the two groups in a heartbeat. He disagreed with them on methods, but right now, if it meant saving any of his friends, he'd do anything. Enemy-of-my-enemy and all that. "But for planning that, I'm gonna defer to the experts. No offense." There was a clear level of respect in his words. As much as he disagreed with them, he at least couldn't say they didn't get results.
 Posted: Jun 2 2018, 10:21 PM

The war room, what an absolute delight.

Blue eyes levelled on the other blonde Russian in the room as Darkchylde spoke, Anna’s electricity pulled in as far as she could while her one hand twined with Senyaka’s. It was added insurance that she’d be able to stay in a crowded room without electrocuting anyone if her temper pinballed out of control.

Which, given the Princess, was something that happened with little warning.

Attention was pulled towards Noivern as he started speaking, her expression cooling to bored tolerance as she reminded herself why she was here.




”Your money is on space… how much cash do you have to back that theory?” She sassed, realizing and not caring that her attitude was not exactly helpful. ”We don’t need guesses and wagers, we need proof.” Her eyes narrowed slightly on the large eared mutant. At least, she assumed those things on the side of his head were ears.

”They really don’t seem to be fond of fire.” Her eyes dropped to inspect her manicure and she paused, contemplating the situation the two groups were in, until Beast was mentioned.

”I don’t take offense by that remark, just your….” She narrowed her eyes on him for a moment, waving her free hand airily. ”Everything.” Settling into her chair a little farther, she redirected her attention elsewhere. ”I’m sure we can liberate Beast from his little cage, if that’s the direction everyone wishes to take.”

It would look bad, having the man liberated from his jail cell… but what did she care about that?
 Posted: Jun 2 2018, 10:52 PM

The grin on Senyaka's face was absolutely genuine. The murderous psycho was head of heels amused by the situation they had found themselves in. Sure and alien invasion was one that threatened his very existence and the existence of the one person that he cared about. (as weird and confusing as that was) And that threat could not be allowed to live much longer. Pooling their resources on this matter and tackling the problem head on as one unit instead of a separate entities where the left did not know what the right was up to and vice versa was simply the most tactically sound option as well as the correct decision to make.

None of that stopped Suvik from being amused at how they would have to play nice with one another, and just how much of a colossal challenge that was going to be. Though he had promised that he would be on his best behavior. (Suvik knew his presence was way more of a thorn in the side than anything the man could actually say and it thrilled him greatly.)

Darkchylde spoke and displayed what she had access to for them to review. Suvik took it all in stride. X-men stumbled off into a trap and got caught. X-men stashed somewhere unknown. Someone suggested nukes, which perked Suvik's interest. "Vic and I can get nukes. If we don't want the delay of having to rig them ourselves, I am sure the two of us can get the President too while we are at it." Eeeh .... So Suvik lied when he promised to be on his best behavior. His smirky face arching an eyebrow as Noivern spoke.

"Space.... I doubt we will conveniently find them parked behind Uranus. So without something more helpful than 'they're probably in that general direction over that way' shush." Suvik said as he again decided to not behave. He was pretty sure his team was likely to let Exodus chuck him off another mountain, but Suvik had grown incredibly bored in the five or so minutes he had been paying attention. "Do we have time to research a cure or whatever we want to call it? It seems to me end the threat to our existence is more important." And there was the callous and uncaring Suvik. That team had chosen to go into a trap. Getting impregnated was only to be responded with, "of course you did. Sorry for your damn luck."

 Posted: Jun 2 2018, 11:31 PM

Merry sat at the table with her fingers steepled, her nose twitching as she breathed in the uncomfortable scent of Brotherhood. Every cell of her being wanted to gently usher her little sister of the room, away from the hateful, malignant shits that had joined them for the war room meeting but there were bigger things happening than just X-Men vs Brotherhood happening at the moment and her dark eyes were glued to the image Piotr’s little sister had created out of... well nothing. The animal girl had just enough of magic to be rather turned off to it. Being brought back to life, barred from death, Meriel Myles had good reason to want to keep her distance from the mystic and supernatural elements that were out there. Her discomfort with magic was not, however the point of the war room. The handful of X-Men that had walked kind of deliberately into a trap laid by evil, sadistic space bugs were the reason they’d gathered today. Friends and enemies alike forced to work together to rid the planet of nasty, tentacled garbage.

...What did happen to Tech?

Shaking her head, Merry tore her gaze away from the image of an unconscious Forge and tried not to vomit up in the back of her throat. That was her teammate, a stalwart friend, and he was in trouble. Last time she had needed him, Forge had shown up in a big way and Merry was not about to let him down now that their roles were reversed. Sort of. Forge wasn’t dead.


Smiling tightly at Neena, Merry drawled, “Let’s not go nuclear unless we have to. Givin’ what you’ve seen I get ya wanna be proactive but let’s see if there’s a way to outsmart ‘em before we out-muscle ‘em.” The last face to face had not gone so well for the X-Men, between the school and the Aerie they’d been not-so-gently bent over. They weren’t going to win in an armwrestling contest with the Brood but a little strategy wouldn’t hurt. The teenager leaning back against the wall shot Merry a skeptical look but managed to keep her mouth shut. Alpha wasn’t going to argue against someone so stubborn it took Brood eight years to kill her.

Ideas and theories were exchanged at once and Neena managed a giggle at Senyaka’s delicate request for the guy with the stoma to put a sock in it. “God, Uncle Suvik is even funnier in this timeline,” she said with a grin, making Merry tense across the room. UNCLE Suvik? Jesus, what sick, twisted, hellscape did her baby sister escape from? Or maybe Merry had just twitched in her seat because she had just put two and two together with her nose and the evil eye she leveled at Pyro before glancing at Mistral was positively withering.

“Oh you better hope the world ends,” she whispered softly to the blonde beside her. “Because you are busted. Bad. Bad, Kaylee.” If they weren’t in mixed company, Merry probably would have bapped her bestie on the nose. Thankfully there were bigger fish to fry at the moment and Merry heaved a sigh. “I don’t like this but combined, we have a shot at burning that nest out. Wihio went with Forge... Has he sent back any information?”

That was an appropriate suggestion.

More appropriate than hitting Sabretooth and Senyaka with the table.

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 Posted: Jun 3 2018, 04:34 AM

Remy had been none too enthused about the idea of working with the Brotherhood. Cats and dogs might ignore each other once in a while, but they'd never manage to actually live with one another. It just wasn't in their nature. And things didn't start off on the best note, with the news that they'd been infected, which was bad enough before the window showed hundreds, maybe thousands, of other drawers. “Mère de Dieu,” he muttered under his breath, shocked. The idea of nuking the place was one that he would have been all for himself, if it weren't for the loss of life – loss of friends – that would come from it. Of course, Senyaka was all for actually nuking the place, which failed to surprise him. If anyone was going to take that suggestion seriously, it was going to be the Brotherhood.

Pyro's idea of burning everything was probably a part of everyone's plan, no matter where their loyalties fell. The quicker they could deal with this and get their people back home, the better. “Das about right, homme,” he replied to Pyro's question. “More damage we c'n do, da better. Make 'em think twice 'bout coming back, if any of 'em get away.”

The idea of the aliens going back to their main ship would have been great if it weren't for the fact that they didn't know how that might affect things. “Dey just gonna come back if we don't kill all of 'em. An' what if they have people up on their ship already?” Remy wasn't going to lose any sleep over killing anyone that had done what the Brood had, but he'd hate to have to put down some innocent civilian that had been caught up in all this mess.

The question that Drake put to the Brotherhood, of course, didn't bring up anything but insults and general unhelpfulness. Why wasn't Remy surprised? “Jailbreak, blowing it up, Remy ain't got no problem wit' either one. But dere ain't gonna be no second chances if'n we mess up.” For all that Senyaka seemed to want to, predictably, goad people into a fight, nothing of the sort had actually started yet. But for all that he wanted to throw something heavy and kinetically charged at the other mutant's face, he did bring up at least one good point... “If we try doing two things at once, we ain't gonna get nothing done. We can teleport the infected t' quarantine, let Beast an' dem work on undoing ever'ting while we dealing wit destroying the facility.” If they only did one thing at a time, they'd never get anything done.

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 Posted: Jun 3 2018, 09:50 AM

Matt was busily pacing a tiny groove in the table top as he walked back and forth on the table top. He had removed his suit jacket some time ago as he worriedly paced about and thought through the situation before them. His twin firearm holsters dangling beneath his arm pits as he strolled back and forth.

The Brotherhood were in the room. Shortpack did not like that one bit. None in the slightest. He understood the need for a coordinated effort so that the X-men did not end up nuked while they were skulking around Broken Bow trying to find their people. Shortpack was simply not happy that the Brotherhood had been brought to the school to have this conversation. Or rather what was left of the school. Though all of that was complaints he would keep to himself, they had bigger fish to fry.

::We need more information. Do we have a way to contact Wihio?:: He telepathically thought as he came to a stop in front of Menagerie. ::Forgive the method of communication, but I can be hard to hear in large rooms, anyway...:: Matt shoved one hand in his front pocket and resumed his pacing about. ::We have no idea where the Brood have our people at. Could be outer space, could be bottom of the ocean or way deep below the surface for all we know. Illyana does your spell account for that?:: Matt asked the magic user in the room with a tiny arched eyebrow. When it came to the Arcane, Matt was way outside his wheelhouse. They were also dealing with advanced Alien lifeforms which was another subject that had Matt outside of his wheelhouse with no contacts to turn to.

::We also cannot also assume that an advanced alien race that has been on this planet for several millenia does not have a way to cloak from magic. So they could be anywhere:: Pausing his pacing Matt stopped and glanced towards the Brotherhood contingency. ::Hardwire have you found any chatter on cyberspace? Emails or whatever going back and forth from places like NASA or SETI? Weird signals or energies that astrophysicists are baffled about?:: Matt shrugged a bit. Not liking the position they were in and hating not being able to do what he does for the team. ::Also, I'd like to suggest kidnapping one alive for interrogation.:: The thought made him shudder a bit as he could only imagine how that was going to turn out.

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 Posted: Jun 3 2018, 10:51 AM

Leaning back against the cool wall of the War Room, Shane listened with crossed arms and a stern glare as people on both sides exchanged thoughts, jabs, and something like plans. The fact that the Brotherhood was present did little to faze the geokinetic, even if he did harbor nothing but disdain for the likes of Sabretooth and Senyaka, because when it came down to it they needed all the help they could get. The X-Men weren't the only ones attacked by the invading aliens, and Shane was honestly willing to accept any help that was offered.

His expression darkened further as he saw the peculiar drawers that were housing the infected, and for a brief moment wondered if she had been placed into one. Completely obliterating the place seemed to be out of the question, and he more or less agreed with the notion that they shouldn't. For the most part.

Anger rose in the man as he continued to listen, though most of what was said was lost on him as the gears in his mind spun at a maddening rate. All that they really knew for a fact was that the team had fallen for the most amateurish of traps, had fallen prey to the Brood, been infected, and that they were all “somewhere.” It was now only a matter of time before they had one of the world's most powerful telepaths, one of the most incredible and dangerous inventors, someone who could easily track them with his ability to see the past of anything he touched, a woman who could become intangible, a walking Everything to English dictionary, and DJ as deadly enemies.

And people were discussing ways to save them from the infection.

That above all else was what had Shane livid. He knew that his anger was entirely misplaced and unreasonable, but no one seemed to consider how to reverse the process when it had happened to Amelia Bradshaw. During his decade spanning chat with Backup he had asked if it was possible but had received no answer, but now people were speculating that Hank could fix it. Shane knew that even if his old friend could have been saved she would have probably still wanted to die after what the Brood inside of her had made her do to her mother, but that was beside the point. As illogical as it was, he was still angry. He had taken the life of one of the friends he had allowed to become close to him, and he was well aware that that still-fresh grief was clouding his judgment.

The Brood needed to pay for what they had done in the past and still planned to do in the immediate and distant future, and Shane was willing to do whatever it took to make that happen, but there were many questions still burning in his mind. He waited as people tossed out ideas, speculations, and insults, biding his time and gathering his thoughts. Some people had more to offer than others, of course, and Shane had to respect Shortpack for having perhaps the most useful suggestions and Gambit for offering up the idea of rescuing captives to find a potential cure while simultaneously working to destroy the operation entirely. At least their heads seemed to be in the right place. Extricating Hank from prison was a good idea, but Shane was reluctant to agree with Noivern on the means. A prison break was sure to cause more harm than good in the long run. Even if it was to save the world from a threat that few seemed to actually believe in, it would cause no end of trouble down the road.

"I too am curious to know if there's a way to reverse the infection process," he said finally, his voice conveying his emotional state quite clearly despite his admittedly paltry efforts to hold it back. "But we have to find them first and get Hank out of prison. Breaking him out would bring the wrong kind of attention on all of us, which we don't need when we're trying to stop a threat that only we seem to know is real. So whatever we do to get him back it needs to be done through proper channels... or at least untraceable channels. If Hardwire is able to forge or alter records in a way that leads to his release without some kind of riot incident I'm all for that." Turning his attention more toward Matt his expression softened slightly, and after releasing a sigh he said, "As for interrogation... do we know what happened to the Brood egg that was in Hank's lab? The one in my room hatched and if I'm not mistaken it showed up as one of Neena's pet 'bugs.' I don't think we ever found the other one. If it wasn't obliterated with the mansion it could still be around somewhere. I don't know if it has any knowledge of what's going on with the rest of the Brood –if they're really some kind of hive mind capable of communicating across great distances among others in the um... colony... but maybe it can. Probably worth a shot if we can find it."

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 Posted: Jun 3 2018, 11:23 AM

Well, this was going to be an interesting day. The Brotherhood and the X-Geeks working together. Two things that did not mix well, like orange juice and toothpaste, or a bath full of water and a toaster, or pineapple and pizza. They just didn't go together. But there they were, united against an alien menace. A real alien menace, not a crazy conspiracy theory spouted by someone who watched too many terrible sci-fi films. The kind Rat watched just to laugh at the terrible acting and poor special effects.

Darkchylde was talking and somehow showing them an image of the X-Jerks leader, who was apparently unconscious and on an brood ship somewhere. Damn this was getting better and better. Rat was thankful that none of the Brotherhood had been captured. Neither had a certain white haired girl he knew. That was the good part. The bad part was that those fucking brood bastards were going to be able to assimilate the mutants they had with them and essentially come back and take over the planet. Joy. The suggestion of using nukes against them was not one that Rat wanted to disagree with, but while it sounded good in theory, it could end soooooo badly. Still it was pretty funny when Senyaka said that he and Creed could get the nukes as though they were going down to the shop for them. And the President if they needed him too. Rat tried very hard not to laugh at this and sort of managed to turn it into a little snort that sounded more like he had sneezed.

The others talked and talked. For the most part Rat was trying to stay quiet, eating a pack of Twizzlers and watching Shortpack pace around on the table. Dude was so fucking tiny it was unbelievable. Like a Borrower, or a creepy living Ken doll. The less sensible part of Rats brain, which to be fair was most of it, was dying to ask him if he did his clothes shopping at Toys R Us. But he fought this urge. He was sitting with the adults as part of a team trying to fight an alien menace and he doubted very much they would want him to help if he acted too much like a kid. No, that would get him exiled to the kiddie table. So he had to behave and keep all silly comments to himself. No matter how tempting it was.

The prospect of a jail break caused this vague good behaviour to vanish. "We're gonna break into a jail?! Shiny!" suddenly he had become ridiculously enthusiastic. This could be his time to shine. After all, with his powers he could wander in and do whatever. Sometimes he felt less than useful but breaking into someplace was something he could do. Unless the jail had very good surveillance that could detect mutants. Which got him thinking.... most people couldn't sense him when he was unnoticeable and when the brood had attacked, he had switched off his dampener and they had ignored him. Maybe they couldn't sense him either. “Oh, um.... by the way... when we were attacked I don’t think those brood tossbags could... find me when I was unnoticeable... Just thought you might find that useful....” With some luck, this could prevent them from sending him to the kiddie table if his enthusiasm at breaking into a jail and the fact that he was the youngest in the room made them doubt whether or not he should allowed to be the big kids.
 Posted: Jun 3 2018, 01:05 PM

Warren had remained quiet while Illyana explained what had happened, quietly stewing about the fact that it was looking like he had lost yet another one of his oldest friends. It seemed to be a trend this year that, on some level, the original five X-Men just weren't going to be around. First Bobby had apparently died and remained gone for two weeks, then Scottie had been turned into a seventeen year old, followed by Hank being wrongfully imprisoned. Now Jeanie, another one of his closest friends, had gone missing and Warren couldn't help but wryly consider when it would be his turn. With everything that was on their plate right now though, it was not a thought that he lingered on for too long. Not when the others were discussing the possibility of employing actual nuclear devices to deal with the Brood, the insane idea that the missing X-Men might be in space, and touching upon Hank's imprisonment with suggestions that they actually break him out.

"We are absolutely not breaking Hank out of prison," Warren spoke up adamantly, giving particular attention to the one who had suggested it in the first place. "Honestly Drake, I'd expect you to know better than that." And he should know better than to trust the Brotherhood with anything regarding one of the X-Men's founding members too. Warren wouldn't trust idiots like Senyaka or Spark to make plans for lunch, much less have any say in anything regarding one of his oldest friends. If those goons showed up at the prison Hank was locked away in, his friend would likely just shake his head, give them a definite "No, thank you" and file a request for a more secure cell. Though perhaps taking out a few of the Brotherhood and handing them over to the authorities could reflect well on the man, it still wasn't an option Warren was willing to entertain.

"Hank's association to the school is known to those who are holding him," Warren went on, wanting to explain why he was so against the idea of breaking Hank out of prison. "Breaking him out will come to bite us all in the ass, and end up digging an even bigger hole for Hank to fall back into. Big enough to fit quite a few of us. That's not even getting into how poorly it would reflect upon mutants as a whole." That may not be much of a concern for Magneto's band of stooges, who rarely seemed to stop and think before acting in ways that made all of humanity turn their nose up at their kind even further, but Warren was an X-Man to his very core and actually had to consider the bigger picture here.

Of course they could simply replace Hank, and make it so that his jailers never knew he was gone. Have Darkchylde or the Brotherhood's pink brat teleport Hank out and Blackstar and Hardwire in to make sure that there was no way - either by the guards or through surveillance - to tell that Hank was no longer in his cell, but especially in the case of HardWire they would be exchanging one especially valuable asset for another. Besides, it was not a foolproof plan either, considering the government was getting better with each passing day when it came to dealing with their kind, and anything other than a plan that couldn't possibly go wrong just wasn't good enough.

"We will handle this legally," Warren stated decisively. He didn't care if the twelve year old the Brotherhood for some insane reason decided should be involved in this was keen on a jail break, as far as Warren was concerned it wasn't happening. "I have not been sitting idly on my hands while Hank has been in prison," he informed the others, despite feeling that it should have gone without saying that he'd been doing everything he could to see the release of one of his best friends. "I've had a team of lawyers working to get him out for weeks, and one particular lawyer I hired to work the case last week has been making quite some headway into seeing Hank released on bail at least. I can't tell you how long it'll be before that's achieved, but it's progress at least." And honestly with how everything around them seemed so determined to go to shit all the time, even a bit of progress towards something positive offered at least the slightest silver lining. "I know it's not a solution offering the kind of instant gratification some of you are looking for, and I'm sorry for that, but it is the way it is." Warren shrugged his shoulders lightly, not out of indifference but because he was rational enough even under the current circumstances to accept their situation as it was.

"So let's keep the ideas rolling and not get stuck on nuclear power or Hank's brilliance as our only options." Not simply expecting the others to do all the thinking, even if Shortpack had some excellent questions for the Brotherhood's resident technopath, Warren spoke up again after a brief moment of thought. "For the infected, consider the alternatives we have to a medical approach." He turned his gaze towards Velocity then, the one person among them who knew these Brood better than anyone. "In your future, have there been absolutely no cases of the infection being reversed or killed off before it could fully take effect?" Many of them had died in her timeline, Warren himself included as far as he knew, but there were still survivors and the winged X-Man had a hard time imagining someone like Logan not being amongst them, Brood infections be damned. Some mutants were just designed to survive despite the odds, while others had the ability to help others do the same. "We have a student," he went on, "a biokinetic whose abilities could theoretically be able to achieve whatever medical brilliance Hank could come up with."

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Seamus Mellencamp
 Posted: Jun 3 2018, 02:45 PM

Seamus watched and listened quietly as Darkchylde relayed what she had discovered. Quietly he listened as others spoke. The only indication that he was in the room was the occassional (frequent really) sound of a Jolly Rancher being unwrapped followed by the empty wrapper being shoved into a pocket full of empty Jolly Rancher wrappers. His ire rising as they discussed the wrongful incarceration of the mutant Dr. McCoy by human slavers. Seamus's hatred for humans was palpable to say the least. He listened as they seemed to be at odds over the destruction of the Brood Race, his eyes narrowing a bit before he finally spoke.

"Mutant life iz ssacred." The only hint that Seamus Mellencamp was in the room, other than the massive reptilian standing in the back, was the sound of Jolly Ranchers being unwrapped and wrappers shoved into the pocket of his leather duster. A pocket that was chalk full of empty wrappers. "The idea that Dr. McCoy iz wrongfully imprissoned and you lot have have not obliterated hiz human sslavers iz appalling to me. The realization that we cannot come to agreement that these Alienz should be rendered extinct by any meanss neccesssary is also appalling."

Seamus cast a cold gaze at those in the room as he spoke while standing up like the tall proud mutant that he was. A cold calculating look in this reptilian eyes as he witnessed the conversation that was taking place among those that he considered brethren. Even though the X-men were of a different philosophy that himself and the Brotherhood, they were still mutant and therefore brethren. "I have no concern for the humanss in those tanks, and will not risk my brotherss to save them. However, every mutant will be ssaved from thiss fate forced upon them by their slaverss. And the Brood will be destroyed with utter absolushun." Seamus's eyes narrowed once more, his hatred for all things not mutant growing with every passing second. "I will carry the nuke on my back if it ssaves our people."
 Posted: Jun 3 2018, 03:56 PM

"I hate these meetings," Kaylee muttered to Merry. It was like a staff meeting at work, but with terrorists invited. Which might make those work meetings more interesting too, but she was having flashbacks to the time they had tried to come up with a plan to take down Sinister and gotten exactly no where. This was the second part to that.

Except that there were aliens and now a bunch of the team had managed to get kidnapped by them. It seemed a little petty to be relieved that she had gone to Egypt instead of volunteering for the recon mission, but damn was Kaylee glad she hadn't gone to Nebraska. At least the Nazi vampires hadn't managed to drag her off to some unknown place. Probably space.

She bit back a snicker at Pyro's fiery thumb's down which was just about when Merry started giving her the side eye and throwing John a look that could kill. Awww crap. Maybe she shouldn't have been sneaking glances over in his direction out of the corner of her eye. "What me?" she whispered back, blue eyes widening. "I did nothing. Total innocent." It was way too late into the friendship with Menagerie to play the dumb blonde card, but she couldn't remember what her cover story was supposed to be at the moment. She probably should have known sticking him into a room with the X-Men was doomed to failure. Of course they'd be just as interested in her love life as the end of the world. "Future us screwed up though if Neena calls the freakshow uncle." The last part was whispered even further under her breath, now was not the time to get into a full on beat down with the Brotherhood.

Suggestions were thrown around and most of them were just as bad as Kaylee would have expected. Sure, let's just nuke freaking Nebraska. That'll solve the problem. "Okay y'all don't even know where they are, so what are we blowing up? Nebraska? They aren't there and we don't know if any of the Brood stuck around. Space? Good luck with that. Illyana, is it possible to get to Limbo and find where they actually are?" She shot Seamus Mellencamp a dirty look. "You don't know if any of those people are mutants or not and besides who made you God to decide who we do or don't save when we're already in the room?" Which was besides the point, since they didn't even know where they were, but it bothered her anyway. Human, mutant, they were people who had been in the wrong place at the wrong time. Let the lizard man carry nukes, but he could shut up about rescue missions.

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 Posted: Jun 3 2018, 04:33 PM

Jase sat ever so quietly. Most times he was not one to speak much in these situations. He was horribly terrible and tactics and strategies. Combat wise he was likely the least effective fighter in the room, so not much could be said by the academic minded self sacrificing combat medic. So instead he simply listened and pondered on their options.

They had people infected with Brood parasite things that would soon begin to change them into new Brood. Or did the Brood just grow and burst out. Jase was not all that clear on the science of it. His brain did not work that way or even in the same neighborhood as the science minded ones. He was all religions and symbolism and myths. The science escaped him which was why it placed credence to getting Dr. McCoy out of prison.

Then came the reality that their people have been taken to God know where, and they had to be found, rescued, and then the first problem applied. Curing them of the parasite thing. Which also did not answer the question of "How many of the Brood are on the planet? How many are in Broken Bow? How many where they up against?"

Letting out an exasperated sigh, and turned to look at Velocity and Razor "Pardon me, This is neither the time or the place for veiled jabs and masturbatory posturing. I do however, have a question for Velocity and Razor." Jase was leery of using her real name for fear that one of the Brotherhood may get some twisted idea in their seeming twisted terrorist minds. "Do either of you remember where we went wrong? What happened that gave the Brood the upper hand? What do we need to try and avoid?" He was not sure if she would be able to answer that question, or if the answer even mattered. His understand of time travel consisted of Doctor Who calling it "Wibbly wobbly timey wimey."
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