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 New Character Countdown
 Posted: Apr 1 2017, 08:31 PM

This is a quick reference to ensure that all players have waited the required month before applying for a new character. A further reminder is that a person cannot have been on probation and has to have at least ten in character posts with the last character before applying for a new character.

  • Ace: Sensate December 10th
  • Bry: Seamus Mellencamp October 1st
  • Charly: Quicksilver January 3rd
  • Hank: Colossus November 21st
  • Pete: Chrome December 19th
  • Pirate: Hinder April 23rd
  • Adam: Kaine May 30th
  • Andi: Speed July 12th
  • Ani: Wind Dancer May 12th
  • Anonymoogle: Brother Bear June 27th
  • Bashi: Mercury October 21st
  • Chandra: Lucy In The Sky November 12th
  • EJ: Tech October 27th
  • Ferg: Deathstrike October 14th
  • Fishy!: Scarlet Spider October 23rd
  • Jamie: Rat October 17th
  • Jason: Gambit October 26th
  • Jeremy: Shadowcat April 7th
  • Knees: Guari Vincent November 6th
  • Leah: Jessica Jones October 13th
  • Mia: Wicked December 18th
  • Moose: Kali Norwood November 17th
  • Nobody: Alex Goya November 15th
  • Noiz: Nightmare May 16th
  • Rider: Marvel Girl July 7th
  • Zel: Slate November 12th
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