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 DJ, mark sheppard
 Posted: Jan 12 2018, 08:18 PM

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Celebrity Claim- Ezra Miller

Full Name- Mark Sheppard
Nicknames/Aliases- Marko, Deej
Age- 19
Date of Birth- January 3
Faction- X-Men Blue, arrived July 2010
Occupation- Currently unemployed (again), looking for a part time job

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Personality- Mark Sheppard is a man who cannot make up his mind to save his life. He's known to be incredibly flaky when it comes to decision making, almost as though the idea of devoting his attention and committing to something frightens him. Most assumed he would have grown out of this as he approached adulthood, but sadly little progress was made. He's spent most of his teen years in a state of flux, drifting from one thing to the next without being able to stick with much of anything. In fact, one of the only things that's remained a real constant for him are the X-Men and the relationships he's forged there. With all of that said though, he's not a bad person at all, and his heart is always in the right place. He cares deeply for the causes he chooses to fight for, and in all reality, the X-Men are the realest and most stable things to him.

When it gets down to brass tacks though, if it comes down to X-Men business, he becomes all business. He takes his duties to the school seriously and if the Professor or any of his fellow mutants require his assistance in any way he's there through the thick of everything. He's been told multiple times if he could apply the same kind of loyalty and devotion to other aspects of his life he would have a much easier time, but he still hasn't been able to really grasp the concept.

He is thankfully able to make friends easily and possesses an insane amount of charisma with the added bonus of knowing how to apply said charisma to most social situations without much effort. Mark is a very laid back individual and prefers to watch the world turn around him rather than participating in the hectic rotations of the planet and the people that occupy it. He's a fairly easy person to talk to and he prides himself on being a good listener, even if he may not always be able to give good advice. He's a deeply caring individual, and is not afraid to offer assistance whenever he sees someone in need. This quality extends far beyond simple everyday tasks as well, and it's not uncommon to hear of Mark taking care of someone when they're sick or going through a rough patch. He isn't afraid of or repulsed by the ugly parts of caring for someone, and that stems from a childhood full of taking care of an alcoholic father.

He was voted the biggest flirt in his class when he was still in school, and this hasn't changed about him at all. He will charm almost anyone he's remotely interested in, which has left a trail of short lived relationships and flings in his wake. He knows he's broken a few hearts along the way, but he's never felt ready to settle down and start something serious and he's always upfront and honest about that. In fact, honesty is another one of Mark's redeeming qualities, he's never really seen the point in lying to people when it comes to feelings and everyday life things.

  • Music (all types)
  • Girls (all types) maybe guys too, he doesn't know anymore
  • Dancing
  • Fresh cookies
  • Kissing
  • Going on walks
  • Smoking (no, not cigarettes)
  • Indian food
  • Kissing, seriously he can't get enough
  • Afternoon naps
  • Math
  • Girls/guys that get too serious too fast
  • Silence
  • Dry toast
  • Bus trips
  • People who communicate in only emojis
  • Horror anything
  • Sleeping alone
  • The dark
  • Scratchy blankets
  • Incredible focus
  • Great sense of humor
  • Charismatic
  • Lacks motivation
  • Afraid of the dark
  • Tends to be too laid back

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Power Name- Acoustic Eclectic Mimicry
Description- Mark's powers are incredibly unique in the sense that they are so diverse. He possesses the ability to essentially use different types of music to give himself powers, with different effects surfacing depending on what style of music he is currently listening to. He is in full control of his current powers, though if a new ability were to crop up he would have to train that ability in order to fully harness it. He acquired his abilities at different times, and though he finds it simple enough to reign in a new power when it crops up, there is a learning curve that requires him to fine tune the small nuances and quirks a power comes with before he can use the power in an active situation. This also means, if a new ability surfaces, he will not listen to that genre of music until he has that power under his total control, for fear of accidentally using the power associated with it.

Mark's current list of powers, from oldest to newest include

PhotokinesisDance - The first power Mark ever knew he had, was the ability to create blinding and flashing lights. It's not an offensive power at all, as the lights create no heat or any kind of force, but they are versatile enough to provide a temporary light source as well as create a disorienting distraction. The lights do not stay for longer than several seconds, so he cannot maintain them constantly but his is able to create them one after the other and in quite rapid succession. While he cannot make them stay for long periods of time, he can control their intensity and even their color, though he has trouble making the lights pink for some reason.

Force FieldsClassical – This power emerged shortly after Photokinesis, and is one of Mark's favorites to use in combat situations. Mark's force fields are quite useful and efficient in providing cover for himself and his teammates, as well as being capable of a few more out of the box functions. The fields themselves appear as translucent blue with a soft glow to them, so it's always obvious when he's using them. The most impressive thing the fields are capable of is forming a protective dome around a small area with Mark at the center, with the highest point of the dome reaching about six and a half feet high and the dome expands roughly five feet on all sides. Depending on the size and height of the people he's trying to protect in the dome, they may or may not have to stoop down or even kneel to be protected. More commonly though, Mark will form smaller shield like constructs and use the fields that way, as this method requires less concentration and allows him to be mobile. The force field is not impervious to all damage however, and repeated hits from anything like high powered guns and heavy blunt damage will shatter them, though Mark can usually tell when the field is going to break long before it actually does. The biggest blunt impact a force field has survived was a simulated car collision at sixty miles per hour. Things with a heavier hitting power will crack or outright shatter them, depending on how much more powerful it is. Firearms are more of a concern for Mark, and the largest caliber bullet they've been able to stop came from a stander issue police sniper rifle, and the field didn't necessarily deflect the bullet, the bullet pierced the field and got stuck, then the field subsequently shattered. If he is not making a dome, he is capable of making two fields at a time. These fields can also support weight for a brief period, and he has used them as makeshift platforms, though significant amounts of weight will shatter them. The most weight he's ever put onto them is about 500 pounds and it held alright, but Mark could feel the strain and knew it couldn't hold much more. He's come to conclusion that they fields are more effective at absorbing force rather than lifting weight. Mark has also experimented with incorporating his force fields into hand to hand combat, using them to strengthen blows and add extra padding while blocking oncoming strikes.

FlightGospel – This power is probably Mark's all-time favorite, because let's be real, flying is awesome. Mark's top flight speed has clocked in at around 200 miles per hour, so he's not incredibly speedy and his flight is not great for long distance travel, but he enjoys it greatly. It's the power he had the easiest time getting a grip on, but he thanks the multiple people at the school that also fly, without their assistance he probably would have had a much tougher time. When using this power, his body goes through several changes, which are invisible to any observer, but Mark feels a notable difference. His body lightens considerably, and his inner ear adapts to be able to handle the sudden changes in pressure and altitude. His lungs and respiratory system adapt to be able to take in more air and handle the high speeds he achieves during flight, his eyes however, still need protection from the harsh winds he encounters and he needs to wear a pair of goggles to protect his eyes. While his body adapts to be better for flying, he's not immune to the effects of significant impact, and he needs to be careful not to hit anything, or let anything hit him, while he's in the air.

Concussive BlastsRock – This is the power Mark relies on when hand to hand combat isn't an option. These blasts are a good alternative when his force fields are proving to be ineffective or impractical, or when he just flat out needs to finish a fight by pure dominating force. These blasts manifest themselves as an aggressive and bright fuchsia aura around his hands that shoot off into bolts of concussive energy at Mark's command. There is no recharge time to speak of, but he cannot fire the blasts as a continuous beam, they can only come out as quick bursts. The blasts are pretty damaging in force, able to knock a normal human off their feet and into serious pain with just one hit, and the heat they give off is enough to cause burns if someone is hit multiple times with them. This does not indicate that the blasts are fire or radiation related, but the pure energy they are made from does produce heat. While these powers are active, Mark is still able to use his hands with no ill effect from the aura surrounding them, he can still touch people without hurting them and has full function, they just happen to be glowy and surrounded by an agitated looking energy. These blasts can be used to wear down defenses with repeated attacks and can break through some steel and other sturdy materials, but they aren't all powerful and there are things that cannot be damaged by his blasts, no matter how many times he hits them. Something mildly frightening to note is, if Mark uses his blasts rapid fire for a long duration, the aura around his hands will spread up his arms and across his torso, and his eyes will even begin to glow the same shade of fuchsia.

HealingBlues – When this power developed, Mark was both pleased and terrified. He was happy to be able to help contribute more to the team as a whole and be something more than just a combatant, but the responsibility of being a designated healer still weighs heavily on his mind when he chooses to play that role. It is critical to know though, that his healing powers are touch based and only work when he's in physical contact with the injured party. His healing powers work incredibly well, and cause no life threatening ill effect to him, though it does cause exhaustion and a heavy depletion of Mark's resources, meaning it burns insane amounts of calories that he needs to replenish almost immediately after the power is used, but the power definitely has its limits. It only works on injuries and some illnesses, and while it works incredibly fast, he has to be able to get to an injured person before they die. He's capable of bringing people back from the brink, but once they pass, resuscitation measures must be taken, and if those efforts are successful, Mark can step in and try his hand. Mark has the added benefit of not having to know what kind of damage he's dealing with, he just needs to touch them, meaning skin to skin. The more contact there is, the more effective he can be, because his power spreads from the point of contact, so the larger the area, the more quickly it will work. His healing normally results in minimal scarring, but if the injury is deep and severe, scars will still appear, though they will be greatly reduced than if a normal doctor were to treat them. He is able to completely heal most injuries, though if the injury results in instant death, there is nothing he can do. He cannot completely replace muscles and organs, though if even a shred of said muscle or organ still exists, he can regenerate it back from that. This does not apply to limbs though, so sorry amputees, Mark can only seal the wound, not give you your limb back.

When it comes to illnesses, he can cure many of them, but there are some he just can't get rid of. Things like cancer, HIV/AIDS, any kind of major poisoning, or degenerative diseases, he cannot help with. This is a major disappointment to him, as he wanted his healing powers to be more effective and he wanted to be able to help more people, but he's accepted that he'll take what he can get and do what he can with his gift. The biggest downfall to this power though, is Mark cannot heal himself. When these powers activate, Mark's body itself takes on a very soft seafoam colored glow, and when his powers start working on a wound, the wound will glow more intensely the same color. He feels a gentle warmth wherever his skin comes into contact with his patient's skin, and he's been told by his previous patients that the sensation his healing causes is a gentle, vibrating, numbing tingle that radiates outward from where they're being touched and settles more intently on where they're being healed. It has been said that it can be a little uncomfortable depending on where the healing is taking place, such as head wounds and very deep wounds, but he's never had anyone tell him it's painful before, and he's very happy about that.

ChronokinesisTechno - The most recent power he's discovered, Mark has the ability to form a time stasis field in his immediate vicinity. The field does not extend more than four feet in any given direction, and does not stay in one place, meaning if he moves, the field moves with him. It's the power that frightens him the most out of all of them, because the idea of stopping time, even in such a small space, seems high unnatural and wrong to him. It takes a lot of concentration to maintain the field, so he can't focus on other complex tasks whilst using this power. He cannot pick and choose what is and isn't hit with the stasis field, so anything within his very limited radius is stopped when the field is activated, he is the only thing that is not stopped. He hasn't had the opportunity to use this power outside of Danger Room training, but he is comfortable enough to put together a techno playlist and leave the power open as an option.

Limits- The simplest way to break down the biggest flaw in Mark's abilities can be stated in four words. No music, no powers. If anything were to happen to stop the music, whatever aspect of his powers were active would fizzle out and stop working within seconds. This is particularly dangerous in several situations, such as when he is flying or when he is trying to heal someone. The best way he has found to combat this major weakness is to avoid earbuds at all costs whilst on a mission, since they are too easy to fall out or be yanked out of his ears.

Lack of listening device is not the only thing that can bungle his power set however. If something were to happen to his hearing, his powers would not become active, even if music were to be playing. He must be able to hear the music for his powers to work, which makes him increasingly concerned because he's developed a case of tinnitus that he cannot seem to shake. This has caused him to start listening to his music louder, which he knows could potentially make his condition worse but it's the only way he can drown out the ringing in his ears and use his powers effectively.

It's also worth noting, that his powers only respond to fully composed songs, and not just noises that happen to carry a tune. If he were to be caught without any way to listen to music, his problems would not be solved by just belting out his favorite gospel song and flying away. Humming, whistling, beat-boxing, a capella singing, none of it seems to trigger his powers.

Another big weakness for Mark is that he has to change the type of music he's listening to in order to swap powers, which is a hassle in heavy combat situations. If he's able to remove himself from combat long enough to get his next genre booted up he can manage just fine, but if there is no break in battle he cannot power swap. Mark has discovered that sometimes he must just assign himself to a role in a fight or training simulation and stick to it, be it the healer, the fighter, or the aerial support, sometimes he just can't catch a break to swap roles.

Skills & Abilities- Mark has a good amount of training in hand to hand combat that he's learned in his time at Xavier's. His fighting style heavily favors throwing and grappling his opponents, that doesn't mean he can't throw a punch or a kick, though he prefers to restrain and subdue rather than do potentially heavier damage by striking. He's not a pacifist by any means, but if an opponent can be subdued and restrained, he would rather do that than risk putting them through unnecessary injury and pain by hitting them. If an opponent is deemed too dangerous and must be taken down however, he will fall back on strikes, favoring kicks to punches.

Mark also has a bit of musical talent, mainly with guitar and it's not uncommon to find him sitting off somewhere playing around with his old and beat up acoustic. He bought it from a pawn shop when he first came to the mansion and with the power of books and various Youtube videos, has figured out how to play. He has various other skills that he's learned from other people at the mansion, including how to do general maintenance on a car, basic wilderness survival, and the ability to perform odds and ends handyman work. He tends to pick up a skill from everyone he gets close to, so her labels himself a jack of all trades, definitely a master of none though, because with all the skills he's acquired, he's still perfectly capable of being stumped once things get too complicated.

He's held a handful of part time jobs, including working retail and food service, so he's gotten good at dealing with and calming down people who are upset and can work his way around a kitchen, provided the recipe is familiar to him and isn't overly complicated.

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Height- 5'10”
Weight- 160 lbs
Eye Colour- Brown
Hair Colour- Dark brown/Black

Appearance- In his own opinion, Mark is your essential boy next door. Nothing spectacularly outstanding about him, he just kind of exists and occupies space. He firmly believes that when it comes to appearances, he is the definition of average, and he doesn't complain about it one bit. He's had other people tell him he's unconventionally attractive, which is a weird compliment that he doesn't quite understand, but he takes it graciously nonetheless.

He has strong and angular features that somehow combine with a boyish face and how mature he looks is directly related to how recently he's shaved. His hair is a mop of dark curls that he has an insanely hard time managing, and he never schedules regular haircuts, so he will usually let his hair get ridiculously long before someone finally convinces him it's time to trim back the mane.

His clothing choice is questionable on average, because Mark is the guy that thinks skinny jeans with blazers look cool. He really doesn't fit into any style category that he's aware of, he just pick out clothes that he thinks are okay and wears them. So his wardrobe is eclectic and scattered, but much to the surprise of people who know him, he never leaves his room looking utterly ridiculous. He at least has the sense to dress in clothes that fit his lean muscled frame.

The only constant thing about his wardrobe is the set of headphones that are resting either around his neck or firmly over his ears.

Gear- Mark is never without his headphones, and he always carries with him some kind of music playing device. He owns several old MP3 players and iPods, all filled to the brim with music, and he always has at least one of them in his pocket. He also will use his phone as a backup if his other devices get damaged, but he prefers not to rely on his phone, due to battery and lack of storage space. He always has a pair of earbuds in his pocket, even though he hates them, just in case of an extreme emergency and his regular headphones break. He also has an official X uniform that comes with everything he would need in accompaniment to his powers that he wears on the rare occasions that he has a mission, but it doesn't get used often.

Additional Information- Mark has a number of strange phobias that he can't explain, including an intense fear of the dark, fear of the dentist, fear of deep water, and the extreme inability to handle horror material. He will be the one screaming like a little girl in a crowded movie theater and is the type to run up the stair after turning the lights off because he assumes whatever is in the dark is chasing him. It's not unheard of to see Mark wandering down to the kitchens late at night for a snack with his phone lighting the way and his blanket wrapped firmly over his shoulders for protection.

He also greatly enjoys attending poetry readings, flea markets, and adores thrifting.

Hometown- Bluewater Village, Michigan
Immediate Family- Louis Sheppard (father), Greta Sheppard (mother, deceased)
Others- Aside from the people at the mansion, Mark hasn't had the best luck maintaining close friendships.

History- Tale as old as time, boy meets girl, they fall in love, they get married and live happily ever after. At least, that's how it happens in the story books, and for Louis and Greta, it seemed that their life was set to go down in fairy tale history. Greta and Louis loved each other, that much was for certain. They were giddy like teenagers on their wedding day and that bliss continued through the years of their marriage, only increasing at the birth of their first and only child.

Mark Sheppard was doted on by both of his parents, they loved him, and he loved them, and their family was something out of a Hallmark film. Everything was perfect, from their perfect little house to their perfect little family portraits. Mark was a bright and friendly child, though he was constantly scolded for his inability to focus on tasks that didn't immediately capture his attention or hold his interest. His mother described him as 'full of piss and vinegar' all the time, his father was proud of his son's boundless energy, but wished the boy would just reign it in and direct it once in a while. Despite this, Mark was always generally well behaved, much to his parent's delight.

Like most good things however, their perfection came to an abrupt and rather heart wrenching end when Greta suddenly fell ill one winter. Everyone thought it must be a cold, there was a nasty bug going around, but when she just couldn't seem to shake it she finally relented and went to the doctor, where she was diagnosed with pneumonia. People in her age group normally have an easy enough time overcoming the disease, and she'd always been healthy, so she was under the impression that being admitted to the hospital was perhaps a bit much but she couldn't argue with an expert and followed doctors orders. She felt awful but she was confident that she would be out of the hospital in a few days and back home with her family.

Such a small percentage of people die from the disease, no one saw her death coming.

Poor Mark, being only eight years old at the time, was at an age where he understood the finality of death but wasn't mature enough to grasp that life isn't fair. He struggled with the death of his mother and became sullen, losing the spark that everyone had come to expect from him. If Greta's death devastated Mark, it utterly destroyed Louis.

The man had always been a casual drinker, but with the death of his wife his habit spiraled out of control, and within a few short years he had developed a full blown problem. He felt like an absolute failure, his wife was gone and his son had withdrawn and hardly spoke to anyone. He didn't understand how he was supposed to raise Mark without Greta, and even though he tried to maintain the facade of normalcy and maintain a stable home, Louis started poring drinks earlier and earlier. Soon, instead of being able to pick his son up from school, the boy would either have to walk or take the bus because Louis was too intoxicated to even get the car started. Mark was too wrapped up in his own grieving to see how his own father was struggling, and was too young to really even realize what was happening. Slowly, he learned how to pick up his father's slack and maintain the house to an acceptable level.

Try as the young boy might, his efforts weren't strong enough for the change to go unnoticed by teachers and other school staff. Where Mark used to be a well kept and and healthy boy, teachers noticed him getting thinner and more tired, and his clothes always appeared to have been improperly laundered and his overall appearance started to scream 'neglect' by the time he reached middle school. Counselors stepped in and asked Mark if everything was alright, and though he was hesitant, he explained his living situation when given enough prodding. He wanted to stress that it wasn't his dad's fault, that Mark just needed to try a little harder to keep up with everything.

Welfare checks were conducted, though much to the chagrin of school officials the issue wasn't deemed severe enough to remove Mark from the home, though Louis was given strict warning that routine checkups were to be conducted. The whole ordeal lasted about a month and Louis was able to get his act together enough to prevent his son from being taken away, but only barely. Mark wished his living situation improved but it didn't, he just learned how to better take care of himself and his father, and thus his schoolwork suffered more and more. He remained withdrawn and only had a few friends in middle school.

Somehow many of his classmates had found out about his living situation and were less than kind to him about it. Most children didn't understand that alcoholism often has an underlying cause. Kids think that being an alcoholic is a conscious choice, that some people just wake up and decide to destroy their lives, which isn't true. Mark's classmates seemed to have forgotten how involved and awesome Louis had been before Greta's death. Louis had always signed up to chaperon field trips, class parties, was always the 'cool dad' at birthday parties and sports events. They forgot that Louis had once been a functioning human being that had one of the worst things on the face of the planet happen to him. They didn't understand that tragedy could ruin a person, and of course they took out all of their ignorance on Mark for having a highly dysfunctional home life, simply because they didn't know anything about it.

Mark found solace in music, and started getting into album collecting. It didn't matter the genre, if it sounded interesting enough, he scraped up money from chores and paper routes to buy them. He'd discovered a form of therapy in listening to music and on the advice of the middle school councilor he started writing his feelings down in tandem with listening to music. It took months, but he was coming out of his shell and a small sliver of the boisterous and bright boy he once was started to show through. He started making new friends once middle school kicked off, and though the bullying and whispers didn't stop, he noticed that they didn't hurt him as much when he was feeling better about himself.

It was one night in his bedroom that his mutation first manifested itself. He was listening to a strange mix of dance style music a cute girl in his language arts class had given him, and as he lay on his bed staring at his ceiling he noticed that small flashing lights began dancing in the corner of his vision. At first he blinked rapidly, thinking maybe he was getting tired and was seeing things, but the more intense the music got, the more the lights flashed and soon he was seeing them all around his room. He flung his headphones off and made to run for help from his dad, because flashing lights had to be a sign of some kind of alien invasion, or a stroke or something right? Strangely, when he took his headphones off, the lights quickly faded and went away.

It took hours of experimentation, but after a long and sleepless night he discovered that when he listened to the CD, or really any kind of dance music, the lights would appear. In the wee hours of the morning when he heard his father wake up, he called the older man into the bedroom. He knew Louis was probably a little hungover, but this was as sober as his father was going to get, and Mark was scared and needed advice. Louis was still his father, and Mark still had the irresistible compulsion to run to his parents for help.

Louis didn't know what to think. It was obvious that Mark was the cause of the anomaly, there was no other explanation for it, but Louis wasn't sure if he was ready to come to terms with the fact that his son was one of those mutants he'd heard so much about on the news. Not all of them were bad though right? Surely plenty of mutants lived normal everyday existences without becoming hell-bent on world domination or mass destruction. Besides, what damage could Mark do with a minor ability like creating flashing lights? He'd be a danger to any epileptic but to the general public, he was harmless.

Whether or not Mark was harmless didn't change the fact that being a mutant was going to put his life in danger. Louis knew his son would be targeted by bigots and receive a lot of hatred for what he was, but he didn't know how to help his son aside from telling him not to do anything that could potentially trigger his power until they figured out what to do.

So Mark put the CD away and was insanely careful about what kind of music he listened to when he wasn't at home, locked up in his room. It worked for a few months, until the cute girl from language arts needed a date for the end of the year dance the school was holding. Mark thought he could control himself enough for the few short hours he'd be at the dance. He was doing well, better than he expected, until a particularly long round of songs triggered his powers into overdrive, turning his heavily decorated corner of the school gymnasium into a rave. His friends were frightened by the sudden appearance of flashing and floating lights, so Mark covered his ears and yelled at his friends that the music was too loud and that they should go out into the lobby. His quick thinking made the lights disappear before they vacated the gym, the act of muffling the music cutting back on his mutation but enough people had seen the strange phenomenon to ask questions. Mark blamed the school for using cheap strobe lights, and most people believed that excuse once it was offered up, especially when Mark insisted he'd seen a small strobe light near where they'd been standing. Others weren't so convinced, though they didn't know what to make of the situation. He left the dance alone that night, the cute language arts girl having been picked up early by her parents thanks to a strict curfew, and he returned home, hoping his father was sober enough to have a conversation about what had happened.

Louis was upset, the 'I told you so' written plainly all over the man's face, but he did his best not to take his frustration out on his son. If his son's strange powers were going to be this active and unpredictable, it was painfully obvious that he wouldn't get much better at home.

It wasn't until after school had been released for the summer that around dinner time, an older man in a wheelchair appeared at their home, accompanied by a more able bodied man. Mark had no idea who the men were, but they seemed nice and had asked politely enough to speak with Louis, who was surprisingly sober for how late it was in the day. When Louis told Mark to let the men in, Mark just shrugged and went back to making dinner while the three older men talked, but he couldn't help but feel like he was being watched whenever he left the kitchen. Mark wasn't privy to what the adults talked about while he wasn't in the room, but when he was finally invited back into the living room, his father was visibly upset and the two guests looked solemn.

Louis grabbed his son in a hug and explained that Mark was being sent away to a school, a special school for kids like him. Kids that were mutants and needed to learn to control themselves. Mark was taken aback, at first. Was his dad really dumping him off at some boarding school like some kind of unwanted burden? Mark adamantly argued that they shouldn't be separated, using every excuse under the sun from it wasn't fair for him to be shipped off and forgotten, to the fact that he didn't want to leave all of his friends behind. Each of his arguments was met with a strong counter argument, and finally, as the young teen's voice cracked with emotion, he asked the final question. What would happen to Louis if Mark left? Who would take care of him when he couldn't take care of himself? Mark's strongest reason for wanting to stay wasn't for anything as childish as inconvenience or selfish desire for familiarity, he was genuinely concerned about his father.

Louis told his son that he would be going away too. They were both going away for a while, and hopefully in a couple of years they both would have themselves under better control. Louis had arranged it so that he and Mark would be leaving on the same day, Mark for New York and Louis for a treatment center.

Saying goodbye to everything he'd known was the second hardest thing Mark had ever had to do.

Once he was unpacked and settled in at the school, Mark once again withdrew into himself. He would spend hours sitting on his bed listening to music and writing in notebooks, his only outlets in his strange new environment. Thankfully with a spectacular staff and more mutants his age running around, he re-emerged from his shell and was able to fling himself headfirst into everything Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters had to offer.

It didn't take long for Mark to start throwing curve balls at the school though, because it appeared that different types of music would trigger different types of abilities in the boy. Photokinesis, which everyone already knew about was apparent, but shortly after school started he developed the ability to create force fields. He had those two abilities under his direct control, when only a short year later the teachers were hang to wrangle him down from the rafters in flight training. It was like Mark's own personal version of a growth spurt, every year or so a new power would emerge associated with a different type of music and he'd have to spent time learning how to control himself all over again.

As he got into high school, his concussive blasts were among the most difficult to get a grip on because of the sheer destructive nature of them. Extra Danger Room sessions were scheduled to help him become more adept at being a full combatant instead of being focused solely on defense and evasion. Around his seventeenth birthday was when he very dramatically learned he could heal people with the assistance of the blues, which opened up a whole new avenue of training he had to undergo. Mark was starting to think that maybe these new powers would never end, and he was partially right.

The most recent power Mark brought forth, and the most frightening, chronokinesis. It scared the hell out of him because it happened out in public in broad daylight. Thankfully he was able to escape the situation with minimal attention drawn to him, but the look on the staff's collective faces when he burst into a room yelling about a new power wasn't one of surprise. It was Mark, they had come to expect his random outbursts of 'look what I can do', and they took it in stride. With the same dedication and hard work he'd always put in to conditioning himself to handle a new power, he soon brought this terrifying force under his belt and into his control.

Mark would occasionally go home once in a while to visit his father throughout his time at the school, but it would appear that going to treatment didn't do much to help Louis. The older man continuously had relapse after relapse, despite trying countless times to get sober. The visits decreased in frequency until they only occurred about once a year in the summer. The last time Mark visited his father the house was almost destroyed, bottles and cans everywhere with almost no where to sit, and there was almost no coherent conversation to be had. Mark made the tough decision to drop his father off at a more intense treatment facility, one of those 'tough love' places that shape you up and don't give you a choice. The flight back to New York was a tough one to endure alone, but after sobbing quietly to himself for about an hour on the plain, much to the horror of the people trapped sitting next to him, he came to the realization that there was nothing more he could have done for his father. He hasn't visited since, but phone calls were frequent when they were finally permitted bu the treatment center.

Mark is now approaching a full year since a new power has cropped up, so he's almost expecting something else to sneak up on him, but he also recognizes that his body has done about as much growing and changing as it is supposed to, and he hopes that his mutation has reached the end of its rope. He's gone through a few part time jobs, trying to establish himself outside of the mansion and maybe start making some money for himself but so far he's had no luck with maintaining a job thanks to his utter lack of motivation and a combination of just plain bad luck.

Staying at the mansion though, it hasn't all been bad. This most recent school year though, with all the new kids, has gotten Mark more concerned than ever. It seems like more awful things were happening than ever before, and Mark isn't sure he can stomach another tragedy on school grounds.

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Player Name- Noiz
Age 28
How Can We Contact- Skype, PM
Time Zone- Eastern
How did you find us? I got that secret invite code
Other Characters- Boom Boom, Nightmare

Role Play Sample-

The mansion was absolutely squirming with 'little tykes' as he liked to call them, even though he was only a few short years older. The way they all ran about the halls and made noise really livened the place up, and mark almost wished it could have been that way when he was a student. There'd been plenty of other students to pal around with sure but, never this many.

He dodged out of the way when a small pack of truly tiny tots darted around him, laughing and screaming at whatever they were currently excited about. He could hear them even over the music blaring from his headphones. His hands were loosely crammed into the back pockets of his jeans as he meandered the halls, just taking in the scenery of a Saturday afternoon. It was a little too cold for many of them to be romping around outside without some sturdier winter gear, unlike himself many of them were not from the great white north. Some of these kids didn't even own actual coats, which was foreign enough to the Michigander but he could understand. Were coats really even a thing in Hawaii? He'd never been, so he couldn't be sure.

The relaxed grin stayed firmly in place as he made his way down to the student kitchens. Yeah, he knew that the staff had their own kitchen but the student one was stocked with better stuff, and there was less chance of someone wanting something from him if he avoided encountering any of his teammates. He was feeling particularly lazy this afternoon, and didn't want to deal with having to run any kind of errands. He just wanted to relax, which seemed like the exact opposite of that was happening in the student kitchens as he sauntered in. He drooped his tinted Dracula style glasses furner down his nose and cocked an eyebrow at the frantic teen girls present.

“You little ladies havin' an issue in here?” He questioned slowly, not sure what to make of the pale faces and bug eyed looks the girls had. One of them shakily pointed toward a counter top, and he soon saw what the problem was.

“Oh, hey no it's okay guys, that's just Susan.” He strolled over and coaxed the large cave spider into his hand, paying no mind to the way one of the girls almost gagged at the sight of him actually touching the creepy crawly. “You've never met Susan? She's pretty cool see.” He started casually explaining what Susan was and all the neat things about her. “See she's more like a crab than anything, she's got these little pinchy bits but they don't hurt.” He held his finger out to Susan's little pincer like hand things and the small creature experimentally grabbed at his much larger appendage, which tickled more than anything. The younger girls didn't seem very convinced of her harmlessness.

“Okay well, I better get her back home, I know someone who'll be missing her.” Neena Myles sped in almost as if it were scripted, and Mark smiled at the tiny girl. “Hey, did you lose somebody?”
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