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 Anne Marie Cortez
 Posted: Jun 8 2018, 02:11 PM

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Celebrity Claim- Samantha Wright

Full Name- Ana Maria Cortez
Nicknames/Aliases- Anne Marie
Age- 27
Date of Birth- October 21
Faction- Brotherhood of Mutants
Occupation- Professional puppy-petter and living disaster

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Perky, peppy, energetic, exuberant, effusive, and REALLY FRIENDLY, Anne Marie could easily be compared to a big affectionate puppy. She seems to always be excited about something, or even just about nothing, and eagerly says hello to people by hugging them—even if they’re strangers! Her bounciness knows no bounds, and she immediately assumes everyone else is a friend…even if they’re less than enthused about the idea than she herself is.

Though she is positive and welcoming, to say the least, the way she comes on so strong can be off-putting and overwhelming to others, to say nothing of her total disregard for personal space (no matter how many times she’s scolded or even hurt for it by those she touches without asking) The fact she’s built like a brick house doesn’t help, and can make her even more intimidating. Anne Marie, however, does not realize this at all, and will heedlessly do things like picking people up to squeeze them.

Heedless, indeed, is a good way to describe Anne Marie. She seems to have no idea how to “read” others in social or emotional terms, and will frequently say or do things that are bizarre or inappropriate in some way, without realizing how strange and even upsetting her behaviors can be to others. She’s also heedless of danger, frequently doing things that anyone with common sense (which she clearly does not have) should realize are risky and downright dumb. The only reason she’s still alive is probably just because her brother is a healer.

Anne Marie loves the world. It makes her sad, unbearably sad, that bad things happen in it. She cannot handle the existence of evil and wrongness and tragedy and injustice. She has to be kept from watching the news lest she be so overwhelmed by something negative happening and end up collapsed in a fetal position all day sobbing. Anne Marie just can’t wrap her head around why this is allowed to exist. She wants it to NOT exist. She wants to stop it. She wants to do the right thing. She wants to make everything GOOD and for nothing bad to ever happen to anyone again. And she will do ANYTHING to make that happen, because she cares about the people in the world.

This is what has led to her being in the Brotherhood. Anne Marie believes that mutants are not just the next step in physical evolution, but moral evolution. They are the next step in God’s plan. Humans messed everything up and they hurt each other and now they’re hurting mutants, but mutants are here to fix it. Mutants are here to make things better. If only humans would let them do it, if only humans would let them be in charge, then everything would be fixed. Any human who tries to stand in their way is bad, and bad people have to be punished. Any mutant who stands in their way is bad too, and also has to be punished. And to Anne Marie, that generally means killed.

Anne Marie is a black-and-white thinker. Anne Marie does not understand nuance. Anne Marie does not understand gray areas. She understands only good and evil. And if Magneto and the Brotherhood are good, which she knows they are, then the X-Men are evil. The X-Men are the bad guys. The X-Men are helping to keep the bad humans safe, and they’re indoctrinating CHILDREN to think like them, to do the same. It horrifies Anne Marie. It sickens her. It keeps her up at night. They have to be stopped, they have to be killed! They all have to die, so everything can be better and no one has to die ever again! Whatever it takes, that has to happen! Magneto has to rule!

Magneto is the center of Anne Marie’s delusions, occupying a sort of Christ figure role in her mind. Her loyalty to him is absolute, as she believes he must know best. She trusts him over her own judgement, and that of anyone else, and will do anything he tells her too. Even if it seems strange or wrong to her, she believes that’s just because she must not be able to understand it, and it’s not her place to question. She’s not important. It’s Magneto’s dream, Magneto’s goal, that is important. It’s other mutants. It’s everybody, everybody else—even the humans. Anne Marie doesn’t hate humans. But they can’t be allowed to run things anymore. Look what they’ve done just to themselves, let alone everyone else. They need mutants in charge, they need Magneto in charge, to protect them from themselves. What Anne Marie wants is a world peacefully ruled by mutants, with humans as a protected under-class, with no more power to hurt anyone, not even each other, but also not persecuted by mutants, who of course should be better. But if it comes down to only one or the other…then it is humans who must die.

Anne Marie hopes it doesn’t come down to that. But if it does, she would personally slaughter each without hesitation. If it brings the world she wants, if it means no more hurting or bigotry or bad things, she would personally slaughter her own teammates, her own brother, herself.

Anne Marie just wants to do the right thing.
  • Animals! Her very special favorites are COWS and PUPPIES! But she'll run up to ANY animal to pet it...which isn't always a good idea.
  • She likes to go to crowded places, like the mall, and sit somewhere, and let everybody's emotions just wash over her and fill her up and take her away and she is in them and they are in her and she is nothing but them and their feelings all together in one
  • Meeting new people! New friends!
  • Pretty ladies! Which, to Anne Marie, is all ladies. No matter what a woman looks like, Anne Marie generally thinks she's beautiful. Boys though, she thinks are only pretty if they are pretty the way girls are pretty!
  • Meeting someone who is taller than she is, especially another woman! It's so rare and so amazing and so awesome! It's exciting!
  • Playing, wrestling, sparring, lifting things, having fun!
  • HUGS
  • Not getting to pet every animal she sees (service dogs, police horses, etc.)
  • The distinct lack of cows in NYC
  • Houses that are blue when they should be white, or vice versa
  • Being "tricked" by "bad people" who are "pretending" to be good. Basically, Anne Marie delusionally believes anyone and everyone agrees with her point of view of Magneto's way being the right way and only way, so she thinks everyone she meets is "good" until they reveal they actually DISAGREE with this. Since she can't fathom a truly good person not believing what she thinks is good, she thinks they must really be evil people who are just trying to TRICK her into think they were good! Upon this "betrayal" being "revealed" to her, her general reaction is to FLIP OUT and try to kill the person.
  • Mutants who are on the good side (Brotherhood) but aren't being good! They're taking a good and holy cause and perverting it for their own gain or sadism! That's bad! That's bad and they need to stop or die!
  • Bad humans. Humans who don't agree with Magneto and the Brotherhood. Mutants who don't agree. Mutants who fight them. Mutants like the X-Men, who make humans and other mutants alike be bad like them and believe bad things and fight the Brotherhood. They're the ones keeping the world bad like this!
  • REALLY HECKING BRAVE! Of course, her fearlessness can be as much a flaw as a virtue, but still, she has courage to spare
  • Incredible upper body strength, and not just for a woman---she's physically powerful by male standards as well. Her lower body strength is just as impressive, but the upper body is especially worth noting because that's more unusual for women.
  • Anne Marie's determination is endless. She can force herself to keep going no matter what, will tirelessly keep getting back up and trying again, and it's nigh-impossible to argue with her or dissuade her or make her doubt what she must do.
  • Her seemingly simple way of thinking means many people believe she is easy to manipulate. And it's true, she is----if you understand her. But due to the fact she works in very different ways than the average person, many of the same 'tricks' that work on normal people won't work on her. She's just working on an entirely different mental system, one with its own rules and weak points. Before you can manipulate her, you have to figure out how she works.
  • Hopeful and optimistic! Anne Marie truly believes the world can be a better place if we all just do the right thing and work together! So even when the weight of the world gets to her, she can always bounce back!
  • Being an unconventional thinker has its upsides; she can come up with solutions and ideas that most people would never arrive at. Some have even worked!
  • She can think on her feet in a fight, and is excellent at utilizing her surroundings to her advantage
  • She's nuts. She's straight up nuts. Her binarist beliefs are so insane she can't function in normal society, she's a danger to her teammates and everyone around her because she'll turn on them if she thinks they've "betrayed" the cause first, she can't cope with the fact that evil exists and always will, she has bizarre behaviors that are annoying to others at best and harmful to herself at worst, she would be unable to be employed or go to college if she ever wanted to, she frequently needs somebody to monitor her in public or even at the base, the list goes on. There is something DEEPLY wrong with Anne Marie.
  • If she gets into a truly stressed state over something, she may have a meltdown and hurt herself by clawing her arms or banging her head against the floor/wall. At these times, the one thing to do with her is for someone to come up behind her, cross their arms over her chest in an X, lock their legs over her, and just apply as much pressure to her entire body as possible until she calms down eventually. Generally it's Fabian who does this, because he's the one who knows her best/has been doing this the longest, and because he's large/strong enough to restrain her and use enough pressure.
  • Despite generally being loud and talkative, there are times when her cognitive processing abilities for language simply shut down. She can no longer speak, nor understand what is said to her, and her responses in general to anything become limited. This is rarely random, though it can be, but a lot of times it's caused by being stressed, upset, or confused. There are also lesser degrees where she's not totally non-verbal but does struggle greatly with words. The fact English is her second language doesn't help.
  • She can be very slow and frustrating; for instance, if someone is trying to explain something to her, she'll just keep saying "I don't understand" if she doesn't understand something, but not specify what it is that she doesn't understand, so the other person has to keep guessing.
  • Anne Marie innately trusts that all her teammates on the Brotherhood are good people. They're on the good side, of course they must be good! It is best that the truth is kept from her. The disruption of what she will try to do to them if she finds out otherwise is simply not worth the detriment to the Brotherhood if she does---namely, she'll try to murder them, and will have to be killed herself. So, lie to her. Unfortunately, this means she assumes the best of people who are...not the best, to put it lightly.
  • Anne Marie has a very poor "theory of mind" meaning she can't understand that other people have their own points of view. That's why she can't imagine that the X-Men or anti-mutant bigots have their own reasons and rationales behind what they do, and that they think they're doing good as much as she does. She doesn't understand that, she thinks they must just be evil. By the same token, that's why she can't understand that some people in the Brotherhood might be in it for selfish or cruel reasons, rather than good reasons like herself.
  • Honest to a point beyond blunt. For instance, she's the type to blurt out "WOW YOU HAVE BIG BOOBS" or say "yes" when someone asks if she thinks they're ugly. She also really CAN'T lie. She doesn't like to do it, and she's very, very bad at it.
  • She seems to have a delayed and/or dulled pain response. It takes her longer than normal to realize she's hurt, or how hurt she is.
  • Like her brother, she can't cook or do laundry. Unlike Fabian, most people think it's best she not learn, because no one wants this girl near a stove.
  • Poor emotional intelligence. Ironically for an empath, she's very bad at perceiving and understanding the emotions of others without using her powers to do it. She cares about how others are feeling, but she can't pick it up or 'get it' on her own, even when it should be obvious. She's also very poor at managing her own emotions, or expressing them appropriately/normally.

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[OOC note: In order to avoid godmoding, permission will ALWAYS be asked when Anne Marie uses her psychic powers, and what she is allowed to make the other character do. If the other character does posses mental resistance, it is up to the other player how much they can resist her control.]

Power Name- Mind Control/Psychic Resistance
Anne Marie can control the minds of other people, making them say and do as she desires, up to and including hurting themselves. She can even cause her victims to kill themselves or loved ones, or do any number of other things that they would never do of their own free will. She does not need to give a verbal order for these commands; she can simply transfer the command mentally. Her control is NOT impeded by physical barriers such as walls, nor does she need to see her victim.

Her range in terms of how close a person needs to be for her to get control of their mind is 20 feet and she can control up to five people within that range at a time; with boosting from her brother Fabian, this increases to 50 feet and 12 people. Once she has gotten control of their mind, however, they can move outside this range and she can still maintain control, up to a few hundred feet. After that, however, her hold will begin to wane.

Like many psychics, Anne Marie has a natural resistance to telepathy and other mental powers. A low-level psychic may not be able to get into her head, or she may be able to boot them out if they do. A mid-level one can get in, and may be able to accomplish whatever it is they’re trying to do in there, but she can still make it harder for them than it would be with a normal person. High-level psychics can easily pierce her defenses.

In addition to her natural mental blocks, Anne Marie’s atypical thought patterns and surreal mindscape may be very disconcerting and difficult for a telepath to navigate and deal with once they’re actually in. Her mental reality is basically a mood ring made by Hieronymus Bosch, composed only of emotions and sensations, no images or words or sounds. It can easily be confusing or overwhelming.

If Anne Marie tries to reach her mental abilities beyond her limits of distance and number of targets, the control becomes significantly lesser, limiting what she can make them do (basically, the more antithetical it is to what they want to do, the harder), and risks breaking altogether.

No matter how few or many people she is controlling, she can only give ONE set of commands. If she's controlling more than one person and only wants one or some of them to do something, she can give that command just to the ones she selects, but she can't make different people do different things at once. Let's say she's controlling three people. She could tell one of them to shoot himself in the head while the others do nothing, or tell all three to shoot themselves in the head, but she can't make one shoot himself in the head, one stand on his hands, and one dance a jig all at the same time.

Using mind control requires total concentration; she needs to focus to activate it, and focus to maintain control of her targets. She cannot be doing anything else, nor be in pain. Things like noise or being upset or otherwise distracted in some way make it difficult for her to keep said focus. This means that it's rare to impossible for her to use this during an active battle, unless she's in a safe spot that is hidden from attack but still within close enough range to use her psychic powers. In other words, she's more likely to be using these powers for something like interrogation of a captive, not during an actual mission.

If uninterrupted, Anne Marie's ability to maintain her focus is about an hour. Her control over her victims only lasts as long as said focus; once that breaks, they are free. The concentration and mental effort required to maintain control for that full hour is intense, and while she will try her best to continue to be useful in other ways if needed, she is mentally exhausted, like a person might be if they just spent twice their usual shift at a difficult desk job----no physical effort expended, yet tired as hell, dulled reflexes, dulled attention span, dulled ability to think and retain information, not to mention just feeling drained. If possible, she should really be allowed to rest and recharge after such a feat, as she will not be able to use her mind control or empathy again for around five hours, perhaps a full day, and even her physical skills suffer. She is working, however, to intensify her endurance. Controlling minds for shorter periods---say, under 45 minutes---does not bother her in any significant way.

She cannot alter their minds permanently in any way, nor leave a command in their minds to enact later after she's lost control. She also cannot read minds; this power controls people like puppets, but it does not make her privy to their thoughts. She can force them to tell her what they are thinking, but she can't use her powers to simply KNOW. She's NOT a telepath. This means she also can't do telepath-type things like changing their memories or opinions or any of that. It's just temporary control, that's it. She can only affect the conscious mind; the parts of the mind that are autonomous, thoughtless processes that simply keep the body running are beyond her. For instance, while it is true the brain sends the signals that keeps the heart beating, she cannot make someone's brain stop sending those signals. If she wanted someone to stop breathing, she'd have to make them consciously "choose" to hold their breath; she could not simply will their brain into not performing the automatic respiratory functions.

Someone who has no natural or trained defense against mental powers is helpless against this control. It does not matter how much they don't want to do something, they cannot fight it, no matter how horrible it is. Those who do have such defense, however, can, be it in part or in whole. An example of "in part" would be, say, if she mentally ordered them to saw off their arm, they would injure themselves but not actually severe the arm. How much mental resistance they can put up, including breaking her control or even keeping her out entirely, depends very much on what degree of natural resistance (like a mutation) and/or training that the person possesses.

Falling under the "natural resistance" category are her fellow psychics. Most people with psychic abilities of any sort will give her some extra trouble; she may have to mentally wrestle with them to gain or maintain control, requiring extra concentration that wears her out in a shorter duration, inability to control additional people, limiting what she can make them do, and/or limiting her range more. If a psychic is powerful enough, she simply can't effect them at all; Emma Frost, Psylocke, Marvel Girl, and Professor X would all be examples of this.

Anne Marie cannot control animals, only humans (this includes other mutants) and things with human-like minds. For instance, gorillas and other great apes have minds close to humans, so she can exert some very simple commands to them, such as 'stop' and 'go away' but she can't make them do anything complex or that goes against their survival instinct. Similarly, if an alien race has a brain that is very human-like in how it works, she will be able to use her powers against them at least somewhat. If they are very un-human in their brain, she can't. Her ability to control a cyborg is dependent on if its brain is machinery or not; for instance, if they're a human brain in a cybernetic body, she can control them. If their brain is partially machine, she might not be able to, and if it's wholly machinery, she definitely can't.

Back to animals, when it comes to mutants with animalistic natures or who can physically become animals, her control again depends on how 'human' their brain is. A good rule of thumb is that even if they have animal instincts or impulses, if they're still human enough to understand language, they're human enough for her to effect.

In regards to her telepathic resistance, she can only keep out low-level psychics, as mentioned. And keeping out a low-level one or fighting a mid-level one can sufficiently impede her concentration to keep her from using her mental powers for anything else. If she has to fight too hard, she might end up entirely consumed by the battle, not able to do anything else, mentally or physically. And, as mentioned, she is easily taken down by high-level types.

Power Name- Sense & Project Emotions

Anne Marie can sense the emotions of other people, knowing who is happy or sad or whatever, even if they are completely hiding it. She can also identify people by their emotional patterns if she is familiar enough with them. For instance, she is very familiar with the emotions of her brother, so if he were on the other side of a wall and she was unable to see or hear him, she could know it was him if she used her powers and sensed his feelings. And even if he was't someone she could identify, she would still know that a person was there, which is another useful aspect of this power---scanning for people in the vicinity.

Unlike many empaths, she does NOT suffer from intrusive emotions from other people invading her without her being able to help it; this power is very much within her control, like a light switch she can flick on and off at her leisure.

The next step up after sensing the emotions of others is changing them. Anne Marie can mentally change another person's feelings as she pleases, regardless of how illogical or out-of-character that shift may be for them.

As with her mind control, this power requires concentration and focus. It also has the same limits with regards to range (20 feet without boosting, 50 feet with), with what sorts of beings can be effected or not (no robots, no animals, etc), other psychics being more resistant, and so on.

However, she can maintain her focus for this ability for much longer than her mind control, around five hours at a time, as it is less exhausting for her. This is because she's only sensing, not controlling. This is also why she can sense the emotions of a great many people more than she control; up to twenty people at a time. However, the more people whose emotions she senses, the more muddled together and less nuanced they become. If she were sensing the feelings of twenty people, she couldn't tell you who was feeling what, or even pick out the individual emotions at all. In terms of distinguishing emotions clearly, her limit is more in the 3 to 5 range before there starts to be a degree of blurring, which gets more severe around ten. Think of it like different colors of paint being mixed---you get some pretty shades at first, but eventually it's just a big brown blob.

If her brother boosts her powers (within a safe range) she can distinguish and identify emotions for up to twenty people, but it becomes a brown blob again if she tries to go further---say, to thirty people within a fifty foot range. A hypercharge could make her able to sense as many as fifty people in range of over a hundred feet, but this would cause her to suffer temporary catatonia or worse.

It is also important to note that while she can tell WHAT a person is feeling, she cannot tell why. So she might be able to tell that someone is sad, and to what degree they are sad, but won't automatically know it's because they're dog died. And as with mind control, it's not telepathy---she can read emotions, not thoughts or memories.

Changing someone's emotions requires concentration and focus. It also has the same limits with regards to range (20 feet without boosting, 50 with boosting), the number of people whose emotions she can influence (5 people without boosting, 12 with boosting), with what sorts of beings can be effected or not (no androids, no animals, etc), other psychics being more resistant, and so on.

If someone has partial resistance to mental powers, or is getting outside her range, or she's trying to control a number in her upper limits, the control will be lesser. For instance, the emotions she induces will be less strong, less pure, and/or she won't be able to make as drastic a shift. For instance, she might be able to make envy into desire, because those are similar/related, but not envy into happiness.

She cannot focus the emotions she induces on to a target. She can make a person angry, but she can't make them angry about something specifically or at someone specifically. They're just angry. She also cannot alter their emotions permanently; their emotions stay this way only so long as she is actively using this power. Once she ceases, they will return to a neutral state, then resume normal emotional reactions momentarily.

Anne Marie's ability to maintain her focus/control for this ability is about two to three hours if nothing is done to interrupt or distract her. Her control over her victims only lasts as long as said focus; once that breaks, they are free. The concentration and mental effort required to maintain control for that full hour is intense, though not as intense as that required for mind control, hence why she can do it for longer. She will require rest and isolation afterwards, however.

Skills & Abilities-
  • Basic Gun Skills: Anne Marie has received some basic training in how to handle and shoot a firearm with passable ability. Her first lessons were with the radical mutant resistance group she first joined in Spain, then later from her far more experienced. She can use and assemble most single-action semi-automatic pistols, though sometimes her assembly is slow. She can also use a Heckler & Koch MP7 and similar sub-machine guns, but cannot assemble them. Though she is only passable with pistols, she's find that the larger, heavier sub-machine guns are somehow easier for her to handle and use with more effectiveness, but she's still very far from being a sharp-shooter of any sort.
  • Low Level Martial Arts: When she joined the mutant resistance, they promoted learning self-defense. Anne Marie took part in this, though the training was often very informal. Her skills are very basic, but her natural Amazonian athleticism and her agility mutation make her more effective than someone with the same level of training who lacks these traits; however, that doesn't make her better than someone who has a higher level. She is actively seeking training to improve in this way, as she finds it very well-suited to her interests and talents, much more so than firearms, and she wants to be the best Brotherhood agent she can be.
  • Acrobatics/Gymnastics: She's been in training since she was a preteen, and is extremely nimble foe. Anything she can grab hold of, swing from, scurry up, or bounce off is her toy---and an advantage for her in a fight.
  • Horseback Riding: It's probably never going to be useful with the Brotherhood, but she's an exceptional equestrian who is capable of acrobatic feats while on horseback.
  • Cow-riding: She can also ride a cow, with or without a saddle

user posted image

Height- 6'1
Weight- 195 lbs
Eye Colour- Brown
Hair Colour- Sky blue

Anne Marie has a hard muscular body with her shoulders being her widest point, and no hips, breasts, or curves of any kind. She has a softly-featured androgynous face, as well as a small, round, button nose. It's easy to mistake her for a man with a soft face til she speaks and her high-pitched, childish voice comes out. The only parts of her body that look truly "feminine" are her hands, and it's only the tops; her palms are as calloused as those of any gymnast. Her naturally sky blue hair is worn in a short, rather trendy asymmetrical cut (longer on her left side). The fact this look is fashionable right now must be total coincidence, since Anne Marie has no understanding of trends. Her eyebrows and body hair are blue as well. Her expressions are either vibrant and obvious or subtle to the point of blank, little normalcy between these two extremes.

Much like a cartoon character, Anne Marie wears the same thing every day: A black sleeveless top and blue jean capris, with black shoes of some sort (slip-ons, sneakers, short boots) She is changing her clothes, as is evident as the small differences between them (for instance, one of her tops has a cherry decal, another has a white Peter Pan collar) but the basic look remains the same. While Anne Marie does understand dressing up in a tux or gown for the fanciest occasions, the variances and nuances of all the different things someone might change for---a date, a party, a job interview, and so on---totally escape her, and she'll wear her general "uniform" to all of these. Even though she doesn't understand changing her outfit for social occasions very well, she does understand it for physical necessity, and since she's so active, it's also pretty common to see her in brightly colored workout gear, sports bras, tank tops, etc. She'll also make concessions to the weather, such as putting on a coat or swapping the capris for actual pants. The sole piece of jewelry she wears is the occasional cross or St. Michael's medallion on a slim chain around her neck.

Gear- She wears gymnastic grip gloves when in combat, useful for how she'll grab anything to swing on in a fight. She MAY carry a firearm into a Brotherhood fight, but this depends on the situation; if it's going to be an up-close encounter where she's going to be relying on her agility and hand-to-hand skills, she's not, she prefers to be as streamlined as possible for maneuverability. If she's going to be outside of the fight, in order to use her mental concentration for her psychic abilities, she will take one, as it prevents anyone from getting close to her and breaking that concentration.

Additional Information-
  • Anne Marie's intelligence is perfectly normal. She has a great many problems and difficulties, and it is easy to mistake her for being mentally impaired, but her IQ is in fact perfectly average. She's a little dumb, yes, but mostly she's just WEIRD. This means that she can consent to sex and most other things like an adults; the only exceptions are if her delusions interfere. For instance, she would refuse medical treatment from the X-Men, even though she could die without it, because of fear they'll do something like implant a tracking device on her or something else that could endanger the Brotherhood.
  • Whenever she is on a plane, she always orders the chicken, not the fish. Because, in her own words: "Fish is the opposite of air."
  • Once, when she was little, one of her cousins used a slingshot to hit her with an egg. Her mother chased the boy, pinned him down, and screamed in his face til he cried and apologized. Anne Marie tells this story whenever Fabian describes their mother as a demure and delicate woman.
  • She bites. Not without reason, but yeah, if someone, say, puts their hands on her when she doesn’t want, she’s as likely to bite as anything else.
  • Her English is nearly perfect…nearly. But there are still some words she’s confused on. For instance, if she wanted to describe someone as “scaly” she would probably say “exczema” as in the skin condition because the Spanish word for “scales” is similar (”escamas“) Sorry, Seamus.
  • Anne Marie cries a lot. Sometimes, it's because she's happy, or because she saw something cute and she just LOVES IT SO MUCH! It's not unusual for her to start bawling her eyes out in the street because she saw a squirrel eating a French fry, for instance. And sometimes she just...cries for no reason at all. It's just something that's happening.
  • Sometimes, if something is wrong, she just whines. Not like a person whines, but as in an actual whining sound, like an upset dog.
  • She wants to rescue the New Mutants, believing them to be innocent children that Xavier is brainwashing into his evil
  • When Anne Marie sleeps, her empathic power subconsciously activates. She may absorb the emotions of others nearby, or project the emotions of her own dreams into theirs. In other words, she can share a nightmare. As a note, it's very curious that she can do this in her sleep, given the amount of concentration it takes when she's awake. Most likely, it's because being asleep means she doesn't have all the extra stimuli distracting her.
  • Anne Marie is very heroically inclined; she's totally the type to run into a burning building to save a puppy trapped inside, or swing down on a cable to grab someone off a collapsing bridge. She believes in using her powers only for good! It's just unfortunate that most of the time, her view of what "good" is is so dreadfully skewed in the completely opposite direction of what is ACTUALLY good. But sometimes though, she gets it right! She really wants to get it right.

Hometown- Salamanca
Immediate Family-
Fabian Cortez (Twin brother)
Josefa Fidelia "Pepa" Cortez (Mother)
Mariano Cortez (Father)
Sergio Cortez (Older brother)
Lucia Cortez (Younger sister)
Maria Pilar Cortez (One of many cousins, also the Ministerio de Justicia of Spain)

Others- Anne Marie keeps a small and ever-changing menagerie of both real and stuffed animals. Prominent among them are a frog named Megan (despite being a boy frog) and a stuffed cow called Lacey.

Ana Maria, called Anne Marie for short, was born alongside her twin Fabian as the middle children in a wealthy family of four in the Castile countryside of Salamanca, Spain. She grew up an immensely privileged child in a manor house, and while other kids might have found it isolating to be the only family for miles due to the sheer size of their estate, Anne Marie had all the friends she needed in the form of animals. She bonded most especially with a calf that she named White Ofelia, and even learned to ride her like a horse; this is the source of her particular love for cows.

Unusually for a mutant, Anne Marie's powers surfaced early, at around nine years of age. After this, her hair began to grow in blue; her parents originally thought that this was just a prank by one of her brothers, but it became clear soon enough that this was natural, and, baffled, they just resigned to dying it so that she wouldn't get in trouble at school.

That, however, soon proved to be the least of their worries. Anne Marie's empathic powers were weak and minor at first, so it didn't matter that they were out of control. It wasn't noticeable to anyone else, and she, with no idea what was happening, had no way to explain what was going on. She had always been somewhat odd and less mature than her brother, so the onset of tantrums and screaming and crying and horrifying fits of laughter were thought to be psychological in nature, not a result of mutant abilities.

Then, she stopped simply receiving the emotions of others...and instead, broadcasting her own into them. And from there, simply messing with their feelings, causing extreme emotions to erupt at random in the minds of others, simply by her presence. People around her would become enraged, despairing, ecstatic, terrified.

This was what happened to Fabian. That was how she brought his powers to the surface nearly as early as her own had come. She had been messing with him, poking at him, doing something harmless and annoying and sisterly, some kind of typical sibling shenanigans---and then he had been overwhelmed by rage and fear and pure holy terror. He was a little boy, and he was in pain, and he responded in kind as any creature would---self-defense. He grabbed her arm by sheer instinct, and his power, sudden and new, surged from inside him and into her. He had just wanted to make her stop...!

She couldn't take it. Her mind split, open like great doors, sucking in the emotion of everyone in the house---family, staff, and the very fear that Fabian had been feeling because of her. It was too much, and she collapsed on the spot into a medically inexplicable coma. It was a good thing that she didn't live in a city or a suburb, which would have more people in her range, or she might never have woken up, at least not as soon as she did. It took a week of her lying in the hospital, and the doctors unable to explain what was causing her condition...and, when no one was looking, Fabian discovering his other power: healing.

He put his hand on hers.

And Anne Marie came back.

Her hair, once merely blue-streaked, now became fully blue, still disguised by her parents. And her parents knew now, something was wrong.

Rather than the coma terrifying Anne Marie, she had experienced it as something sublime, something that fixed her, made her better. She was no longer at the mercy of her powers, projecting and receiving emotions at random. She was beginning to control them----and to control other people. She began able to not just manipulate feelings, but hijack minds. Being a child, she didn't understand it was wrong, and since there were no older mutants around to educate her, she simply used her powers the way a child would---to get extra dessert, to get out of a spanking, to get to stay up late, to mess with her brother. Her parents knew that she wouldn't harm them---but the awareness that she could, if she so desired, make them drown themselves, or cause one of the other children to jump off a ledge, terrified them. They loved her still, but she was a little girl with a great power and no idea how to use it responsibly or ethically. What would happen to her when she used it on someone outside the home? What would happen when she used it at school?

Thus, they did their best to impart to her that she must keep this talent, which she regarded simply as another part of her that she used to explore the world, like her nose or an extra arm, a complete secret.

Her psychic powers weren't the only issue with Anne Marie. As she got older, she didn't seem to mentally mature as much as the other kids, and exhibited strange behaviors. She didn't seem to understand risks to herself or to others, she got in people's spaces repeatedly, she wrestled like a puppy long past the age this was considered appropriate, the list went on. Her hyperactivity presented a challenge as well; she began failing academically and getting in trouble due to her lack of focus and disregard for rules despite constant correction.

While her brother Fabian was put in classes for self-defense, Anne Marie's parents enrolled her in gymnastics, in hopes to give her an outlet for her boundless energy, and something that could motivate her to improve her mental focus. Always an athletic tomboy, she excelled at this, and grew even better with each passing year as her physique developed into the Amazon she became. This would normally be a disadvantage---gymnasts are typically short, as long limbs make it difficult to rotate in the air---yet Anne Marie overcame it in strides, making up for it with incredible agility and an upper body strength that allowed her to perform feats usually reserved only for male gymnasts. Multiple times, her coach tested her for steroids or other enhancers; she was clean every time. Clean, enthusiastic, and still more likely to play on the equipment than do as she was told. She improved, yes, she learned difficult techniques, yes---but only when she wanted to. Only when it was fun for her. Only because she desired to.

No one could tell Anne Marie what to do.

At least, not anyone else. It was becoming more and more clear that Anne Marie had limits. While her brother completed Bachillerato (an additional, optional extra two years of secondary education in Spain, needed to pursue post-secondary education) and a few years post-secondary before going into the Guardia Civil and Action Force, Anne Marie was left behind. She didn't seem cut out for further education, nor vocational training, nor any entry-level job that could be found. Her IQ was repeatedly tested, and repeatedly came up normal, so her family was deeply troubled as to what the problem could be. They tried private tutors but, as with anyone else, no tutor could make Anne Marie do anything she didn't want to.

And sometimes, she did want to. Sometimes, she did try.

But she still failed.

Her family had more than enough money for her to simply live with them, and so she did. She was...content. She continued her acrobatics. She took care of her animal friends. But more and more, she heard about mutants. Mutants besides herself and Fabian...and how dangerous they were. How bad they were. How afraid everyone was of them.

She wanted to meet them.

So she left home, and went out into the wide world of Spain to search for people like her. And she found them. And she found out they weren't scary and bad---she KNEW they couldn't be!---they were the ones who were being hurt! Anne Marie, who came from a sheltered and privileged community, who looked human, who could control her powers, had never experienced prejudice. No one had ever hurt her. No one had ever hated her. But it seemed like every mutant she met had some brush with human bigotry. Sometimes, more than a brush. The deeper she integrated into the local underground mutant community, the more and more tales of tragedy and trauma she encountered.

And she was an empath. She did not just hear their stories with her ears. She felt them from the inside of her own mind. She truly felt them. No, no one had ever hurt Anne Marie----but the pain of others was enough to awaken a madness in her, to break her for the second time in her life since her brother overloaded her powers. She could not cope. She could not deal. This was wrong. This was bad. This couldn't happen. The world had to be better. This had to stop. She had to save them. Had to. She'd do anything. She just needed someone to tell her what, please, God, what could she do?!

The answer came from a Brotherhood broadcast, but to her mind, it was by divine hand. She saw Magneto on the television screen, here to deliver justice from on high against the wicked, here to be the protection their people needed, here to render evil unto evil...and she knew she must follow him. She had been shown the way. Now it was up to her to do what was right, and take that way. To leave everything behind. To never see her family again, perhaps, to even die.

She was ready.

She wanted to do good.

She fell in with the local mutant radicals, and they showed her how to use a gun, how to fight, and gradually got her adjusted to the idea of violence, even lethal violence, in the name of Magneto's dream, in the name of mutantkind's salvation. It was hard, at first. People were more real to Anne Marie than most people could comprehend. Most of us can only understand in theory that others have feelings like we do. But for Anne Marie, it was physical fact. To hurt those people after feeling their feelings, knowing that they had them, to kill them, it was a great hurdle.

But once she was over it, she spiraled downwards rapidly to not only being okay with it, but believing it truly necessary even when it wasn't. She didn't just go off the deep end---she JUMPED. And hasn't stopped falling since.

Around this time, Action Force began investigating the local mutant community in her area, due to the very terrorist attacks she was participating in. This brought her back into contact with her brother Fabian, who had become a member of their ranks. He eventually turned on them, joining his sister in the mutant radical movement. Anne Marie believed that he had seen the light as she had; in reality, he had only seen opportunity. Either way, they decided to journey to the USA together, to join the leading mutant-supremacy movement at Magneto's side.

Her entrance was a dramatic one. She and her brother came to Magneto while they were being pursued by law enforcement. Just as they had reached him and thought it was over, Anne Marie was shot in the back. Her spinal injuries were so severe she nearly died on the spot, but the healing hands of her brother saved her...demonstrating his use to Magneto in the process.

For the past month since, Anne Marie was been isolated in recovery, hence why she did not meet the rest of the Brotherhood as early as Fabian did, beyond passing bedside introductions, and why she missed events prior to April 17, 2017. However, thanks to the continuous healing doses of Fabian's power, what could have been a fatal or crippling injury has now vanished entirely, leaving Anne Marie to fully devote herself to the Brotherhood and what she believes to be the good fight for mutantkind.

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Player Name- RF
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How Can We Contact- Prefer PMs here
Time Zone- EST
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Other Characters- Fabian Cortez

Role Play Sample-
Anne Marie held the man with her mind, her brain making his tell his body to stay still while she slashed his throat. A spray of blood jetted forth from his jugular as it was cleanly cut by her experienced hand, and he fell to her feet, bleeding out fast. She watched impassively until she saw he was dead, and it was only when she stepped back and turned to go that she saw the boy.

The man’s son, ten or less, staring in horror, too stunned to even cry yet, too stunned to run as the monster walked towards him, stood towering over him. She was taller than his father, whose blood she wore on her bodysuit, and she smiled down at him. It was a gentle look: kind, sympathetic, concerned, and reassuring. And most of all, it was sincere. Anne Marie indeed truly felt all these things for the little boy, and not an ounce of malice. After all, why would she want to hurt him?

He was a child

He was an innocent

He could grow up to be a mutant, or a good human at the least

Not like his father

His father, who wrote the op-ed piece condemning the actions of mutant terrorists.

Oh, the poor thing was terrified. Anne Marie didn’t just see that, she sensed it, felt it herself just as he did with her empathy powers. But he didn’t need to be afraid. She would show him that, and she would help him.

As her powers pushed his fear and horror away, she dropped to her knees, smiling at him still. Sweetly. Beautifully. Angelically. Sincerely.

“It’s alright”, she said in a comforting, soft, kind tone as as she wrapped his shaking body in a gentle hug,

“I’m not going to hurt you. You didn’t do anything wrong.”

She put one hand lovingly on side of his face and stared into his eyes, her own eyes warm and hopeful for a better future

“Don’t become a mutant-hater like him, ok?”

She kissed his forehead, and got to her feet to leave. Her work here was done.

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